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Collapsed God 4

Xie Xi thought about it while taking a shower. Jiang Xie’s words were vague but left enough clues.

They were in a team. This quasi-world was triggered by Xie Xi and they were here to repair it. The assigned tasks should be related to repairing.

Xie Xi had to repair the collapsed god while Jiang Xie had to act.

Act what? It was obvious that this world was lacking plays. Previously, he had been puzzled about why the young Jiang Xie looked similar to Azure Dragon and now he could be certain.

The fourth child participated in the design of this quasi-world before he was pulled away by Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie entered the world and had to act out Azure Dragon’s role.

Then the question was whether Azure Dragon was the only soul in this world. There should be more. If there were other ‘old friends’, how would Jiang Xie be split up? In addition, were there any other souls besides the ones he already knew in the world?

Xie Xi wasn’t sure and didn’t know if he could meet the ‘sober’ Jiang Xie.

The so-called being completely into the act. Xie Xi understood it as Jiang Xie being integrated into the quasi-world because of the task and he actually thought he was that person in the quasi-world.

It was just like when they played Dream Come True. The two people were immersed in the world and completely forgot about the Central Government. They only regarded themselves as a 19 year old university student and a university professor.

Jiang Xie didn’t lose his memory but this wasn’t much worse than losing his memory!

The only thing he didn’t need to worry about was a permanent loss. As long as the task was completed, Jiang Xie didn’t need to act anymore and would be restored.

As for the need to cooperate…

Xie Xi followed this line of thinking and understood.

In order to repair the collapsed world, the souls were definitely crucial. Jiang Xie replaced the soul and had to satisfy the will of the soul in order to repair it.

As an analogy, let’s say the collapsed world was a broken machine. The soul pulled away was an important screw and Jiang Xie became the screw that filled in the gap. Xie Xi was the screwdriver that needed to tighten the screw for the machine to run normally.

As to how to tighten the screws? Xie Xi’s mouth curved downwards. In any case, it wasn’t a problem to fall in love.

After figuring out these things, Xie Xi didn’t wear a uniform and deliberately wore a bathrobe tied loosely. He had never done this before and wasn’t very skilled. Still, it shouldn’t be a problem to deal with Little Jiang?

Xie Xi held such confidence as he greeted the sleepy Jiang Xie. Who would’ve expected… after seeing him, Jiang Xie’s eyes cooled down and his thin lips stretched tightly across his cold face.

Xie Xi was slightly surprised. This person’s body shrank and his personality became so serious?

Xie Xi didn’t believe it. In the past, Azure Dragon had saved the little rose and the first thing he said was ‘offer your heart to me!’

Jiang Xie frowned and headed straight to the bathroom. As he passed by, Xie Xi grabbed his shoulder. “You aren’t even going to say good morning?”

Jiang Xie lowered his head and murmured, “Let me go.”

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow. Jiang Xie’s eyes swept over the obvious hickey and hurried to the bathroom without looking back.

Xie Xi didn’t expect this young Jiang Xie to be so prickly! Was he too young to eat?

Eh… Xie Xi blinked with a bit of embarrassment and changed into his uniform. Oh, this person was only 15 or 16 years old. He had forgotten.

Moreover, the rational people in this world were very rational. There was no love on their minds and most people were lonely for life.

He guessed that Jiang Xie was an emotional person but it was possible he was actually rational. Were his emotions suppressed because of physical reasons?

Xie Xi thought about it seriously but forgot that his partner could die from sourness on top of a vinegar altar.

Xie Xi didn’t know about the kiss mark on his neck. There was a mirror in the bathroom but while taking the shower, his head was full of Jiang Xie and he was thinking about business. How could he see a red dot in the fog?

If this wasn’t a high tech era where he could change clothes with one click of the button, Xie Xi would’ve found it while changing in the mirror. Unfortunately, this world was very powerful. His uniform was a stud earring and one click would wear it automatically. He didn’t need a mirror at all.

Thus, Xie Xi completely missed the hickey. It was the so-called person walking by the river where there were no wet shoes while Farmer Jiang Xie let his own strawberry become sour.

At breakfast, Jiang Xie was calm and silent. Xie Xi didn’t want to touch his temper and cautiously shut up.

Today Xie Xi had business matters. There was a cabinet meeting early in the morning.

The United States was a presidential state. The cabinet was the most important institution that assisted in exercising executive power. The member held important positions in the country as well as the heart of the president.

Xie Xi had been president for a day yesterday and was well aware of the circumstances behind today’s cabinet meeting. The world was calm on the surface but it was tenaciously trying to survive.

When Secretary Li came over, Xie Xi was trying to communicate with the teenager.

“You didn’t sleep well last night? ”

This ordinary sentence poked at the teenager’s nerves and Jiang Xie sneered. “I slept very well.”

So well he didn’t even know the person around him had left. Xie Xi tried to say, “If you have anything to adapt to…”

Jiang Xie glanced at him and asked, “If I can’t adapt, will you let me go?”


Jiang Xie stared straight ahead. “Then don’t say hypocritical words.”

Xie Xi, ”…” He took it back, this thorny person wasn’t cute at all!

The two of them were silent the whole way. Once they arrived, Secretary Li whispered, “Mr. President, we will take care of the young master.”

This was to leave Jiang Xie outside.

Xie Xi shook his head. “I’ll take him with me.”

Secretary Li raised his head. “This…”

“I have informed the participants and they have agreed.” The benefits of letting Jiang Xie know these things outweighed the disadvantages.

Secretary Li paused before replying, “Okay.”

Don’t mention Secretary Li, Jiang Xie himself was stunned and he asked with a frown, “There is an inescapable net here and I can’t run.”

Xie Xi grabbed his hand. “Come on, you can participate in the meeting.”

Jiang Xie wanted to pull back his hand but after trying several times, his hand didn’t listen to him. There was no point in pulling away and he even had the impulse to hold on tightly.

Jiang Xie scolded himself, telling himself to be steady!

Xie Xi brought him in and saw the leaders of the United States. The vice president, the Secretary of State, Minister of Finance, Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice…

The 12 people got up and bowed to Xie Xi before their gazes fell on Jiang Xie.

It was reasonable to say that being stared at by so many people would be uncomfortable but Jiang Xie was very calm. He had a composure that didn’t fit his age.

It seemed that as long as he didn’t face Xie Xi, he was far beyond his young age.

Of course, Xie Xi couldn’t hold Jiang Xie’s hand in public. He nodded at the people and the meeting began.

Jiang Xie was shocked the moment the Minister of Defense opened his mouth.

The meeting was carried out efficiently and quickly. Everyone reported the information and Xie Xi swiftly made a decision. There were clearly 12 people but there was no arguing or questioning. They only summarized the information and quickly arranged the next action, rapidly progressing towards the final goal.

Jiang Xie was very familiar with Xie Xi. This man was a resolute person in the army and ran for the presidency at the age of 21. The biggest question raised against him was his control.

He had the conditions of a leader. His personality was tough, he served as the Chief Justice, the vice president and the speaker of the House of Representatives. He had been involved in almost all important departments.

He might be only 21 years old after reincarnating and had forgotten his past but the people didn’t forget him and even looked forward to his return.

After becoming president, there was no doubt that the so-called restraints of others would have little effect.

For the first time, he was barely defeated because of his age. Then the second time, he couldn’t be stopped.

Xie Xi took office and as everyone thought, he quickly concentrated his rights and drastically carried out reforms that were almost unthinkable.

Star e981 had always been a land outside the law and the United States was forced to endure these people for countless years.

Then Xie Xi worked hard to conquer them and he almost did it.

Jiang Xie once wondered why he would be so unscrupulous, why was he willing to waste so much power on turbulent forces… the answer he came up with was the man’s ambition.

He wanted to gain greater rights during his tenure. Now Jiang Xie knew the truth. Xie Xi desperately concentrating all the power of the United States was because he was doing his best to save all citizens.

“Up to 10 years.” The space minister looked at Jiang Xie, his voice as cold as ice. “The whole universe will collapse.”

Jiang Xie thought it was a hoax when he first heard this but he soon understood.

Such a scam was unlikely to exist. Xie Xi wouldn’t call so many people to tease him and outline such an elaborate scam.

Jiang Xie heard all the reports given and his brain analyzed it quickly. Nothing wrong… There wasn’t a single mistake…

Xie Xi gathered strength at all costs to protect the United States.

All types of data showed that the universe was going to collapse. Even if they conquered the world, there was no knowing where the next world was. Thus, the plan of the United States was to do everything in its power to save the citizens of the United States.

It was incredible. These people facing great despair was carrying out such incredible actions.

Even if there was no hope, even if the disaster was coming, they were obsessively trying to pierce the darkness to let light enter.

Jiang Xie was shaken by this fearless spirit. The meeting went from morning to evening. By the end, Xie Xi’s voice was hoarse.

Xie Xi asked Jiang Xie, “Are you hungry?”

Jiang Xie stared at him and shook his head with a complicated expression. Xie Xi smiled. “I will sleep for a while. Call me when we arrive at the palace.”

Jiang Xie nodded and stopped talking.

Xie Xi closed his eyes in his chair, his head gently tilting towards Jiang Xie’s side.

The light in the aircraft was very dark and Jiang Xie looked down at this person. He thought this face was extremely fragile, different from the tough president who struggled for the survival of the United States at the meeting.

How could a person have two different faces? Extremely fragile and extremely tough, like a rose full of thorns.

Jiang Xie stared until the aircraft stopped and the sleepy Xie Xi woke up.

“We’re here?”

Jiang Xie quickly removed his line of sight to outside the window. “Yes.”

Xie Xi stretched out. He felt that the uniform had become a bit stuffy and changed clothes with a simple click.

Changing clothes without exposing himself, this technology was too convenient.

Originally, Jiang Xie had forgotten about the hickey. Then Xie Xi changed to clothes with a low collar and he saw it again.

Unspeakable anger rose in his heart and he frowned. In fact, he had no right to ask about Xie Xi’s private life but he couldn’t suppress this unspeakable emotion.

“Arrange a separate room for me.”

Xie Xi glanced at him with a startled expression. “Hmm? Didn’t we agree to sleep and eat together?”

Jiang Xie wondered sarcastically, “Why go to such trouble? You have to wait until I fall asleep before going to your rendezvous.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie felt bitter after expressing his heart. Rational people might have few emotional entanglements but they had normal physiological desires. Compared to emotional people who were more self-conscious because they had emotional restraints, the rational people were very indulgent…

For example, Xie Xi who had such a high position and rationality, he was afraid…

Xie Xi thought about it and suddenly realized. Really… really… Xie Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

He asked, “What did you dream about last night?”

Jiang Xie was very upset and didn’t feel like chatting.

Xie Xi joked, “Did you treat me like your sweetheart? Is that why you held me down and kissed me?”

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