GL: Chapter 62

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Lost Atlantis 33

In the past few days of Colin’s ‘vacation’, the second prince and third prince sent him messages.

Second prince: [Little Colin, what’s the trouble at home? Just look for me if you need me.”

Third prince: [Once things are finished, don’t act lazy at home.]

This translated to: come back quickly!

Xie Xi’s unified reply: [Thank you for the second (third) prince’s care. It is nothing urgent and I will return as soon as possible.] It was followed by a smiling expression.

The second and third child’s hearts thumped. If they weren’t busy then they would’ve rushed over to find Colin.

Xie Xi spent a few days with the fourth prince. His initial impression of the fourth prince had completely disappeared.

Some aspects of the fourth prince were similar to the sixth prince. They liked one person and did things their own way. Some places were similar to the fifth prince in that they felt enthusiasm about being close to people. If Xie Xi thought about it, the fourth prince was also similar to the second prince. His love for the people underwater was no less than the second prince. Meanwhile, the sensitivity to danger was no worse than the third prince…

Each of the six brothers had their own characteristics while being similar to each other.

Well, they were parts of one person’s soul after all. It was normal for them to be similar.

Xie Xi’s side mission was finally completed after several ups and downs.

Collecting garbage was much more stable than collecting love. Once he reached the full one million tons, pouring it out didn’t reduce the progress. It just stayed completed.

After a few days of running around with the fourth prince, the fourth prince told him, “You should stop using your ability for the time being.”

They had traveled all over the land that bordered the sea, returning all the garbage.

This occurred all over the world, causing turmoil among land-based society.

The people arranged by the fourth prince started to mobilize public opinion, condemning the damage caused to the sea and criticizing humanity’s self-destructive behaviour.

The land people knew about the underwater people but had very little contact with each other. Many people were suspicious.

Now that the garbage dumps were returned, the land people realized that their neighbours under the sea were angry. The garbage piles appeared so quickly and abruptly that they felt the mysterious power of the sea.

Xie Xi didn’t come up with these ideas. There were professionals at politics under the sea and they knew how to seize this opportunity to deter people.

Xie Xi saw that his ‘vacation’ was coming to an end and it was time to leave the fourth prince.

The progress with the fourth prince was also great. In the past few days, it had risen to 16.6% and was almost full.

However, Xie Xi had previous experience and didn’t dare be neglectful. He made sure to get along very well with the prince.

They returned to the palace and the fourth prince reminded him, “You must not pick up garbage in my absence, do you understand?”

Xie Xi had heard this many times but he knew that the fourth prince was worried about his safety and nodded. “Yes, I will obey Your Highness’ order.”

The fourth prince smiled. “Sit down, I will give you medicine.”

He no longer put garbage on the land but Xie Xi still insisted on cleaning up the heavily polluted areas. In any case, the garbage could be stacked up and his items bar was empty. He simply did it to benefit the sea.

He hoped that the lovely little mermaids could swim happily in the water instead of being covered with scars.

The fourth prince also accompanied him and gave him a special set of clothes. Unfortunately, Xie Xi needed to stretch out his hand to collect the garbage and his left hand was still injured.

The fourth prince carefully gave him medicine and after a while, Xie Xi felt powerless.

The fourth prince said, “Go and get some sleep.”

Xie Xi couldn’t see him anymore and replied in a dazed manner, “Okay.”

The fourth prince held his hand as usual and took him into a room. This time, he actually hugged Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s eyes slightly widened in a surprised manner.

The fourth prince stared straight ahead but his Adam’s Apple moved up and down. He ordered, “Go to sleep.”

It was a few steps from the outside to inside the room. The prince didn’t wait for Xie Xi to struggle and directly placed him down.

Forget it, Xie Xi was too lazy to care.

Xie Xi slept for a while and once he woke up, his hand had recovered to his original condition. There were no scars at all.

Then he heard a conversation outside.

Roast Pork Bun was also sleeping. Once Xie Xi woke up, the kitten yawned and went outside to look. “It is the eldest prince!”

Xie Xi’s ears pricked up and he moved over curiously, wondering if he should go out or not.

The black progress of 8% made Xie Xi feel very concerned. This must be from the eldest prince but they had barely spoken. How did it suddenly rise so much?

The more he didn’t understand, the more curious he became. Xie Xi leaned forward.

He took a step and heard the eldest prince ask, “How did you do that with the garbage?”

The fourth prince said, “You shouldn’t ask. Just use this event to let the land people think about their behaviour.”

The eldest prince paused and unexpectedly didn’t ask again.

The two of them were silent for a moment and Xie Xi almost thought that the eldest prince had left. He didn’t expect the prince to suddenly say, “The attack on Sixth Brother, were you the one who arranged it?”

Xie Xi was startled. He pricked his ears further and wanted to know who had done it.

In fact, Xie Xi had previously doubted the fourth prince. He did have enough motivation.

The fourth prince witnessed the suffering of many people and hated the land people. Unfortunately, the underwater people always had a conservative attitude towards war and wasn’t willing to start it.

If the sacrifice of a useless prince could be exchanged for peace and prosperity under the sea, the fierce militant faction wouldn’t hesitate.

However, after accompanying each other for a few days, Xie Xi knew that the fourth prince wouldn’t do such a thing. He didn’t need something to set off the fire. If he hadn’t been worried that a war would bring more disaster, he would’ve already fought with the land people.

The fourth prince smiled and replied, “I want the land people to die but I don’t want my brother to die.”

The eldest prince didn’t say anything.

The fourth prince wondered, “Fifth Brother isn’t right these days. You…” He hadn’t finished when he changed his words, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Xi was curious and wanted to know what was going on outside.

Roast Pork Bun relayed it in real time, “The eldest prince turned pale and nearly fainted.”

Xie Xi, “?”

What happened to the eldest prince?

The fourth prince held onto the eldest prince and frowned. “You should pay attention to your body? How many days has it been since you’ve slept? The government affairs are never-ending. If you continue like this, you won’t be able to last.” The eldest prince replied in a slightly hoarse voice, “Recently my sleep hasn’t been very good.”

“You only sleep for four or five hours a day. This is too little.”

“No, I’m used to it.” The eldest prince continued, “I’ve just been dreaming lately.”

The fourth prince didn’t think too much. “Proper rest is necessary.”

The eldest prince was about to answer when his eyes suddenly narrowed. “Who’s there?”

Xie Xi deliberately came out. His eyes were dazed and he looked slightly confused, as if he had just woken up.

The eldest prince glanced at him and froze.

Xie Xi also saw him and immediately bowed. “I have seen Your Highness.”

The fourth prince walked over to him and asked, “Are you feeling better?”

“Your Highness, I’m fine to go back.”

Xie Xi didn’t know if it was his illusion but he always felt that the fourth prince was deliberately separating him from the eldest prince’s line of sight.

The eldest prince quickly recovered and pressed a hand to his temple. “You are busy. I’m going back.”

The fourth prince kept standing in front of Xie Xi. “Big Brother should pay attention to your body and have a good rest.”

Xie Xi became certain that the fourth prince was deliberately separating him from the eldest prince.

This way, he couldn’t even politely say goodbye.

The eldest prince nodded and seemed to look at Xie Xi again. In the end, he didn’t say anything and turned away.

Xie Xi wondered nervously, “I suddenly came out. Was I too rude?”

“No.” The fourth prince took his hand and looked at it closely. He confirmed there were no scars and glanced up at Xie Xi. “Still, you should stay far away from the first prince.”

Xie Xi felt doubts in his heart but he didn’t show it on his face. “I am a small guard. I won’t have any intersection with the eldest prince.”

The fourth prince stared at him, still not reassured. “You must never let Big Brother know what you are capable of.”

“This is a secret between me and Your Highness. I will never tell anyone.”

The fourth prince nodded and explained, “Big Brother has some psychological problems. His natural emotions are missing and he is always indifferent and strict. He only considers the pros and cons of doing anything and won’t consider emotions. If you let him know your ability, you will become a bargaining chip in his hands.”

Xie Xi froze. “He lacks emotions?”

“Yes, he didn’t know any emotions, including love towards family or friendship.”

Xie Xi blinked, his heart full of doubts.

If there was an emotional disorder, where did this 8% progress come from?

The fourth prince saw his thoughts wandering and told him, “Don’t be curious.” Xie Xi’s spirit returned and he hurriedly nodded. “I’m not curious!”

The fourth prince smiled. “You should pay attention to safety first, understood?”

Xie Xi was very moved. “Yes!”

The fourth prince looked at him and stop talking for a moment.

Xie Xi sensed it and asked, “Your Highness, do you have something else?”

The fourth prince paused before suddenly saying, “I don’t want to inherit the throne.”

Xie Xi was even more confused. He didn’t understand the direction of this topic.

The fourth prince looked down and his voice was softer,’ My mother doesn’t care about me so…”

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed. “So?”

Unexpectedly, the fourth prince stopped again and smiled, looking extremely gentle. “It’s nothing.” Let’s wait. In short, he would protect this person in the most proper way.

Xie Xi was puzzled but didn’t think too much.

He might have a big brain but there was no way for him to think a person he only knew for a week would want to marry him!

Xie Xi left the fourth prince and headed towards the eldest prince’s palace, unlike his words.

How could he not be close? He must be close! The task progress was almost full so how could he not go to the eldest prince? As long as he took care of this, maybe he could leave this world!

Xie Xi changed to a reserve face and entered without much trouble.

The eldest prince was still in the study and there was a personal fish man reporting to him.

The eldest prince was really dedicated. His eyes clearly had dark circles but he was still strong. It was admirable that his words were clear and didn’t contain the slightest hint of sleepiness despite how tired he must be at this point.

Xie Xi secretly watched him using the servant’s identity.

The eldest prince was born with a lack of emotions? Xie Xi couldn’t tell just by looking. At most, he felt that this person was calm and decisive.

The black progress bar must be him. In the end, why did it suddenly rise to 8%?

Xie Xi thought about what the eldest prince had said to the fourth prince—he had been dreaming recently.

Was this the key point? What did he dream about?

Xie Xi felt uncertain.

The old merman finally left and the eldest prince pinched between his eyes. He finally showed some sleepiness.

Xie Xi watched as the eldest prince fell asleep at the desk. Was he really asleep?

Xie Xi carefully blinked at Roast Pork Bun and the kitten flew out, circling the eldest prince several times before coming back. “His breathing is even. He really is asleep!”

Xie Xi waited a bit longer before coming out. His steps were very light because he was afraid to wake up the eldest prince. However, the eldest prince was in a deep sleep and didn’t show any signs of waking.

Xie Xi wasn’t sure if Dreaming would succeed this time. After all, it was just a nap. Would the prince dream? Would he dream of Xie Xi?

Still, the opportunity was in front of him and he had to try it. Xie Xi activated Dreaming.

[You have successfully used Dreaming and entered the dream of Randy Atlantis.]

Xie Xi’s eyes lit up. He succeeded! The eldest prince was really dreaming about him. It seemed that he would have to go into the dream to figure out the mystery behind this 8% progress.

Xie Xi opened his eyes again and was stunned. This was…

The dim sky, the gloomy castle and the strong bloody scent that lingered in the air.

A man’s low voice was heard. “Young Master, it’s time for dinner.”

Xie Xi look up and saw the housekeeper Randy’s dull eyes and morbid smile.

He was shocked. What was going on? This was the housekeeper Randy of the Love to the Left or Right world!

He refused to admit he was mistaken. This was the junk game where he died many times and in the end, he couldn’t die when he wanted to. He would never forget it in his life.

Roast Pork Bun’s curious voice entered Xie Xi’s mind. “Daddy has become smaller and your clothes are so beautiful.”

He was the slender young man dressed in fancy clothing of Love to the Left or Right.

Xie Xi’s spirit returned. This was a dream and it was the dream of the eldest prince.

Then why was the eldest prince’s dream like this? Was it really the same soul? The eldest prince had the memories of the housekeeper Randy?

Xie Xi thought about the ending of that world and his scalp became numb.

It was over! Was he going to die in the dream?

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5 years ago

What a twist~
Didn’t see this coming until it hit me like a brick…
Who wants to murder our beloved roll then?
Actually, Randy would…….

Thank you for the chapters…

Sakura Natsume
Sakura Natsume
5 years ago

Woah! That was really surprising!
Actually, I rather fancied the Randy from Love to the Left or Right!
He’s such a wonderful example of a devoted male yandere.
But, yeah, my bias towards him aside, he really was betrayed terribly, so the chances of him killing Xie Xi on sight is….99.99%?
Of course, it depends on if he remembers what happened in the end…

3 years ago
Reply to  Sakura Natsume

Not really, remember they thought he was possessed by a demon so let’s go with that….

4 years ago

Shookt hahaha

3 years ago

X and Yan Zhe had talked about how the soul(s?) that was put in love to the left or right didn’t return… Guess now I know why Lost Atlantis insisted in being picked by Xie Xi

1 year ago

If Xie Xi had used the other face (the smaller looking one) I think eldest prince would have gone crazy