GL: Chapter 181

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Collapsed God 15

This was too unreliable. There was no mention of the switch and it was seamless, not giving people an opportunity to escape.

Look at this attitude. If he blamed it on morning movements then even the blind wouldn’t believe it!

Xie Xi turned his head and thought about what to say…

“Um…” Xie Xi’s eyes widened.

Little Jiang unexpectedly closed his beautiful indigo eyes and kissed his lips.

What was this situation? It was Xie Xi’s turn to be dumbfounded. This definitely wasn’t Old Jiang, it was Little Jiang. How…

It was a very clumsy kiss. It was green and nervous, as if encountering something it had been eagerly desiring and the caution made people feel distressed.

Xie Xi subconsciously loosened his teeth, which was a subtle hint to continue the exchange.

Little Jiang had no techniques, no skill and even bit Xie Xi… Xie Xi was in pain and pushed him away.

Little Jiang squinted and his eyes became normal as he woke up from his dream.

“This isn’t a dream?” The child’s hoarse voice made Xie Xi speechless.

No wonder why this person was so proactive. He thought it was a dream? Wait, what was he dreaming about at this age?

Xie Xi snorted and Little Jiang shot up like he received an electric shock.

Xie Xi adjusted his messy neckline and Jiang Xie quickly shifted his gaze, the tip of his ears red. “Yes, I’m sorry.”

The Little Jiang strode with his long legs towards the bathroom.

Xie Xi felt very guilty. He took advantage of this young boy who slipped away before he could react.

Little Jiang just reached the bathroom door when he thought of something and turned around to ask. “Isn’t this my room?”

Xie Xi, “!” Wait for him to get out of here before reacting!

Little Jiang didn’t dare look at the other person but couldn’t help asking, “Why are you here?” He thought he had sleepwalked to Xie Xi’s room but this was his own room. How could Xie Xi be on the bed with him?

This statement cleared Xie Xi’s mind and he explained, “You have a sleepwalking problem. I was worried and came to check. Who would’ve expected you to drag me onto the bed…”

Needless to say, the main body only kissed his neck while Little Jiang directly kissed his mouth!

This was really good and made Little Jiang feel ashamed. “I’m sorry. I… I was sleepwalking!”

Xie Xi inwardly scolded, ‘What sleepwalking? You clearly opened your eyes and saw me before kissing me.’

Of course, he had some guilt in his heart and didn’t dare dismantle this person. He just wanted to lightly fool Little Jiang.

Little Jiang declared, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Xie Xi could take this opportunity to slip away. “Okay.”

Once the bathroom door closed, Xie Xi sighed with relief and got off the bed.

Why wasn’t it easy for him to see Jiang Xie? He finally saw the meaning of ‘stealing love.’ This world was really big! What the hell was going to happen?

Xie Xi hadn’t taken a bath and didn’t want to change into his uniform with a button. He planned to slip back to his room to take a shower before changing.

Surely he wouldn’t encounter Big Jiang? Xie Xi decided to believe in his luck. After all, he had an S-grade lucky physique…

The moment he went outside, Xie Xi stood upright, his posture as stiff as a person standing in the military posture for a few hours.

Jiang Xie’s eyelids lowered as he spoke with no expression. “Good morning.”

Xie Xi, “!!!” Damn lucky S-grade physique! He would kill anyone who said he was lucky in the future!

Xie Xi’s mouth was dry. “Good morning.”

Jiang Xie’s line of sight was like a searchlight as it moved from his white toes, angles, smooth calf, thigh covered with shorts, the wide t-shirt with the open neckline and finally to the red dot on the collarbone.

Jiang Xie stared at the red dot and his voice was flat. “Did you play well for a night?”

What was the calm before a story, what was the mountain rain and wind, what was black clouds pressing on a city to be destroyed? At this moment, Xie Xi deeply understood it!

“Sleepwalking!” Xie Xi struggled to survive. “This boy is really sleepwalking.”

Jiang Xie wondered, “Sleepwalking to your neck?”

Xie Xi secretly scolded that bastard Jiang and stated firmly, “Yes, this is his quirk. He will chase people when sleepwalking. So I came to check on him in case he caused trouble.”

Jiang Xie’s focus was very accurate. “Then when you slept together before, he kissed you every day?”

Xie Xi, “……”

He forgot that this person was the reincarnation of Holmes!

The helpless Xie Xi was forced to sacrifice the slag. “It is just a kiss. He is too young and I can’t do anything with him.”

Jiang Xie sneered. “You don’t have to lie to me. We have long broken up and the things you do are legal.”

The problem was if this person disappeared without a trace. This person needed you, Mr. Soul!

Xie Xi smiled bitterly. “I’m really not lying to you. There is no need to lie to you.”

It was over… this wasn’t a good thing to say.

Sure enough, Jiang Xie’s expression became colder as he replied sarcastically, “It really isn’t necessary.”

Unfortunately, or perhaps it should be called inevitably, Little Jiang came out of the shower at this time.

He didn’t blow dry his hair and it was still wet as he spoke to Xie Xi, “I didn’t hurt you just now?” He had calmed down after taking a cold shower and remembered that during his messy kiss, he seemed to bite Xie Xi? His heart was urgent and he rushed out of the shower to apologize. Then…

The summary was very reasonable but why was the timing so coincidental!

Xie Xi stared at Little Jiang with amazement.

Sure enough, Mr. Jiang who cultivated well in front of Mr. Tai collapsing finally blew up!

This was too fanciful. It was just a kiss so how could he be hurt? This must be…

Xie Xi was a man who danced on a wire rope but he also felt he couldn’t get past this!

Big Jiang held Xie Xi’s wrist. The air pressure was so low that the entire corridor seemed to freeze.

Xie Xi looked at him and explained, “I really didn’t…”

He was becoming more and more like a lying scum QAQ.

Big Jiang pulled him away without speaking. He was very strong and Xie Xi couldn’t help following. At this time, his left wrist was also grabbed.

One side contained a powerful force and Big Jiang’s strength was amazing. The other side was like a sharp blade and Little Jiang’s palms were hot.

Xiao Xie, who was pulled, remembered the dream he had. The county magistrate ordered, “Cut this gold in half and give it to both!”

Xiao Xie felt that his dream was going to come true! Big Jiang didn’t let go, Little Jiang didn’t let go and the rational president didn’t feel love.

Fortunately, no one else was present or even a rational person would be inspired to become emotional!

What was this magical scene? What wonderful three people! Such a great president! Xie Xi wanted to divorce Jiang Xie for domestic violence and see how much he could afford to pay!

In the end, Big Jiang let go first. He didn’t say anything or look at Xie Xi again. He just turned and slowly walked towards the stairs. It was crueller for a proud person to break down than to die.

Xie Xi had been thinking about divorce and now he felt heartache and wanted to hug this person…

In the end, he knew what was happening. His experience might be miserable but at least he could still smile. Jiang Xie on the other hand…

He could figure it out after recovering the souls and their memories but at this moment, he was still abused to the bone.

Xie Xi wanted to follow but Little Jiang was still holding onto him tightly. This wasn’t left or right. Sure enough, it was better if there was two of him!

Eventually, Xie Xi didn’t say anything and quietly sent a message to Big Jiang: [I didn’t lie to you.]

Jiang Xie replied: [You don’t love me.]

Xie Xi, “!” If he didn’t love this person, how could he come to this damn world?

It was because Xie Xi loved him that he did this…

Xie Xi sighed and could only try to quickly repair this world. Fix the world and they would understand what was happening!

The researchers finally deciphered the string of characters and the mood of the institute president stabilized. e looked at the string of words and frowned.

Xie Xi took it and studied it carefully.

Perhaps it was the problem of language but the converted statement was somewhat illogical. The subject was random but the meaning was understandable.

The general message was conveyed.

-Be sure to find the Creator. The Creator will save everything. He is in the void three light years away from the pole. To communicate with the Creator, there must be four people with a mental strength of SSS.

The institute president wondered, “Is this a trap?”

Xie Xi replied, “Who would do such a thing in the United States now?”

The collapse of the universe was an established fact. Even if four SSS-grade citizens were lost, the United States wouldn’t be able to resist the last catastrophe.

The Defense Minister frowned. “It takes four people with SSS-grade mental strength…”

Right now, there were three people in the entire United States: Xie Xi, Mr. Jiang and X. Where could they find this fourth person?

Xie Xi wasn’t panicked since the fourth person should be the last soul.

He just wondered why the soul hadn’t appeared yet. According to the logic of the past, the moment Xie Xi entered the quasi-world, the souls should take the initiative to come over. How was this different?

It had been so long and he hadn’t seen the last soul. Still, this was a collapsed world and it was hard to say what would happen.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. Try your best to search for the SSS-grade physique. We should explore these coordinates as soon as possible.”

The institute president couldn’t help wondering, “Mr. President, do you really think there is a Creator.”

“Whether there is or not, this line can’t be broken!”

In fact, Xie Xi felt certain but it was too hard to explain. Thus, he could only speak in a vague ‘keep trying everything in a desperate situation’ tone.

The cabinet members were stunned and finally had to see, “There isn’t much time! We can only go and check!”

After the meeting, Xie Xi remembered Big Jiang and walked to talk to him.

Then Little Jiang whispered to him, “I know a man with an SSS-grade physique.”

Xie Xi was stunned and glanced over. “Where is he?”

Little Jiang replied, “I’m not sure if he is still alive.”

The worried Xie Xi asked, “What’s his name and how old is he? Where did you last see him? I will arrange for someone to look for him.”

“All I know is that his code name is J and he is 25 or 26 years old. He looks a lot like me and I saw him in the e981 galaxy.”

This name and an appearance similar to Little Jiang. It was definitely a soul!

Speaking of while, this collapsed world really didn’t worry about names. X, Jiang Xie and J, the names of the three souls were inseparable from Jiang Xie.

Speaking of which, Big Jiang’s pen name was J, um… did Jiang Xie write a book in Central and used this as a pen name?

Xie Xi once again felt thankful that this person’s name only had two words or else Atlantis’ princes would all have initials for names!

News about the soul was heard and Xie Xi immediately said, “I will send someone to the e981 galaxy to find him.”

Little Jiang shook his head. “No, he is either on the Capital Star or self-destructed.”


This wasn’t reincarnation. Reincarnation was equivalent to being reborn while self-destruction was erasing your own existence, completely dying!

“When I saw him, he had a tendency to self-destruct. However, you know that if a person wants to self-destruct, they have to go to the Capital Star to register and go through many assessments before permission is granted.

Indeed, under normal circumstances, the citizens of the United States couldn’t die. It was because the United States installed a self-protection system in everyone since birth. Once there was a fatal injury, the system would send a signal and no matter where you were, someone would take you back to enter the reincarnation cycle.

Xie Xi questioned, “Why does he want to self-destruct?”

Little Jiang answered, “He always has memories of the past. No matter how many times he reincarnates, he can’t forget.”

Xie Xi’s heart thumped.

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Angie chan
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