GL: Chapter 74

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My World

Xie Xi couldn’t laugh at all. Sure enough, Comrade Jiang Xie didn’t deserve even a fake smile. Xie Xi’s expression was blank. “Please don’t joke around.”

He gritted his teeth through the polite words.

Jiang Xie stared at him and quietly asked, “Do you think I’m joking?”

Xie Xi, “…”

“I said before that we are fated. This isn’t empty talk. We have a really high compatibility.”

Xie Xi didn’t feel it at all and wanted to smash this person.

Jiang Xie had to change the topic a bit more. “The situation in the Central World isn’t optimistic and is facing the twilight period.”

He talked about business. Xie Xi didn’t know what he was doing and his attention was dragged away.

Xie Xi asked, “Twilight period?”

Jiang Xie told him, “The Central World has been lacking designers lately. New quasi-worlds can’t be born and the cycle is going wrong.”

“Why are designers scarce?”

Once Xie Xi understood the principles of the Central World, he could see that designers were a vital part of the cycle.

Without them to design a new quasi-world, the collectors, explorers and recorders wouldn’t be able to clear a world and there would be no new independent worlds.

If there were no new worlds, there would be no new players. After a bit more time, the ending could be imagined.

Jiang Xie said, “The reason is unknown but the number of players who can become designers is decreasing every year and existing designers are disappearing.”

This was a typical population problem. Older people died while the number of newborns was decreasing. Finally, the population base shrunk dramatically.

Xie Xi didn’t think too much of Jiang Xie word ‘disappearing’ at this time. He thought it was normal death. He might’ve come to the Central World but he had a limited life span and it was impossible to live forever.

Xie Xi asked again, “Why are fewer players able to become designers?”

Jiang Xie spoke slowly. “Talent is needed to become a designer.”

Xie Xi waited for the following words. He didn’t expect Jiang Xie to say, “I don’t have talent. I barely became a designer by being clever.”

It was estimated that the entire Central World would laugh if they heard this.

Of my god, what was this old joke. God X had no talent? Then who was talented in the Central World? Look at the entire world. Which major organization didn’t want to obtain God X?

Yunge’s top person had even ruthlessly declared that he would abdicate the moment God X joined Yunge.

Now Jiang Xie said he had no talent. How many people’s faces would be swollen?

Xie Xi knew that God X was famous and said, “You have designed many worlds and their level is high. How can you have no talent?”

Both worlds might’ve left him with a psychological shadow but they were actually very complete.

Jiang Xie explained, “If I don’t put my souls into them, I can’t design a quasi-world at all.”

Xie Xi’s eyes slightly widened. “Then souls aren’t a necessity?”

He was strangely cute and Jiang Xie smiled. “Not everyone can peel off a part of their soul.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘Oh, it turned out to be a big pervert’s specialty.’

Jiang Xie patiently told him, “Every designer has a different method. I will strip off my soul and let them build the quasi-world.”

It was like pinching a doll, everyone had different techniques. Xie Xi almost understood. “That is also a type of talent.”

Jiang Xie shook his head. “No, this forced design of a quasi-world has a very large limitation.”

Xie Xi vaguely felt there was a pit ahead of him but he still asked. “What is it?”

“My quasi-world doesn’t let anyone not acknowledged by my souls to enter.”

Xie Xi, “!”

Jiang Xie continued, “If no one enters, the world will always be fixed in the Central World and will never become a truly independent world. Then what is the point of designing a quasi-world? They are always dead.”

That’s why Jiang Xie said he had no talent.

He designed many quasi-worlds and the level was very high. This caused a sensation whenever it was announced on the water curtain, making players shocked at his amazing result. In fact, these quasi-worlds were worthless.

Quasi-worlds designed by players could be entered, inspected and tested by players. After being cleared, it became an independent world. This was a complete cycle.

The quasi-worlds that X designed were very complete and beautiful. Unfortunately, no one could enter them to clear them. If a quasi-world couldn’t become an independent world, what was the use?

For example, someone built a gorgeous palace but the door was locked. No one had a key and no one could enter. Then what was the point of the beauty and magnificence?

An uninhabited palace was just a decoration.

Jiang Xie saw that the other person was stunned and took advantage while it was hot. “Fortunately, you came.”

Xie Xi opened the locked door so that Jiang Xie’s ‘palace’ finally had some value.

In the middle of the twilight period where designers were extremely scarce, Xie Xi’s presence made Designer X meaningful. The worlds he designed were no longer dead but a truly distinct and independent world.

It was Xie Xi who brought these worlds into the cycle and injected a new vitality into the Central Government.

An old hand at something was an old hand. This profound and righteous trick of saving the world raised things to -400. It wasn’t 444 so this was worth celebrating.

The next second, Xie Xi recaptured the main point. “Then only I can pass the worlds you have designed?”

Jiang Xie replied, “…Yes.”

Hey, the -400 became -444 again. This was unscientific. It barely increased with so many words, only to fall with one word!

Xie Xi’s mind worked faster as he thought of something more terrible. “In Lost Atlantis, are the eldest prince, second prince and third prince really Randy, Aix-en and Gars from the first world?”

Jiang Xie had a hunch that he would have to withstand a storm but he didn’t hide it. If it was revealed in the future, it would probably fall even more fiercely. “Right.”

Xie Xi wasn’t surprised and cared more about something else. “Why did Randy have memories of the last world?”

Jiang Xie paused but a dead pig didn’t fear scalding water. “It is because he can’t forget you.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie told him, “You cleared the first quasi-world. Once the world becomes independent, my soul will also leave. Then you entered the second quasi-world and the souls involved in the design of this quasi-world woke up. Some of their wishes are so strong that it will affect the world itself.”

Xie Xi’s eyes were wide. “Then Randy’s will was too strong?”

“Yes.” Jiang Xie continued, “In the first quasi-world, you left and Aix-en and Gars sacrificed themselves for love. Randy knew about resurrection due to his contact with black magic and wanted to resurrect you.”

However, the quasi-world became a new independent world. Once a world left the centre, it would repair the traces of the players by itself.

The first quasi-world became independent and Jiang Xie’s soul couldn’t stay there. It could be understood that the soul was temporarily sleeping like the other worlds designed by X.

Once Xie Xi entered Lost Atlantis, Randy’s soul also woke up. His last world’s obsession was too deep and affected the world, allowing him to remember what happened previously.

Aix-en and Gars didn’t know about resurrection so they sacrificed himself after their lover’s death, putting out their obsession. Therefore, they were somewhat concerned about Sein Hall in Lost Atlantis but couldn’t remember the last world.

Xie Xi’s heart was cold. “How do you know this?”

Jiang Xie couldn’t know what Xie Xi had experienced by looking at the world story, but he knew that the vampire and maid died while Randy wanted to resurrect Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie told him, “It is because I took back Randy’s soul.”

Xie Xi sucked in a breath.

Jiang Xie didn’t want to scare him. “I know you didn’t mean it.”

It was a pity that the taste of love and loss was imprinted in his mind.

Xie Xi whispered, “Why can you take back Randy’s soul?”

He really wanted to say, ‘Why don’t you take back all six princes?’

Jiang Xie knew what he was afraid of but was helpless. “I signed the Quasi-World Protection Law. I don’t know which soul participated in the design of which world. If I want to recover the souls, I have to wait for the worlds to be cleared. Randy came back because he only participated in the design of these two worlds.”

23456 didn’t come back!

Xie Xi wasn’t distressed at all about the princes. It was because Lost Atlantis was cleared and became a new world. Once he left, the soul’s identities were fixed and the souls wouldn’t stay there.

The problem was the next world! If the obsession was too deep, they would have memories of the last world.

As for the depth of the obsession… Xie Xi thought about the last scene. if there was no obsession then he would cut off his head and use it as a ball!

If the next world he searched for was X’s design and one of 23456 were present, he was dead!

Xie Xi was really frightened. He sat motionless, his face as white as the white roses behind him.

Jiang Xie was very distressed. There was no red rain, showing that Xie Xi was terrified.

He hastened to comfort Xie Xi. “No, it isn’t that serious.”

Xie Xi looked up at him. Jiang Xie explained, “As long as you team up with others to enter the quasi-world, it should be much easier.”

Xie Xi wasn’t stupid. “Your quasi-world… can anyone else come in?”

“Other people can’t enter but I can.”

Xie Xi was stunned.

“Designers can’t search for quasi-worlds of their own designs but as long as you search for it, you can team up with me and I can also enter.”

Xie Xi paused. “I remember that players with a high level can’t enter a lower world?”

Jiang Xie told him, “I have a way to enter.” He just needed to pay a price.

Xie Xi frowned. “Why?”

Jiang Xie’s current level meant there was no benefit in entering a world of his own designer. Completing the task would only reverse the gains.

Jiang Xie replied, “You are encountering these things because of me. I won’t leave you alone.”

Xie Xi’s mood was very complicated after hearing this…

Jiang Xie continued, “You are the only person who can enter my quasi-worlds. I also hope that they can become real worlds.”

These words touched Xie Xi but then he thought about the souls!

He wondered, “Can I only search for the worlds you designed?”

If this was really the case…

In fact, don’t blame Jiang Xie for this. The real cause was Xie Xi.

The reason was unknown but Xie Xi’s luck value was particularly high, high enough to be outrageous.

In Xie Xi’s current situation, searching for X’s quasi-worlds was the most cost-effective method.

The levels of X’s quasi-worlds were high and they gave excellent rewards, but the clearance tasks were much simpler than other worlds of the same level.

That’s why Xie Xi always got them when searching. It wasn’t his bad luck but his good luck.

In fact, there were two ways to prevent Xie Xi from entering X’s quasi-worlds. One was for Jiang Xie to hate him. The other was for Xie Xi’s rank to be higher than the quasi-worlds X designed.

It was impossible. How could Jiang Xie possibly hate him? It was too late to feel bad.

The second was also impossible. Xie Xi had to do tasks to upgrade. Doing tasks required searching for a new quasi-world. Searching would give him X’s quasi-worlds. This was a dead cycle…

Jiang Xie couldn’t bear Xie Xi’s distress and said, “Tomorrow the open world will open. You can go and see it.”

The cold Little Rose cheered up a bit. “Open world?” Jiang Xie explained, “Yes, it is a world released by the Zone and isn’t a quasi-world. It is hard for it to become a new world independently so it will be randomly opened. All players can apply to enter. As for what will happen, that all depends on personal opportunity.”

Xie Xi was grateful as long as he didn’t meet any souls!

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