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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 11

It wasn’t surprising that this happened.

The size of the Zone was limited and gathering more powerful people in a limited space was the method to survive.

Entering the ZOne didn’t mean they could survive. The people inside were more anxious than this outside and were exploring methods to crack it.

What could they do if the black fog didn’t stop and even the last safe space was swallowed up?

It was cruel to have such a selection but it could be understood. It was just like the survival of the fittest in nature. They couldn’t be emotional.

However, people were always emotional, especially in the face of life and death. Someone immediately shouted, “How do you judge the strength of the ability? Do you say that strong is strong and weak is weak?”

The guard explained, “Our captain’s ability is to identify other abilities. He will certainly give you a fair chance!”

Identifying abilities?

Xie Xi turned to look at Jiang Xie.

“How to identify it?” Someone shouted. “The ability is a very private matter. Should it be made public?”

At this time, a tall man in a black uniform came out, his expression hard. “You have to register your ability when entering the Zone. We are facing an unprecedented enemy. We must gather all resources and strength to survive this disaster!”

This was obviously the captain that the guard mentioned.

Yan Zhe also looked at Jiang Xie.

The captain added, “No matter your ability, as long as it is good for the team, we will treat you well. We have been trying to explore the black fog so we need more powerful fighters! Entering the zone isn’t about survival but facing death. If you don’t have such awareness then stay still!”

These words caused the crowd of people to calm down.

Obviously, there were many political elites who reached the Zone first and they had become organized and disciplined in such a short period of time.

The strength of one person was always limited and unity could have greater possibilities.

Someone finally came forward to identify their ability. Most people were reluctant but this was the last hope.

The captain’s ability was indeed strong. Anyone who was touched by the white light around his hand would involuntarily show their ability.

He was obviously very experienced and well-trained. He hid quickly in the face of a very aggressive power, was appreciative and would quickly write down the relevant information.

Some people entered while others couldn’t go in.

After seeing this scene, the most disappointed ones were the non-transformed. They were doomed to be unable to enter.

They were already very powerful if they could reach here but in front of transformed people, they were destined to be eliminated.

Jiang Xie was likely a non-transformed person because so far, neither Xie Xi or Yan Zhe had seen him show any ability.

Yan Zhe was sure to get in and Xie Xi was no problem. As long as he became smaller, Yan Zhe could put him in a pocket and he could easily enter.

Jiang Xie…

Xie Xi could give him a space shield but would this be acknowledged?

It was reasonable to say that Xie Xi acknowledged him as a master and he could go in because of Xie Xi’s ability to freely create things.

However, the master’s contract wasn’t unbreakable. If someone wanted to steal him then it wasn’t impossible.

On the road, they had encountered a person who had his contracted beast stolen away.

The man couldn’t tell what the other party had done but the result was obvious. He lost his beast.

Since then, Jiang Xie hid Xie Xi for fear that someone would notice him.

There were all types of people gathered in the Zone. If Jiang Xie entered using Little Chirp’s ability, Little Chirp would only become the second Yan Zhe.

Jiang Xie couldn’t take this risk.

What should he do?

He didn’t have any clues when the other side was making a stir again.

“Yan Zhe!” A man’s voice was heard. “I bought you with a bag of diamonds but you actually escaped!”

A big hand reached over and tried to drag Yan Zhe away.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped. He knew that Yan Zhe had been auctioned and it was a painful experience just by listening to a few words.

The man’s hand was about to fall on Yan Zhe’s shoulder when Jiang Xie stopped him.

As Jiang Xie turned, Xie Xi saw the man who had spoken.

The man was very tall and was at least 1.9 meres. Jiang Xie wasn’t short but he seemed short standing in front of this man.

The man wore rights and his muscles were exposed. His face was even fiercer.

He stared at Jiang Xie and snarled, “Are you the one who fu*king stole him?”

The man who robbed Yan Zhe was dead.

Jiang Xie answered, “He is a person, not cargo.”’

“Go to your mother!” The man cursed. “I bought him and he is mine!”

The man was about to grab Yan Zhe but Jiang Xie blocked him. The man didn’t bother saying anything else and fired a few shots from a g*n.

Where could he hide? The people present were all watching.

Xie Xi had started to draw a shield form the moment Jiang Xie spoke his first sentence. By the time the man fired the g*n, the space shield had already fallen around Jiang Xie.

Therefore, Jiang Xie was unscathed and he took advantage of the man’s gap to cut with a knife.

He didn’t use a g*n. This close, nothing compared to a knife.

The man retreated painfully.

His bullets were blocked. What was this ability?

Jiang Xie didn’t intend to give the man a path to live. This man wanted to kill him when the g*n was fired. Not killing the man would cause endless trouble!

The man was obviously not himself. He looked at Jiang Xie and pulled out his g*n while shouting, “Come and help me!”

Since he could come up with a bag of diamonds to buy people, he definitely wasn’t a simple person. Jiang Xie didn’t underestimate the man and crazily attacked all the people surrounding him!

Yan Zhe might look weak but his essence was a pure man.

He asked Xie Xi, “Is the shield ready?” Little Chirp had been handed to Yan Zhe again by Jiang Xie. The little tit had learnt to hold the huge sketch pen with his small body.

“Chirp!” Xie Xi shouted and Yan Zhe picked up a weapon to help Jiang Xie.

There were more than a dozen people in the other party. Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe were only two people but they had the upper hand.

By the time the alien shield had disappeared, all the people who once humiliated Yan Zhe had fallen to the ground.

Xie Xi flapped his wings and flew straight to Jiang Xie’s palm.

He wanted to become bigger, bigger and bigger.

Jiang Xie knew what he meant but he didn’t open his mouth. It was useless for Xie Xi to hit his palm.

He gathered the small bird on his palm and whispered, “Be obedient.”

Xie Xi, “…” He was very angry!

Jiang Xie kissed the little hard. “Listen to me. There are too many people here.”

Xie Xi smelt the blood on Jiang Xie’s body and was distressed.

Yan Zhe handed over the blood that had long been stocked up and Jiang Xie thanked him before drinking it.

He needed physical strength because it would only be more dangerous.

Their side was so fierce that the identification of abilities at the entrance had long since stopped. All the guards, including the captain, were watching them.

The captain even suspended the identification of other people’s abilities. He came over and said, “You can go in directly!”

After seeing such combat power, what was the use of identification? They were definitely qualified.

Jiang Xie hugged the little bird in his arms and stated, “No.”

The captain was visibly surprised.

Yan Zhe also looked over.

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything and turned away from the crowd.

Yan Zhe froze for a moment before following.

The captain frowned and didn’t continue to invite them. He went back to the entrance to continue to identity abilities.

Jiang Xie was very strong but there was no shortage of strong people in the Zone. The thing they lacked were strong people who obeyed discipline.

Everyone was crowded at the entrance of the Zone and the moving away Jiang Xie was particularly out of place.

Soon, they were far away from the crowd.

Jiang Xie told Yan Zhe, “Go to the Zone.”

Yan Zhe asked, “What about you?” In fact, he already knew the answer but he couldn’t help asking.

Jiang Xie didn’t answer him and instead looked down at the small bird on his palm. “Little Chirp.”

Xie Xi responded with a chirp.

Jiang Xie asked him, “I want to go into the black fog? Is it okay?”

He had to ask Xie Xi.

Thanks to the master’s contract, Xie Xi would die if Jiang Xie died.

Xie Xi grew bigger and told him, “I will go wherever you go.”

Jiang Xie smiled, letting out a childish and pure laugh.

Yan Zhe might not be able to understand Xie Xi but he knew that Xie Xi must be with Jiang Xie.

He couldn’t help saying, “Don’t be impulsive!”

Jiang Xie stopped smiling and gazed at the other person. “The black fog isn’t the same as death.”

When they first talked about the black fog, Yan Zhe told him not to be curious about it. The black fog was like death. People who entered couldn’t come back out. No one knew what happened after that.

Jiang Xie thought the same at first but now he knew the difference. “Death is the ultimate destination of humans but the black fog isn’t. Death gives life while the black fog devours everything. There is no need to escape death but we must fight the black fog!”

The words were very calm but it made Yan Zhe shocked.

Yes, the black fog and death were different.

People would go to death step by step but the black fog was pushing people step by step.

No matter how they lived, people were destined to greet death. However, the black fog was forcing people to be timid and even escape.

Jiang Xie stated, “That’s why I’m going into the black fog.”

He would face it, fight it and overcome it.

Yan Zhe’s lips quivered. “I will come with you…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Jiang Xie shook his head. “You stay.”

Yan Zhe muttered, “But…” His heart was full of fear but he didn’t dare say anything in case they didn’t come back.

Jiang Xie told him, “There must be someone left. Otherwise, how will we know that we are back?”

These words not only made Yan Zhe stunned but Xie Xi couldn’t respond for a moment.

Jiang Xie didn’t explain much and only told Yan Zhe, “Try it, maybe it is possible.”

Yan Zhe couldn’t say anything to stop him.

The person in front of him was clearly much younger and was only a 17 or 18 year old youth. However, Yan Zhe trusted him.

He had a powerful appeal, as if nothing could stump him. Those who followed him could safely pass the cliffs.

Yan Zhe’s gaze became firm. He looked between Jiang Xie and Xie Xi before saying, “I will be waiting for you.”

Jiang Xie nodded. “Yes.”

Xie Xi also cried out.

Yan Zhe’s gaze softened and he carefully approached Xie Xi. “Little Chirp, you must protect yourself.”

Xie Xi said, “You have to take care of yourself.”

Jiang Xie didn’t translate but Yan Zhe seemed to understand.

Jiang Xie and Xie Xi set off to enter the black fog.

They hadn’t driven for long when they arrived at the black fog.

Jiang Xie got off the car with Xie Xi and asked, “Are you afraid?”

Xie Xi used his big wings to protect Jiang Xie. “I’m not afraid!”

There was nothing to be afraid of. It was better to go in rather than sitting and waiting to die.

He was very pleased that Jiang Xie had the courage to face up to the collapse.

The black fog slowly moved closer like overcast clouds. Jiang Xie and Xie Xi strode in together.

In an instant, the darkness in front of their eyes was a type of blackness where they couldn’t see their own fingers in front of them. Even their own existence was erased by the darkness.

Nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard and nothing could be touched.

Such thorough darkness would arouse the deepest fears of the heart.

Xie Xi had a moment of uneasiness but when he thought that this was Jiang Xie’s quasi-world, he relaxed.

He couldn’t panic or stir up the white space.

He sighed with relief and once his breathing was even, he suddenly opened his eyes.

In front of him were blooming roses. Under the blue sky, the swaying roses were like bright waves, rolling out layers of beauty.

This was…

Was it Jiang Xie’s garden in Central or his garden in the realm of the 12 boundaries?

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