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Collapsed God 24

Next, there were two memories which made people feel pain.

Xie Xi left Jiang Xie and walked back alone to the Ministry of Defense building. It was a 30 minute journey using an aircraft. He walked for seven hours and by the time he arrived, his whole body was frozen.

The doorman guard was a bit surprised. “Assistant Xie, you…”

Xie Xi entered the warm building but he only felt a biting cold.

“I’m fine,” he replied softly before returning to his office. He worked overtime to finish the work he had delayed and stayed even when the rational working overtime went home to rest.

Xie Xi didn’t go home. He lay on the table and took a nap. His body shrank back in his sleep and it was unknown what he was dreaming as tears fell quietly from the corners of his eyes.

Big Jiang saw this and his body swayed uncontrollably. J gritted his teeth and Little Jiang clenched his fists.

If the memories weren’t still continuing, Xie Xi would be surprised if these two killed Big Jiang…

The last memory was after Jiang Xie left. This was something that wasn’t in the movie.

Xie Xi became president and Jiang Xie had been away for a long time. However, due to the collapse of the universe, the United States needed his help.

Xie Xi tried to contact this person but once Jiang Xie answered, his emotions that had been crushed by countless work surged up. He couldn’t say a word and he could only transfer the call to Li Su.

Jiang Xie heard Li Su’s voice and was slightly startled. “What about Xie Xi?”

Li Su didn’t dare say that the president had suddenly transferred the call to him and had to find an excuse. “The president is working…”

Jiang Xie was stunned and his voice was faint. “You are using his channel to contact me?”

Li Su hadn’t done this but he couldn’t dismantle Xie Xi. He could only shoulder the blame. “Yes.”

Jiang Xie didn’t hesitate to cut off the connection.

Li Su, “…”

Xie Xi listened to all of this and was numb. “Keep contacting him with my channel later on.”

“But Mr. Jiang doesn’t want…”

Xie Xi told him, “I am very busy.”

Li Su could only reply, “Okay.”

The moment he was about to leave, Xie Xi suddenly whispered, “Help me prepare the eraser.”

Li Su was surprised. “Mr. President, do you want to erase your memories?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Okay.”

Li Su thought about it and said, “Don’t we need to hold a cabinet meeting?” This wasn’t a trivial meaning.

“No, they are just some personal memories.” Xie Xi spoke in a hoarse voice. He couldn’t bear these memories and didn’t want to think of this man again.

Emotions were a virus for a reason. Even if he worked hard, even if he reached such a supreme position, even if no one looked at him strangely… even… even…

It was useless. He had never been happy since leaving Jiang Xie.

Looking at the presidential palace where Jiang Xie once lived, drinking his favourite black tea, looking through the documents he had reviewed and carrying out his development path for the United States…

All of this caused Xie Xi to feel endless loneliness. Why would he do that? Why wasn’t he a pure rational? Xie Xi couldn’t find the answer and chose to erase all of it.

The memories came to an abrupt end. There was no doubt that Xie Xi was in love with Jiang Xie. He didn’t know when he fell in love and only knew how to work hard.

The one time that could salvage things was rejected. Xie Xi carried the shackles of a rational person while suffering from emotional pain. Finally, he chose to forget.

He had a vague guess but after seeing this, Big Jiang was remorseful and couldn’t wait to kill himself!

What did he do? What did he take for granted? He kept saying that he loved Xie Xi yet he gave Xie Xi such despair and pain. He…

J raised his hand to punch Big Jiang. “You bastard!”

Little Jiang was also angry. Xie Xi saw that they really wanted to fight and hurriedly stopped them.

J blew up. “He hurt you like that, he…”

The person he took care of for over 200 years was bullied by this bastard. J hated Big Jiang when he thought about it.

Xie Xi told him, “He didn’t know.”

In this environment, the odds of a rational understanding love might be similar to a stone on Earth understanding love. This was a rare thing that could only be seen in textbooks and movies.

Jiang Xie glanced at Xie Xi, who was protecting him, and spoke in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry.”

Xie Xi heard his voice and his heart was filled with pain. He didn’t blame this person at all, let alone hate him.

The so-called memories were all thought out by Jiang Xie. Xie Xi had never experienced it and wouldn’t experience such a thing.

He wasn’t rational or emotional. He couldn’t be determined by any framework. There wouldn’t be such a thing between him and Jiang Xie. It would never happen.

Unfortunately, the souls in front of him didn’t know this.

Xie Xi turned his head and saw Jiang Xie give a light cough, blood spilling from his mouth. He hurriedly jumped forward and helped this person.

Jiang Xie held his hand and Xie Xi asked anxiously, “How are you?”

J and Little Jiang watched with cold eyes, wishing this person would die like this! Jiang Xie shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Xie Xi frowned. “I’ll take you to rest.”

“Xiao Xie…”

Xie Xi could only say calmly, “I’m sorry but I forgot it.”

The implication was that even if he watched those memories, they didn’t resonate with him. He had wiped them all away.

Jiang Xie was pale and his trembling lips lost colour.

Xie Xi didn’t want to poke Jiang Xie’s heart but there was no other way. In this situation, he couldn’t do anything or the other two would also cough blood. How could he coax them? If he didn’t coax them, what about the universe?

He knew the three of them were in love but he had a job to do! Fortunately, J and Little Jiang didn’t stop them. Xie Xi sent Big Jiang back to the bedroom and settled him down to rest.

By the time he came out, J and Little Jiang weren’t there. Xie Xi didn’t know where they had gone. He could only silently pray that these two didn’t partner up to kill Big Jiang. Beating yourself up was bad enough but killing yourself was terrible.

After all, death was death, even for Xie Xi.

There was something he needed to discuss with the cabinet. Xie Xi told the guard captain to look after these three dangerous people and went out with Li Su. He was too busy to eat dinner with them.

Xie Xi sat on the aircraft in a tired manner and asked about the situation in the presidential palace.

Li Su replied, “Mr. Jiang, Mr. J and the young master met at dinner.”

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow. “Did anything happen?”

Li Su was very rational and wasn’t curious. “Nothing, it was very calm as they chatted to each other.”

Xie Xi’s heart started drumming. “Pass on the video to me.”

The presidential palace was completely surveilled and everything they did was recorded.


Xie Xi saw the three Jiang Xies sitting in the dining room.

The three people were identical. They just had different ages and experiences so their temperament wasn’t the same. Still, it was quite strange.

The staff of the presidential palace were all rational people. If there was a normal human then they would definitely feel that the president had some strange collection fetish.

Xie Xi nervously watched the video, thinking he would hear the three people hate each other. He didn’t expect for them to have a very sensible conversation.

J spoke first. “Don’t confuse him again. I’m sure that he is a special rational.”

Big Jiang had recuperated some strength. His eyebrows were still wrinkled but his colour was better. “He understands. We all understand.”

Little Jiang was full of a bitter taste. He had previously told Big Jiang, “An emotional pretending to be rational is the stupidest behaviour.” Now it was returned to him and Little Jiang was bitter and unable to say a word.

J was relatively calm. He might want to kill Jiang Xie but he knew that if this man was dead, the universe would collapse.

Once the universe collapsed, everything would be gone. He didn’t care previously but now it was different. This was quite ironic and the United States owed a big thank you to Xie Xi.

Still, people were like this. The heart that was the size of a palm only had one person in it. This person was the driving force behind everything they did.

J added, “Don’t let him get confused again. The most important thing right now is to get through the storm.”

Jiang Xie’s voice was quiet. “This mission must be successful.”

Little Jiang sneered, “Once the mission is over, we will compete fairly.

After seeing this, Xie Xi couldn’t help muttering, “Little Jiang, this doesn’t seem fair to you.”

Then again, he thought it wasn’t necessarily the case. Little Jiang didn’t have a previous background with Xie Xi because the soul was pulled away but this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Xie Xi personally cooked for him and didn’t refuse his sleepwalking. Maybe he was a real new beginning for Xie Xi who forgot everything.

This should be Little Jiang’s brain circuit.

The three men reconciled and even had three rules. After the mission was successful, they weren’t allowed to trouble Xie Xi, stimulate Xie Xi or make Xie Xi confused.

Everything that followed had to be gradual. Once he liked someone, the other two must voluntarily withdraw.

Xie Xi listened to these three people and felt a strange heartache. No matter how many grievances they had or how unwilling they felt, they always put Xie Xi in first place.

No matter what mistakes were made, they thought the next step was to make Xie Xi happy.

Xie Xi couldn’t help smiling as he patted Roast Pork Bun in his arms. The kitten was sleeping and his little ears trembled.

Xie Xi poked his small head. “Get up and work.”

The kitten was confused and his beautiful eyes were dazed. Xie Xi told him, “I will use Dreaming for a while.”

He would leave the world after completing the mission and was unwilling to leave the souls with disappointment. Besides, they all reconciled and Xie Xi couldn’t bear to let them feel sad.

This world was doomed to have an unhappy ending but happiness could be achieved in the dream.

Giving each of them the desired ending could also give them motivation to find the Creator.

Under normal circumstances, Xie Xi wouldn’t dare to use Dreaming on three people with SSS-grade physiques.

However, before the mission happened, they needed to enter the sleeping cabin to maintain their bodies. In such a strong sleeping state, Dreaming could be attempted.

Xie Xi prepared everything and entered J’s dream first. As he thought, it worked!

Xie Xi was relieved but he wasn’t surprised that J would dream of him. After watching such memories, it would be strange if he didn’t dream of Xie Xi.

What type of dream would it be?

Xie Xi opened his eyes and found himself enlisting in the army. Yes, the starting point was very accurate in order to not let him meet Big Jiang.

There was a commotion in front of him. “Mr. J, you are an emotional and not suitable for joining the army.”

J raised his eyebrows. “What is wrong with an emotional? You are just being s*xist. The United States had no rules about an emotional joining the army!”

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Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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