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Can’t Be Erased 17

The message Xie Xi had Yan Zhe send to N was: Use the power of the six main gods to attack the temple.

It wasn’t difficult because Xie Xi had already created countless slaughters when he helped Libra. This caused quite a stir.

Xie Xi had only experienced Libra but the other Jiang Xies corresponded to different races and presumably, there were also bloody massacres.

The name of the evil god had long been notorious and Libra almost destroyed the Fare Kingdom. This was the last fuse.

The great magician was killed by Scorpio and Xie Xi also gathered the six fallen star signs. The six main gods wouldn’t stand by.

N had enough strength to talk about conditions. He would be the catalyst for the imminent war!

Xie Xi and the others would participate in this fight.

Yan Zhe was worried. “We haven’t touched the six main gods. If they are above the power of the souls then…”

Xie Xi shook his head. “The souls can take care of them. You just need to help me get N away.”

Nan Yi was straightforward and bluntly asked, “Isn’t this about falling in love?”

Xie Xi sighed. “This world is different from all the worlds I’ve experienced before.”

Zong Xia pointed out the main reason. “Is it because of the task to erase the world?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes, this is a world being erased.”

There was no bias with the Central Government. Once it determined that a world needed to be erased, it was a precise strike.

It had to wipe out the core of the quasi-world.

The core was the souls. Yet did the souls really need to be killed? No…

They would break down the moment Xie Xi died.

It was why the will of the Central Government placed Xie Xi in the high-target position of the evil god. The souls all became his servants in order to protect him.

The task released by Central was to kill the six fallen star signs. This was a condition to erase the quasi-world.

Then what was the condition to repair the quasi-world? Xie Xi thus came to the conclusion: protection.

It wasn’t to let the souls fall in love with him but to have them guard him.

This time, the souls didn’t think about monopolizing his love. Their only wish was to protect me.

Xie Xi spoke lightly. “If I’m not wrong, just defeating the six main gods and eliminating the existences that are a danger to me should be fine.”

Yan Zhe asked, “It isn’t just defeating the six main gods. Don’t we have to leave the quasi-world as well?” They were also threats.”

Nan Yi stated, “We are fine but N…”

Xie Xi was calm. “If the six main gods are defeated and you give up the task, he will give up.”

Xie Xi didn’t trust N and could only do this.

Yan Zhe’s group of five were on his side. Once the six main gods fell, the only threat remaining in this quasi-world was N.

At that time, Xie Xi would explain the specific situation. If N wanted to continue carrying out the mission then…

Xie Xi would kill him.

The other five people had been through wind and rain and how could they not understand?

Rather than passively wait for disaster to come, it was better to arrange it ahead of time.

Judging from the temperament of this action, the young Repairer deserved to be at the peak of Jiang Xie’s heart.

“Okay!” Nan Yi immediately cried out. “I’ve long seen the winged people’s big wings!”

The six main gods were the dragon god, the elf god, the winged god, the sea god, the god of war and the god of light.

Libra was a black dragon, Aquarius was a dark elf, Capricorn was a winged race, Pisces was a sea demon, Scorpio was an undead and Sagittarius was from the bloodkin family.

They happened to be fallen versions of the races sheltered by the six main gods.

They represented the dark sides of the six gods and were entirely their opposites.

If the six gods were arranged by Central to kill Xie Xi then the souls would give up dominance of the world and willingly fell to guard Xie Xi!

So… As long as Xie Xi was successfully guarded by them, they would feel at ease. They had to win the battle!

The matter of dealing with N was left to Zong Xia.

He was a god viewer with the ability to see through illusions. His words would have more credibility to N.

As for the conversation Xie Xi didn’t have to worry about it. To some extent, they were really giving advice to N.

N’s current strength meant it was best to borrow the power of the six main gods to complete the task. After all, the six main gods were also hostile to Xie Xi and wanted to get rid of this scourge.

As long as Zong Xia stated the facts, it was enough to impress N.

Once the sky brightened, Zong Xia made an okay gesture and Yan Zhe called out to Xie Xi. “Can you talk?”

Xie Xi looked at the silver-haired elf and smiled. “Senior, do you have something to say?”

“Come with me.”

They went to the balcony and stood in the light.

The colour of the light rising from the horizon gave an unspeakable sense of sadness.

It was because as long as the sun didn’t rise, people wouldn’t know if it was hope or despair.

Xie Xi retracted his gaze and asked Yan Zhe, “What’s the matter?”

Yan Zhe told him, “It is related to Jiang Xie.”

Xie Xi guessed it would be related to Jiang Xie. The corners of his eyes unconsciously sagged and the smile on his face was gentle.”Yes, I will listen.”

Yan Zhe glanced at the other person and smiled. “You love him very much.”

Xie Xi replied honestly. “I love him very much.”

He was embarrassed to say this to Yan Zhe but he could frankly admit it to Yan Zhe.

Yan Zhe’s smile became deeper. He was gratified as he sighed with relief. “In fact, a long time ago before he started using souls to design the quasi-worlds, Jiang Xie ‘touched’ the centre of Central.’

Xie Xi concentrated and asked, “Touched the centre?”

“This… how to say it? In fact, I find it hard to explain but there is a legend in Central. Once all your qualifications are full and your strength reaches a peak, you can see what ordinary players can’t see. Everyone calls it touching the centre.”

Xie Xi didn’t know this. Jiang Xie had never mentioned it to him and his experience wasn’t enough to let him know this.

Yan Zhe continued, “I don’t know about anybody who previously touched it but on our time, Jiang Xie was the first to touch the centre.”

Xie Xi asked, “What happened after that?”

Yan Zhe shook his head. “Nothing, he hadn’t changed and was the same as before. The only difference was that he started to design the quasi-worlds with his souls.”

Xie Xi frowned. “Is it because he discovered the crisis of Central?”

He had talked about this point many times with Jiang Xie. The cycle of Central was gradually declining.

Jiang Xie designed the quasi-worlds with his souls to save Central and the countless players.

Yan Zhe replied, “I think it is more than that…”

He went on. “There have long been signs that the Central Government was declining. He had been looking for ways to design higher level worlds but he never used an extreme method like cutting out parts of his soul.”

Xie Xi also didn’t understand.

Yan Zhe added, “Besides, you know that the quasi-worlds he designed… if you weren’t present, there would be no possibility of clearing them and no clearance is worthless. He knew this yet still designed them constantly. Do you really think this was just for the Central Government?”

Xie Xi stated, “But I appeared.”

Yan Zhe looked at him and smiled. “It is fortunate that you appeared.”

Xie Xi thought of Jiang Xie’s bone deep world-weariness and couldn’t help biting his lower lip.

Even if Yan Zhe was a friend of Jiang Xie, Xie Xi didn’t want to analyze the most vulnerable places of Jiang Xie to anyone.

Yan Zhe was still thinking about his own affairs and whispered, “After Jiang Xie, the second person to touch the centre was N.”

Xie Xi glanced at him and asked, “Since then, N started to design quasi-worlds?”

“Yes, the result might be dismal but he is still constantly trying.”

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking about it. What did they see when they touched the centre?

Yan Zhe took back his thoughts and looked at Xie Xi again. “I am telling you these things because… you should find an opportunity to ask N.”

Xie Xi was startled.

Yan Zhe told him, “Of course, this is just a suggestion. I think it is better for you to know this. It is up to you what you want to do in the end.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

Yan Zhe was saying these things to Xie Xi based on his understanding of Jiang Xie.

The man had a mouth as fast a train but when he didn’t want to say anything, it couldn’t be broken open even with a hammer.

Now Xie Xi had an opportunity. He might find out from N.

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