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Open World 39

The little sun was immediately tearful. “Mama…” He didn’t cry but there were tears in his eyes.

Xie Xi was a typical weak to softness. He couldn’t stand it when the child was soft.

Due to his own experience with his mother, he didn’t want to deceive the little sun.

A child’s dependence on their mother was something that people who had never lost their mother’s love couldn’t understand.

Xie Xi hadn’t felt very good when he needed to coax the child for the task.

Now he could say it bluntly and felt quite calm. So what if Xie Xi wasn’t his mother?

What about a mother? So what if there was no kinship or blood relationship?

The connection between people was more than that. Xie Xi had lived for more than 60 years and was incredibly aware of this.

The silver-haired teenager stared at them. “You are eloquent. I would like to see what your relationships are worth!”

He raised his hand and the silver light rushed again. Everyone was prepared and how could they be easily tricked again? They moved quickly enough to rush to the silver-haired teenager!

If they couldn’t get rid of the silver light, they could control the original owner!

The silver-haired teenager sneered and raised a silver wall in front of him, easily stopping everyone’s attacks.

Xie Xi calmed down and stared intently, his mind moving fast.

The moon looked strong and seemed to be able to crush them easily. However, based on the setting of the open world, Xie Xi felt the moon couldn’t be that strong.

Otherwise, how could a group of ordinary players who had no skills or items beat a full level boss?

It was illogical.

The key to suppressing the moon should be the sun but the child was too young to understand his abilities. In addition, he seemed dependent on the moon and it was unlikely he would do anything.

It was estimated that they would have to find an opportunity to suppress the moon.

Xie Xi’s sharp eyes found that the silver light on the ground was split into groups. He was happy to find out that the moon’s power was limited but he soon realized…

“Watch out, everybody! Don’t get hit by the silver light!”

This was a precise attack but Xie Xi’s reminder was too late. The silver light hit a lot of people and the only ones who dodged were Xie Xi and Jiang Xie. The others including Kong Rongliang, Chen Qing and the group of four were hit.

Xie Xi didn’t know the effect of the silver light but he didn’t feel good.

The small sun reacted quickly and released a golden light. Then the moon’s cold voice was heard. “Are you sure you want to be my enemy?”

The words caused the sun to deflate and he stared at the moon, pleading, “Brother, don’t hurt other people anymore.”

The moon suddenly smiled. “I just want you to see how fragile human feelings are.”

The little sun was startled.

The moon told him, “Obediently come to Brother’s side and wait for me to kill them. Then I will accompany you every day.”

He smiled softly while speaking and his silver eyes trembled, a beautiful smile on his face.

The little sun was captivated, like he had been bewitched.

Xie Xi frowned as he listened and wanted to make a noise when the surroundings changed.

The people hit by the silver light didn’t become zombies. Instead, they were stunned for a moment and touched their chests.

Then something more surprising was born. Something detached from their chest and formed an illusory shadow. The shadow soon condensed into a human appearance…

Screams rang out.

“Ah Feng!”

“Xiao Tian, you… aren’t you dead?”



“Little sister…”


They called out as incredibly real people appeared in front of them. Xie Xi’s heart tensed and he shouted, “It is an illusion!”

Unfortunately, no one could hear it. They stared blindly at the people in front of them like their souls had been stolen.

The moon came over. He held the sun’s hand and whispered to him, “You see, this is their beloved people…” He stared at Xie Xi and continued, “Soon they will kill their loved ones for their own survival.”

Xie Xi cried out, “It’s all fake!”

“Fake?” The moon said, “It is the people they are thinking of. As long as they don’t kill the people, they will live forever.”

He said this and Xie Xi thought of the game ‘dream come true.’

The moon asked, “Did you play dream come true? Do you think it is fake?”

That game was really designed by the moon! If there was such a degree of truth, there might be an incident. It would be too hard for them to get out.

If they realized it was fake, there would be a great emptiness and they weren’t willing to wake up. It was too difficult to resist. The human heart was very strong but also extremely fragile. This illusion was shown to the fullest.

In the hall, only Xie Xi and Jiang Xie were sober but the moon wasn’t going to let them go.

His empty eyes flashed and he whispered in the sun’s ears. “Look at your so-called father and mother killing their loved ones.”

The sun’s eyes narrowed and he pulled his hand away. “No!”

The moon stared at him. “You won’t listen to Brother’s words?”

The sun’s hand was released but he still bit his lower lip. “Brother, this isn’t right. It shouldn’t be like this.”

“What do you know?” The moon set him aside and looked ahead. “It’s fine. I will teach you how dirty humans are.”

The moon was extremely fast and his slender hands almost touched Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie was also very fast and he blocked in front of Xie Xi. The moon’s offensive was undiminished and one palm shot towards Jiang Xie’s chest.

Xie Xi cried anxiously, “Don’t be fooled by his illusion!”

This teenager was best at turning people into zombies or making illusions. Jiang Xie told him, “It’s nothing. This illusion doesn’t work on me.”

Xie Xi was stunned. Was resistance to illusions part of his basic qualifications?

No, if he could resist then Jiang Xie would’ve have lost his life in dream come true.

The moon frowned and retreated. “The one you love is in this hall?”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved slightly. “Yes.”

He continued, “If you want to let me see my loved one then I’m sorry. He’s right in front of me.”

Light shone in the eyes of the sun again. “Brother, you see, Daddy’s favourite is Mummy.”

The moon was stunned and his graceful eyebrows drew close together. It took a long time for Xie Xi’s spirit to return. His heart was hot and there was an unknown taste.

In dream come true, they had been together for over 60 years and were truly each other’s loved one.

They had nothing and after meeting, they were not only each other’s lover but also a teacher, friend and family.

Jiang Xie actually still cared about these 60 years, leaving Xie Xi somewhat surprised and very… moved.

“So what?” The moon asked, “Does this guy love him back?”

The little sun instantly replied, “Mummy naturally loves Daddy!”

The moon smiled at Jiang Xie. “Do you think he loves you too?”

If there hadn’t been the 60 years, Jiang Xie would look at the -365 goodwill and naturally have no confidence. Now he felt that the goodwill was more like 520 instead of -365.

“Why don’t you let me try?” The moon suggested. “If he loves you, my illusion won’t take effect. If it works…” The smile on his face was very cold. “You will also know the truth.”

Jiang Xie shook his head. “No need, feelings aren’t for testing.”

“Oh, it seems you don’t believe in him.”

“This is something between two people and there is no need for others to interfere.”

The moon wondered, “If your hearts are clear, how can you be afraid of my illusion?”

Xie Xi took the initiative. “Use it.”

The moon smiled. “Are you so confident?”

Jiang Xie raised his eyebrows and told Xie Xi, “He might be able to tamper with it.”

Xie Xi glanced at the moon. “I think he is more eager than us to see the truth.” This seemed to sting the moon and his smile disappeared. “I won’t tamper with it because there is no need. I will let you understand how disgusting the human heart is.”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything else because he wasn’t afraid of the illusion. Xie Xi was perturbed and uneasy after coming out of the dream but there were no doubts.

The man who gave him true love and a home was Jiang Xie. He loved Jiang Xie. Even if he couldn’t accept it after waking up, this wasn’t a mistake. Jiang Xie was beside him and this illusion was useless.

Jiang Xie was still hesitant so Xie Xi looked at him and mouthed, ‘This might be the key to clearing this.’

The moon obviously had a knot in his heart and it was difficult to complete the task without prying this open.

Jiang Xie eventually nodded. In fact, he should be happy. Xie Xi calmly confronting the illusion showed his heart. The dream was over but the sweetness of 60 years was printed on the child’s heart.

Xie Xi made a request. “If the illusion is invalid, can you let everyone go?”

The moon’s lips curved. “Okay, as long as it doesn’t work, I will let everyone go as well as close the moon tide and let the sun rise.”

Xie Xi’s eyes lit up and he glanced at Jiang Xie. Was it this simple? As long as he survived this illusion, he could suppress the moon?

There was no doubt that the sun rising and the moon going down was the so-called suppression!

The moon sneered. “Don’t be too happy.” HIs white, glowing hand touched Xie Xi’s heart.

Xie Xi felt his heart tremble and then it seemed like something was pouring out.

A silky strand appeared from the moon’s palm. This silver thread ran along the ground and slowly took a human form.

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. How could this be? He couldn’t see who it was but the illusion had taken effect!

The moon smiled but it was more ugly than happy. “This is your loved one. This is your heart and your mouth full of lies!”

Everyone was stunned and Jiang Xie’s smiling lips straightened. Xie Xi panicked and opened his mouth. “This isn’t…”

Jiang Xie told him, “He is using the same type of illusion.” He might not be able to use his skills but his eyes weren’t blind and he could clearly see it.

Xie Xi was shocked. He had never heard Jiang Xie sound so distant and alienated.

It was strange.

At this time, the silver shadow became clearer and a tall and slender man appeared.

He had handsome facial features and different-coloured eyes that were eye-catching and exactly the same as Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi was stunned. He didn’t expect the illusion to be Sixth Prince Sirius!

The moon smiled but his eyes were full of sarcasm. “The same eyes on different people, can you tell who you truly love?”

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Devil's Spawn
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