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Can’t Be Erased 7

It didn’t matter if this person was a servant or not. Scorpio, what was going on with you?

Xie Xi stared fixedly and it took a long time for his senses to return.

He wasn’t afraid of Scorpio’s appearance, he just felt a bit pained. This bastard really wasn’t easy on himself!

Xie Xi tried to move but the familiar black fog rose and wrapped around Scorpio like thorns.

Scorpio’s long purple hair shook and his pupils slightly shrank but he didn’t make any noise.

Xie Xi had experience with Libra and naturally knew that this was very uncomfortable.

No matter how uncomfortable, it could be called comfortable compared to having half the body reduced to bones!

The black fog cleared and the black rose on Scorpio’s wrist calmed down. At the same time, the bony half of his body few new flesh and blood.

This image caused goosebumps but once the white skin covered flesh and blood and a complete man stood in the dark world, people couldn’t help holding their breath.

He was too beautiful. His dark purple hair faded to black and there was a pair of deep eyes under slender eyebrows. He looked straight ahead and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved like he was smiling. It felt like he was going to announce the coming of death.

Xie Xi was staring blankly when he experienced a cold tenderness.


It was cold, shivering cold, but strangely gentle.

Scorpio bowed to him again. “Thank you…”

He just finished speaking when a scythe appeared behind him.

The handle of the scythe was at least two metres and the blade at the end was curved. The sharp blade was like a crescent moon on the first day of winter, shining with a cold radiance.

Scorpio straightened his arms and the cold white fingers held the handle.

The black fog swayed gently, like water ripples being disturbed. Soon the scythe moved in a manner invisible to the naked eye as Scorpio waved it towards the ground.

The corpses that were biting and climbing at him screamed and turned into smoke.

If Xie Xi had a body then he would surely be staring wide-eyed.

So strong!

Scorpio wasn’t the same as Libra.

Libra was like a novice practicing from the first level while Scorpio was like a full-level player?

Next, Xie Xi saw a very handsome scene.

Scorpio with the huge scythe descended from the sky like a god of death, killing all living things on heaven and earth.

The ghouls disappeared and only the purple-haired, demon-like man stood there.

Xie Xi saw the ghouls turn into black fog and rush towards the black rose on Scorpio’s wrist.

Xie Xi’s brain moved…

It seemed to be more than just human blood. These ghouls also worked as offerings?

Scorpio killed a lot in this wave and almost all ‘living things’ in hundreds of miles had been evaporated.

The black fog flowed for at least half an hour, enough to see how many ghouls previously existed.

After collecting so much ‘energy’, Xie Xi realized the feeling of fullness. He manipulated the black fog as before and formed his body.

As he descended to the ground, he wondered, ‘Why can’t I see Scorpio’s experience?’

Was every Jiang Xie different?

Xie Xi had only seen two Jiang Xies and it wasn’t good to blindly sum up the experience.

He still… wasn’t wearing any clothes.

A normal person would feel awkward only wearing the black cloak but now Xie Xi…

Okay, he had probably become abnormal a long time ago!

Xie Xi didn’t understand Scorpio’s situation so he didn’t dare rush to open his mouth. He only looked at Scorpio in an unpredictable way.

Saying less meant fewer mistakes. This was an iron law adapted to most occasions.

There was no surprise in Scorpio’s eyes when he saw Xie Xi. He knelt down and said, “I’m sorry to have shocked you. Your loyal servant will be sure to receive the punishment.”

Xie Xi, “???” He vaguely felt something in this person’s words.

Scorpio remained motionless on one knee, long hair sliding over his ears and half covering his face. The huge scythe was suspended behind him like an open black wing.

Xie Xi replied, “It is nothing.”

Scorpio’s hand trembled lightly as he whispered, “Thank you for your forgiveness.”

Xie Xi vaguely felt that he had fooled this person and continued, “Get up.”

Scorpio stood up. He was taller than Xie Xi but his eyes were drooping and he didn’t look Xie Xi in the eyes.

Xie Xi heard Scorpio wonder, “Master, do you want to go back to the temple?”

The temple? Why did Xie Xi feel that Scorpio was different from Libra? Libra wasn’t the first to summon him? Scorpio had summoned him already?

Xie Xi thought about how to answer. The temple sounded like the base of the evil god. Going back and seeing it would definitely allow him to gain something.

However… Xie Xi remembered Libra. That guy was still surrounded and what if he died?

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “There is something else.”

Scorpio immediately replied, “I am willing to serve you.”

Xie Xi hesitated for a moment.

Scorpio’s fighting power meant it would definitely be easy to kill the great magician.

However, how did he bring Scorpio over? Libra was in Fare and Scorpio… god knew where this broken place was.

Xie Xi suddenly thought of the portal! This type of thing existed in a world of swords and magic. He had previously seen the dragon’s portal in LIbra’s memories.

In theory, as long as Xie Xi saw it, he could draw it with the sketch pen. Try it! He was a god and he should be able to do this much.

Xie Xi’s fingers moved through the air…

This image was actually very good to see. After all, other people couldn’t see the sketch pen or the god’s wisdom. They only saw his beautiful fingers slightly moving in an arc.

In this world, big magic needed a staff to support the power but also a long chant and preparation time.

However, Xie Xi just used the air and didn’t need an expensive staff. He didn’t even chant. It was a very terrible power.

Fanaticism flashed in the eyes of Scorpio in front of him.

It worked! Xie Xi’s expression didn’t change but his heart was very happy. He set the position of the portal. If it wasn’t successful then the god’s wisdom wouldn’t create it.

As long as he passed through this door, he could return to the side of Libra. In addition, he had a powerful helper with him.

Little black dragon, just wait!

Xie Xi went straight to the portal while telling Scorpio next to him. “Follow me.”


They passed through the portal together. Once they emerged, they had left the dead land and came to an open field.

Xie Xi recognized it instantly.

This was right!

Just then, a tornado-like column of water rushed in with sharp ice arrows flashing. There was nowhere to hide.

How could Xie Xi react? His body was filled with fear.

Suddenly, a black scythe split apart the water column and the ice arrows hit steel, becoming crystal clear debris.

Xie Xi’s senses returned and he saw deep purple hair falling in a beautiful arc.

Xie Xi sighed. Yes, there was no need for him to do anything.

Scorpio really had extraordinary power and he easily defeated the magic of the human great magician.

Xie Xi ordered with no expression, “Kill him.”

“I will obey your order.”

The hand holding the scythe jerked hard and a black fog discoloured the sky and earth.

Xie Xi finally understood the situation.

Once he was summoned by Scorpio, time was indeed relatively static.

However, it should be limited to when he was in the dark space. Once he reappeared in front of Scorpio, the time here also flowed.

Libra was ambushed and his body was seriously injured and bloody.

There was no doubt that if Xie Xi came one step later, the water column would’ve fallen on Libra and the black dragon would’ve screamed!

Xie Xi experienced a moment of fear and resisted the urge to go to the bloody Libra.

He had stepped on too many boats and had too much experience.

Xie Xi wanted Scorpio to clean up the battlefield and didn’t dare distract him.

This was already a one-sided situation.

The great magician had backup and had been fully prepared. Everything had been laid out in advance and they were on the way to annihilate the black dragon. Who would’ve expected two people to emerge and the battle to suddenly reverse?

At first, they couldn’t react. It wasn’t until one of the humans was hit by Scorpio’s scythe and became a ghoul that…

Someone screamed, “It is the lich… that man isn’t dead!”

Scorpio’s thin lips slightly raised. He swung the scythe he was tightly holding and whenever the blade went, there were screams and blood.

The great magician was pale-faced. “The lich… the son of disaster… doom…”

He hadn’t finished his words when his throat was pierced by the scythe.

The body fo the great magician quickly withered like all the magic was sucked out of him. He didn’t become a ghoul but a dry branch.

At the same time, Xie Xi felt his body become more solid.

Scorpio had given him an offering.

Xie Xi, “…”

He really couldn’t adapt to the identity of a super villain!

All the people who ambushed Libra died under Scorpio’s scythe.

The purple-haired man was unharmed. He held the scythe and knelt in front of Xie Xi. “Fortunately, I didn’t insult you.”

Xie Xi could only pretend to be arrogant. “You did well.”

He reached out to pull this person up. He had acted too much as the emperor and there were still some side-effects.

Unexpectedly, Scorpio got up and then kissed the back of Xie Xi’s hand intently. “Thank you.”

The cold lips had no temperature and were like snowflakes falling on the skin, cool and gentle.

Xie Xi’s instincts told him that something wasn’t right.

The kiss was in this context but he always felt that Scorpio’s kiss wasn’t simple.

Don’t blame Xie Xi for thinking too much. Anyone who had his rich ‘love history’ would have a crazy mind!

“Cough…” A painful cough was heard from behind him.

Xie Xi hurriedly looked towards Libra.

The young black-haired man was seriously injured. His black clothes were soaked and red blood covered his hands.

Xie Xi’s heart was tense.

Libra wanted to say something but he seemed to have injured his throat and couldn’t even say a complete syllable.

Scorpio came over and glimpsed the black rose on Libra’s wrist.

His eyes flashed lightly and he bowed to Xie Xi. “Master, he is already your believer. Do you want to bring him back to the temple for treatment?’

Xie Xi was afraid that Libra would bleed to death but his voice was cold and steady. “Take him.”

This time, there was no need for Xie Xi to draw the portal.

Scorpio replied, “Yes.”

He cut the void with the scythe and a black door appeared out of thin air.

Xie Xi didn’t go to Libra. He went straight ahead into the black portal.

The temple?

It seemed that he could discover more things.

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