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GL: Chapter 109

Open World 34

The people who were ‘born again’ couldn’t pay attention to many details. They were first stunned by the roses and then by Xie Xi’s face, which was too beautiful. Then there was the arms or legs that grew out… If they could filter so many things then they would be a god like Xie Xi!

It was really hard to calm down the original group of four.

Zhu Li blindly worshipped, “Our boss is really beautiful. The arms and legs are turned into roses yet he can distinguish between left and right.”

Cao Yan was sharp-eyed. “Look closely. It is Boss Jiang who moves the hands and feet after changing them to roses. The flowers for the left side are curved to the left and it is the opposite for the right side.”

Zhuo Liu added, “The arms are cold white while the legs are milky white. The female roses are small while the male ones are bigger.”

Zhu Li was stunned. “The two of you are too observant!”

Cao Yan and Zhuo Liu dismissed him together, “You are the blind one!”

None of the three said it but they felt there was a really tacit understanding between Xie Xia and Jiang Xie. They always felt that something had happened between the two people in the previous 20 hours.

Xie Xi filled up his side task and soon completed the task of repairing 100 people. This guiding task was finished and the display showed it had been completed.

It was a pity that Xie Xi still had so many people to repair. He couldn’t be selective since there were so many people missing arms and legs.

The skill consumption was very low but he was tired from running around. In particular, the arms and legs had turned into roses but the weight was still inconvenient!

After finishing the hundreds of people present, Xie Xi sighed and rested.

Then something appeared in the lower right corner of his vision: [The Beginner Repair skill’s experience is full and can be upgraded.]

Xie Xi was stunned. A temporary skill could be upgraded?

However, it only showed that it could be upgraded and there was no prompt to upgrade. Did this mean he couldn’t upgrade it?

Xie Xi whispered the question to Jiang Xie, who replied, “High-level skills require a task to upgrade.”

There was originally such a thing. Xie Xi muttered, “It means the quality of this repair skill isn’t low.” Such a heaven defying skill drastically reduced the difficulty of this open world.

Jiang Xie thought about it. In the open world, Xie Xi encountered a guiding task and got an exclusive skill. If this skill wasn’t unrelated to any occupation, Jiang Xie would think that Xie Xi encountered a rare transfer task.

Those who completed a transfer task could apply for the designer’s promotion task.

However, this repair skill was too inconsistent with the existing designer skill system so Jiang Xie denied this conjecture. He didn’t mention it to Xie Xi in case he became disappointed.

Then again, he always felt that Xie Xi had a slight feeling of exclusion towards the designer occupation.

Jiang Xie told him, “Nevertheless, this skill is temporary and can’t be used once you leave the open world. The upgrade shouldn’t matter.”

Xie Xi understood. “The upgrade task can only be picked up in Central?”


Then Xie Xi didn’t have to think too much. A skill that couldn’t be taken out of this world couldn’t be upgraded.

Xie Xi remembered his passive skill to take away one random thing from the quasi-world.


Surely skills didn’t count? Besides, it was random and probably had a one in a million chance. There couldn’t be such a coincidence.

Xie Xi didn’t think much more about it.

Zhang Ruizhen was the most dumbfounded person in the room. He stared at the scene with a stunned expression.

How could there be such a skill? How could arms and legs grow from a flower? This was enough to set off a shocking wave in Central.

A low-grade open world and low-grade players, how could there be such an ability?

Zhang Ruizhen was hurriedly thinking when Zhuang Yi’s whip aimed at him.

His face was ice cold and his voice filled with killing intent. “Trash who bullies women!”

Just now, Zhang Ruizhen was really disgusting. He found a girl who was weak with no legs to vent his anger.

This type of cruel scum deserved death.

Zhuang Yi originally had some scruples and feared he would injure innocents if he fought. Now that Xie Xi had come, he had no scruples and needed to teach this scum a lesson!

Those who originally stood on Zhang Ruizhen’s side hesitated. They were also dissatisfied with his behavior and only followed him because of survival of the fittest law.

This time, there was a big reversal and they naturally wouldn’t help Zhang Ruizhen. Zhang Ruizhen wasn’t Zhuang Yi’s opponent at all and soon couldn’t stand up.

He shouted angrily, “What are you doing standing there stupidly? Come and help!”

No one moved and some people even tried to mix into the crowd to get rid of their relationship with him.

Of course, these people were remembered by Zhuang Yi. Those in gave up the principles of life in order to survive weren’t worth even a bit of trust.

In the end, Zhang Ruizhen shouted the same thing as Yun Die, “You can’t kill me, if you kill me… Yunge won’t let you go!”

In front of hundreds of people, Zhuang Yi didn’t hesitate to take off his head.

Offending was offending. This person couldn’t stay alive and since Xie Xi was implicated, it was better to deal with the scum in advance.

Zhu Li rushed over and patted Zhuang Yi on the shoulder, “Brother, you’re so reliable!”

Zhuang Yi glanced at him.

Zhu Li changed his tune. “Cough… I mean… Big Sister…”

Zhuang Yi hummed. It was a deep voice coming from a delicate expression. Zhu Li got goose bumps!

Once all the repairs were completed, people removed their filter and saw that the mountain of zombie arms and legs had disappeared.

Xie Xi explained to them, “This isn’t a cure, it is just repairing. Since there is no other material, I helped fix zombie arms and legs to you. If you dislike it, you can cut it off yourself. There will be no pain.”

Who would cut it off?

There was no one here who hadn’t gone through cruel hardships? Forget zombie legs. As long as they could live to return to Central, they would be willing to have spider legs!

Then someone bowed to him. “Thank you!”

It was the man who only had one arm left. He was standing up and his wounds were painless. He was able to use all his limbs flexibly and the emotions in his heart were indescribable.

He faced the line of life or death, only for a hand to pull him away!

Gratefulness, fear, hope, all types of complex emotions welled up and his eyes turned red.

Everyone else came up to Xie Xi and thanked him.

Xie Xi told them calmly, “It was just a bit of effort. As to whether you can get out of the maze or not, it depends on your own skills.”

Everyone was grateful to him and wanted to offer their lives in sacrifice but Xie Xi wasn’t blinded.

They were extremely grateful at this moment but it was hard to say how long that gratitude would last.

There were too many people and Xie Xi wasn’t naive enough to think that everyone he saved would be like the original group of four.

Everyone was in a critical condition so they were thankful. What about after that? Who knew what type of moths were present.

Xie Xi wasn’t interested in joining organizations and had no intention of running one. He spoke bluntly, “This skill is temporary and I don’t know when it will disappear. We should explore the maze as soon as possible.”

These words poured cold water on their boiling blood and many people calmed down. Cao Yan came over and asked, “Boss, you don’t feel comfortable with them?”

“Too many people are messy.”

Zhuo Liu couldn’t help saying, “No Boss, they…”

Xie Xi looked at him. “I just fixed them. I don’t care about the things they want to do after that.”

Zhuo Liu was stunned by the words. Jiang Xie had a faint smile on his face as he listened but his heart was drumming loudly!

In the Central World, there were many large organizations like Yunge.

By all accounts, X’s fame meant he just had to casually speak and the number of people he could recruit would be no less than Yunge.

The benefits of an organization were obvious. The pooling of various resources, the cultivation of newcomers and the clearing land in the future…

It was doing more with less effort.

Of course, there are disadvantages as well as advantages. Being bound to an organization was cumbersome.

Jiang Xie was used to being free and wouldn’t find a rope to tie himself up.

Xie Xi’s words were easy to say but not many people could see this point.

Being admired and adored by countless people and also having this skill could easily solidify people’s hearts.

People with a bit of ambition would grab this opportunity to do something.

However, Xie Xi refused. He was like Jiang Xie and didn’t want to tie himself up.

It was just like in the dream where Xie Xi and Jiang Xie lived freely with only each other for 60 years.



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