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Can’t Be Erased 13

Like a slag, Xie Xi coaxed away the two Jiang Xies and was afraid to turn back.

He couldn’t imagine what his image was like in front of his seniors.

He wanted to close the doors and windows to stop feeling ashamed…

Xie Xi could only comfort himself with the thought, ‘They are the last six. If Jiang Xie dares to split his soul again, I will… just… kill him!’

Aquarius and Pisces were gone and only Capricorn was left.

Xie Xi raised his spirits and continued, “You also go…”

Capricorn immediately suggested, “They are gone so let me stay. How can I leave you alone in this filthy place?”

How was Xie Xi alone? Jiang Xie’s good brothers were all here!

Of course, his good brothers couldn’t take a nope and their eyes and ears were too lively!

Xie Xi squeezed out an excuse. “I am hungry and you should go prepare dinner first.”

Capricorn hesitated.

Xie Xi gritted his teeth. “Only the dinner you prepare is the best. I don’t like anyone else’s cooking.”

They only needed to look into Capricorn’s eyes to see the effectiveness.

He leaned over, the chain of his monocle flowing down as he obediently replied, “Serving you is my great honour.”

Xie Xi smiled. “Go, I am looking forward to it.”

Thus, Capricorn was coaxed away.

Xie Xi turned around and saw Gong Rui with the corners of his mouth raised while Zong Xia still had some calmness. General Qin, who always felt powerful, had a mouth wide enough to shove an egg into and Yan Zhe’s grey eyes were full of distress.

It was current silent but sometimes expressions could convey the meaning richer than language!

Xie Xi broke the silence. “Mr Zong and General Qin aren’t injured?”

Qin Ge immediately replied, “I didn’t know it was Captain so…” He hurt Aquarius.

Xie Xi told him, “He doesn’t remember Central and would’ve certainly pushed you.”

He was more concerned about Qin Ge’s injuries. The souls might be limited by the quasi-worlds and didn’t have Jiang Xie’s peak power but they still couldn’t be underestimated.

Yan Zhe reassured him. “Don’t worry, I will heal them.”

Light surrounded his hands as he placed them on Qin Ge’s lower abdomen.

He was indeed injured or he wouldn’t have been captured.

Fortunately,there was Yan Zhe who could revive a person from the brink of death, let alone a small injury like this.

Xie Xi glanced at Zong Xia.

“I’m fine, it was just the last illusion.”

Pieces used illusion magic while Zong Xia’s god viewer occupation was special but it was inferior compared to Yan Zhe and Xie Xi’s special occupations. At most, it was a sub-god level.

At first, the illusions were easily seen through. As Pisces continued the chase, Zong Xia was exhausted and captured.

Pisces consumed mental energy and Zong Xia was the same. Both of them were physically unharmed and mentally exhausted.

In this respect, Yan Zhe couldn’t help. Fortunately, it wasn’t too dangerous and only rest was needed.

After this interruption, the previous awkward atmosphere finally dissipated.

Xie Xi asked them, “Can you contact N?”

Yan Zhe replied, “Yes.”

“Will he give up the task?”

This was the main point.

Yan Zhe would surely give up the erasure task. The main reason they came here was for Jiang Xie.

The worlds were erased meant the souls would die. Once a soul died, it meant that Jiang Xie was dying.

How could they ignore it when Jiang Xie was in such a dangerous situation?

They didn’t think about it after receiving an invitation from N and instantly entered.

However, N wasn’t them. The master of Yunge was at odds with Jiang Xie and why would he give up a task for Jiang Xie?

Yan Zhe answered, “Old N is a person I never understood very well. It is said he is ambitious and Yunge is truly huge. It is the ‘empire’ of Central but…”

He paused and Zong Xia continued for him. “Yunge is chaotic internally. He built such an organization yet he didn’t bother to manage it. The players are a mess and can do anything.”

Xie Xi didn’t have a good impression of Yunge. As early as the open world, he met the members of Yunge and saw that the big organization had no discipline to speak of.

Because of that, he had a bad impression of N.

However, Jiang Xie’s evaluation of N was quite objective. There wasn’t hatred or friendship, there was just a feeling of two people who didn’t need to walk together.

Nan Yi added, “He is very strange. Don’t look at his big organization. He is more of a loner than anyone else.”

Qin Ge nodded. “That is true.”

The two most powerful people in Central were X and N.

X had no organization and was a single person. N was in Yunge and was surrounded by countless members, but he seemed to be on an island.

Jiang Xie had a few friends he had a good relationship with. They had never heard of anyone who had a good relationship with N. The elders of Yunge couldn’t even add him as a friend.

His only interest was in designing quasi-worlds.

It was unfortunate…

Yan Zhe sighed. “Old N designed a total of three quasi-worlds and the only one that succeeded was F-grade.”

Xie Xi was silent.

If he remembered correctly, his second quasi-world was made by a small organization.

That was still a D-rating. The master of Yunge worked hard to create a world and it was only F-grade?

Yan Zhe kept talking. “Yunge designed many high level quasi-worlds but Old N never teamed up with people and had to design it himself.”

Knowing that he had no talent for this type of thing was simply killing him from anger.

N worked so hard yet his only success was F-grade.

For the quasi-worlds that Jiang Xie designed, the lower rating was A and he even created the miracle SS-grade.

No wonder N kept wanting to beat Jiang Xie on the training field.

This was really hateful!

The even more irritating thing was that Jiang Xie wasn’t merciful and he never lost.

Xie Xi felt a bit of pity for the master.

Yan Zhe suggested, “I think it is better not to tell him about Jiang Xie’s situation.”

Xie Xi asked the question because he wanted to know this answer.

Xie Xi naturally trusted them but he couldn’t trust N who was a stranger.

N could retreat but Jiang Xie couldn’t.

if the quasi-world was erased then Jiang Xie would die.

What type of mentality did N have towards Jiang Xie? It was really hard to say.

Maybe he cared about the Central Government and didn’t want the best designer to die. Maybe he long felt resentful of Jiang Xie and wanted to kill him.

Who knew? There was no knowing what was in a man’s heart.

Xie Xi couldn’t take the risk with Jiang Xie. “Then I’ll ask you to keep it a secret.”

Yan Zhe nodded. “You can rest assured that we won’t say anything.”

Nan Yi was still impulsive. “If Old N tries anything then I will kill him first!”

Gong Rui sneered. “I’ll give you the energy.”

“I can do more than you!”

Gong Rui didn’t bother playing with him and lay lazily against the wall, like a soft body with no bones…”

Zong Xia spoke up. “Don’t act rashly. We have to fix the world before N acts.”

Once Xie Xi took out the souls, the necessity of erasing the world wouldn’t exist and there wouldn’t be the task.

Xie Xi thought this way too but…

Yan Zhe was worried. “It is really necessary to fall in love with six Old Jiangs at the same time?” He accentuated the words ‘at the same time.’

Thanks to the world of Cancer, Xie Xi was very friendly to Yan Zhe and couldn’t help looking at him with a bit of helplessness.

Yan Zhe had seen him as part of them and never an outsider since early on and said, “That old animal has broken his legs. The six together…”

“The point is…” Gong Rui’s spirit was raised again. “The six Old Jiangs don’t know that they are the same people.”

Zong Xia added, “Based on the Captain’s character, he definitely won’t share his lover.”

General Qin finally kept up with the rhythm and nodded. “Love is a matter of two people.”

It really was a matter of two people but what if one of them had multiple bodies?

How was this good?

The group of five people eating melons were still a bit worried.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “This isn’t difficult…”

What was this? Atlantis was the real death mode.

The current situation…

The five people gazed at Xie Xi, their gazes so complicated that each person needed 800 words of time to elaborate!

Xie Xi cleared his throat. “It will be more secure if you can help.”

Gong Rui sat straight up. “There is no need to persuade me. I won’t refuse even if it means walking on a mountain of blades or through a sea of fire!”

Nan Yi looked like he had seen a ghost. “Are you crazy or am I deaf?”

The slacker was so diligent? The sky was going to change colour and the ground was going to collapse!

Yan Zhe stared at Nan Yi. “Don’t interrupt and talk about business!”

Xie Xi, “…”

He felt that something wasn’t quite right.

Seeing the five people staring at him with focused expressions and serious eyes, Xie Xi couldn’t open his mouth…


In order to be absolutely safe, Xie Xi could only temporarily lose his dignity.

After all, there was the unknown variable N outside and Xie Xi didn’t want any accidents. The faster he could repair the world the better.

“So…” Xie Xi suggested. “I will accept you as my believers. I might have to temporarily wrong you and give you to the five star signs as personal servants…”

Apart from General Qin, the others secretly thought in their heart, ‘There are no grievances, no grievances at all.’ How could they be wronged by such an opportunity?

Xie Xi continued, “I have a miniature communicator here. All of you wear them and monitor their movements. Try to separate them.’

The five people understood and put the communication device from Xie Xi into their ears.

They didn’t know that Xie Xi couldn’t use items and just thought he was prepared before entering the quasi-world.

Xie Xi asked some more questions and finally arranged them to their corresponding star sign.

Qin Ge was with Capricorn, Yan Zhe chose Scorpio, Zong Xia had Sagittarius, Gong Rui and Nan Yi were Aquarius and Pisces.

Libra alone didn’t have a watcher.

This was also Xie Xi’s intention. This was the first time Libra came here and didn’t need to be watched too much. Xie Xi alone understanding him should be enough.

This was arranged properly and the rest was Xie Xi’s family members.

At dinner, everyone gathered at the dining room apart from Libra.

Xie Xi sat in the main seat and his eyes swept over the five people. He smiled approvingly at Capricorn before speaking, “The intruders have already become subservient to me and they will be your personal servants in the future.”

The five men were stunned the moment the words emerged.

Sagittarius spoke immediately. “I don’t need anyone to serve me.” His dark red eyes stared at Xie Xi, only seeing Xie Xi.

Scorpio got up and bowed gracefully. “I am your most loyal servant. How can a servant have a servant?”

Xie Xi spoke simply. “This is an order.”

The moment his words emerged, all five star signs stood up and placed their left hands over their chest, replying in unison, “Thank you, my god.”

Thankfully the male gods were absent or they would be laughing.

Old Jiang!

His wife was strict!

A real hammer!

Xie Xi spoke again, “You are my most important star signs. I hope you can get better and better.”

This way, he could stabilize the five people. There was no one else for them apart from Xie Xi.

The star signs thanked him piously.

Xie Xi added a patch to make everything logical. “The five people have already become my followers but I suspect they still have foreign aid. I will arrange them around you and I hope you can monitor them closely. Remember, don’t separate from them.”


Xie Xi signed with relief. Thus, it was arranged for the five seniors to keep an eye on the five Jiang Xies.

Yan Zhe, who just came out of the dungeon, wasn’t psychologically prepared and met such a stimulating scene.

He just heard the dark elf say, “You said you would go to me later.”

Pisces opened his mouth. “Your wound has already recovered. Why do you want to bother Master?”

The dark elf raised his head dangerously and stared at the sea demon. “How do you know my wound is recovered?”

“You are so proud that a human can injure you.”

The dark elf replied sarcastically, “A human can escape your illusions. A sea demon is just like this.”

Yan Zhe, Gong Rui, Nan Yi, Zong Xia and Qin Ge, “…”

In the area channel, Nan Yi yelled, “Why do I feel that they are going to fight?”

The sharp Gong Rui asked, “Is this the legendary fight yourself?”

Zong Xia calmly summed out, “No, this is tearing themselves up.”

Yan Zhe was silent for a while before coming up with the sentence. “Only Old Jiang can do this…”

Xie Xi didn’t know about their conversation. He needed to deal with these two ‘dancing on the edge of a knife’ as well as the quiet Scorpio standing silently to the side.

The surface was coaxed well but he needed to be extra careful of the ink in their stomachs!

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4 years ago

“Xie Xi opened his mouth. “This isn’t difficult…””

Hahahaha Old Experienced Xie is now a tried and true scum shou!

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Atlantis really was the pinnacle of paddling n amounts of boats!

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Suba Varshini
Suba Varshini
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