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Open World 30

Jiang Xie and Xie Xi’s love was exposed and the females of X University were divided into two types. The girlfriend fans cried and never wanted to see Teacher Jiang while the CP fans raised high flags and celebrated for several days and nights. By the time Xie Xi graduated, my masterpiece works had spread in secret.

It was a pity that the newcomers would have no chance to see the two men in the future.

After graduation, Xie Xi went to Jiang Xie’s research institute and became his personal assistant— in various ways.

Jiang Xie’s resignation was nothing. He had no parents but inherited a large fortune from a distant aunt. Even if he didn’t do anything, he could survive on the interest every day.

The reason he stayed at school was purely for the environment and because he wanted to do something meaningful.

Now that he met Xie Xi, he was no longer aimless and had a common goal.

He wanted to live with Xie Xi, do things together and work together to gain achievements, so their names would be engraved in history.

Once Xie Xi was 24 years old, the 34 year old Jiang Xie proposed to him.

Xie Xi looked at him with curved eyes.

Jiang Xie half-kneeled on the ground and stared at him, “Xiao Xie, are you willing to marry me?”

Xie Xi dragged it out. “I don’t want to.”

His marriage proposal was rejected but Jiang Xie wasn’t flustered. He asked again, “Will you marry me? I can wash and cook, mop the floor and warm the bed. I am especially virtuous.”

Xie Xi smiled and took the right. “Fine, I’ll marry you.”

Jiang Xie pulled the other person into his arms and kissed him.

Xie Xi pushed him away. “I thought you were virtuous!”

Jiang Xie placed him against the wall and lifted his clothes. “I’m undressing you. Aren’t I virtuous? Don’t rush, there will be more.”

This damn ghost! Old rascal!

Their wedding took place on an island and not many people were invited. There were studio partners and a few of Xie Xi’s classmates.

As a freshman, Xie Xi had been taciturn and didn’t know many people. Later, he became more cheerful and no longer hid from people. He also made real friends.

As they swore their oaths, they stared at each other and saw themselves in the other person’s eyes.

Jiang Xie declared, “I am willing.”

Xie Xi repeated, “I am willing.’

Heartfelt blessings were all around them. This was the most romantic love under the sky.

After marriage, the two people went on a honeymoon and Jiang Xie didn’t want to return to China.

Xie Xi snapped out, “Excessive attention saps the will!”

Jiang Xie replied, “I just want to play with my Xi.” Xie Xi, “…” He threw a pillow towards the naughty monster.

Jiang Xie grabbed the pillow and hugged Xie Xi to him. “Sometimes… I’m very scared.”

Xie Xi let himself be held. “Hmm?”

Jiang Xie throw away the pillow, his chest pressed against Xie Xi’s back and his thin lips attached to cold skin.”I am afraid that you’re just a dream and will be gone when I wake up.”

Xie Xi turned to look at him. “Do you think this is a dream?”

Jiang Xie stared before giving a beautiful smile.”

Everything about Xie Xi was so real. How could it be a dream? He was just too happy that he was afraid of suffering.

Xie Xi’s eyes were soft. “I wouldn’t be able to dream of such a good thing.”

He couldn’t dream of such a good Jiang Xie or such a happy life and beautiful future.

Jiang Xie was instantly sweet and turned Xie Xi around to kiss him. “This is the last day of the honeymoon and you’ve lost your chance to get out of bed.”

Xie Xi, “………………” This bastard didn’t know how to feel tired!

On their 10th anniversary, Jiang Xie took Xie Xi back to University X and donated a teaching building.

Some people suggested calling the teaching building the Jiang Xie Building (The Xie uses the character from Xie Xi’s name instead of the character from Jiang Xie’s name). Then Jiang Xie said, “Xiao Xie is my family. Let’s call it the Xie Jiang Building.”

The leaders had no problem and didn’t mind if they donated an extra one.

Xie Xi stated, “Call it Jiang Xe.”

Jiang Xie glanced at him and Xie Xi explained, “It is a homophone of Jiang Xie (Jiang Xie’s actual name), how good is it?”

His name made up Jiang Xie’s name.

Jiang Xie immediately declared, “We’ll donate another building.”

“Hmm?” Xie Xi didn’t mind since he couldn’t spend all the money he had earned over the years.

Jiang Xie smiled. “Let’s call it the Xie Xi Building.” (TL: So one building is the Jiang from Jiang Xie and the Xie from Xie Xi. The other building is the Xie from Jiang Xie and the Xi from Xie Xi.)

His name came together to form Xie Xi’s name.

Xie Xi also reacted. He never noticed it before but now he thought it was really interesting. They both had such names.

Jiang Xie thought it was beautiful. “We’re a natural pair.”

The school leaders didn’t mind all the love shown in front of them. They wished these two people to come up with a few combinations so there could be several buildings!

On the 20th anniversary, the 54 year old Jiang Xie felt a sense of crisis.

The 10 year age difference was fine at a young age but it made people feel a bit flustered in their middle years.

Xie Xi was only 44 years old and it was the time when men were very attractive. The elegant temperament honed over time made everyone who saw him feel dazzled.

Jiang Xie had been carefully exercising and maintaining his body. His physical strength wasn’t a problem but he couldn’t stop his lover from being too good. He was afraid that the other person would run away if he wasn’t careful.

Xie Xi had been with him for many years and still didn’t completely know his mind. He felt both pained and soft-hearted and spent a month coaxing Jiang Xie.


Xie Xi who had a backache, “You bastard, you were pretending!”

Jiang Xie faked innocence. “What? What was I pretending about?”

Xie Xi had really believed him!

By the time Xie Xi was 64 years old and Jiang Xie was 74 years old, it was like there wasn’t an age difference.

Jiang Xie was older and more prone to breaking his leg. After he retired, he personally built a golden house for Xie Xi and argued, “I want a golden house to hide Xiao Xie.”

Xie Xi glanced at him. “You can’t flash that old waist!”

Jiang Xie replied tenderly, “Do you think I am old?”

Xie Xi didn’t fall for it. “You still want to try this? Aren’t we old?”

“We’re not old. You will always be a child in my heart.”

Xie Xi had listened to the words of love for decades but still hadn’t gained an immunity. He coughed and said, “Show respect for your elders.”

He said this but he planted a large number of roses outside the house Jiang Xie built for him.

The two old people stayed in the beautiful rose garden while watching the sunrise and the sunset. They lived their days in a warm and romantic manner.

Jiang Xie lived to the age of 94. On their 60th anniversary, he finally couldn’t move.

Xie Xi stayed by his side in a calm manner.

Jiang Xie whispered, “I’m very happy in this life.”

Xie Xi held his hand. “Me too.”

Jiang Xie stared at him, blurry eyes still full of love. “However, I’m not satisfied.”

Xie Xi was also full of deep love. “You greedy old thing.”

Jiang Xie kissed the back of his hand. “Spend the rest of my life with me, okay?”

Xie Xi’s eyes were dried up and he couldn’t shed tears anymore. “Not good.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “Child, you are very greedy. Do you also want to be with me in our next lives?”

Xie Xi gently kissed him between his forehead. “For the rest of eternity, Xie Xi wants to be with Jiang Xie.”

Jiang Xie closed his eyes with a contented smile.

After handling Jiang Xie’s funeral arrangements, Xie Xi couldn’t sleep.

They had been with each other for 60 years and always loved each other. They carried out his first and most beautiful and romantic vows all their lives.

Xie Xi was lost when he woke up from the sleeping pod. It was a dream but it was a dream that was incredibly real.

He and Jiang Xie both lost the game.

Dream come true. It was so good that they didn’t want to wake up.

They really died in the game and only opened their eyes because of the privilege they got when they started the game, the fatal injuries immunity.

This privilege was used by both of them.

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Oh wow! This is a legit honey trap! Without the privilege they would have lost their lives.
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