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Open World 33

Zhu Li’s language ability wasn’t good so Cao Yan pushed him away and started to report.

Xie Xi listened with a blank expression.

Fortunately, he was expressionless from being stunned or it would’ve been quite awkward. Only one old rascal who had slept with him for decades knew that this child was in a stupid state.

He looked at Xie Xi with a smile of pleasure.

Xie Xi had adapted to his gaze and didn’t feel too much but the disabled group of four were about to be blinded!

They couldn’t help thinking in their hearts,

‘We haven’t seen each other for a day and these two big bosses secretly got married and shared love?’

Well, to a certain extent, they were correct.

Xie Xi and Jiang Xie spent a lot of time in the dream but actually slept for 20 hours. It was no wonder why Xie Xi felt hungry and thirsty. Jiang Xie probably put qualification points into hunger and didn’t feel much.

During these 20 hours, the outside was very lively.

In the third project, Zhu Li and Zhuo Liu only took one hour to clear it. Cao Yan and Zhuang Yi took 1.5 hours and they arrived at the maze at the same time as a large number of people.

It was hard for everyone to escape from the game field and they were happy. They wanted to work together to get through the last level and leave the world.

Who would’ve expected this underground labyrinth to be worse than the game field? They had no idea and were tragically abused.

Cao Yan’s mouth moved very quickly. “If it wasn’t for my favourite arm that Boss gave me, I would’ve died…” He described in great detail the type of danger he encountered and how witty he was to use his favourite arm…

Zhu Li punched him. “Get to the point!”

Cao Yan removed his personal show and told them what happened.

The group of four tried to explore the maze many times but unfortunately, they couldn’t even pass the first corner. Their missing arms and legs were caused by the maze, not the third project.

Later, more and more people came to the underground labyrinth. Some were in a robust state but were tormented terribly by the game field.

Everyone was scared after making a preliminary attempt and didn’t dare act rashly.

It was hard alone so act together!

The first person who thought of this method wasn’t the group of four half zombies but a rookie of Yunge called Zhang Ruizhen.

Xie Xi frowned when he heard the word Yunge and he was physiologically disgusted.

As early as his initial confrontation with Yun Die, Xie Xi thought that Yunge must’ve sent others to this open world. If there wasn’t anyone else, how could Yun Die gain information on the chicken mobilization game?

This Zhang Ruizhen wasn’t a good person and was generally the same as Yun Die.

After coming to the underground labyrinth, he found the difficulty and started to gather people to explore together.

He didn’t refuse anyone, regardless of whether they were physically fit or disabled, and discussed how to move through the labyrinth.

Since the final task was labyrinth related, everyone had to enter. Thus, they were very grateful when they heard this and came together to give suggestions.

Zhang Ruizhen put on a kind face and his grand words convinced everyone to go together.

Most people took into account Yunge’s reputation, were convinced by Zhang Ruizhen and listened to him.

Who knew that his cruel nature would be exposed inside the labyrinth?

The reason he organized the disabled people wasn’t because he was willing to take them through the instance but to use them as cannon fodder to explore the path!

Dozens of people died and they had only passed the first corner before having to retreat. Zhang Ruizhen finally tore off his cover. “If you want to pass, listen to me or I will kill you now!”

After a round of exploration, the original disabled people had serious injuries while some healthy people were also injured. Only Zhang Ruizhen’s group received zero damage while also collecting a lot of resources and information, allowing them to guess things about the second corner.

Many people didn’t like his style but in the face of life or death, many people who still had the ability to fight chose to follow him. Even if they were being used, it was better than doing nothing and dying.

Zhang Ruizhen still wasn’t willing and urged those who lacked arms and legs to ‘pave the way.’

They were just missing arms or legs, not brains. How could they willingly be used as cannon fodder?

They didn’t go and the ruthless Zhang Ruizhen actually started killing people.

At this time, the Zhu Li group of four came out and stopped him, rescuing their disabled siblings.

Zhang Ruizhen was very shocked when seeing their skills and wanted to pull them into his group. However, the group of four had seen Yun Die’s cruelty and how could they fall for the same rubbish?

They refused and gathered all the wounded.

Zhang Ruizhen still coveted their strength and didn’t try to kill them. He planned to wait until the group of four were crushed by reality and willingly surrendered to him.

The miserable players were like frightened birds. They saw Zhu Li and the others and became nervous. They were afraid this group would want to use them like Zhang Ruizhen.

Then Zhu Li and the others started brainwashing them. As four competent kings of boasting, their words weren’t repetitive.

Cao Yan said, “Brothers and sisters, don’t panic. Wait for our boss to arrive and we will kill that piece of scum!”

Zhuo Liu told them, “Be mentally prepared. Once our boss comes out, you might not be able to bear the thrill of coming back from the dead!”

Zhu Li spoke deeply, “I used to think I was the best in the world and no one could compare. Since meeting Boss, I understood my shortsightedness and ignorance…” The glib talk of Old Zhu’s entire life was used up in this moment!

Zhuang Yi’s beautiful female eyes fluttered as she said, “I thought I was beautiful enough but once I saw Boss, I realized what it meant to be a beauty descended from the world of immortals.” Why did she have a different focus? In addition, great beauty, why do you have a thicker voice than a man?!

Thanks to their confident boasting, in the hearts of the disabled people, Xie Xi instantly became… a god!

Someone asked Zhu Li, “Is the god so strong that he doesn’t care about those of us lacking arms and legs?”

Zhu Li replied quickly, “Boss likes those lacking arms and legs!”

The man, “???”  The taste of this adult was quite special.

Another person asked, “I can’t even stand stably and will die if I enter the maze. God really doesn’t hate it?”

Zhuo Liu spoke mysteriously, “Trust me, wait until you see Boss and you can run a few kilometres!”

The man, “???”  The big boss was so scary? He would be so scared that he ran away on his two arms?

There was also a man with only one arm left who was dying. “No one can save me, I have no hope.”

Cao Yan patted him on the shoulder. “Brother, be steady! You will be the strongest pioneer of our team!” There were three different parts that could be exchanged freely. What was the difference with an undead?

The brother with one arm, ‘Hey, can you stop patting my shoulder? My arm is also crumbling QAQ.’

Thanks to the boasting of the ‘brainless fans’, Xie Xi became the faith in everyone’s hearts when he hadn’t even left the game field.

The quartet chanted, “Zhang Ruizhen is a chicken and the maze is a paper tiger. As long as Boss is present, everything can be broken!”

At first, the disabled people felt ashamed but as Zhang Ruizhen’s group grew smaller and the number of people missing a limb increased, their momentum also rose higher.

They shouted slogans while waiting for their savior to come…

Now Xie Xi had arrived.

If they weren’t afraid of the ‘god’, they would’ve swarmed and surrounded him!

Xie Xi heard the story from the beginning and lost all strength.

He shouldn’t have saved these four idiots in the beginning. If he hadn’t saved them, he wouldn’t become an idiot now!

General Zhu gazed at him. “Boss, it is time for us to fight back!” Xie Xi hit him on the forehead. “Get lost!”

Old Zhu spoke cautiously, “You can rest assured that Zhang Ruizhen only has a dozen people left. There are hundreds of people on this side and we can directly step on him.”

Xie Xi, “……”

He couldn’t play against these big idiots or he would become even stupider.

Jiang Xie gave a low laugh and Xie Xi stared at him.

Jiang Xie’s heart was tickled and he couldn’t help holding Xie Xi’s hand. “In the next open world, the Zone will probably isolate you.”

His hand was held and Xie Xi couldn’t adapt. It felt cozy but every since returning to reality, they had been too close. Um…

Their souls knew each other!

After half a second, Xie Xi was unwilling to pull his hand away and sneered, “I don’t want to come to such an idiotic world!”

The repair skill was simply a bug. It was no wonder why the group of four went crazy since experiencing the chicken mobilization game. After that, they saw the zombie limbs like dragons looking at gems and wanted to hide the limbs in a cave.

Then they saw the people lacking arms and legs. They emphasized with those who had a strong body and felt jealous of those missing two or more limbs!

The mentality of the other disabled people could also be understood.

Zhang Ruizhen gave them tremendous psychological pressure and their physical disability caused them to fall into a desperate situation. At this time, forget the four idiots, if there were four pigs who talked well then they would be regarded as a spiritual belief!

Xie Xi’s personality meant he wasn’t happy about being so high-profile.

But this time…

There was the side task and it didn’t matter if he had a reputation. At this time, Zhang Ruizhen came out after being abused by the maze.

He suffered heavy losses and failed to pass the second corner. Thus, he already lost his head.

He saw the disabled group of people after coming up and ridiculed, “Damn, a group of dead ghosts!”

Zhuang Yi was a logistics person. He had been organizing the disabled people who could still move to collect zombie arms and legs from the maze. As long as they had enough resources, they would be invincible!

Zhang Ruizhen saw Zhuang Yi come out and mocked, “The dead men and women actually like these stinky zombie limbs.”

Zhuang Yi’s phoenix eyes narrowed.

Zhang Ruizhen was angry, “What are you looking at? You crazy bastard! If you had listened to me earlier then we would’ve broken through the maze! Now everyone here will die!”

Zhuang Yi declared, “Apologize.”

Zhang Ruizhen froze before reacting angrily to the words. “I said you are paralyzed…”

His words hadn’t finished when Zhuang Yi brought a whip to his mouth.

Zhang Ruizhen became even crazier, “Fu*k, I will kill all your wastes today!”

If there was no Xie Xi, Zhang Ruizhen’s fighting power meant the survivors present might be slaughtered without being able to fight back.

Zhang Ruizhen was unable to make it through the maze and accumulated resentment and despair towards all the seriously injured players.

If these damn wastes paved the way, would he have such a hard time?

They were waiting to die anyway. So what if they helped him before dying?

Fu*k these wastes!

Zhang Ruizhen stabbed at the nearest injured person. It was a slender woman whose leg had been bitten off below the knee and she was sitting there miserably.

He stabbed like this and she had nowhere to hide. She could only wait to die. Then Zhuang Yi’s whip danced over and smashed Zhang Renzhui’s knife. The woman’s face drained of blood and she lost half her life from fright.

Xie Xi saw this scene from a distance so how could he wait?

Jiang Xie told him, “I will help.”

Xie Xi was stunned after receiving all the roses. He almost forgot about Jiang Xie’s skill to turn objects he touched into roses.

Xie Xi no longer delayed the time. The roses fell on the joints and instantly, ‘new’ limbs emerged.

This image was so shocking that some people held their breaths. Their heads were full of the beautiful white roses and the young man who looked better than the roses.

It turned out that he was really—

A god.

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