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GL: Chapter 57

Lost Atlantis 28

The third prince was furious. “What are you doing?”

Xie Xi was startled. Why did the third prince suddenly appear? Wasn’t this the dream of the second prince?

Why did he dream such a situation and cause trouble for himself?

Xie Xi’s expression was very much in line with the shock of a scum male after being caught. He was caught doing something with his ‘big sister’…

Wait, he had divorced the third prince! Who the hell was caught!

The third prince in the dream was 100% an arrogant and unreasonable person, thus he exploded. “You just got divorced and have already found a new home? You went looking for my brother?”

He suddenly appeared. The second prince was stunned and didn’t recover for a while.

Xie Xi looked at his shocked expression. What was with this damn shock? Wasn’t this his dream?

The third prince was bad. “Second Brother, don’t you know who he is? Don’t you know that he is my partner? Don’t you know that I went on a honeymoon with him? Your own sister-in-law. Are you fu*king human?” In the end, everything was broken.

The second prince’s eyes were full of guilt as he said, “No… he and I aren’t…”

“No?” The third prince wondered, “You were close enough to be kissing and it isn’t what I think? What else were you two going to do? Did you want me to see you fu*king him…”

The second prince couldn’t listen. “Shut up!”

The third prince exploded even more. “Do you have the right to tell me to shut up? Are you still my brother? Don’t you know how much I love him? Don’t you know how much I gave up to be with him? You actually… even…”

The second prince was still acting like he was at fault. “Gars, it is just a misunderstanding. There is nothing between us.”

The third prince had clearly lost his mind. He turned to Xie Xi, his deep love turning to excessive hatred. “It is no wonder you always make me angry, no wonder why you are ignorant about me and always go against me. You already have the idea of seducing my brother!”

Xie Xi, “…” He really didn’t know who he wanted to kill!

“You shameless…”

He hadn’t managed to get out the words when the second prince slapped the third prince in the face.

The second prince’s expression was cold. “That is enough.”

The third prince touched his face with an expression of shock. “You hit me, you hit me!”

The second prince’s eyes flashed with something like regret but his words were firm. “You don’t cherish him anymore but don’t hurt him.”

The third prince froze for a while before laughing with anger. “You said there was nothing between you and that there was a misunderstanding… fine, it is good. You, very good!” The last words were squeezed out through gritted teeth. He roared before going back out the door!

The room became dead silent as soon as he left the room.

Xie Xi had no experience with this area at all and didn’t know what to do. Aix-en was very into the play and had a lost expression.

If this wasn’t a dream then Xie Xi really would’ve felt pain.

It was very abusive. He was interested in his brother’s ex-husband and then caught by his younger brother. This future was really bleak.

Should he pursue Xie Xi? Then he would lose his blood. Should he give up? Then he would feel pain drilling into his heart and bones.

Unfortunately, this was just a dream and it was a dream he made himself. This made people feel bad.

It was as if heavenly sin was still alive, this self-abuse… couldn’t he just be honest?

Xie Xi thought about it for a long time and finally got a clue. He stood up and said, “I have been troubling you these days. I will find a new place and not disturb you.”

Shouldn’t it be okay if he left? It would be too strange if he didn’t leave after seeing the mess he made between the brothers. Of course, he didn’t think that he would be allowed to leave.

Aix-en hurriedly said, “Don’t…”

Xie Xi stood in front of him with a lowered head.

Aix-en’s brow furrowed, his voice low and his mood complicated to the extreme. “…Don’t go.”

Xie Xi stood still and didn’t dare to look up at him. Aix-en finally found a reasonable excuse. “It is late. Stay here first.”

Xie Xi also didn’t know where he could go and nodded.

It was still too early to sleep but something so embarrassing had happened. Xie Xi deliberately avoided the other person and returned to his room first. Before he closed the door, Aix-en whispered, “The words that Gars said, don’t take them to heart.”

Xie Xi glanced at the 15% purple progress and his heart was filled with emotion. He wanted to stop talking. “Aix-en…”

Aix-en looked away and didn’t say anything. Xie Xi paused before heading into his room. They were like this…

Roast Pork Bun was wiping his tears. “Two people who love each other have a ditch that can’t be crossed.”

Xie Xi had no expression on his face. “Love?”

“Aix-en loves Colin, Colin appreciates Aix-en but there is Gars between them…”

Xie Xi lightly hit the cat in the head. “You know a lot.”

Roast Pork Bun really know a lot. “Once Aix-en can’t stand it anymore, will he push Daddy down?”

Xie Xi, “…”

It seemed that he had to take the time to wash this cat. In particular, this small head was extremely dirty! In the middle of the night, the doorbell rang and Aix-en’s low voice was heard, “Stay at ease and don’t toss about. I have updated the fingerprint lock and no one apart from us can enter.”

Xie Xi considered it and didn’t make a sound.

Aix-en whispered again, “I’m sorry…”

What did this mean? Xie Xi felt uncertain.

The next day, Xie Xi didn’t mention the matter of leaving. He thought about it and decided it was good. According to the logic of the dream, he had a mutual affection with Aix-en. He should be sensible but he was emotionally unwilling to go.

Sure enough, the purple progress bar rose to 15.3%.

Thanks to the incident with Gars last night, the atmosphere between the two people changed completely. The previous harmony became strange. Xie Xi didn’t dare look at him but Aix-en was secretly watching. This secret look because increasingly heated. Once Xie Xi glanced over, Aix-en avoided his eyes.

Xie Xi hurriedly made an expression of sorrow. As a result, the progress rose to 15.4% This slow but desperately rising progress, it was as if Aix-en was trying to suppress his feelings but couldn’t hold back.

Xie Xi felt a bit distressed until he remembered that this was Aix-en’s own dream…

Well… if he was happy…

In the blink of an eye, it was dinner time. Aix-en wasn’t at home and Xie Xi habitually went to the kitchen to make dinner.

He opened the fridge and was speechless. This damn dream, how could he be so capricious? The dream really did whatever it wanted.

Yesterday the fridge was clearly full of ingredients and now there was nothing. All the ingredients had been swept away and even the soy sauce seasonings were gone!

The meaning was obviously for him to go out and buy food. Xie Xi knew that something would happen as soon as he opened the door but ‘god’ had hinted it so clearly that he couldn’t open the door.

He put on a coat and prepared to go to the supermarket. He just opened the door when the plot came rushing in. It was unknown how long the third prince had been waiting outside. The prince staggered when he saw Xie Xi come out.

Xie Xi, “?” He couldn’t guess, the second child’s dream, he really couldn’t guess!

The third prince had changed from his previous crazy self. “I’m sorry Colin.”

The third prince in reality wouldn’t apologize and the third prince in this dream didn’t want to forgive.

The third prince sincerely said, “I was wrong, really wrong. Colin, I love you. I really love you. I was just impulsive and didn’t expect you to really agree to divorce me. I thought… I thought…” He shook his head. “I was out of my mind to separate from you. I regret it and was miserable…”

Xie Xi waited for the follow-up plot.

The third prince continued, “Colin, let’s reconcile. I will listen to you and do whatever you want. I won’t spend money and act extravagantly. I won’t make you angry anymore. Don’t leave me… I really know that I was wrong.”

“I know that there is nothing between you and my brother. I drove you out and you had nowhere to go. I know that my brother took you in and there is nothing between you. You love me, right? Please come back. As long as you come back, I can change anything you want.”

The third prince spoke sincerely like a scum male character. Xie Xi looked up and wasn’t surprised to see the pale second prince.

He was carrying a shopping bag in his hand and seemed to have gone to the supermarket to buy ingredients. Once he came back, he saw this scene and heard the third prince’s words.

He stared at Xie Xi with empty eyes like he had lost his soul. He seemed certain that Xie Xi would forgive Gars and they would get back together. He was only their brother, a brother who shouldn’t meet them again and disturb them anymore.

After perceiving Xie Xi’s gaze, Aix-en’s lips curved in a smile full of bitterness. Xie Xi felt that his heart had been stabbed.

Stupid X, why do this? Don’t let go of yourself in the dream!

Xie Xi took a deep breath and looked at the third prince. “We are divorced.”

The third prince froze and the second prince was stunned.

“Gars, we have no relationship anymore. We said it when we got divorced. We aren’t suitable and there will be no good results when we are together.”

The third prince was desperate and anxiously wondered, “Are you speaking angry words? You’re punishing me, aren’t you? Don’t you still love me?”

“No.” Xie Xi was adamant. “From the moment we divorced, I stopped loving you.”

He spoke directly to make it clear and the two silly X princes were stunned.

Xie Xi glanced towards the second prince, his eyes trembling as he licked his lips. “I’m sorry I didn’t meet you earlier…”

Aix-en’s eyes lit up. The shopping bag in his hand fell as he stepped forward and held Xie Xi’s wrist. “Colin…”

Xie Xi looked away with embarrassment. “If I met you earlier, I would’ve definitely chosen you.”

This was a confession and it was in front of the third prince. Sure enough, the purple progress bar rushed to 16.66..%

Successfully! Xie Xi sighed with relief and saw a prompt in the lower right corner.

[The dream is coming to an end. Please feel free to leave.]

He woke up just as he received good news? This really was a dream. Xie Xi quickly left the dream and exited the second prince’s palace.

The second prince woke up from his dream and sat on his bed for a long time. It was a dream.

Reality was much crueler than the dream. Colin might not be married to Third Brother but he was at the top of Third Brother’s heart.

Aix-en pressed his fingers to his temple. He didn’t understand why he had fallen in love with his brother’s sweetheart at first sight.

The dream took care of the second prince. Xie Xi was quite surprised by this but it was a good thing. In reality, he had little contact with the second prince. He could hide from the prince and never meet him again, saving a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Xie Xi slept all day and once he woke up, the third prince was frowning at him. Xie Xi was shocked. “Y-Your Highness…”

The third prince reached out and touched his forehead. “You are too weak.”

He wasn’t weak. He just spent all night awake. Xie Xi got up and was unexpectedly dizzy. Perhaps he was hungry from not eating all day.

The third prince held him around the waist and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Xi’s stomach made a noise for him. Grrr, it was starving to death.

The third prince was slightly startled before laughing. “You slept so much that you forgot to eat? Stupid!” Then he picked Xie Xi up and carried him. “I will take you to eat delicious food.”

Xie Xi was shocked and hurriedly said, “Your Highness, please put me down.”

“You are dizzy from hunger yet you still want to walk? Don’t move, unless you want to fart at me.”

Xie Xi, “…” He was a bit afraid and didn’t fool around.

He had just given up his struggle when he heard the voice of the third prince. “Second Brother?”

Xie Xi turned and saw the second prince standing there. For a moment, he thought he was still in the dream! The second prince was surprised and his gaze fell on Xie Xi.

Xie Xi felt awkward. There was a slight blush on his face and some shame in his eyes as he leaned against Gars’ arm in an embarrassed manner.

So close, they…

The third prince said, “This kid has no strength. I am taking him to dinner first.”

The second prince didn’t say anything and just slightly stepped to the side.

Xie Xi felt some shame but he didn’t want to make trouble. Since the second prince’s progress was already full, he would…

Hold on!

Xie Xi saw that the green progress bar had changed back to purple. The full amount of 16.66…% had fallen back to 16.1%.

How poisonous

Xie Xi panicked. It wasn’t locked after becoming full? It could fall back down again?


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