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Collapsing 12 Boundaries 11

Xie Xi hadn’t been idle in these months.

He came here to find the true spirit. He might feel that this thing couldn’t be separated from Aries but he couldn’t be stuck here. It was necessary to find it.

After being able to transform into a human form, it was much more convenient to move. As long as Jiang Xie fell asleep and a sleep monitor was placed on him, Xie Xi could go out to do things.

Thanks to the last world, Xie Xi knew about many high-tech things. He might not understand the principle behind them but he could draw them if he thought about it.

The sleep monitor was used to watch Jiang Xie’s sleep and Xie Xi would come back as soon as it showed signs he was waking up.

A simple aircraft could be used to make the journey. As long as it was equipped with signal shielding, the current world’s scientific and technological meant he couldn’t be found.

Just in case, Xie Xi also made a stealth charm, which was sold in the system store. It could only be used in the quasi-world and the effect was only suitable for people in the quasi-world. The duration was short and it had a limit on the number of uses.

This was enough for any emergencies.

It was so foolproof that Xie Xi flew over almost all the world and found it was very similar to the Earth he lived in. It was a parallel time and space but the development of certain details wasn’t the same.

For example, the appearance of money, some important historical celebrities and there seemed to be a gap in the Earth’s map. However, Xie Xi didn’t know enough about this aspect.

A few months of exploration didn’t find anything strange. This was at least an S-grade quasi-world but it didn’t show signs of collapse.

Xie Xi really couldn’t find a clue. The last world had the collapsing universe as a clue. This world was peaceful and not abnormal at all.

What was wrong?

While exploring, Xie Xi also went to learn more about Aries’ life. This was truly pitiful. From birth, there was endless misfortune around him.

His mother died in childbirth, his father was seriously and his grandfather, who presided over the family business, died.

His uncle who came back from abroad barely escaped a disaster but because he took care of Jiang Xie for two years, his two children died at a ski resort. The uncle collapsed and committed suicide.

The living aunt knelt down in front of Jiang Xie, begging him to let her live.

At the time, Jiang Xie was only 12 years old. He left on his own and used his years of lucky money and saved pocket money for the past few years to buy this one bedroom apartment. Then he lived alone.

Xie Xi was even more pained after hearing this.

He thought about how this might be Jiang Xie’s past and it felt like his heart had been stabbed a few times.

Xie Xi had no way to change the past but the current Jiang Xie wouldn’t suffer again.

Just like Jiang Xie helped him in Dream Come True, this time he would also give Jiang Xie a different life.

It might be false but he firmly believed in the words that Jiang Xie told him. As long as they believed it was real, all the experiences were reality.

A painful memory could be covered with sweetness. Xie Xi had personally experienced this!

Xie Xi couldn’t fight for the past people and things but he could fight for the things now.

The so-called rumours would always magnify things infinitely or change the facts beyond recognition. It would also cause irreparable harm to the party involved.

It was hard to break the rumours but using rumours was easy.

As long as Xie Xi made it so that the people who suffered disasters because of Jiang Xie became lucky, the wind would quickly change.

The effort to help Kang Hong wasn’t enough. Thus, Xie Xi aimed at Teacher Sun who had cancer.

The cancer was deal and there weren’t any mistakes with the diagnosis. It was impossible to cure it with the world’s current medical society but it was possible for Xie Xi.

In the world of the collapsed god, many drugs could cure this disease.

In addition, there were the pills in the magical world of the mountains and seas that could let humans be reborn.

Xie Xi now felt the benefits of the god’s wisdom. As long as he had enough experience, this was simply a giant cheat!

Xie Xi didn’t dare delay the time. In the middle of the night, he sneaked into Teacher Sun’s hospital and gave him injections. This medicine should be injected three times in a row.

He went back and forth three times. He didn’t expect that the last time, Teacher Sun would wake up and see him depart.

Of course, this was nothing. Teacher Sun’s recovery was already amazing. No one would believe in the matter of the boy with cat ears. Even Teacher Sun felt he was dreaming.

However, it was different when reaching Jiang Xie’s ears.

Kang Hong was still talking about Teacher Sun’s luck when Jiang Xie suddenly stood up.

Kang Hong was startled. “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Xie picked up his bag. “I am a bit uncomfortable and will go back first.”

Kang Hong asked, “Where is it uncomfortable? Do you need to go to the hospital? I will accompany you.” He knew that Jiang Xie was living on his own and the downside was that nobody would care for him when he was sick.

Jiang Xie shook his head. “It isn’t serious. I didn’t sleep well last night and will go back to rest.”

Kang Hong understood. It turned out this person was being lazy. Kang Hong spoke sourly, “Your brain is really a foul. You can skip class and still test first.” Jiang Xie used to ‘take time off’ occasionally. The teacher treated good students well. As long as the results were reliable, they didn’t care if the students weren’t in the classroom.

Jiang Xie grabbed his bag and headed home without looking back.

Xie Xi lay in the bed and felt a bit shaken…

He could feel that Jiang Xie was angry. The reason for the anger… Xie Xi guessed it as well.

A person who rarely became angry was really scary when becoming angry.  Xie Xi’s cat ears drooped as he thought about how to coax this person.

Back home, Xie Xi jumped out of the bag and stared at Jiang Xie. Xie Xi told him, “Hey, it’s okay.” Meow meow.

Jiang Xie opened the laptop and carried him to the keyboard.

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie questioned, “Did you do it?”

Xie Xi typed out, “Yes.”

Jiang Xie raised his eyebrows and his eyes became bright red and blue. “I told you not to casually use that ability.”

Xie Xi stayed still.

Jiang Xie’s voice was cold. “I said that it was a secret between the two of us.”

Xie Xi typed out, “He didn’t know.”

“He saw it.”

“He won’t be a needle…”

The caw paws made an error and typed the wrong word, turning the word into needle.

Jiang Xie watched the kitten scrambling to delete the word and his heart suddenly filled with chagrin. He felt sad and remorse. “I’m sorry.”

Xie Xi was held in Jiang Xie’s arms and felt the shaking of his body.

An indescribable sourness reached the tip of his nose and Xie Xi licked this person with his tongue. “It’s fine.”

Jiang Xie felt more ashamed after hearing the cat’s cries. “I know you are doing it for me but I was so fierce. It’s my fault.”

Xie Xi knew what this person was thinking and why he was angry but still felt pained.

Jiang Xie closed his eyes and whispered, “Don’t put yourself in danger and don’t risk yourself for anyone.”

Jiang Xie had felt cold to his bones the moment he heard Kang Hong’s words.

Someone had seen Little Rose, someone knew Little Rose’s secret, Little Rose was in danger.

It rushed towards him like a cold tide.

Xie Xi licked Jiang Xie’s cheeks. Jiang Xie had calmed down a bit and he whispered, “Is it very selfish?”

He couldn’t care about Teacher Sun’s life at all. He only thought about how Little Rose was in danger.

Compared to the whole world, he only hoped that nothing would happen to the person in front of him.

Xie Xi couldn’t speak and could only lick this person again. Jiang Xie kissed the furry little head and repeated,  “I’m sorry.”

Xie Xi rubbed against his neck and said, “It will be okay.” There was no danger.

Once Jiang Xie calmed down, Xie Xi jumped down and typed on the laptop, “Believe me, I won’t leave you. I never will.”

This sentence poked hard at Jiang Xie’s heart.

The teenager had lost most things in his life and he most feared losing Xie Xi.

The promise that Xie Xi gave him was the most powerful centering agent.

He might’ve accidentally exposed some of his back but it was true that Teacher Sun was cured.

Previously, Kang Hong escaped from death and Teacher Sun ‘came back to life.’ This broke the name of ‘ghost eyes.’

Some people might be afraid to stay close to Jiang Xie but the teachers no longer avoided him. They weren’t very close but they treated Jiang Xie well enough as a student.

Teacher Sun wasn’t one of Jiang Xie’s teachers but every time he saw Jiang Xie, he would say hello warmly.

Jiang Xie greeted him back.

The fire of rumours wasn’t something that could be extinguished in a day or two but as long as there were good signs, it would get better.

By the time winter arrived, Jiang Xie was already living a normal high school life and didn’t need to hide from people.

During the Spring Festival, Kang Hong invited Jiang Xie to his home but Jiang Xie definitely wouldn’t go. Kang Hong’s mother was allergic to cat hair and it was impossible to bring Xie Xi. Jiang Xie would stay him with Xie Xi on this day.

Kang Hong stared at the kitten, also reluctant to go home. “Then I will send you dinner.”

Jiang Xie had already bought the ingredients and shook his head. “No, I’ll cook myself.”

Jiang Xie said this but Kang Hong still insisted on sending three dishes. In addition, Jiang Xie wasn’t paying attention so he picked up Xie Xi and turned three laps.

By the time Jiang Xie realized, Kang Hong put the kitten down and ran away like a thief afraid of Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi shouted, “Grow up!”

He scolded the thief and the vinegar bag, killing two birds with one stone.

During the Lantern Festival, Jiang Xie went out with Xie Xi to see the lights.

Xie Xi often went out at night, especially in winter. After all, it was cold and Xie Xi wore a hat to cover the cat ears. Then he wore a thick, long jacket to cover the tail and look like a normal young boy.

They watched the colourful lights and in a corner where no one could see, Xie Xi locked fingers with Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie felt like he was electrocuted and immediately grabbed back.

Xie Xi smiled and interlaced their fingers together.

At this time, fireworks appeared in the air. The splendid brilliance made people couldn’t help wanting to make wishes.

I want to be with him forever and ever, longer than the twinkling stars.

The school year started and it was the last year of high school. Jiang Xie had completely washed away the name of ‘ghost eyes’. After all, many people spoke to him and not only did they not encounter any misfortunes, some had their academic performances improved.

Perhaps it was the school learning tyrant effect. Jiang Xie had an excellent brain and his problem solving ideas were simpler and clearer than the teachers. He was particularly powerful.

This was Xie Xi’s favourite person. Seeing the teenager go from gloomy to clear made Xie Xi happier than anyone.


White Day, where Jiang Xie received more than 20 love letters.

Um… being too clear wasn’t good!

High school was like this. They basically couldn’t confess on Valentine’s Day because it was a holiday. Of course, there were still many couples who went on trips and sneaked around for a meeting.

They missed Valentine’s Day so White Day was especially important!

In the past, Jiang Xie was an existence everyone wanted to avoid. There might be girls who liked his appearance but they didn’t have the guts to confess.

Now the curse was already in the past and there were no disasters near Jiang Xie. They wouldn’t be worthy of youth if they didn’t confess to such a handsome schoolmaster!

Thus, his desk was stuffed with love letters.

The desk hole was Xie Xi’s nest. He was busy at night and tended to sleep here during the day. As a result, he arrived and found a pile of pink with a variety of scents.

Xie Xi almost choked.

Jiang Xie saw it and took advantage of when no one was paying attention to ask, “What’s inside?”

The kitten used strength and kicked out everything in the way.

The envelopes fell on Jiang Xie’s leg and he understood. How could he care about these things? He quickly bowed his head to see the kitten.

Xie Xi turned and waved his tail at this person.

Jiang Xie was stunned and hurriedly spoke, “I won’t accept them.”

Xie Xi meowed, “Flirt!”

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