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Collapsed God 16

Xie Xi asked, “There are memories of other reincarnations?”

Jiang Xie replied, “It seems to only be the first round.”

This was extremely rare in the United States. People entered reincarnation and the first things to disappear were the social and emotional memories.

As president, Xie Xi had more understanding of this aspect than ordinary people. The reincarnation centre had a secret provision. When a person reincarnated, the centre would give priority to removing social and emotional aspects while striving to preserve academic memories and skills.

Thus, few people retained emotional memories of their previous rounds. The probability was as low as one in a billion.

Xie Xi wondered, “What is it that made him want to forget?”

Little Jiang remembered he was a fake rational and tried to put on an indifferent attitude. “It is his lover from his first round. This person’s memories are intermittent but it is very torturous. He is an emotional and you know that an emotional person’s fragile nerves can’t withstand such emotions.”

Xie Xi couldn’t help asking another question. “Why didn’t he go find his lover?” There were records for reincarnation. It wasn’t public but a person could find it if they searched hard enough.

“He looked for his lover but unfortunately, he was rejected. There was no way. After all, his lover forgot everything and had long begun a new cycle.”

Xie Xi, who was 100% sure this was his former lover, inwardly exclaimed, ‘I hadn’t come yet, I definitely hadn’t come here!’

Of course, the souls didn’t know when Xie Xi entered the world. He said that Xie Xi rejected him then it must be a rejected.

Who made this the world of the souls? These people wanted to abuse themselves and he couldn’t stop the bullets.

Xie Xi stated, “I see.”

Jiang Xie nodded. “He was very miserable. He took the initiative to find his lover only to be rejected. Then he entered reincarnation at the age of 20 in order to forget these things. Unfortunately, 10 years passed after the reincarnation and he remembered. He found the lover and was once again rejected…”

Xie Xi, “…”

Little Jiang was young and unskilled at acting as a rational. Combined with these feelings for Xie Xi, he couldn’t help feeling sympathy and pity, causing him to add a few more words.

“By the time I met him, this person had already reincarnated nine times. Unfortunately, he couldn’t forget his lover of the first reincarnation. This time, his lover also reincarnated and he learnt from experience. He no longer mentioned the pre-reincarnation matters and only wanted to meet and restart their relationship. Unfortunately, his lover had someone else.”

According to the time difference, J saw Xie Xi and Big Jiang together. Then he became disheartened and wanted to destroy himself.

Little Jiang said, “He is so pitiful. He always wanted to forget but couldn’t. It is better to die than to live.”

What damned death! If it was normal not to forget. His brain couldn’t get rid of it! Why couldn’t he get it?

Xie Xi was going to find him now. Then Xie Xi thought about how there was Big Jiang in the house, Little Jiang next to him and J who was so miserable he wanted to destroy himself.

Well… it wasn’t easy to be a slag. Please cherish life and stay away from slags!

Xie Xi declared, “I’m going to find him.” Based on Little Jiang’s description, J met all of the self-destruction criteria. Even if the United States was resistant, they would process the application for him.

An emotional person being unable to forget his lover for nine rounds of reincarnation was too cruel.

In Xie Xi was his lover then they met in the first round. Xie Xi was currently 28 years old in his second round yet J had already reincarnated nine rounds. This was enough to see how short his life was in each round. He constantly died and it was estimated that his accumulated academics and skills had long declined. Living was indeed just torture.

Little Jiang suggested, “I’ll go with you. I know him.”

Xie Xi was inwardly a slag. How could he let this person follow?

He was going to save someone. If he ended up killing two people then he would cry!

Xie Xi shook his head. “I can do it myself. You need to submit your physical fitness for self-destruction but an SSS-grade physique won’t be approved so quickly.”

Jiang Xie was stubborn. “I might be able to help you persuade him if I’m with you.”

No, child. If you went then the universe really would be destroyed. Let the universe have a way to live!

Xie Xi insisted, “It will be more complicated if he sees an acquaintance. I will try to convince him using the perspective of national righteousness.”

Little Jiang was still very easy to coax. If it was big Jiang, he would definitely become suspicious and 100% follow. Then there would be two corpses.

This cold joke… it was so cold that Xie Xi couldn’t laugh!

He arranged things with Little Jiang and then sent a message to Big Jiang. “I have something to do. I will go back later.”

Big Jiang replied quickly but his tone was light. “Yes.”

The light voice showed his exhaustion and helplessness. Xie Xi’s heart was tugged.

Both the palm and the back of the hand were made of flesh (both had equal importance) and any piece of skin he lifted would hurt!

Xie Xi told him, “I’ll be back early.”


Xie Xi couldn’t help adding, “Once I come back, I’ll find you.”

“No,” Big Jiang replied. “I am sleepy and will sleep early.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

He always felt this person was sincere. After all, Big Jiang stayed a few nights outside Little Jiang’s door and it would be strange if he wasn’t sleepy.

Then Xie Xi thought about how the presidential palace might add a new person and…

He had to quickly complete this task, return to Central and let the souls know the truth!

Xie Xi went to Capital Star’s reincarnation centre. Those who applied for self-destruction would also go here. Thanks to Secretary LI, the director of the reincarnation centre fearfully started preparing for the visit.

In the Earth era, this was like the nation’s leader coming to a family planning office. How could the director not be nervous?

Xie Xi hadn’t arrived yet and read J’s application that Li Su had passed to him.

Xie Xi got a general summary.

The contents were very simple and recorded the situation of J’s reincarnations. Apart from the first round, the other eight rounds could only be described as miserable.

After reincarnation, he was a child and didn’t understand love. Then once he entered the young and inexperienced period and started to yearn for love, the memories of the first round were like falling snow, burying him in romantic and beautiful images.

The memories were beautiful but reality was cruel.

Stuck in this grave where snow was piled up, he felt only a biting chill and the weight made him gradually unable to breathe.

In the second round, he confessed to his lover who was also in the second round and was brutally rejected.

In the third round, he confessed to his lover who was still in the second round and was rejected.

The fourth round, fifth round… until the ninth round.

These few words made people feel his pain and despair. The memories that couldn’t be escaped and the new life that couldn’t start. He sank into his past and faced only an endless abyss.

The director of the reincarnation centre carefully reported, “If it wasn’t for his rare physique, we would’ve already approved it.”

In humanitarian terms, J should be given the right to end his life. Fortunately, Xie Xi felt thankful that J had an SSS-grade physique or it would be too unlucky!

Xie Xi arrived at the reincarnation centre and the director greeted him from a special passage.

The president had come to such a small place. There was no good reason to arouse people’s speculations so they tried to avoid suspicion.

Xie Xi questioned, “Is there a detailed record?”

Director Wang explained, “With his consent, we have already extracted his memories. This is necessary for self-destruction. If words or the evidence isn’t enough, the extracted memories can be used as verification. Of course, this is also authorized by me.”

Xie Xi told him, “I will take a look.” He could only prescribe the correct medicine if he understood the situation.

“Mr. President, please come this away.”

Xie Xi paused and asked him, “Where is he?”

Director Wang was surprised but didn’t dare think too much. He hurriedly said, “He doesn’t wake up so he is sleeping. Once the application is approved, he will be directly euthanized.”

Xie Xi, “…”

How could he listen to such a thing?

Xie Xi held back the idea of going to see this person and first investigated the extracted memories.

Today’s high-tech society had long mastered the technology to reproduce memories.

Of course, this technology wasn’t useful to everyone. As long as the mental strength was higher than C-grade and the subject’s consciousness didn’t agree, the extraction would be difficult.

Seriously ill and dying people couldn’t have their memories extracted because their will wasn’t strong enough for a normal recollection.

Not to mention that it was even more difficult to extract when dead.

Therefore, it could only be extracted if there was complete agreement and no conflicts.

This was better than Roast Pork Bun’s dream.

Dreaming allowed him to enter the person’s dreams and change some thoughts, but it was difficult to find accurate memories of the past.

For example, in Atlantis, Xie Xi entered several dreams and only saw messy plots.

There was Old Three fighting a dragon and Old Two taking his brother’s divorced husband home…

Xie Xi couldn’t bear to look!

Moreover, Xie Xi had some concerns. This world was relatively developed and a mental strength of SSS sounded very uncomfortable. The effect of Dreaming might not be good enough and Xie Xi chose to directly watch the memories.

Director Wang said, “In view of the confidentiality agreement, these memories…”

Xie Xi told him, “I can look at them myself. Li Su, wait for me.”

Secretary Li replied, “Okay.”

Director Wang was relieved and gave the holographic mirror to Xie Xi. Xie Xi took it and was instantly immersed…

There was little doubt that this was about what happened with him and Jiang Xie in the first round.

Of course, this is the brain of a soul and already required a patch in the past.

Xie Xi was distressed but also thought a lot.

Little Jiang was Azure Dragon, being played by Jiang Xie. Thus, he didn’t have an opportunity to make a previous outline and was a simple youth.

Big Jiang was a new soul facing the collapse of the world and the loss of abandonment. He sketched out a previous outline that was full of abuse.

He pretended to be rational and fell in love with a rational. They finally broke up but he couldn’t let go. At the end of 50, he wanted to enter reincarnation…

Compared to the souls of other worlds, the idea of suicide was obvious.

Then middle Jiang… Cough, Xie Xi always thought this was a weird way of calling Jiang Xie but it seemed to be correct? According to age, this young man under the age of 30 could be considered Middle Jiang.

In short, this Middle Jiang was even more miserable and didn’t let go of his own meaning. The abyss pit was set from beginning to end.

Xie Xi was just watching and his heart and organs were full of pain.

The two souls left in this collapsed world apparently felt the collapse of the world and thought they had been abandoned. They knew from the main soul that any collapsed world would be erased.

The world was erased then they would no longer exist.

This was why the pre-existing background was so desperate and pessimistic and the two souls considered life so lightly.

The more he figured out, the more pained Xie Xi was. Fortunately, he could repair it. If he didn’t repair it then Jiang Xie…

Okay, okay, it was really okay.

Xie Xi concentrated his mind on J’s memories.

In the first round of reincarnation, Jiang Xie was five years older than Xie Xi and an alumnus who graduated from the same school.

They were ‘new students’ and hadn’t inherited previous skills or experience. Thus, they were blank paper and were in the stage of hard work.

Both of them were highly qualified and were famous figures in school.

Unfortunately, the school had a five year system. Jiang Xie graduated before Xie Xi entered and the two people hadn’t met.

However, Jiang Xie’s legend had always circulated around the school.

Later, they met at an alumni gathering.

This time, Jiang Xie didn’t conceal his gender. He was a thorough and very good emotional.

However, Xie Xi concealed his gender. He was a rational person but when asked about his gender, he replied, “I am emotional.”

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4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

4 years ago

Yes yes, you’re all so pitiful, abusing yourselves nonstop lol. What about the poor Xie Xi who was forced to become a slag man by you guys? Your world is collapsing, is it too much to ask that you all help instead of hinder him? 😂

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With Jiang Xie’s ridiculous bad luck, how could his souls think that their sweetheart would become the first Repairer in Central and come for them? Or in world plot, become a rational that knows how to love? For once, I think the souls are being a bit reasonable. (And I really like this world setting. So interesting!)

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unrelated but i think one of the biggest giveaways that little JX isn’t a real rational is the way overcompensates by outwardly snubbing emotionals!! after all, XX always says that rational people respect & acknowledge the different strengths that emotionals possess