GL: Chapter 115

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Open World (End)

Xie Xi’s head was buzzing. Why was it Sirius? This person was also Jiang Xie but why did his soul come out? The loved one should be Jiang Xie who he spent 60 years with.

Sirius was indeed Jiang Xie but…

Xie Xi’s head was very chaotic. He didn’t understand it at all so he couldn’t hear the moon’s words.

However, Jiang Xie’s heart was cold. The man in front of him was Xie Xi’s loved one. This man had the same eyes as him but it wasn’t him.

Jiang Xie confidently thought that after 60 years of love, Xie Xi should love him. It was because both of them were real in the dream and Xie Xi’s love for him was unquestionable.

After leaving the dream, Xie Xi had been distant but Jiang Xie thought it was because he was shy and needed to take it slowly.

But what if Xie Xi actually had a person he loved long before? Xie Xi had a loved one before the dream?

In the amnesiac state in the dream, Jiang Xie had the same eyes as Xie Xi’s beloved and Xie Xi loved the wrong person? Jiang Xie was the one who chased and Xie Xi had no power to fight. Was it because of Jiang Xie as a person or because of these eyes?

Jiang Xie’s hands clenched. What did he forget? Why was Xie Xi’s goodwill towards him -365?

Xie Xi used to like a person and hadn’t forgotten him after more than 60 years? Jiang Xie couldn’t replace that person with his sweet love and unswerving feelings? How much did Xie Xi love the person?

Jiang Xie thought up to his eyes and tasted a sour sweetness that filled his mouth.

Xie Xi finally guessed some of what happened. The rule of this illusion was to transform into a loved one. Jiang Xie was next to him so it couldn’t transform into him. Sirius was Jiang Xie’s soul and almost met the standard, which was why the illusion came out?

As for why it wasn’t the other princes, Xie Xi didn’t know! He should be thankful that it wasn’t a row of princes that emerged!

The problem was… how should Xie Xi explain this to Jiang Xie? He couldn’t explain it because this was part of Jiang Xie’s lost memories. If he explained and Jiang Xie remembered, he would permanently lose the memories after leaving this world. Then what should he do if Jiang Xie forgot him?

Not good… Xie Xi thought of Sirius’ face…

Jiang Xie might’ve signed the Quasi-World Protection Law and didn’t remember the appearance of his souls, but they were still his souls. What if he felt it was familiar?

Xie Xi glanced at Jiang Xie with panic and this turned to guilt once he laid eyes on Jiang Xie.

Sour sweetness filled his mouth. Jiang Xie was strong but he felt a darkness in front of him… calm down, he told himself. Calm down…

The moon asked Xie Xi, “Don’t you want to explain? The person who loves you deeply is deceived by you.”

Xie Xi saw Jiang Xie’s eyes. They had been together for so long that it was clear. Whenever this man was in a good mood, the colour of his eyes was deep and close to black. Almost no red and blue could be seen. However, once his mood fluctuated, the colour would become lighter. The greater the fluctuation, the redder the red and the bluer the blue.

At this time, his eyes were almost a bright red and blue!

What to do… He couldn’t explain but it was too hurtful to say nothing! He vowed to accept the illusion but ended up stabbing Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi’s heart was filled with pain but he couldn’t say anything. He didn’t want Jiang Xie to forget him, he didn’t want it at all!

They had been together for over 60 years and he couldn’t accept Jiang Xie forgetting all of it.

It was an illusory dream. If the person concerned forget then it really was just a dream. Xie Xi was uncomfortable and his heart had never been stirred up like this.

The moon wondered, “Why don’t you love him and why did you lie to him? Such a stupid lie easily breaks with a poke.”

Xie Xi just stared at Jiang Xie.

The moon smiled, “A person who only spouts rhetoric deserves hell.”

He finished speaking and a silver blade stabbed straight at Xie Xi’s heart.

Xie Xi was in a trance, not to mention that he couldn’t escape such a close and rapid attack even under normal circumstances. The little sun still couldn’t believe it and shouted, “No!”

Xie Xi heard it but unfortunately couldn’t hide…

There were sparks as Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi into his arms and avoided the blade of light.

Xie Xi’s heart jumped and he looked up. “Teacher…”

Jiang Xie didn’t look at Xie Xi. His thin lips were in a line and he didn’t have the leisurely appearance of when he talked nonsense or his gentle and tolerant eyes.

This Jiang Xie was completely unfamiliar to Xie Xi. Xie Xi felt as if a lump of ice had filled his chest. How sweet was the 60 years and how uncomfortable was it now?

When loving a person, the most frightening thing was that person suddenly becoming strange.

The moon angrily shouted at Jiang Xie, “He doesn’t love you and has been lying to you. He also treated you as a surrogate for someone else. Why are you still protecting him?”

This stabbed Jiang Xie in the heart while also making Xie Xi feel pained. He hurriedly said, “No… that isn’t…”

Jiang Xie interrupted. “There is no need to speak.”

Xie Xi paled.

Jiang Xie’s voice sank. “It is time for us to leave this world.”

The last task should be done by Xie Xi alone but now Jiang Xie couldn’t stand it.

Jiang Xie placed Xie Xi to the side and picked up a knife on the ground.

The moon still wasn’t willing to accept it. “Are you stupid? He betrayed you, he…”

Jiang Xie ignored him and went straight to the group. His hands fell and he cut all the illusions to pieces.

The moon’s pupils shrank and his white face became paler. At the same time, people woke up from the illusion and stared at Jiang Xie with surprise.

Jiang Xie squinted as he cut each illusion. He was quick and accurate. The even scarier was his neat movements that made self-proclaimed experts of the knife feel inferior.

This wasn’t an ability given by the qualifications. It was formed by wielding the knife countless times in actual combat.

Everyone was stunned. They clearly woke up from the illusion but it was as if they were still dreaming.

This man was too strong!

The illusion was forcibly broken and rebounded on the caster. The moon was standing straight but his lips were pale and colourless.

How could he be willing to allow Jiang Xie’s wanton destruction?! He released the silver light and used all means to stop him!

It was a pity that no matter how fast he attacked or how treacherous the angle, this man could easily avoid or smash it. He held the most common knife but it was like a god’s weapon in his hand.

Everyone was distracted by Jiang Xie and didn’t see the little sun growing up along with the moon’s weakening.

In the end, only Sirius was left.

Jiang Xie stared in front of the illusion and stared at him. They were tall with similar body contours and the same eyes. If it wasn’t for the different facial features, they would almost be the same person.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Jiang Xie was Jiang Xie. This man was this man. As for who Xie Xi loved, the illusion had given the answer.

Once they left this world, Xie Xi might immediately look for the man. What was the picture of him desperately chasing this man? Did Xie Xi forget his love because of a short separation? No, more than 60 years of being together couldn’t replace Xie Xi’s feelings.

Jiang Xie shattered the illusion. All the illusions were shattered and the moon staggered from the consumption of power.

Jiang Xie raised a hand and the tip of the blade pointed at the moon.

“You are… obsessive… crazy… “ The moon was so badly wounded that blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

At this time, a golden light emerged and wrapped around the entire space. The small sun grew up like a tree and became a red-haired youth.

Meanwhile, the already youthful moon degenerated into a small child with big eyes and a tender face.

The moon looked at his shrinking hands and sceamed at Jiang Xie, “I want to kill you!”

Unfortunately, a child was a child and this wasn’t frightening. The adult sun picked up the small moon and smiled. “I’m back.”

The moon eyes were big as he exclaimed, “Get lost!”

The sun’s thin lips were slightly raised as he kissed the moon on his forehead. “I wasn’t very good and it was hard on you.”

The moon frowned and turned away.

The sun hugged the little moon and bowed to Xie Xi and Jiang Xie. He said, “Thanks to your help, us brothers can be reunited.”

The little moon didn’t look at anyone else as he lay on the sun’s shoulder.

Xie Xi received a prompt in the lower right corner. [Congratulations on completing the main task.]

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