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Can’t Be Erased 10

A clear voice was heard. It was Nan Yi. “Am I the type of waste who would cry over a broken leg?”

Yan Zhe didn’t have a good temper. “Then who is the dog who is calling out now?”

Nan Yi spoke grievously, “I am… I don’t care. Come and treat me quickly!”

Then a languid voice was heard. “Ah Zhe, he broke his third leg.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Nan Yi shouted, “Gong Rui, can you fu*king not gloat? If I’m not able to have children anymore, I will cut yours off and put it on!”

Xie Xi, “……”

Gong Rui’s voice was still languid. “My size is bigger than yours and won’t match.”

Nan Yi replied, “I am fu*king going to.. ouch, I am going…” He probably pulled something and his grumpy voice finally softened, sounding a bit like a child. “Ah Zhe, Zhe Zhe, my god, please heal me…”

Yan Zhe was silent for a moment. “I’m not a male doctor!”

Xie Xi couldn’t bear to look straight. Was it that things with similar characteristics gathered in groups or did they become like this after spending a long time with Jiang Xie?

He and Capricorn had arrived at the dungeon but due to the enchantment, the people in the prison couldn’t see them.

Xie Xi determined that the ‘intruders’ were all acquaintances.

Yan Zhe, Nan Yi, Gong Rui… they were all friends of Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi remembered that five of them had gone to be planets? Had they completed the task?

It was possible. Don’t look at the millions of years spent playing as planets. The time of the small worlds was different from Central.

Xie Xi and Jiang Xie hadn’t returned to Central but they had already passed through six quasi-worlds. According to the principle of worlds meeting, Yan Zhe should’ve returned to Central.

Xie Xi was curious about what they had experienced in order to nurture new life…

He heard Yan Zhe say, “The thing on my wrist is containing my strength and I can’t use my healing technique.”

Nan Yi cried, “I don’t want to be an eunuch ahhh….”

Gong Rui still had a cold air. “Wait for this task to finish and once we go back, I’ll buy you a dozen. You can leave them somewhere safe.”

Nan Yi went crazy. “Ahh, this fu*ker is cursing me. I want to fight with you!”

Xie Xi’s lips twitched. How to say it… these big guys were in good spirits.

At first, Xie Xi had doubted if they were just existences that originated from the souls and not real. Just like Yan Zhe in Cancer, they were based on the souls’ memories.

Now he had no doubts. They were definitely the god players. They took a task before entering this world. The task was obvious.

Xie Xi sighed with relief as he thought about how to talk to God Yan. He wasn’t familiar with Nan Yi and Gong Rui. He knew they were friends of Jiang Xie but he had to be cautious when it came to life and death matters.

He had faith in Yan Zhe. Based on Yan Zhe and Jiang Xie’s past, Yan Zhe would never hurt Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi had also thought about the possibility of Yan Zhe receiving the erasure task.

After all, there were only a handful of people who could accept such high-level tasks.

Yunge’s master could and Yan Zhe could also. It was better to meet Yan Zhe then it was to meet the master of Yunge.

Capricorn put Xie Xi down and Xie Xi asked him, “Are all the intruders caught?”

The moment he opened his mouth, the lively dungeon instantly became quiet. Apparently, they couldn’t see outside but they could hear.

Capricorn sighed. “Three people escaped. Aquarius and Pisces are pursuing them.” He paused and added, “Scorpio failed. The person used an unknown spell to counter him…”

Xie Xi understood. That’s how Scorpio became seriously injured and had to summon Xie Xi.

His eyebrows twisted as he couldn’t figure some things out.

He knew Jiang Xie’s friends. The ones he were most familiar with were Yan Zhe and General Qin. The remaining three people included the captured Nan Yi and Gong Rui and Zong Xia.

It was the ball who was the first to breed a lower life form only to accidentally kill it.

This was five people. How could there be six?

Three people had been captured. Apart from Qin Ge and Zong Xia, who else had escaped?

Xie Xi didn’t know. In addition, who hurt Scorpio? A spell counter… who had this ability?

There were many mysteries in Xie Xi’s heart but he was sure that he could solve more than half of them as long as he met Yan Zhe.

Xie Xi told Capricorn, “I will go and see them. You wait for me here.”

Capricorn’s eyes flashed slightly and the chain of the monocle shook unpredictably. “The three men have their magic contained but their melee ability can’t be underestimated. You…”

Xie Xi stared at him. “Are you defying my order?”

Capricorn immediately bowed, his left hand against his heart. “Capricorn wouldn’t dare. Master, please forgive me.”

“Wait here,” Xie Xi’s heart softened and his voice was lighter. “Rest assured, nothing will happen to me.”

Capricorn bowed slightly and his eyes under his narrow eyelashes were unusually calm. “Thank you, my god.”

Xie Xi walked through the barrier and at the same time, drew a sound isolator to block God Yan’s shocked, “Little Rose?” in the enchantment.

Capricorn outside couldn’t hear the conversation inside.

However, the three male gods in the prison choked with surprise.

Even the lazy Gong Rui, who would sleep without changing his expression no matter what happened, couldn’t help sitting up straight.

The shocked Nan Yi’s mouth was so wide open that an egg could be stuffed inside it.

Yan Zhe stared at Xie Xi and blinked.

The little rose in front of him was both familiar and strange.

He was wearing a black robe and the black cloak framing his handsome face more him look whiter.

He wasn’t like a captured prisoner but the master of this gloomy castle.

After recalling the name that he called out…

Yan Zhe’s senses returned after a long time.

Nan Yi had an impulsive character and wasn’t able to control his mouth. “X-Xie Xi?”

Xie Xi looked over, his expression strange.

Gong Rui’s eyes narrowed and he used his fingertips to pinch Nan Yi’s legs.

This was to remind this stupid boy to control his brain and not fill the pit himself.

Nan Yi was a bit brash but he definitely wasn’t stupid if he could reach the present time. He calmed himself down.

Xie Xi was looking at them. The more he looked, the more certain he became.

They were obviously guarding against him, unsure of his identity.

Xie Xi smiled bitterly and spoke respectfully to Yan Zhe. “God Yan, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Yan Zhe was amazed.

Xie Xi bowed to the other two people.

Yan Zhe got up while looking at Xie Xi. “It’s really you…”

He paused before asking, “Is this Old Jiang’s quasi-world? Where is he?”

The question was simple but there were many things to answer. For a time, Xie Xi didn’t know how to start talking.

He looked down at Nan Yi who couldn’t stand up and first untied God Yan’s wrist. “Did you accept the erasure task?”

Xie Xi asked first.

Yan Zhe could finally use his divine magic. As he cured someone’s third leg, he muttered, “It is really Old Jiang’s quasi-world…”

Nan Yi couldn’t speak because of the treatment and Gong Rui returned to his usual lazy appearance. He was too lazy to even open his mouth.

Therefore, Yan Zhe explained the situation while he conducted the healing.

During this period, Nan Yi was very panicked. He was afraid that Yan Zhe would be distracted while curing him.

Although he could casually replace parts when returning to Central but this thing… it was originally more emotional!

This exchange basically resolved the doubts in Xie Xi’s mind.

Yan Zhe explained, “Once we cleared the quasi-world you designed, we saw that Old N released a team mission.”

According to the calculation of the Central time, Yan Zhe should’ve come out of the world of the five balls just after Xie Xi left Aries. But they saw it was just…

Xie Xi pondered on it. Perhaps the first six small worlds were counted as one whole and the last six would be erased as a whole?

Thus, when he entered the world that would be erased, it was a new task?

It should be like this. That’s how Yan Zhe could synchronize with his time and they entered the quasi-world together.

Xie Xi asked, “Is the sixth person the master of Yunge?”

“He is the captain.”

Xie Xi wasn’t surprised. The searched tasks might be random but the range wasn’t. Low level players wouldn’t randomly receive a high level erasure tasks.

The number of people who could receive such a high level task was limited.

Excluding Jiang Xie, N was definitely the one most preferred.

The Central Government assigned the task to him and he accepted it, just as Jiang Xie and Xie Xi speculated.

However, he wasn’t that reckless…

Yan Zhe added, “Old N originally wanted to team up with Jiang Xie.”

Although N was suppressed by Jiang Xie and wanted to win again him, N definitely couldn’t be hot-minded and impulsive if he managed to set up an organization that covered most of Central.

The most rational method was to team up with Jiang Xie.

However, Jiang Xie wasn’t in Central and N could only contact Yan Zhe.

Yan Zhe heard it was a super level task and his heart immediately tensed.

He explained, “Old Jiang left me a message before leaving…”

Xie Xi understood that this person had guessed there would be such a possibility!

Jiang Xie’s luck had always been poor and he encountered many things, causing his thinking to go in the worse direction.

It was true that this life was a bit tiring but the crisis-ridden tasks meant he could carefully sail the ship for many years.

Yan Zhe continued, “He reminded me that if there is a super god level task, I should try it.”

Of the current existing small worlds in Central, there were probably none that could be promoted to super god except for Jiang Xie’s worlds.

Xie Xi didn’t know much about the task of erasing the world and asked, “If you accept it and don’t finish the task…” Would they stay here forever?”

“You can rest assured that the erasure tasks are different from that of the quasi-world tasks. If we can’t finish it then we can give up and leave.”

It turned out to be like this. Xie Xi sighed with relief.

Yan Zhe added, “Of course, there is a limit on the number of times…” He paused. “In short, you can rest assured since we all accepted it for the first time. It will be fine even if we give up and return to Central.”

The rules for erasing a world were very complicated. The tasks received after entering were graded and a thorough erasure might require dozens or hundreds of tasks. During this period, the player could give up three times but as long as the world wasn’t completely erased, they would have to enter again. They had to do the tasks until the world was erased or.. .die.

Of course, Yan Zhe didn’t need to say these things to Xie Xi because he knew that Xie Xi was the only Repairer.

As long as Xie Xi could repair the world, there would be no follow-up tasks!

Yan Zhe also asked Xie Xi, “Where is Old Jiang? How is your mission going? Do you need us to do anything?”

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