GL: Chapter 150

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 30

Was this the white tiger? Xie Xi still remembered the white tiger cub who called him ‘Mummy’ before. Jiang Xie said it was the baby spirit of White Tiger so it was very innocent. This one…

“Ahhh…” The jasmine was in pain. “The rabbit bites!”

Xie Xi determined that this wasn’t the baby spirit. It was White Tiger as a cub. Xie Xi glanced at the jasmine’s injury and determined the child’s teeth couldn’t hurt anyone. He told the jasmine, “Don’t touch him. He isn’t a rabbit.”

The jasmine rubbed the back of her hand in a distraught manner. “However, he is white and his ears prick up… ah, his ears aren’t long enough!”

Thankfully, the little jasmine finally realized the difference between a white rabbit and white tiger.

Houqing in Xie Xi’s arms looked at the white tiger curiously, his eyes wide as he whispered, “That is his mother?”

Xie Xi also saw that Little White Tiger was protecting the big white tiger. Unfortunately, the big white tiger was seriously injured and on the verge of death.

Xie Xi handed Houqing to the jasmine and slowly walked over. “Your mother is hurt. Can I help check that she’s okay?”

It was unknown if Little White Tiger understood or not. He kept baring his teeth, ears pricked high as he issued a warning sound.

If he wasn’t so small, this appearance would be really scary but… he was too small and cute that people couldn’t be afraid.

Xie Xi didn’t want to stimulate him anymore. He stayed in a safe position, lowered his posture and carefully explained, “Your mother is bleeding. If she isn’t treated, she will be in a lot of pain. I won’t hurt her. Let me see her injuries, okay?”

Little White Tiger’s demeanour slightly relaxed but he still refused to step aside.

At this time, the big white tiger let out a groan. Little White Tiger turned anxiously to look at her. The big tiger’s eyelids moved and she saw Xie Xi. “You are… from the flower family?”

The white tiger could talk. This relieved Xie Xi since they could communicate. He quickly replied, “Yes, we came from the flower world. Are you injured? Can I take a look?”

The white tiger told him, “I won’t last long. You don’t need to worry about me.” She coughed intermittently. “Can you take my child away?”

Little White Tiger screamed at the big tiger. He was still fierce but his eyes were full of grievances.

The big white tiger told him, “Good boy, you have to live.”

Little White Tiger was anxious. He couldn’t talk and could only scream. His tone was tough, as if saying, ‘I don’t want to leave. You won’t die!’ He was like a rebellious teenager, domineering and distressing.

Xie Xi stated, “Maybe I can treat your injury.”

The spirit of the big white tiger was becoming worse. “I have lived my life and was relieved when picking up this little guy. I was originally worried about his safety but now that I see you…” Her voice was becoming smaller and smaller and was about to disappear. “Please let him grow up.”

Originally, the big white tiger wasn’t this cub’s mother. She just picked him up. Nevertheless, it was clear that their relationship had long become a real mother and son.

Xie Xi wanted to keep talking but the white tiger closed her eyes. She seemed to make a wish as her body slowly disappeared and finally became a white star, vanishing into the air.

The big white tiger had died.

Little White Tiger stood in the same place, little claws stretched forward as he was unable to catch the scattered starbursts.

Suddenly, all the strength supporting him vanished. His vertical ears fell and his eyes closed as he fainted to the ground. Once the defense was gone, Little White Tiger’s soft hair fell and his stiff body softened. His lowered ears made him look like a plush toy.

Xie Xi was inevitably distressed and he carefully held the passed out Little White Tiger in his arms.

Houqing saw this and asked, “What happened to him?”

Xie Xi touched the little belly and sighed. “He is hungry.”

These two little ones really could endure. It was unknown how long Little White Tiger had protected his mother. The white tiger wanted him to leave but he refused. Despite knowing the big white tiger’s life couldn’t be saved, he refused to give up on her.

All cubs couldn’t bear hunger. Children lived by instinct and hunger was something that even adults couldn’t suppress if they wanted to survive.

In order to not leave the flower world, Houqing would rather be hungry.

In order to protect his dying mother, Little White Tiger endured for a long time with a strong perseverance that was beyond imagination.

The souls were different but their natures were generally the same. Their tenacity was amazing.

Xie Xi asked the jasmine, “Do you have any goat’s milk on you?” He didn’t know what a white tiger should eat and decided to give some milk first.

The little jasmine hurriedly replied, “Yes!” Houqing had previously almost starved and the flowers were now very cautious, always carrying around goat’s milk or even rice porridge.

Xie Xi coaxed Little White Tiger to drink a can of milk and let go of his worries once he saw the white tiger sleeping sweetly.

Thus, the flower world had one human and a tiger.

The flowers generally looked the same as Little Houqing after the transformation so their curiosity to Houqing was much lower. White Tiger was different. This little guy was born too different and the flowers were very interested.

“He’s so hairy.”

“Yes, his hair is as white as snow.”

“Do you think it will feel as cold as snow?”

“Try and touch it!”

The flowers touched one by one. Little White Tiger’s sleep was too heavy and he didn’t react to them.

Xie Xi thought of the violent temper of the third child and felt funny now that he was being bullied by flowers.

His eyebrows curved and Little Houqing in his arms looked closer. Now this person didn’t understand what it meant to be jealous of a white tiger. Little Houqing only had one thought in his head. As long as this person was happy, everything was good.

Once Little White Tiger woke up, the flower world was full of fun. This little guy wasn’t Houqing and wasn’t born to understand what quite meant.

The flowers poked him and the tiger sprang up and bit. The flowers could be repaired. Even if they weren’t able to avoid the movement of this fierce (cute) tiger, their skin was thick and they weren’t afraid of being bitten.

Little White Tiger biting them was just a tickle. They didn’t get angry and even giggled as they stole a few tiger hairs.

Xie Xi happily watched from the sidelines. He really wanted to find a video recorder to record this wonderful moment (black history).

Little Houqing saw the smile and Xie Xi asked him, “Would you like to play?”

Little Houqing immediately shook his head. Xie Xi reassured him, “Don’t be afraid and go. Little White Tiger’s skin is very thick and there is no need to be afraid of curses.”

Little Houqing looked up at him with worry. Xie Xi asked him, “Don’t you believe me?”

Little Houqing hurriedly replied, “I believe you!”

“Then go and play.”

This was also excellent. Little White Tiger was too noisy and Little Houqing was too quiet. The two of them neutralized each other.

Once Little White Tiger adapted to life in the flower world, Xie Xi gave instructions to the flowers and couldn’t help going to sleep.

He had a hunch that he would sleep for a long time but once he woke up and saw the taller Houqing and bigger White Tigger, he was stunned.

Xie Xi asked, “How long have I been sleeping?”

Little Houqing’s voice was full of thoughts. “350 days.”

Xie Xi, “….” This was almost a year!

He hurriedly pulled Little Houqing over. “I have slept for too long.”

Little Houqing had become more sensible. “Sleep is very important. Your Excellency should have a good rest.”

“I don’t want to sleep for too long. Once I fall asleep, I will wake up soon. Next time I will control it.”

Little Houqing wanted to talk again but the left out Little White Tiger snorted. Xie Xi looked over and reached out. “Little White, come over.”

Little White Tiger turned his head and didn’t move. Xie Xi grabbed the white tiger. The tiger rubbed his head against Xie Xi’s chest but didn’t look up. He just stayed in Xie Xi’s arms and even licked him.

Xie Xi felt funny. “How awkward.”

Little White Tiger understood and his eyes stared in a dissatisfied manner. Little Houqing actually became his translator. “He said he missed you very much.”

Xie Xi and White Tiger, “…”

Little Houqing smiled. “Isn’t it?”

Little White Tiger screamed at Little Houqing. Little Houqing was unmoved and translated, “He said that he missed you very much and… um… became fatter.”

Little White Tiger blew up, his paws desperately wanting to fight with Little Houqing. Little Houqing wasn’t afraid at all as he moved closer to Xie Xi. “He isn’t honest.”

Xie Xi laughed as he felt amused at these two living treasures.

The days in the flower world passed leisurely and comfortably. There were the carefree flowers, the small adult like Houqing and the arrogant White Tiger. Xie Xi sat on the sidelines and felt comfortable.

He obviously slept for so long yet he was tired after seven or eight days.

This day, the little jasmine ran over and shouted, “Lord Flower God! Little White Tiger left the flower world!”

Xie Xi was shocked and hurriedly asked, “What about Houqing?”

The daisy also ran over. “Houqing chased after him.”

The two little ones went outside. Xie Xi quickly got up to find them.

The world outside the flower world was becoming bigger and bigger. The Holy Mountain that Xie Xi first thought was strange had increased in scale and style.

Xie Xi was somehow dizzy for a moment. The magnolia sensed it and suggested, “Your Excellency, go back and rest if you are tired. We will find them.”

Xie Xi’s heart wasn’t steady and he waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter. I will go and see.”

He still had some mana left. He concentrated it and soon found the two little ones. However, he was startled when he found them and arrived in front of them in almost an instant. The flowers had no idea what was going on. They blinked and the flower god disappeared.

He was at the place where the big white tiger died. Little White Tiger looked fierce as he rushed towards a mass of black fog.

Houqing followed him nervously. “You can’t beat it.”

Little White Tiger didn’t listen. Hatred filled his eyes and he wanted to tear this black fog to pieces!

Houqing anxiously told him, “There is no way. You will be eaten by it like your mother…”

These words undoubtedly provoked Little White Tiger. He actually pounced his small body towards the monster that killed his mother!

Xie Xi moved and saved Little White Tiger. He glanced at the black fog and felt numb when he saw the dense, serrated teeth.

Little Houqing exclaimed, “Lord Flower God!”

Xie Xi picked up the two cubs and left quickly.

What was that? Xie Xi didn’t know there were such monsters in the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea in later generations. Was that the thing that hurt the big white tiger? Then Little White Tiger ran out to get revenge?

This was really something that the third child would do. He was really too reckless. How big was the monster? Pouncing on it was simply going to death!

Xie Xi returned to the flowers. Once the flowers saw the flower god’s bleeding arm, they were stunned silly.

They… never knew… the flower god could actually be hurt. Xie Xi ordered, “Return to the flower world!”

The group returned and the flowers rushed forward to stop Xie Xi’s bleeding. Little White Tiger stayed on the sidelines, staying up without blinking.

Xie Xi saw him and felt a strange heartache. His scolding words didn’t emerge and he finally only said, “You want to avenge your mother, this is understandable. However, you have to consider your own strength. Why do you want to die? Did your mother save you just for you to die?”

Little White Tiger looked at Xie Xi’s wounded arm and emotions raged in his eyes.

Xie Xi sighed. “Don’t worry. Grow up well and work hard so that you have the power to protect your precious people.”

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