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Can’t Be Erased 6

Oh, no clothing was the norm and having clothing wasn’t normal!

In the deep night, there were two men and one was only covered with a cloak…

Old Jiang’s evil mind was obvious!

Who was the evil god? Xie Xi really wanted to put the blame on someone else!

“Get up.” Xie Xi cautiously opened his mouth and found that the ‘translator’ wasn’t broken. It could be translated accurately.

Libra slowly got up. His eyes were still lowered and he didn’t look at Xie Xi. He was clear that looking directly at a god was disrespectful.

Xie Xi demanded, “Your name.”

Libra respectfully replied, “Tiancheng.”

“What do you want from waking me up?”

There shouldn’t be a problem with this. Previously, Libra held the summoning ceremony to summon the evil god. Through uninterrupted ‘feeding’ Xie Xi was able to form a body and awaken. Thus, he used the words ‘waking up.’

Libra’s lean body collapsed. He was naked and after his body tensed up, the s*xy lines filled with power were more obvious.

He whispered, “I want to kill the dragon god.”

Xie Xi’s lips slightly raised under the hood. ‘Killing a god, this really was a fellow I have to worry over.’

He thought that Libra wanted to get revenge on the dragons and let them eat the fruit of their own evil. He didn’t expect Libra to directly want the dragon god’s death.

It wasn’t difficult to understand after seeing his experience.

The tragedy of him and his mother began with his birth.

What’s more, his birth came about because of the blessing of the dragon god.

Here, the breeding mechanism of the dragons must be introduced. This race had a long life span and could live 800-900 years, which was 10 times that of humans.

However, their ability to reproduce was very poor and dragons eggs from the same clan were difficult to hatch.

In order to not die out, the dragon elders pleaded to the dragon god and received a new way of reproduction.

Every 10 years, the dragon god would bless a person who believed in him. The selected woman would give birth to a healthy and strong dragon in three years.

This woman would be honoured as a holy woman by the dragons and her country would be sheltered by the dragons.

Tiancheng’s mother was the woman chosen in this decade. In the three years of pregnancy, she enjoyed superior treatment like a queen. She was regarded as a noble person by her own country and the dragons. Every day was full of happiness as she waited for the birth of the child.


The moment she gave birth to the child, her fate was marked by the end.

Tiancheng also started to make his own doom.

The root of everything was the dragon god and Tiancheng hated him!

Thus, he turned his back on his faith and summoned the evil god in order to kill the dragon god!

Xie Xi whispered, “You want to blasphemy?”

Libra kneeled again, short black hair falling on a slender neck. He was looking down but his back was still straight and his voice was full of courage and fearlessness. “I want to kill the dragon god, no matter what price I have to pay!”

Xie Xi was worried. It wasn’t the question of the price but the dragon god was a god while he was a god who knew nothing. He might not be able to kill the dragon god himself. How could he teach Tiancheng?

Oh… he couldn’t do it but Jiang Xie could definitely do it.

Fine, whatever this person wanted.

Xie Xi thought about it and asked, “Who do you think I am?”

Libra obviously hadn’t thought of this question and he was stunned.

Xie Xi questioned, “The dragon god is one of the six gods. Do you think I will kill him for you?”

Libra looked up. His face was pale and his black eyes were becoming darker.

Xie Xi took off his head and bent close to look at this person.

Libra was startled. The face in front of him was beautiful to the extreme. The ominous black hair hung over the white face, like white pearls on black brocade. It was innocent and beautiful but evil and seductive.

Tiancheng could hear his own heartbeat.

It wasn’t because of the amazing beauty but the thin lips that slightly curved and the whisper that entered his ears. “Yes… for you, I can do anything.”

The devil’s whisper, the temptation of the evil god, this was the means of confusing people.

Even so, Tiancheng was willing to fall. He bowed his head and muttered, “Thank you, my god.”

Xie Xi was very happy.

He could use this opportunity to tease Jiang Xie, he was 10 times as happy!

He stood up, his fingers moving in the air. In fact, he was sketching something in the god’s wisdom. Clothes appeared out of thin air and he ordered, “Put it on.”

Libra took the clothing, thanked him and dressed neatly.

People really relied on clothes like a horse with a saddle. The well-dressed youth looked even more handsome.

Xie Xi drew ‘couple clothes’ but still wore a cloak, covering his long black hair and excessively white complexion.

He looked like a normal person at first glance and didn’t have ‘I am the evil god’ written on his face.

Wearing a cloak was to keep a low profile.

After packing up, Xie Xi thought about how to meet a god.

There were six main gods on the continent and the dragon god was one of them.

The evil god could be summoned by using the wrong road but the Lord God was impossible.

The Lord God would shelter his descendants, especially the dragon leaders. This meant there was an opportunity to see the dragon god.

Violence was more difficult and high-risk. Xie Xi didn’t recommend it.

The plan he had for Libra was to become the leader of the dragons, find an opportunity to approach the dragon god, discover some details and then kill him.

As for how to become the dragon’s leader? Wasn’t gold the most noble? Then become a golden dragon.

Xie Xi hadn’t expressed this idea to Libra when they encountered unprecedented danger.

Libra’s constant killing completely alarmed the Fare royal family, who sent out a great magician to annihilate the dragon.

By the time Xie Xi felt the sneak attack, Libra had already placed Xie Xi behind him.

Xie Xi was about to speak but once Libra transformed, Xie Xi dissipated.

Yes, he had a body through Libra. It wasn’t the real body of the evil god so once Libra used his power, Xie Xi disappeared.

Unfortunately, Xie Xi disappeared so quickly that he couldn’t draw a different space shield.

This time the enemy was much stronger than before. As the black dragon breathed out black flames, the human great magician raised a water-coloured shield. Under the protection of the water shield, the guards were unharmed.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped and he felt that this time was a bit tricky.

The black dragon swooped down and slammed into the water shield.

The great magician was worthy of being the strongest of the human race. He barely changed and a surging wave of water appeared from the top of his staff.

The water wave flashed with needles and there was a loud sound as they crashed into the black dragon.

There was no doubt that if the black dragon’s body wasn’t invulnerable, the ice needles would’ve already stabbed him into a honeycomb!

This wasn’t easy!

Xie Xi stared at the magician with more nervousness.

He almost completely understood Libra’s power. In the battle with the dragon elites, Libra survived but he was seriously injured.

Then he used a blood sacrifice to summon the evil gods and turned himself into the appearance of a young child.

Today, the power of the evil god was awakened through killing but there was still a long way to go from his peak days.

The human magician not only had spells to restrain the black dragon but also a deep understanding of Libra.

When Libra transformed back into a human… Xie Xi panicked. This was a trap!

The great magician sneered and the next morning, a giant square of ice-blue flames formed behind him…

It was broken!

They knew that Libra’s human form wasn’t invulnerable. They deliberately used the great magician as bait while hiding the giant spell being prepared in the back!

They waited for Tiancheng to think that his dragon form couldn’t hurt the great magician. By the time he switched to his adult human for, the spell had already been chanted!

Once such a terrible spell was launched, the human-shaped Libra wouldn’t be able to hide from it, no matter his speed!

As long as it swept over him, Libra would…

At this critical juncture, Xie Xi suddenly felt a pulling sensation.

The scene in front of him shrank and narrowed as he returned to being the ‘audience’.

It felt like switching from a holographic image to a 2D plane.

He looked at Libra on the screen and realized he had returned to the previous void space.

What was going on?

Was Libra so seriously injured that the summoning was cut off?

Xie Xi was anxious and wanted to return to the screen.

However, the screen started to retreat and turned back into the previous brown star point.

At the same time, Xie Xi heard a whisper…

“I am willing to give my flesh, blood and soul. I sincerely long for your coming…”

It was because he was being summoned again that he left Libra?

Xie Xi’s brain worked quickly.

There was no doubt that the one summoning him was definitely Jiang Xie. Seeing the purple star point flashing, was it Scorpio?

It was really terrible. Why at such a critical time? What if Libra experienced an accident?

However, what if there was an accident if he didn’t respond to Scorpio?

It could be guessed from Libra that those who summoned the evil god were definitely at the end of the road.

If he ignored it then the person was likely to die!

Xie Xi weighed the options and decided to respond to Scorpio first.

Libra might be in danger but it wasn’t a dead end. He might be injured but it wasn’t life-threatening.

Xie Xi could only go and see Scorpio’s situation first.

As he stared at the purple star point, Xie Xi glanced at Libra’s brown star point.

The star point was very small but Xie Xi could still vaguely see the scene inside.

It seemed still?

Did it freeze on the moment when Libra was going to be attacked?

Xie Xi couldn’t be sure but he was still a bit relieved. Maybe his space was different from their reality.

It was like Central and the quasi-worlds.


Something flashed very quickly through Xie Xi’s brain but he couldn’t capture it…

Don’t think too much. Xie Xi neared the purple light point.

Soon, he leapt from 2D to 3D and his eyes suddenly opened.

He saw the man standing in the darkness. The man had long purple hair and a flawless side profile, so beautiful that people could forget to breathe.

Once he turned his head, the white bones of the other half of the face were shocking.

Xie Xi was shocked.

Scorpio, what was your situation?

The even more alarming thing was that there were countless ghouls crawling under Scorpio’s feet. They were disgusting like creepy worms. They groaned and bit, as if they were trying to drag down the purple-haired man among them.

Xie Xi felt like he had been seen by this person.

Half of the man’s body was as beautiful as a god while the other half was made of bones. The image was terrifying but contained a strange charm.

The man’s slender hands formed a fist that touched his heart. His low voice seemed to vibrate from his chest. “…I am willing to be your most loyal servant.”

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