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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 16

Xie Xi woke up full of energy. The strength in his body was something he had never experienced before. It was no wonder that succubi loved this type of thing. There was truly a satisfying feeling of fullness.

Jiang Xie leaned on his elbow and glanced at Xie Xi. “Are you comfortable?”

Xie Xi turned, saw the tooth print on the other person’s shoulder and his face heated up. “I’m fine.”

Jiang Xie squinted. “Fine?”

Xie Xi’s face became redder but it was impossible for him to say anything else!

Jiang Xie leaned over, kissed him several times on his red cheeks and said, “Don’t forget the promise you made me.”

How could Xie Xi forget? Those words wandered in his head non-stop like a spell. As long as he remembered them, his heart would thump. He nodded wildly and said, “Yes.”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else and only asked, “Do you have classes during the day? Don’t be late.”

He understood the physique of a succubus. Ordinary people would probably be tired and paralyzed if they didn’t sleep all night but succubi were the opposite. They would be in good spirits.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. The first class was taught by his professor and once the professor saw the reason Xie Xi was absent, he would probably be ecstatic.

Still, Xie Xi was embarrassed to say this. he kept feeling strange and said, “Then I’m going.”

Jiang Xie nodded.

Xie Xi walked to the door of the bedroom before looking back. “You… how can I find you in the future?” In fact, it was okay not to find Jiang Xie but he still wanted to ask. Once the question emerged, his heart thumped like it was jumping out of his chest.

Jiang Xie replied, “I’ll find you.”

Xie Xi bit his lower lip.

Jiang Xie smiled. “Don’t try to steal food. I can see it.” Then he blinked.

Yes, this was a big demon of the Sixth Domain with extraordinary power. It would probably be easy for him to find Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie saw that the succubus was nervous and added, “Rest assured, I won’t interfere with your life. I’ll just know where you are when I think of you.” It was just like this time when he blocked the door of the bar before the little succubus could do bad things.

Xie Xi’s life was honest and he wasn’t afraid of interference. “suit yourself.”

In any case, his time was free while the big demon must be busy. He would wait for the big demon to find him.

Xie Xi was about to go out when Jiang Xie suddenly shouted at him. “Wait.”

Xie Xi turned to look at him. “Hmm?”

Jiang Xie’s finger drew something and Xie Xi felt something on his body. He looked down and found that his clothes became a windbreaker that… wrapped tightly around him.

Jiang Xie was satisfied. “Go to school.”

Xie Xi’s lips twitched. “If a succubus dresses like this, I will be laughed at.”

Jiang Xie didn’t listen.

By the time the two people finished the problem of the clothes, Xie Xi had completely missed his first class.

After school in the evening, he went to the professor and the professor made an understanding expression. “This stinky boy finally figured it out?” Looking at this person’s mental state, it was easy to tell he finally wanted to live!

Xie Xi was ashamed. “Sorry for making you worry.”

The professor sighed. “At least you passed this hurdle. I almost asked the domain master to find the Demon God to help you.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

The professor laughed. “I’m kidding. It is useless to ask. The Demon God wouldn’t care about a little succubus.”

Xie Xi also laughed but his heart was moved. His teacher was really good for him and tried to help him.

The experience meant Xie Xi wasn’t afraid of the upcoming adulthood ceremony.

The professor said, “I’ll arrange it for you.” Xie Xi’s life span would be shortened if he didn’t go through the adulthood ceremony.

Xie Xi nodded. “It is hard for Teacher.”

“You are saying this now?” The professor teased. “Who was the one who said it would either be the Demon God or death?”

This was hitting his face. Xie Xi muttered, “That was nonsense.”

The professor poked him. “I also knew that you were talking nonsense! I don’t want to think about the identity of the Demon God. Even if you go to the Seventh Domain, you might not necessarily be able to see him…”

The professor spoke a bunch of nonsense mainly to vent his fear.

This student was too good that he had really felt distressed.

Now things were cleared up and he should scold Xie Xi as a teacher.

Xie Xi was full of guilt and pricked his ears to listen.

The adulthood ceremony was held very smoothly and Xie Xi clearly felt the power surging in his body.

The professor told him, “You have a good boyfriend.”

Xie Xi asked, “What does it have to do with him?”

The professor said, “It isn’t good to just know the theory. You must practice…”

After the teacher said this, Xie Xi knew that the succubus ate through s*x and really absorbed the power of the partner.

Xie Xi asked anxiously, “Will it hurt him?”

The professor raised his eyebrows. “You care that much?”

Xie Xi shook his head too quickly but he seemed to get a taste of something.

The professor knew Xie Xi had a soft nature and explained, “Don’t worry, it is a matter of mutual benefit. You will gain some strength while his physique will be washed clean. Maybe people want this but can’t ask for it.”

Xie Xi was relieved. If it really was one-sided then the succubi wouldn’t have people constantly approaching them.

These things weren’t written in the textbooks. As for why they weren’t written, it was probably because all succubi knew it and it wasn’t worth mentioning.

After all, it was rare for there to be a succubus with no experience at this age.

The textbooks wouldn’t write down a paragraph specifically for Xie Xi.

The professor reminded him, “You don’t have to worry about him but you must be careful.”

Xie Xi was curious. “About what?”

The professor explained, “If he is too strong then you won’t be able to bear it.”

“He shouldn’t be too strong.”

He didn’t feel any discomfort but in hindsight, he was really full of strength.

The professor stated, “That’s fine.”

That night, Jiang Xie came to him.

They had done it many times before but this was the first time Jiang Xie suddenly appeared in front of him and took him straight away.

They went to bed without saying any words.

In any case, this was the best food for a succubus and Xie Xi was happy.

Afterwards, Jiang Xie took the initiative to ask Xie Xi, “What are your plans after graduation?”

Xie Xi lay on the pillow with a large portion of his back facing the outside. Jiang Xie couldn’t help placing his hand on it.

Xie Xi’s body quivered but he didn’t look at the other person. “I will apply for the Sixth Domain.”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “You will go to find me?”

Xie Xi wondered, “Otherwise?”

“Yes, my little succubus is a good boy who keeps his promises.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “I’m not little and I’m not a child. Don’t use this old-fashioned tone of speech.”

Jiang Xie was full of smiles. “Yes, you’re not little or a child. You just grew up today.” His tone still sounded like he was coaxing a child.

Xie Xi angrily opened his hand and Jiang Xie leaned back. “However, I’m not in the Sixth Domain.”

“What domain are you in?” Speaking of which, he hadn’t asked much about Jiang Xie’s situation.

Jiang Xie answered, “The Seventh Domain.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “The Seventh Domain? Then I…” He scored very well and applying for the Sixth Domain wasn’t a problem, but the Seventh Domain… there were many rigid standards and he couldn’t pass with just good grades. It also depended on luck.

Jiang Xie told him, “If you apply then you can definitely go.”

HIs tone was so firm that Xie Xi was curious. “What exactly is your identity?”

After knowing this person for so long, Xie Xi had naturally checked Jiang Xie’s identity. Unfortunately, the name was so strange that no one knew it.

Xie Xi suspected Jiang Xie was a domain master but the names of the domain masters were known and there was no one called Jiang Xie.

Maybe it was a pseudonym?

Jiang Xie asked him, “Who do you think I am?”

Xie Xi tried to guess. “A demon general?” It had to be at least this level to stay in the Seventh Domain.

“Guess again.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “One of the domain masters? Who… the names aren’t right.”

Jiang Xie looked at him. “’Guess again.”

Xie Xi couldn’t guess. “You’re not a demon general or a domain master. At your age… you can’t be a clerk!”

The really big Jiang Xie was poked. “I’m not much older than you.” He was actually eight thousand years old.

Xie Xi really couldn’t guess. He knew what Jiang Xie was afraid of and lay on Jiang Xie. “Who are you?”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi blinked.

Jiang Xie bit Xie Xi on the neck as punishment for his seduction. “The Demon God.”

Xie Xi, “???”

“Didn’t you want to be loyal to me? Then stay in the Seventh Domain in the future and be the lust domain master.”

Xie Xi, “!!!”

This news not only blew up Xie Xi but also blew up the entire Demon World.

The Demon God was an almost legendary existence. No one had seen him apart from the domain masters butt he rumours were clear. For example, the Demon God was above the seven desires and wouldn’t be trapped by any desires. He was an omnipotent existence supporting the entire Demon World.

Now the god had a succubus companion.

It was like blowing up the Demon World.

Xie Xi also took a long time to accept the reality while his professor went crazy. “You… you… you really only accepted the Demon God or you would’ve died!”

Xie Xi couldn’t say anything. How did he know that this bastard man would be the sacred and inviolable Demon God?

Still, it was the truth.

Once Jiang Xie’s identity was revealed, the first thing Jiang Xie told Xie Xi was, “Should I remind you? Your promise to me is the same as an oath and you will be punished if you break it.”

Xie Xi was disillusioned. This was the Demon God he wanted to swear allegiance to?

Later, Xie became the master of Lust.

It wasn’t good for him to skip ranks and Jiang Xie took this into account. He beat up the domain masters and demons one by one, making them obedient and thankful to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was strong and after taking on this burden, he must do everything well. He never let anyone point out any mistakes.

He worked hard and inevitably neglected Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie didn’t feel urgent and watched Xie Xi grow up from the little succubus to a convincing domain master.

This section was mostly related to the development of the Demon World. Xie Xi didn’t think much about it and moved to the end.

The contradiction between him and the Demon God slightly increased.

Jiang Xie didn’t come out. At first, the domain masters were perfunctory about Xie Xi. After several hundred years, Xie Xi mastered the absolute rights with his own strength.

The two people had been together for so long but never talked things out.

It wasn’t until Xie Xi visited Heaven and watched a movie that he understood the word love.

Thanks to this introduction, the seeds buried in his heart burst out.

Jiang Xie tied Xie Xi to him with an oath but Xie Xi found the real tie was his love for Jiang Xie.


The Demon World didn’t care about this. In particular, the demons who majored in lust considered loyalty as a joke.

Yet Xie Xi, the master of lust, wanted faithful love.

From this time on, Xie Xi had his own ideas about the development of the Demon World.

He started to promote integration with Heaven and became more inclined to the social form of Heaven. He strived to change the Demon World…

Such a big move was bound to cause a reaction.

The domain masters were convinced by him but these policies, which clearly overturned the traditions of the Demon World, shook them.

They reported the news to Jiang Xie and told him about Xie Xi’s yearning for Heaven.

Over the years, Jiang Xie had never interfered with Xie Xi’s decisions but this matter was too much. For the first time, he reprimanded Xie Xi with a serious attitude and stopped these reforms.

Xie Xi had cold water poured on him and his blood was chilled.

Jiang Xie coaxed him, “Everything else is up to you but this nonsense can’t be allowed. The Demon World is the Demon World. It can’t be reduced to a second Heaven.”

This made Xie Xi wonder, “What is so bad about Heaven?” Angels were loyal, chaste, sang about love, advocated spiritual abundance and didn’t indulge in physical desires.

Jiang Xie frowned. “Don’t talk about it.”

Xie Xi was furious. “Do you think I am talking nonsense? Does the Demon World never need to change? Why can’t we learn from the good things about Heaven? Can the Demon World only be like this?”

Jiang Xie’s voice was soft. “The Demon World was created by me and I know what is best for it.”

A deep sense of powerlessness encased Xie Xi. “I don’t like the Demon World.”

Jiang Xie’s voice became cold. “Then you prefer Heaven?”

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

Jiang Xie’s eyes narrowed and he asked, “What did you encounter when you went to Heaven?”

Xie Xi summoned up the greatest courage of his life and told Jiang Xie in a trembling voice, “…Love.”

Perhaps it happened from a long time ago but he hadn’t understood until now. The reason why Xie Xi’s heart thumped when Jiang Xie said ‘You can only belong to me’ was because of love.

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