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Intermediate Player

Xie Xi was smiling while his heart was full of martial arts. “If I had a boyfriend before, I wouldn’t have one anymore.”

On the examiner’s seat, Nan Yi burst out laughing. “Someone is cleaning up Old Jiang.”

Jiang Xie was panicking in his heart but his face was calm and he even dared to say, “Oh, you’re going to get married and your boyfriend will become a husband? Congratulations.”

The examiner’s table booed. Forget the cold God Yan, even the lively Nan Yi, the mysterious Gong Rui and Zong Xia with an IQ of 280 all cried out in unison, “Shameless!”

The honest Qin Ge sent out ellipses as a sign of respect.

Xie Xi’s mouth curved downwards and he corrected, “I’m going to…”

He didn’t manage to say the words ‘break up’ when Examiner Jiang interrupted in a business-like manner. “Okay, I understand. I will set aside the marriage date in advance.”

Xie Xi was fooled for a moment and really thought that Jiang Xie was only looking at the situation.

The players watching the live broadcast spiralled to the sky!

“Oh my god, w-what on earth is this damn situation?”

“I took four intermediate tests. Why didn’t I know to check my household registration in the third round?”

“No wonder why you took it four times. This IQ, please stay in the beginner level forever!”

“God X is such an ‘X’ god!”

“The tens of thousands year old God X is trying to hook a young man in his teens!”

“It is hard to say if he is young or not but he is 100% a beginner player!”

If this was the case, they might not be able to stay on their feet after descending to Earth.

Jiang Xie pretended to write something and lamented, “I didn’t expect you to get married so soon.”

Why should he regret it? What was with this tone? God X, do you have any ideas?

Xie Xi was speechless as he watched the self-directed performance.

Jiang Xie closed the book and smiled at him. “If you get divorced then you can consider me.”

Half of Central roared as the players couldn’t endure the shock!

Xie Xi was angry with him. “No!”

He knew there was a pit but he couldn’t help saying it.

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “Oh, you won’t divorce. Then I wish you lifetimes of sweet love.”

Not divorcing meant staying married to Jiang Xie but if Xie XI really divorced, he should consider Jiang Xie. Why didn’t Jiang Xie go to heaven?!

The examiners who knew the truth wanted to smash this person. It was too unfriendly and the single dogs felt a high level of discomfort after eating. It was strongly recommended to chop Old Jiang to sooth the public’s indignation!

After seeing goodwill drop by seven points, Jiang Xie finally stopped and the assessment began.

He naturally gave Xie Xi the lowest difficulty test. Xie Xi only had to persist for five minutes under the examiner’s attacks.

An ordinary examiner was intermediate level and it was easy to endure for five minutes.

Of course, Jiang Xie’s level meant that ordinary people couldn’t even hold on for five seconds, let alone five minutes.

However, Xie Xi wasn’t an ordinary person. He held out against Jiang Xie for 10 minutes and naturally the attacks from the other side weren’t attacks.

Normally, the players watching the live broadcast would be sweating for Xie Xi. This might be the least difficult test but the examiner’s level was too high and it should be difficult. Now… the players weren’t worried at all. They seemed to be in a trance as they watched the two people waltz.

T-They were probably blind…

Although God X didn’t throw the game and this child probably wouldn’t fail the intermediate test but… but…

At this moment, the image of the most mysterious, greatest and more powerful God X in the entire Central World collapsed, accompanied by the broken glass hearts.

Five minutes later, Jiang Xie entered the play very well and spoke seriously, “You are really great. I was almost…”

Xie Xi glared at him.

Jiang Xie changed his words. “Congratulations on passing the test.”

Along with his rarely serious voice, the live broadcast ended. Jiang Xie placed his mouth to Xie Xi’s ears and finished his words. “I was almost dizzy by you.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Jiang Xie kissed him and took him back to the garden. Xie Xi’s mind was forbidden desires, forbidden desires, forbidden…

Next time, he must not indulge this person!

The gods who remained behind…

Nan Yi wondered, “What the hell did we come here for?”

The blank-faced Yan Zhe, the yawning Gong Rui, Zong Xia who pushed up his glasses and the honest General Qin replied honestly, “I don’t know.”

Nan Yi was paralyzed in his chair. “I really believed in that evildoer!”

Xie Xi was promoted to intermediate player and his stay in Central was extended to two weeks.

For a full two weeks, with this beautiful little rose…

Xie Xi didn’t know this person’s mind and immediately said, “I will refresh the task!”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi told him, “If you don’t want to come, I’ll do it myself…”

He froze before he could finish talking. Jiang Xie didn’t speak nonsense and was also looking at his water curtain.

In Central, players checked the system interface using the water curtain. Previously, Xie Xi had to go to the hall to see it but now that Jiang Xie gave him permission, he could use Jiang Xie’s private water curtain in the garden.

Xie Xi muttered, “We can team up to enter…”

Only Xie Xi could enter the quasi-worlds that X designed because of the souls. Now there was a team prompt, which meant….

Jiang Xie explained, “It seems the collapsed worlds are no longer restricted by the souls.”

Xie Xi also thought this way. He asked, “Does it mean the quasi-world has no souls?”

“It is hard to say. Whether there are souls or not, you have to repair it.”

Xie Xi understood that every world was an important resource for the Central Government.

Jiang Xie had designed many quasi-worlds but unfortunately, no one ever cleared them. If they weren’t cleared, the quasi-world would be in a standby state and couldn’t grow on their own.

The Central World most needed a new world to enter self-circulation because only then could they extract new players and keep the circle.

Xie Xi still had to repair it, even if there were no souls in this collapsed world. Restore it to a complete quasi-world without any harm.

Not to mention…

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “There might be souls.” In previous quasi-worlds, other people couldn’t enter because the souls had absolute control over the world and rejected others. In the collapsed world, the souls were missing a party and lost 100% control of the world, creating gaps. That’s why a team was able to enter the quasi-world.

Jiang Xie replied, “That’s good. I don’t need Old Qin for help.”

Xie Xi also sighed with relief. “Equivalent Exchange is always unreliable.” It was better not to use it if possible.

Jiang Xie smiled. “What are you afraid of? If I lose something then you can draw it for me.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “Do you want a crooked arm or leg?”

“Everything you give me is the best.”

“Not good!” Xie Xi disliked this person. “If it isn’t the original then I will return it!”

Jiang Xie flattered him. “You can’t return it because it is long past the seven days allowed to return goods.”

Forget seven days, 70 years and 700 years had passed!

Xie Xi threatened him. “In any case, don’t cause any waves and protect yourself. In case… in case…”

Jiang Xie’s heart was a soft mess. “I will listen to you.”

Who cared about active illness like bronchitis or something. He had such a lovely wife, how could he not act spoiled?

Xie Xi was very vigilant. After all, apart from this guy’s words of love, half of his other words couldn’t be believed!

Xie Xi seriously looked at this quasi-world. Oh, now it should be called the collapsed world.

Previously quasi-worlds had blue fonts that became grey after they were cleared. This world had a red font and the world name was different.

—Collapsed God.

Xie Xi asked Jiang Xie, “The original name of this quasi-world was God?”

The collapse was because the souls were removed, making the quasi-world add a prefix. In other words, if there wasn’t a collapse then the world would be called God? It was a weird name.

Jiang Xie explained, “Not necessarily. The so-called quasi-world’s names are actually the name of the game. It is randomly generated by Central according to the situation. If it wasn’t collapsed then this world might have a different game name.”

“It turned out to be like this…” Xie Xi muttered. “No wonder why the first world was called Love to the Left or Right.”

It was really like the game name but… Xie Xi cried out indignantly, “What love to the left or right? It was clearly a dead end!” There were also people to the top and bottom so why only say these directions?

This topic was very dangerous and Jiang Xie hastily changed the topic. “The game name can still have some feedback problems. It is generally related to the world background or main task.”

Xie Xi’s attention was successfully transferred. “I am now a Repairer and the main test must be about repairing. Is it to repair the collapsed god?”

“It is possible.”

Xie Xi continued to speculate. “Since the quasi-world has god, it is a quasi-world similar to Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas?”

Jiang Xie shook his head. “The so-called god is closer to faith.”

This point woke Xie Xi up. On Earth where he lived, there were legends of gods in the world. No one had seen the gods but there were devout believers.

God wasn’t necessarily an individual who existed in a mythical world. It was more likely to be an illusory faith.

Faith was so widespread that it was impossible to determine the background of the quasi-world.

Jiang Xie told him, “There is no need to think too much. You should enter before making a judgment on everything.”

In the case where there were too few clues, the most taboo thing was to form a fixed idea on their minds. Once this happened, they would become a mess when they entered the quasi-world and found it was completely different from what they thought. It was better to be more open and face it directly.

Xie Xi nodded.

Jiang Xie asked, “See if there is a limit on the number of team members.

Xie Xi looked at the team information and found that there was indeed a limit. “The team members can’t exceed two people.”

This meant he could only enter with Jiang Xie and he couldn’t take other players.

Xie Xi was sensitive and asked, “What are you worried about?”

By all accounts, Jiang Xie didn’t have to pay a price to enter this collapsed world. What was there to worry about if Jiang Xie was in his normal state. There was no need for team members at all.

It was only if Jiang Xie wasn’t sure that he would want to know the number limit in order to bring a friend.

Jiang Xie really admired Xie Xi’s head and confessed, “The Central Government has fixed rules. If they aren’t restricting me then it means this collapsed world is hard.”

Xie Xi questioned, “Isn’t your quasi-world SS-grade at most?”

Jiang Xie’s voice was quiet. “Maybe after collapsing, it became god level?” From SS directly past SSS and prefecture level to god level!

Xie Xi, “……”

He paused before saying, “It can’t be. I’m only an intermediate player.”

Jiang Xie was worthy of being the chief unlucky person and thought about many things. “You are the only Repairer in the Central Government.”

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