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Lost Atlantis 29

Xie Xi didn’t expect it to be like this. The green progress bar could actually change back!

After all, the fifth prince and second prince’s bars were locked and never changed. Thus, he decided that the second prince was safe after turning green.

Who would’ve expected the second prince to not take the usual path and actually take back the love he had given!

Xie Xi didn’t dare let the third prince hold him and struggled. “Your Highness, please put me down!” His voice was full of helplessness.

The third prince smiled. “Rest assured, I’m not tired. I can easily carry your small physique.”

Who cared if he was tired?

Xie Xi frowned and said, “I worked the night shift last night and slept the whole day. I might be a bit hungry but I can walk.” In particular, he had a fish tail and could swim in the water!

He said this for the second prince to hear. The translation: There is nothing between the third prince and I. The third prince just came over. Please don’t think too much!

Xie Xi was full of sorrow. Why did he have to explain to a man that the relationship between him and another man was innocent? Why did he have to prove to a man that he wasn’t messing around with another man?

Once he got to the bottom of it, he had to blame X.

If X hadn’t designed such a stupid world and made such an idiotic mission, Xie Xi wouldn’t be so unlucky!

In a certain quasi-world, Qin Ge glanced at Jiang Xie. “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Xie cocked his head as he stabbed a demon dressed as a sugar gourd in front of him. “Nothing.”

Qin Ge saw the ‘public enemy of the world’ that had fallen to the ground and remembered Yan Zhe’s words. Doing a task with Old Jiang was no fun at all.

Jiang Xie couldn’t see the degree of goodwill when he was summoned as a puppet. Now that he was in a quasi-world, he saw the -1-1-1-1…

Old Jiang was worried. Why was it raining red again? Which soul wanted to die?

Xie Xi’s explanation worked. The 16.1% progress rose slightly and reached 16.2%.

The third prince reluctantly put him down. “Don’t blame me for not catching you when you faint.”

Who would faint, you big-headed bastard!

Xie Xi glanced at the purple progress bar and gritted his teeth. “Your Highness, I won’t go out to eat.”

The third prince raised his eyebrows. “What?”

Xie Xi didn’t look at the second prince but spoke for him. “It is too wasteful to go out and eat. I can do it myself and eat simply.”

He thought that these words would cause the third prince’s red progress to plummet. Who would’ve expected the third prince to be very interested? “You can cook?”

Xie Xi believed in the saying: To grab a man’s heart, you must first grab his stomach.

“The restaurant in the guard’s quarters has nothing to eat after dinner. I often work night shifts and will cook for myself.”

The third prince’s eyes brightened. “What do you cook? I also want to eat.”

Xie Xi spat out in his heart, ‘I am dizzy from hunger yet you want me to serve you?’

The third prince finally remembered. “Do it next time. You are too hungry so we will go out to eat.”

Xie Xi thought of the second prince and didn’t dare go with this person. “I’m not that hungry. I still have a crescent fruit in my house and will be fine after eating a piece.”

The third prince was really interested in Xie Xi’s cooking and asked, “Can you really cook?”

Xie Xi realized he couldn’t get rid of this big candy. “Your Highness, if you don’t hate it then stay and eat together.”

The third prince exclaimed, “You are really amazing. You can actually cook.”

It was impossible to walk away. Looking at this, Xie Xi was afraid he would have to cook for the rest of his life.

The second prince listened quietly. His heart was poked as he thought about the previous dream.

It turned out that Colin really could cook…

Colin was with him in the dream. They had mutual feelings and Colin even chose him over Third Brother.

But in reality…

The second prince frowned and wanted to leave.

Xie Xi saw the progress bar had fallen to 15.9% and felt anxious. Be more patient and don’t arbitrarily take back the things given!

He glanced at the second prince and politely wondered, “Your Highness, have you eaten yet?”

The second prince was stunned.

The third prince instantly opened his mouth. “Second Brother must’ve eaten already.”

The second prince replied quickly, “Not yet.”

Xie Xi’s actions were very reasonable. He was just a small guard and the second prince was standing in front of him. He invited one prince and naturally had to invite the other. He pretended to be polite, “I can’t cook much and this might be offensive, but I still have to ask. Do you want to try them?”

The third prince said, “Second Brother naturally…”

The second prince’s lips rose and he finally showed his usual smiling appearance. “Okay, Third Brother is looking forward to it and I’m also very curious.”

The third prince, “…”

Xie Xi said, “Then please wait a moment. I will go prepare.”

He left and could immediately hear the two brothers quarrelling.

The third prince’s voice was full of anger. “What are you staying here for?”

The second prince’s careless tone was restored. “You can stay so why can’t I?”

“Colin is cooking for me!”

The second prince had a ‘hehe’ expression. “He also invited me.”

The third prince didn’t have a good atmosphere. “You are a prince. How can he be rude?”

“You are also a prince. Little Colin was forced by you.”

The third prince’s hackles were raised and the second prince didn’t back down.

Xie Xi’s face was dark and he wanted to die.

Hey… maybe he should die? He had two more lives with Roast Pork Bun and there was the effect of fatal wounds being painless. It wouldn’t matter if he actually died.

If the second face died, wouldn’t the progress of the second and third princes be locked?

Xie Xi quickly dismissed this idea. He didn’t forget that the Haiqui Kingdom had a national teacher who could resurrect the dead.

Who knew what was going on with the national teacher. What if it wasn’t a big trick?

The fifth prince and sixth prince were already dispatched. If the god of war third prince and the god of wealth second prince were added, the Haiqui state teacher wouldn’t be able to run, even if he had 18 tails.

Then the fifth and sixth would resurrect Sein Hall while the second and third would resurrect Colin Hall…

This image was so terrible that Xie Xi started sweating thinking about it! He couldn’t die. Death was the real hell mode.

Don’t look at the currently stupid second and third princes. If they really ‘lost love’, who knew what psychopaths they would evolve into?

The food at the bottom of the sea wasn’t very creative. Xie Xi made simple things and placed them on the table.

The third prince was exaggerated in his surprise. “Colin, you really can cook!”

Xie Xi turned his eyes away. ‘You underwater people, this isn’t cooking. It is simply cutting things!’

The second prince added, “Your knife skills are great.”

The third prince was worthy of being a soldier. He acted quickly and grabbed three dishes first.

The second prince’s mouth twitched as he glanced at this rascal.

For the progress of the task, Xie Xi had to say, “There is a lot of food. Your Highness, you can’t eat it all alone.”

The third prince replied, “Don’t you know my appetite yet?”

The two prince said, “Yes, you can’t eat it alone. Colin is hungry.”

“I didn’t mean that I was going to eat it all. Of course, I will share it with Colin.”

Xie Xi told the second prince, “Your Highness, you should also…”

The third prince picked up a piece of sashimi and placed it on the second prince’s plate. “Try it and leave afterwards.”

He was telling his brother to get lost.

The second prince wasn’t ashamed about interfering and was very tolerant. “Little Colin is the master here. Is it appropriate for you to act like this?”

The third prince said, “Colin and I aren’t that distant.”

The second prince raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

Xie Xi saw the shaky progress bar and could only say, “This subordinate didn’t arrange it properly. There are too few dishes. Please wait and I will cook some more.”

The third prince heard this and immediately exclaimed, “Don’t go. There is enough for all of us to eat.”

“It’s fine. Your Highness, please eat. I will cook some more.”

The second prince sneered at his brother.

The third prince pushed the three dishes away. “Eat it. Second Brother is really capable. You don’t even let go of a small bodyguard.”

The second prince was unmoved. “I’m not as good as Third Brother, who wasn’t taught etiquette when being raised.”

Xie Xi, “…” He really wanted to sweep them out of here but he couldn’t afford it.

Xie Xi had never eaten such a tiring dinner. Move a bit close to the third prince and the purple progress bar of the second prince would fall. Be slightly friendly to the second prince and the third prince would raise his eyebrows with a murderous atmosphere.

Xie Xi couldn’t move to the left or right and really wanted to die.

He was now certain that the second prince was the vampire Aix-en and the third prince was the maid Gars. The only difference was that Colin Hall didn’t confess to them.

If Colin was entangled with the two of them as the last world’s Sein, he could guarantee that they would either fight each other or kill him.

Xie Xi couldn’t understand it. Why did people want to steer two boats?

Weren’t they afraid? Wasn’t it okay to live well? Why did they want to be a slag man!

Then he remembered that he was going to steer six boats.

X, come out and die!

At the end of the dinner, Xie Xi was more tired than when he hadn’t eaten.

The third prince’s communicator rang and he had to leave. Xie Xi was relieved and eagerly rushed them out.

The third prince also had to drag his brother away. “The meal is finished. Second Brother still isn’t leaving?”

The second prince told him, “You go first. I will help Colin clean up.”

The third prince was determined not to give him and Xie Xi the opportunity to be alone. “Okay, I was going to ask Father about the development of the 623 water cannon…”

The third prince jumped up. “Ask what? That is just burning money. Don’t even think about it!”

“I have already thought about it. I just need Father to agree.”

Then he turned and left. The second prince knew that his brother was deliberately leading him away but he was afraid this madman might really do something…

Xie Xi wanted them to leave and hurriedly said, “Your Highness can leave if you are busy. I can clean up.”

The second prince wasn’t at ease and didn’t dare stay him. He reluctantly said, “Tonight’s dinner was excellent. Please invite me next time.”

Xie Xi, “…” He didn’t dare refuse.

He finally sent away this god and Xie Xi silently stared at the progress bar.

The third prince’s red progress bar was 16.63% and the second prince’s bar was 16.62%.

The two of them were really a problem!

Xie Xi was tired and needed a change. For the time being, he didn’t want to see any princes. Thus, he changed his face to do the side mission.

Compared to the princes, one million tons of garbage had become cute!

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5 years ago

If the first world is steering 3 boats and the second world is 6….the third world will be…12??? I dont know whether to pray for xie xi or for x and his ocean of red :’)

5 years ago
Reply to  Lope

It could be steering a very big all inclusive boat named X in the next world. Our ML wants to team up with Xie Xi I think …from what he said in the previous chapter.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lope

I’m afraid that this is possible… but IG this is the limit? Coz Jiang said in one of the chapters that this is the quasi-world he was the most invested in. So… maybe it’ll be 5 in the next world—lolololooll.

((Old Jiang might be a fan of harem—lol. HAHAHA!))

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If Roland of ELCL is the master of shooting himself in the foot, God X is the God of shooting himself in the foot.

All of his souls are psychotic lovers that turns off his Xie Xi, and he hasn’t even met the real person from which the souls originated from.

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Why did he have to explain to a man that the relationship between him and another man was innocent? Why did he have to prove to a man that he wasn’t messing around with another man?

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Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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Now I want to see Old Jiang when he finds out that he(his soul fragments) is worse than garbage in his Little Rose’s eyes.

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Aurelius Grave
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when would we see a -3 DOT (dislike over time)? HAHAHA

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Someone you may or may not know
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