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Can’t Be Erased 14

He couldn’t let these two fight in front of so many people.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “Pisces, go back and wait for me.  will first look at Aquarius’ wound.”

The expression on Pisces’ face was light but his eyes were like a whirlpool.

Xie Xi lowered his voice. “I have something to ask you.”

His words were serious and soothed Pisces’ expression as he saluted, “I’ll wait for you.”

He said such tempting words using the sea demon’s ethereal voice.

Nan Yi cried out, “Old Jiang is doing everything in order to win favour!”

Yan Zhe’s mouth twitched. “This is indeed fighting for favour.”

The six unlucky people were fighting for a lucky emperor… It was lucky that Little Rose loved him or he would’ve thrown up his sleeves and left early!

Xie Xi coaxed away Pisces. He ignored Scorpio first and asked Aquarius, “Does it still hurt?”

“It’s okay.”

Xie Xi’s fingers drew in the air and a dark portal appeared out of thin air. He glanced at Gong Rui and the sharp Gong Rui followed while typing in the area channel.

The words he typed were: Wait for me to live broadcast.

The others also served a certain Jiang Xie according to the arrangement.

Xie Xi came to Aquarius’ room and found that the style of the world was completely different from Libra’s world.

Aquarius was an elf. He might be a dark elf that symbolized darkness but he was still very close to nature.

As he approached the room, there was the feeling of coming to a night forest surrounded by fireflies.

The tables and chairs were all wound and even the bed was a hole dug in a giant tree.

The inside was filled with dark green clouds and looked quite comfortable.

Gong Rui was self-sufficient and Aquarius only looked at Xie Xi.

He didn’t reject Gong Rui’s presence because this was a mission arranged for them by Xie Xi and was an order.

Xie Xi was still very worried about Aquarius since the injury was painful. His medicine couldn’t compare to God Yan’s healing technique and couldn’t restore the person immediately.

Once the analgesic effect dissipated, it was very painful.

Jiang Xie didn’t care but it was impossible for Xie Xi to not care.

It was a pity that God Yan’s ability wasn’t suitable for exposure or he could directly treat Aquarius.

Xie Xi thought for a moment before saying, “Take off your clothes.”

Gong Rui’s live broadcast: Was Xie Xi such an A?

Nan Yi was curious: What’s wrong? Little Rose couldn’t stand Old Jiang and went to the training field?

Gong Rui: No, the evil god ordered his servant to take off his clothes.

Everyone, “………”

This live broadcast that raised people’s appetite wasn’t as good as video broadcasting!

There were many delusions in the words but the reality was quite serious.

After all, there were outsiders so Aquarius wasn’t inclined to ‘seduce’ the evil god. He had to pay attention to his face.

However, the dark elf’s body was beautiful, well-proportioned and smooth, with a wheat colour that longed for the sun.

Jiang Xie always had a good figure. After taking off his shirt, the strong back was enough to make all men envious.

The only thing that Xie Xi saw was the huge wound that stretched from shoulder to waist.

General Qin used heavy weapons so he could split people apart. An ordinary person would’ve probably died long ago.

Xie Xi said, “Don’t touch and I’ll give you medicine.”

Aquarius whispered, “In fact, you don’t have to go to so much trouble. It will be fine if I sleep.”

“How could you sleep with such a wound?”

Aquarius’ voice was light. “I am used to it and can sleep.”

The experience with Libra allowed Xie Xi to understand that the original days of these star signs were very bitter.

Just as the dragons rejected the black dragons, the elves regarded dark elves as the devil. Aquarius had this wheat-coloured skin and was probably bullied and abused.

Xie Xi told him, “Then you have to change your habits.”

Aquarius stared at him.

Xie Xi smiled. “You have to get used to your body being without injuries. You have to look after your health and well-being. Understood?”

Aquarius stared blankly before a handsome smile appeared on his face. He asked Xie Xi, “This is your command?”

“Yes, it is a command. It is what I expect of you.”

Aquarius made to bow but Xie Xi held him down. “I told you not to move.”

“You have given me such grace. How can I not thank you?”

Xie Xi replied, “Thanks have no meaning. Don’t let down my expectations.”

Aquarius’ answer was immediate. “Absolutely not. I will engrave every word you say onto my soul and protect it with my life.”

Xie Xi’s lips curved as he carefully gave this person medicine.

In the area channel, Nan Yi asked: What is happening?

Gong Rui: Milk Yan, I’m not very well.

God Yan: …

He heard this title and knew the words weren’t serious.

Sure enough, Gong Rui added: I am dying of dog food.

After the medicine, Aquarius didn’t want Xie Xi to go and deliberately delayed the time. “It isn’t early, you…”

Xie Xi saw this person’s mind instantly. “I have something to ask.”

He glanced at Gong Rui’s position, suggesting to Aquarius that he was going to Pisces to use the illusion to understand the situation of the foreign aid.

Aquarius knew this but wasn’t willing to let him go. “Let Pisces rest for a night. Tomorrow is better.”

He spoke vaguely because of Gong Rui but Xie Xi understood.

Pisces used a lot of illusions and he was exhausted. It was really better to let him rest after a night but…

“Things should be done early, not late, so that he can have a long dream.”

Aquarius was stunned and could only watch Xie Xi leave.

Xie Xi told him before leaving, “Have a good rest.”

“Dark elves don’t need to sleep.”

“Everyone needs rest. Don’t use the previous rules to bind yourself.”


Xie Xi declared, “You’re not among the elves right now. You are here with me.”

Aquarius’ long hair was loosened and flowed along his back, adding gentleness to his cold facial features. He bowed his head, “Thank you, my god.”

Xie Xi whispered, “Go to sleep.”

The onlooker Gong Rui sent a ‘war report’ to the rear: I remember that Xie Xi was only 19 years old when he entered Central?

Yan Zhe: Jiang Xie is his first love.

Gong Rui: The facts tell us that the first love is the right person. He has become an old hand at this.

Nan Yi wasn’t as lucky as Pisces. He ‘served’ Pisces but was left outside the door because Pisces wanted to discuss the intruders with Xie Xi.

Nan Yi: Nothing can be seen, nothing can be heard!

The lazy Gong Rui: You don’t want to look at them alone. They are very unfriendly to single dogs. Wait for the group…

He didn’t finish his words but everyone understood.

Xie Xi had some selfish calculations for finding Pisces.

He wanted to look at Pisces’ illusions and see if he could use a higher level of magic.

He had the god’s wisdom and his status was now high. It would make things much easier if he could use the illusions.

Xie Xi asked Pisces, “How do you feel mentally?”

“No problem.”

“if you can, let me see the illusion when you capture the intruders.”

Pisces should come down. Once he got up, his long hair swayed like waves. Small stars spread from his body and it was soon like standing in a sea of stars. Below his feet was empty and above him was also empty. In the big, dark space, the sea demon closed his eyes.

Xie Xi knew this was an illusion.

He watched carefully but he wasn’t watching how Pisces caught Zong Xia. Instead, he was watching how Pisces used the illusion.

It should be possible…

The sketch pen could draw everything he saw. Even if Xie Xi didn’t understand the principles, the sketch pen could draw it.

In addition, the god’s wisdom could create anything…

The illusion ended and Pisces opened his eyes. They were a bit dark and his mental state was poor.

Xie Xi asked, “Are you okay?”

Pisces stood very steadily. “I’m fine.”

“I basically understand everything. You can rest.”

“They have a captain outside. We…”

“He’ll come again. We just have to wait.”

Pisces should sleep.

After using so many illusions one after another, Pisces was really tired. He wanted to talk to Xie Xi but his eyelids were constantly fighting.

Xie Xi didn’t go but sat on the bed and looked at this person.

Pisces leaned against the bed and tried to open his eyes to look at Xie Xi. “Master…”

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

“You are my only tribe.”

The stunned Xie Xi… tribe? He was a sea demon as well?

Pisces paused before stating, “My only wish now is…”

His voice was too light for Xie Xi to hear clearly.

Pisces didn’t say anything more. He bowed his head and kissed the black rose on his wrist before asking, “Can you wait for me to fall asleep before going?”


Pisces lay on the snow-coloured bed, his long hair spread out. His appearance was younger than the other star signs and after falling asleep, there was a hint of boyishness.

Xie Xi stared, words hovering in his heart.

You are my only tribe.

My only wish now is…

Xie Xi’s brain moved.

This world….

It wasn’t the same as the previous worlds he had experienced.

Xie Xi left Pisces room and was planning to go to Scorpio.

He didn’t forget the hint he previously gave. He didn’t plan to do anything but he had to make a trip to coax Scorpio and save him from ‘taking drastic measures.’

Unexpectedly, he just came out of the room when he came face to face with Sagittarius and was hugged.

Xie Xi, “!”

Zong Xia, “…”

Yan Zhe who was with Scorpio, “!!”

Sagittarius didn’t see anyone else. He held Xie Xi and kissed the long and narrow neck, eyebrows raised provocatively as he watched Scorpio.

He said to Xie Xi, “…You promised me, let me eat tonight.”

When did Xie Xi promise him?

He had his back to Scorpio and could feel this guy’s eyes.

It either poked a hole in him, poked a hole in Sagittarius or poked a hole in them both!

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4 years ago

Gong Rui: The facts tell us that the first love is the right person. He has become an old hand at this.
No you’re wrong… He’s only an old hand because he was the scum shou of multiple Jiang’s first love!

Also, I wonder, simply because of The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love, perhaps the evil god is part of multiple races/classes?

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He glanced at Gong Rui and the sharp Gong Rui followed while typing in the area channel.

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