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Can’t Be Erased 9

Xie Xi couldn’t help remembering this person’s previous words.

He wanted to eat Libra! After killing Libra, he would appear and eat Xie Xi…

Stop! Xie Xi felt this direction was a bit strange and it wasn’t suitable for him to continue the line of thought.

Xie Xi raised the attitude of an evil god and looked at the man in front of him. “Don’t just casually enter someone else’s room.”

In the face of a question that he didn’t know how to answer, changing topics was the best method.

He was a ‘superior’ and it wasn’t wrong to be serious.

His words really shook the man in front of him.

The red-haired man’s temperament wasn’t as calm as Scorpio as he wasn’t as cautious as Libra. He was brasher and his devout posture contained aggression.

He looked up and told Xie Xi, “There was no one here before.” Thus, he wasn’t breaking into someone else’s room.

Xie Xi reasonably suspected that this person was Sagittarius.

Capricorn was sure to be more stable and Aquarius and Pisces felt simpler?

Still, he wouldn’t expect too much. He would simply be grateful if he could play his role!

Xie Xi got up and said, “Now there is someone.”

He walked straight ahead and prepared to go out without disturbing Libra’s rest.

The man followed, whispering, “I’ve been in this room for a long time.”

Xie Xi’s heart was tense. He hadn’t noticed at all.

If he had been there the whole time, did he see how Xie Xi treated Libra?

Xie Xi thought about it and he shouldn’t have done anything too unreasonable… right?

He stopped because of nervousness.

The man also stopped and immediately complained, “You saw me as soon as you entered but you didn’t care about me.”

His words made Xie Xi sigh with relief. Although Xie Xi hadn’t noticed this man at all, nothing prevented him from pretending.

Xie Xi sneered.

His expression was probably saying, ‘Why did I ignore you? Do you have any thoughts in your heart?’

This man was indeed used to it. “I was just waiting for you. You have been gone for so long and I was hungry.”

His words were elongated and his se*y voice was particularly terrible.

Xie Xi’s ears were slightly itchy and he became more convinced that this was Sagittarius.

In the garden of the 12 Boundaries, Sagittarius had sounded like a playboy.

Xie Xi steadied himself and raised his eyebrows. “You won’t eat if I don’t come back?”

The man spoke firmly. “I won’t eat.”

Xie Xi had a guess in his heart but he continued to test it.

He left Libra’s room and headed straight to the main hall ahead.

This should be the direction of his own bedroom.

The man followed him. “Previously you said that if you found Libra then…”

He hadn’t finished and seemed to be implying something. Unfortunately, Xie Xi had no clue and could only ask, “Didn’t you want to eat him?”

“I couldn’t bear to see you taking such care of him.”

Xie Xi tried a bit more. “Didn’t I take care of you like this?”

He dared to say the sentence from the bottom of his heart.

There were many souls and their ‘competition’ preceded Xie Xi entering the quasi-world to meet them.

He didn’t believe that he had only taken care of Libra. The arrogance of Sagittarius (if this really was Sagittarius) certainly showed he was ‘spoiled’ in the past.

He guessed right and Sagittarius paused. “But after that you…” He muttered and the red colour of his eyes became darker.

He changed his words and his sweet voice was particularly charming. “I am really hungry. You try it. My stomach is dry.”

He took Xie Xi’s hand and placed it on his lower abdomen.

He wore a black uniform. The material was pretty handsome but it wasn’t too thick. It could even be called thin.

Xie Xi could feel the strong abs through the clothes.

Sagittarius repeated, “I’m really hungry.”

He was clearly talking about eating but it inexplicably gave off the meaning of s*x.

Xie Xi’s fingers didn’t move, afraid of giving this person any strange hints. After all, he seemed to have given some type of hint to Scorpio…

“Go to eat if you are hungry,” Xie Xi spoke quietly.

Sagittarius pulled him closer and their bodies were almost stuck together. “You can let me eat a little bit.”

The tip of Xie Xi’s ears turned red.

T-This was too foul!

Sagittarius’ eyes narrowed and he refused to let go. “My dear master, give your servant a bit of food.”

The words were respectful but the tone was impolite.

Xie XI whispered, “Impudent.” However, his ears were too red and the refusal became a welcome.

Sagittarius was worthy of being the soul of the main god and had learnt 10% of the shamelessness.

He buried himself in Xie Xi’s neck, starting at the white skin. “Please.”

Xie Xi felt the hot breath. The deliberately low voice entered his ears and caused his legs to soften.

The sharp tip of Sagittarius’ tongue touched the side of Xie Xi’s neck. “I’m really hungry.”

Xie Xi’s heart was trembling and his body was numb. How could he push this person away?

“Since I’ve tasted you…” Sagittarius’ sharp teeth touched the fragile skin that was like soft tofu. “I would rather starve to death then drink other blood.”

Then Xie Xi felt a sharp pain in his neck followed by a soft feeling, like an anesthetic had entered his body.

This guy was really… a bloodkin.

In fact, Xie Xi had already guessed this when he saw the bat.

On the continent, those who could transform into a bat were the bloodkin species.

They were different from vampires and weren’t afraid of the sun or silverware. They had extremely powerful physical and magical abilities. Their physique was only second to the dragons and their magic manipulation was only second to the elves.

They and the vampires generally had the most beautiful looks and a desire for blood.

Xie Xi couldn’t describe what he was feeling at this moment.

When the bloodkin sucked blood, they would inject something similar to anesthetic into the prey.

This would make the prey lost their resistance and even die from the ultimate happiness.

Xie Xi wasn’t human and Sagittarius wouldn’t suck all his blood.

However, that type of happiness occupied all the nerves of his body, letting him have impulses…

After all, the two of them had done everything and such a situation was easy to awaken the desire that was integrated into his bones.

Xie Xi had a completely instinctive reaction.

Sagittarius found it and became greedy, hands not acting obediently.

Xie Xi was placed on the throne and Sagittarius leaned between his knees, looking at…

A hint of clarity flashed in Xie Xi’s brain and he pushed this person away. “Okay.”

Who could Sagittarius stop? It seemed he was going to press up against Xie Xi again.

Xie Xi raised his eyebrows and a thick black fog rose. The black rose on Sagittarius’ wrist shone with a deep red light and he couldn’t move at all

Xie Xi might not be a proper god but he had some resistance. As long as he wanted, he could hold his own ‘believers.’

Sagittarius was fixed in place, his lips still stained with blood. His eyes were filled with desire and his temperament was more evil than before.

Xie Xi didn’t shift his line of sight. “No more nonsense or there will be no next time.”

This made Sagittarius calm down and he unwillingly said, “This isn’t eating.”

Xie Xi’s legs were still soft but in order to not reveal it, he kept sitting on the throne and looked down at this person. “You can find someone else.”

Xie Xi felt a bit of regret when saying this. He knew that it was a bit like bullying others.

Still, he couldn’t care at the moment. There were still several Jiang Xies he had to look after.

Xie Xi still loosened Sagittarius’ restraints.

Who knew that this guy would teleport over and kiss him hard on the lips.

Xie Xi, “!”

The scarlet on Sagittarius’ mouth was passed to Xie Xi’s mouth and he was lucky enough to taste his own blood.

The man answered him in a low voice. “…I would rather starve to death.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Before he could say anything, this person transformed into black fog and disappeared.

His temper was really big…

Xie Xi thought so but he couldn’t help his lips curving.

He would rather starve to death than eat anyone else?

Stupid Jiang Xie!

Sagittarius Jiang was gone and Xie Xi was ready to see the other rooms.

Sagittarius had given him a lot of information.

For example, he knew that Xie Xi had been looking for Libra and waited for Xie Xi in Libra’s room.

There was a great probability that the other Jiang Xies were already in this time.

Xie Xi couldn’t work out what he was doing. Collecting star sign warriors and saving… Athena?

Sorry, this was connected wrongly and there were only six star signs left in this collapsed world.

Xie Xi was going to look for the other star signs.

He had just got up and hadn’t walked down the stairs when he saw someone kneeling on the stairs.

The man wore a black suit that wasn’t the combat uniform of Sagittarius. It was a full tuxedo suit that framed his elegant figure perfectly.

Even if he didn’t look up, Xie Xi immediately recognized this person. Capricorn!

Of the remaining three star signs, Aquarius and Pisces wouldn’t have such a temperament.

It must be Capricorn.

The man opened his mouth, his low voice like the cello part of a symphony. It was calm and elegant, giving a particularly reliable feeling. “Master, the intruders have been detained in the dungeon and are waiting for you to dispose of them.”


Xie Xi wondered, ‘Who would dare invade the base camp of the evil god?’

He ordered, “Take me to see them.”


Capricorn got up and Xie Xi saw his face.

He had short black hair, cold facial features and a single monocle over the left eye. The long and thin metal chain fell from the cheek to the shoulder, giving him an elegant temperament unique to a worldly gentleman.

Several words inexplicably jumped into Xie Xi’s head—cultured scum.

Sorry, he believed that Capricorn must be calm and steady but at the thought that this person was Jiang Xie, cough…

These words were also suitable.

Capricorn extended a white gloved hand to Xie Xi. “Please allow me to take you to the dungeon.”

Xie Xi placed his hand in this person’s palm.

The next moment, he was picked up.

Xie Xi’s heart trembled and he saw the wings hat opened behind him.

The pure black wings were extremely huge and seemed to be able to completely wrap around both of them.


No… this continent didn’t seem to have existences like angels and demons. This should be a winged species.

Still, did the winged people have such huge black wings? It was like the legendary fallen angle…

Capricorn was more behaved than Sagittarius. He might be holding Xie Xi but he only brought them to the dungeon.

The dungeon was outside the temple and the reason for flying was because there were no steps. They fell straight down, as if jumping off a cliff, and touched the ground after a long time.

Xie Xi didn’t think too much about the intruders until he saw a familiar face.

The silver-haired elf scolded, “Nan Yi, can you fu*king stop calling me? Didn’t you just break a leg?”

Xie Xi was stunned senseless. G-God Yan?

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4 years ago

Is it quasi-Yan or is it really God Yan attempting the erasure task?

“Collecting star sign warriors and saving… Athena?” Also can someone tell me if i’m correct in guessing that this is a Saint Seiya reference?

4 years ago

I hope it’s our real God Yan taking the mission so others can’t!

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
4 years ago

Maybe Yan Zhe came to help Xie Xi to pay Jiang Xie in the past?

4 years ago

Yess, this is Saint Seiya reference 😂

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