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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 35

Marry him? How about killing him, this unfilial son!

Xie Xi stared at him. “Don’t you know me?”

Vermilion Bird was still young when Xie Xi fell asleep but Xie Xi didn’t believe that his ‘brothers’ wouldn’t take the small bird to see him. Vermillion Bird saw the sleeping flower god so why didn’t he recognize Xie Xi?

It was really Vermilion Bird’s mistake but it wasn’t because Vermilion Bird was blind. It was that Xie Xi with closed eyes was very different from Xie Xi with open eyes.

It was said that the eyes were the windows to the sou. In this mysterious world, the meaning became even more realistic.

In the strange body, there was only one pair of eyes that really touched the heart.

The appearance and body were beautiful but there wasn’t much difference in the bird’s eyes. It was the eyes that connected all species, allowing them to look into the heart.

It was like the current Vermilion Bird as well as Azure Dragon and Nine Tails. They all had a very shallow impression of the flower god, only remembering that he was very gentle and sounded good. As they grew up, they only saw the beautiful shell sleeping and didn’t miss him like White Tiger and Houqing.

Then once Xie Xi woke up, their eyes met and the love that touched the soul flowed through their body like hot magma. This was the so-called love at first sight.

“Do we know each other?” The teenage Vermilion Bird laughed. “No wonder why I think you’re familiar.”

Xie Xi’s mouth twitched as he asked, “Do you really not remember me?”

“I remember.” Someone’s poor mouth was ingrained deep into his bones. “My lover of a past life should be recorded on my heart.”

Xie Xi, “……”

The teenage Vermilion Bird watched him closely and couldn’t help rejoicing. “I think you aren’t the lover of my past life…”

Xie Xi heard a familiar routine. Sure enough, the teenager smiled and revealed little tiger teeth. “You should be the lover of my dreams!”

Xie Xi had listened to these words a lot. Apart from some sweetness in his heart, there were no fluctuations on the surface. “Oh.” They were indeed dream lovers. In Atlantis, he married the fifth prince (Vermilion Bird) in his dream.

Vermilion Bird continued, “Don’t think that I’m casually speaking. Us birds are faithful and we only propose to one person in our lives. If you don’t like me, I will never marry anyone else.”

So scary. Xie Xi was frightened by him and replied, “Then don’t marry anyone.”

A thick skin was also engraved into the soul. The teenage Vermilion Bird cried out happily, “Yes, I’ll only marry you!”

Xie Xi, “…”

What was this terrible listening comprehension?

At this time, White Tiger and Azure Dragon came back. They followed people and arranged supplies for the party not far away. Once they saw Vermilion Bird, they put the things down and walked over.

Vermilion Bird saw his two brothers and smiled even wide. “I will introduce you…”

White Tiger and Azure Dragon were stunned. What was this introduction? Shouldn’t they be introducing him to Xie Xi?

Xie Xi wanted to save the little bird’s life. Then he thought about it and realized that this naughty child should suffer a bit. Thus, he gave up.

He only listened as the teenage Vermilion Bird spoke with enthusiasm. “This is my sweetheart. I’m ready to marry him in a few days. Oh yes…” He glanced at Xie Xi and asked, “What’s your name?”

Wanting to marry someone without even knowing their name? Little chicken, were you crazy or stupid?

Xie Xi didn’t want to talk. White Tiger instantly blew up and picked up Vermilion Bird by the clothes. “What did you say?”

Vermilion Bird was startled by him and glanced at Azure Dragon to ask for help. However, Azure Dragon’s demeanour was scarier than White Tiger. His indigo eyes were ice cold.

Vermilion Bird was worthy of being X’s soul and couldn’t be scared to death. He raised his head and declared, “He is my sweetheart. I proposed to him and…”

White Tiger unceremoniously punched his lower abdomen.

Vermilion Bird caught on fire. “What are you doing?”

White Tiger had a temper and dared to beat anyone apart from Xie Xi. “I’m beating you up.”

Vermilion Bird wasn’t still. After taking the punch, he opened the distance and raised a fighting posture.

White Tiger had high fighting power and a lot of experience. He wasn’t afraid of this chicken with no hair.

The tiger and bird smashed together in a ball and Xie Xi started his daily appreciation of Old Jiang hitting himself.

Vermilion Bird was beaten up by White Tiger and after his defeat, he started to ask for help. “Azure Dragon, you are just watching him bully me! Are you my brother?”

Azure Dragon’s lips slightly curved. “I’ll help.”

Vermilion Bird was happy at the thought of being rescued. Unexpected, Azure Dragon came up to him and punched him.

Vermilion Bird, “???” He was really at a loss. If he was a child, he would be overwhelmed.

Azure Dragon did help but it wasn’t helping Vermilion Bird. Instead, he helped White Tiger clean up the small and broken bird.

Xie Xi felt it was almost too much and was about to stop them when there was a yell in the distance. “What is this?”

Houqing and Nine Tails had come back. Houqing was worthy of being the boss. The moment he frowned and spoke in a reprimanding voice, Azure Dragon and White Tiger stopped.

The poor beaten up Vermilion Bird was lying on the ground.

White Tiger was still angry. He thought about what this bastard said and wanted to kill the bird! Azure Dragon also looked sullen. His fire had been suppressed but he was in the mood for roast chicken.

Houqing came over and examined Xie Xi first. After seeing that Xie Xi was fine, he asked Azure Dragon and White Tiger, “What happened? You’re not children anymore and shouldn’t mess around.”

White Tiger turned his head and snorted. Azure Dragon glared at Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird was wronged and quickly complained to his big brother. “They inexplicably hit me!”

Houqing knew White Tiger’s temper and glanced at Azure Dragon instead. Azure Dragon glanced at Vermilion Bird and didn’t say anything.

Vermilion Bird mentioned it himself. “I introduced my sweetheart to them and they started to hit me!”

Xie Xi thought… ‘Little bird, I’m afraid you will be hit again by your brothers.’

Houqing frowned slightly and asked, “What sweetheart?”

The young and eager Vermilion Bird wasn’t afraid of White Tiger and introduced Xie Xi as his future husband.

In an instant, the entire sea of flowers solidified. The swaying petals and blowing breeze all stopped!

Houqing’s voice was as cold as the abyss of hell. “What did you say?”

Vermilion Bird repeated it. “I want to marry him. None of you can stop me!”

Nine Tails shouted, “I should’ve eaten you that year!”

They hadn’t played against),  each other in the past few years. One loved poultry and the other was poultry (not). It would be strange if they could get along with each other.

Vermilion Bird ignored up and stood up for Xie Xi. “I will…”

Houqing interrupted him. “Do you know who he is?”

“It doesn’t matter who he is, I will…”

White Tiger growled, “He is the flower god!”

The moment these words were spoken, everyone stared at Vermilion Bird. If it wasn’t for the more than 10 years of sentiment, they would tear him to pieces and use him as fertilizer!

He dared to insult the flower god. Dying once wasn’t enough!

Xie Xi was very sorry that the good show was over.

Who would expect that Vermilion Bird wouldn’t act according to common sense? Once he knew Xie Xi’s identity, he was only surprised for a moment before acting tough. “What about it? He is the flower god but I still want to marry him. I just like him and my life partner can only be him!”

Even Xie Xi was stunned by this.

The 15 or 16 year old teenager had a childish voice but his words were touching.

It was a rough straightforwardness but it was also sincere and heartwarming. Liking a person was an extremely complicated and simple thing.

It could be complicated because of a trepidation to move forward or it could be simple as having infinite courage just because they liked someone.

Vermilion Bird’s bold declaration was a boulder that smashed into the hearts of the other four, evoking the feelings that they desperately hid and blocked.

What type of feelings did they have for Xie Xi? It was no different from Vermilion Bird.

It was just because of the aura of the flower god and the identity of their adopter… these tedious and mundane things made them suppress it.

Vermilion Bird’s nonsense awakened the flames in their hearts, letting long-rooted emotions grow wildly and become a tree that supported their souls.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped and he had a bad feeling.

Outside of the god’s wisdom, he was pedalling on five boats. Please let go of this dying man inside the god’s wisdom!

Xie Xi told them, “Don’t worry about it, he is still young.”

Vermilion Bird frowned. “I don’t care who you are. I like you and will marry you!”

Xie Xi’s eyebrows gathered together. “You are only 15 or 16 years old? What do you know about liking someone. Think about these issues when you grow up.”

Vermilion Bird’s eyes brightened. “Then will you marry me when I’m an adult?”

Xie Xi, “…” This bird, if he continued then he really would be killed by his brothers!

Houqing made a rough transition. “We are all together and the table is set up. Let’s go eat.”

Xie Xi nodded.

The five people all shared the same mood. The flower god… couldn’t be taken away by anyone.

There were no disputes over the seating. Xie Xi had the first seat, Houqing was on his left and White Tiger on his right, then they were arranged according to age.

Vermilion Bird was the youngest and was furthest away from Xie Xi. He was very unhappy but he couldn’t do anything lest he be turned into firewood.

A good party became a wake-up meeting. The souls were obsessed and Xie Xi could easily guess what they were thinking about.

Xie Xi’s hands itched and he wanted to smash the small bird. It was this little bastard who disturbed the ‘spring water’ of the four lakes!

From this day on, Xie Xi’s days started to heat up. The brothers who were supposed to get along with each other wanted to get rid of each other to be alone with Xie Xi.

Early in the morning, Xie Xi had just gotten up Azure Dragon arrived and told Houqing, “Something is going on in the Demon Sea. Shouldn’t you go and see?” Since discovering that the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea were created by Xie Xi, they started to guard it.

Houqing and Nine Tails were responsible for the Demon Sea and White Tiger and Azure Dragon were responsible for the Holy Mountain. Vermilion Bird wasn’t in harmony with Nine Tails so he was inclined to run to the Holy Mountain.

At this time, Houqing didn’t think too much and thought something really happened to the Demon Sea. Thus, he left after saying goodbye to Xie Xi.

Azure Dragon had just sat down and the jade dew hadn’t been poured yet when Nine Tails entered. “You have to quickly go to the Holy Mountain. White Tiger has lost his temper again.”

Azure Dragon had used this trick to send people away and hesitated.

Nine Tails added, “White Tiger is really angry. The black teeth monsters on the Holy Mountain have already been wiped out by him. How can ordinary beasts stand it?”

His words were reasonable and Azure Dragon had to put down the jade dew and tell Xie Xi, “I will go and see.”

Xie Xi nodded.

After a while… White Tiger who supposedly lost his temper on the Holy Mountain appeared. The panicked Nine Tails was quickly exposed. Xie Xi glanced at him and wanted to ask…

Nine Tails apologized. “I made a mistake. I will go and call Azure Dragon back.”

There was a smug smile on White Tiger’s face. Xie Xi understood and knew that White Tiger must’ve been hiding outside since the morning, waiting for Nine Tails to send Azure Dragon away before coming in to break down Nine Tails’ lie.

They acted out such a scheming play that the emperor expressed his desire to dissolve the harem!

For half a year, Xie Xi lived leisurely. Unlike the fighting in the Ming Dynasty, these five only acted in the dark. They were afraid to let Xie Xi know their feelings and could only secretly act. You calculate me, I calculate you, no one dared to overturn the table.

Oh, except for Vermilion Bird… Vermilion Bird shouted every day that he would marry Xie Xi when he grew up.

At first, the other four were nervous. Once they saw Xie Xi’s calm face and his indication that he didn’t take the child seriously, they felt relieved and thought Vermilion Bird was too childish. He wasn’t competition and the other three were more difficult.

Xie Xi lazily accompanied them for more than three years until Vermilion Bird came of age.

Once Xie Xi wrote down the names of these five people, his mood was very complicated.

Who would’ve thought? The disappearance of the flower god was to escape marriage!

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Iriana Romani
Iriana Romani
4 years ago

“They acted out such a scheming play that the emperor expressed his desire to dissolve the harem!” 😂

4 years ago

I sense the mass of XXX in the future. Together. AND POOR LITTLE BIRD.
He’s not competition I’m dying lmao

4 years ago

“Who would’ve thought? The disappearance of the flower god was to escape marriage!”


4 years ago

You calculate me?I calculate you.
Dying because of this lol XD

4 years ago

This chapter is hilarious 😆 I’ve never felt everyone, the souls and Xie Xi, being this close as they were now before. Poor Randall isn’t here anymore D:

4 years ago

So just like the last last arc (the Atlantic one). but that case was a desparate attempt or wait.. scratch that its all the same XD

3 years ago
Reply to  LadySayu

now that you remind me, it’s true 🤣

11 months ago

Who would have thought the chicken acts least like a chicken xD

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