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Love Left or Right 8

Xie Xi whispered in his heart, ‘Do I have the right to say no?’

He thought that Gars was a simple, slightly immature and mad teenager. What was the result? He was more ruthless than the housekeeper Randy and vampire Aix-en.

Killing everyone in the mansion because they would hurt Sein Hall. However, what was actually the truth? How could Randy leave behind those who wanted to assassinate Sein Hall?

If there were no killers, who could Gars have an opportunity to show himself off?

Gars seemed to have left in a desperate manner but he actually did a series of things to make Xie Xi need him.

Rather than killing Xie Xi, he blocked all other options so that Xie Xi could only choose him.

What could Xie Xi do?

He bent over and pulled Gars Delin up. “Don’t you hate me?”

The youth’s exquisite features were full of infatuation. “How could I? There is no Gars without Young Master.”

Xie Xi touched his white face that was as cold as ice. “I’m sorry. I made you like this.”

“No!” Gars anxiously took his hand. “I am willing to do so. I wanted to become a vampire and Young Master had no knowledge of it. Why apologize?”

Sein Hall didn’t know? Xie Xi laughed at himself.

Gars watched him greedily. “You are so gentle and beautiful, giving my lowly self your supreme love. I just wanted to be worthy of you and strong enough to live up to your expectations.”

So he became a vampire?

According to the information currently available, he could basically guess Gars’ plot.

The lowly servant receive the attention of his master. Due to his inferior status, he didn’t dare respond and could only suppress it silently. The feelings became deeper and the love heavier. Eventually, the young man could no longer suppress it and sought strength in the path of a vampire.

It was clear that the boy who died in the newspaper was Gars himself. Yet he didn’t die and became a vampire.

Everything made sense. The thing that Xie Xi wondered about was why would he show love to a teenager?

The reason why Sein Hall got mixed up with the vampire Aix-en was to survive and to use the power of the vampire. The motives for the housekeeper Randy were similar.

Then what about Gars? This teenager was an ordinary person before he became a vampire. What made him worthy to be used by Sein Hall?

Xie Xi couldn’t figure it out.

The thing that Xie Xi was most unable to understand was the original owner of this body!

How many people did Sein Hall provoke?

He had to take it one step at a time. Now he could only accept Gars. If he didn’t accept Gars, he would be killed by the assassins and could only load the file again.

Xie Xi sincerely hoped that the vampire and housekeeper didn’t come back half-way!

If the three of them confronted each other then his legs will be really unstable.

After Gars calmed down, the day finally passed. The two of them were the only ones in the mansion but it was strangely safe.

Gars treated him very well, as if he was literally treasure. Gars was cautious and didn’t show any other behavior, as if he really was satisfied to be Sein’s dog.

As a normal person living in modern society, Xie Xi’s mood was very complicated!

The mission finally reached the fifth day.

There was still no news about the housekeeper and vampire but Xie Xi didn’t dare relax. Who knew what would happen in the last two days?

At dawn, Xie Xi found that the mansion was lively again and the dead servants were alive.

Xie Xi doubted his eyes and Gars softly explained as he helped Xie Xi change into a stylish tuxedo. “Young Master, please rest assured that they are obedient puppets.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Gars observed him all this time. After seeing that he was slightly unhappy, Gars immediately said, “If Young Master doesn’t like it, I will.”

“It’s fine.” Xie Xi didn’t want to feel tired again. In any case, they were all game NPCs.

Gars looked down but his words could frighten an individual to death. “I hope that this mansion can only be you and me. I want to take care of everything. It’s just… I can’t leave your sight. Thus, some trivial things will inevitably be handed over to others.”

His mouth said he couldn’t leave Xie Xi’s sight but it was actually Xie Xi who couldn’t leave his sight!

Forget it…

There were only two days left and Xie Xi didn’t want to worry about the details.

“You can arrange it.” Xie Xi replied. “I believe in you.”

Gars’ eyes lit up and his mouth was full of sweetness. “At noon, Master Greenton will come to visit. Shall I arrange a luncheon?”

Xie Xi had a headache when he head the name. He wanted to refuse when the bottom right corner unexpectedly gave him a hint:

[Greenton Casa, your cousin.]

It turned out that this Master Greenton was Sein Hall’s cousin? Then what? There was just a line of words? There was no special significance?

Xie Xi thought for a moment before deciding to see this person, just in case he was an important plot character and missing him might be a mistake.

“Yes.” Xie Xi answered. “Prepare some things that my cousin loves for noon.”


At 10 o’clock, Master Greenton’s carriage arrived. Due to the ‘resurrection’ as puppets by Gars, the mansion looked orderly and no different from usual.

Xie Xi went out to greet Master Greenton.

The blond youth descended from the carriage with a bright smile. He was dressed in a double-breasted coat with a white shirt underneath that was tucked into his belt. He also wore handsome leather boots over his white breeches.

“Sein.” Greenton stepped forward and took Xie Xi’s hand. “How many days has it been since I’ve seen you. Why are you so thin?”

Xie Xi exclaimed, ‘I have died so many times, how can I not be thin?’

Greenton was very different from the other people. He was handsome and vibrant. He seemed to be three or four years older than Sein, which was the best age for a man.

Xie Xi didn’t think much. He just felt this person’s smile was very bright and warm.

“Cousin, you also look thinner.” Xie Xi greeted him appropriately.

Greenton replied, “Is that right? I have been actively exercising actively. No wonder why I am thinner!”

Xie Xi smiled.

He didn’t take the initiative to find a topic but Greenton was very talkative. The atmosphere was livened up by him with a few words.

He saw Gars and asked, “What about Randy?”

Xie Xi replied quietly, “He went out to take care of some things.”

Greenton didn’t ask much and talked about idle things.

Xie Xi felt good about him. He thought this might be the only normal NPC in the game.

After a lengthy lunch, the two of them went to the garden to have afternoon tea and digest.

Greenton seemed to think of something. He said to Gars, “I have a good tea set in my carriage. Can you help me get it?”

Gars glanced at Xie Xi and Xie Xi sent him a soothing look. “Go ahead.”

Gars looked down and felt there should be no danger. He bowed and left.

After Gars left, Xie Xi felt that something might happen. He never imagined that his cousin, who looked normal and sunny, would suddenly grab his hand in a heated manner.

“I don’t care about anything else. I don’t care about the family or the world. Sein… let’s run away!”

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