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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 19

Xie Xi held back. In any case, he had the ruby earring and would know the truth sooner or later.

He didn’t believe that the national teacher’s confession could bring the relationship between the two people to an irretrievable point.

Even if the beast king had no love for the national teacher, friendship and affection must be present. He wouldn’t leave everything to hide in a cave just because of a love confession.

There was also the chest injury and it might be related to this fight.

Xie Xi slowly remembered the little lion and it was impossible to sleep here the entire time.

At breakfast, the little lion sat next to Xie Xi because of his estrus privilege.

Xie Xi relied on him and indulged him.

Leo’s heart was as sweet as honey and he ate more meat for breakfast.

Xie Xi smiled at him. “Be careful.”

“I’ll be doing martial arts activities later.”

Xie Xi stated, “I’ll accompany you.”

Leo was even happier and added, “I’m practicing using the pike today.” He knew that Xie Xi liked to watch this.

Xie Xi really liked it and was looking forward to it. “Good!”

Their words were quite ordinary but the atmosphere was very sticky The two people were wrapped in the same bubble and other people could only watch with envy, unable to interject.

The national teacher sat on the other side of the table and had no appetite.

The person who had been closest to Xie Xi was him. Every time Xie Xi learnt a new move, he would show him first and even teach him.


Houqing suppressed his thoughts but he couldn’t get rid of the bitterness in his heart.

He couldn’t think any more, he couldn’t make any more mistakes. He had no chances.

Houqing gripped the knife and fork with great force.

Xie Xi was still very attentive. He considered his actions when talking to the lion and there was no thing intimate.

He was afraid of poking at the heart of the national teacher. He valued both equally and was afraid of them suffering discomfort.

Unfortunately, his affinity for Jiang Xie went soul deep. No matter how careful, he treated the souls completely differently.

After breakfast, the national teacher went to work while Xie Xi and the little lion went to the training field.

The guards were shocked when they saw the little lion.

It wasn’t normal to be so calm during the estrus period!

Xie Xi didn’t anything. Just like in the dream last night, if the little lion couldn’t extinguish the fire then he would strike!

Of course, the guards didn’t ask anything, especially since they knew this was the king’s man. They just treated him more carefully than before.

Leo was young and full of enthusiasm. He was eager to show off in front of his sweetheart.

He played with the pike, forcing the defender who confronted him to retreat.

Xie Xi watched with a smile and inexplicably remembered Zhao Zilong of Changshan who dared to walk alone!

Of course, ZIlong didn’t have the round lion ears and long lion tail.

They left the training field and the lion went to take a bath. He pulled Xie Xi into the bath and the two people were intimate in the bedroom.

Xie Xi was most afraid of this dog-like sniffing. “Don’t… don’t do this…”

The lion wrapped his tail around Xie Xi’s thin waist. “You are so fragrant.”

Xie Xi, “…” He always felt that he was a piece of meat and was one step from being eaten by the lion.

In a way, he really was a ‘step’ away.

The two people were tired at noon and ended up sleeping.

The lion understood how to control himself and didn’t dare hurt Xie Xi. The more restrained he was, the happier he became and his heart was full with love.

He hugged Xie Xi and whispered, “Sir, I really…”

He wanted to say that he liked this person but then thought of a more beautiful word. “I really love you.”

Xie Xi’s small heart was like a swing blown by the wind. It wanted to rush out and fly away, but it was held back by the ropes.

Xie Xi kissed this person on the lips.

The lion stared at him with sun-like golden eyes. “Aren’t we so good?”

Xie Xi thought, ‘We have been like this for a long time.’

Leo spoke again. “Let me stay with you and always love you, okay?”

Who would refuse?

Xie Xi had to think of the miserable white-haired man to calm himself down.

Xie Xi asked the lion, “What’s good about me? I can’t do anything with such a bad body.”

The simple little lion’s thoughts were immediately shifted. “You don’t have to do anything. You’re so good, particularly good. I will take care of you in the future!”

Xie Xi found it somewhat funny. “What do you like about me?”

In fact, he was quite puzzled about this. He never knew why Jiang Xie liked him.

The difference between them was very big. One was a top designer and one was a beginner player. How did that guy… did he fall in love at first sight?

With Jiang Xie’s experience, what was there that he hadn’t encountered?

Of course, Xie Xi felt that this question couldn’t be answered by Leo. Leo didn’t have as much life experience.

Unexpectedly, Leo replied, “I like you because I like you. When I see you, I think of you. I can’t suppress my heart. It is like you are engraved in my soul.”

Xie Xi was stunned and spoke in his heart, ‘Stupid lion.’

Expressing such thoughts, how could the other person not cherish it?

Leo stated, “Maybe we knew each other a long time ago and just forgot each other.”

Xie Xi couldn’t help kissing him. “Maybe that is the case.”

Before dinner, the national teacher came to find Xie Xi. “Your Majesty, I have something to tell you.”

Xie Xi told the lion, “I’ll see you at dinner.”

Leo stared at the national teacher but didn’t say anything. This was regarding the affairs of the Tiger Country and as a foreigner, he was naturally unable to listen.

He replied to Xie Xi, “I’ll see you later.”’

Leo left and Xie Xi glanced at the national teacher. “What is it?”

“I’ve found the details of Jiang Xie. Please take a look.”

Xie Xi had commanded the national teacher to check the little lion.

This was a precaution. The experience of the little lion’s family was so bad that Xie Xi needed to know more details in order to prevent any troubles.

Xie Xi took the information and looked it over while listening to the national teacher’s brief summary. “He is from the lion’s royal family. He is the sixth child of the former lion king who died because of a coup.”

Sure enough, the souls knew how to set themselves up.

The little lion being part of the Lion Country’s royal family was similar to Xie Xi’s guess.

He looked carefully and asked, “Who was the former lion king?”

The national teacher explained, “The Lion Country always had a war faction and a pace faction. The dead former lion king was part of the war faction. You remember Jiang Yuan, who once sent someone to assassinate you.”

Xie Xi didn’t remember!

He replied, “How could I forget?”

“After you unified the eight countries, the Lion Country’s royal family stayed dormant and waited for you…” He paused before vaguely saying, “The eight countries split up and the Lion Country’s royal family regained power. Jiang Yuan was re-elected as king.”

Xie Xi nodded.

The national teacher continued, “The Lion Country has always had good relations with the Tiger Country. The leader of the peace faction, Song Wei, fought side by side with you. They might’ve been conquered by the royal family but they saved enough strength and caught Jiang Yuan by surprise when he had forgotten them.”

It was basically like this.

Xie Xi unified the eight countries and the leader of the Lion COuntry was Song Wei of the peace faction. The Rose Empire collapsed and the Lion Country’s Jiang Yuan regained power, pushing Song Wei and his faction out of the political arena. How could they be willing to accept this? They launched a coup and Jiang Yuan was killed.

The role played by Jiang Xie was very innocent. He was just a little lion who was one month old. He wasn’t even clear about the details of his family.

Xie Xi clearly remembered that the little lion said his father and sister were dead but…

He was obviously the sixth child. It seemed that one sister often took care of him so he only remembered her.

The national teacher spoke again, “The situation of Jiang Xie means that him staying here will cause endless troubles.”

His words might sound selfless but how could Xie Xi believe it?

Besides, no matter Leo’s setting, Xie Xi couldn’t leave him.

Xie Xi answered, “It’s fine, he was too young to remember anything.”

The national teacher frowned and couldn’t help asking, “Why do you value him so much?”

How could Xie Xi answer?

The truth couldn’t be spoken and it was inevitable that the national teacher would misunderstand.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “The matter of the Lion Country’s royal family really has nothing to do with him. A one month old child wouldn’t know anything.”

He said this and the national teacher no longer asked.

Xie Xi gazed at the other person, his heart a bit empty.

It shouldn’t matter…

Xie Xi felt that his nerves were over-stressed.

After eating, it was time for the medicinal bath.

Xie Xi hadn’t taken painkillers recently but his body didn’t hurt. This medicinal bath did work but his injury was too serious and it was difficult to recover quickly.

Xie Xi deliberately let himself fall asleep in the medicinal bath because he wanted to continue dreaming.

Sure enough, as long as the national teacher was present then the dreams were related to him.

This dream was in the tiger king’s palace.

Xie Xi wore a grand outfit as he stood on a high platform and was admired by thousands of people.

Houqing was kneeling at his right hand, white cloak against the ground and his posture of one knee on the ground as beautiful as a blooming white flower.

Xie Xi watched them for a moment before raising his hand. “Get up.”

The group of people cheered, the waves of sound echoing in the magnificent hall and making people dizzy.

Xie Xi ascended the throne to be emperor and the Rose Empire was born!

Regarding the title of emperor, it was handed to him by Houqing. “The eight countries are led by you. If everyone thinks you don’t have the highest power, many decrees will be difficult to carry out.”

At first, Xie Xi didn’t want to be called emperor. “An imperial rule has many drawbacks.”

Houqing replied, “However, this is undoubtedly the fastest way to spread your wishes through the world.”

“What if I die?”

Houqing whispered, “Perhaps you would’ve already created a complete policy to suppress imperial power.”

Xie XI was persuaded by him.

Everything that Houqing did perfectly fit with Xie Xi.

Xie Xi wanted to return the world to peace and prosperity and he also wanted. Xie Xi wanted the beastmen to live a prosperous and healthy life and he was the same. Xie Xi’s heart was full of ambition and Houqing put all his energy into implementing the decrees, wanting to make this country better.

Other people sang the praises of the benevolent beast king, stating that the national teacher was the beast king’s right arm and they were truly wise men.

Houqing liked to listen to these things and worked harder.

This lasted until Xie Xi went out on patrol and was almost assassinated by rebels.

The moment the poison arrow struck Xie Xi’s lower abdomen, Houqing felt the pain of his heart being pierced. At this moment, he recognized his heart.

Everything he did was only for Xie Xi.

In his narrow heart, he only had this person.

The so-called peace and prosperity, the so-called healthy beastmen, the so-called heart full of ambition, all of this was because they were Xie Xi’s wishes.

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