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Can’t Be Erased 11

It was turned back to this question.

Xie Xi found it difficult to open his mouth but he had to open it. “He is outside.”

By this time, Yan Zhe had finished the healing and saved the life of Nan Yi. He wondered, “Old Jiang is outside? Why doesn’t he come in? Is he on guard duty? Is this being self-conscious?”

Xie Xi had to say that brothers who shared pants were confidants and knew each other well.

Yan Zhe spat out, “You have done tens of thousands of missions with him? When has he ever let you be the sentry?”

Nan Yi stood up. “Is he looking for the boss, Fu*k, the black wings are mind. I really want to cut them off and fix them on me. Really cool!”

Xie Xi reflected for a while before understanding which pair of black wings.

Was it Capricorn’s black wings?

…They were very handsome… but…

Xie Xi asked them, “How were you locked up in here?”

Nan Yi explained, “Our mission is to kill the fallen six star signs. Old N did a scan and found that this is the destination.”

Then Yan Zhe continued, “We were ready to come in when we encountered a winged person with huge black wings. He seemed to be able to manipulate the castle and used the technique to split us up.”

Nan Yi exclaimed, “I was only deliberately caught in order to protect Ah Zhe!”

Gong Rui said, “Your third leg was broken and you didn’t dare to leave Ah Zhe.”

Nan Yi scolded him, “It is better than you, single-handed waste!”

Gong Rui wasn’t angry. He just turned over and continued to do nothing.

Yan Zhe added, “General Qin and Zong Xia escaped. Old N has many patterns and it is said that he injured one of the lichs.”

Xie Xi wasn’t happy. It turned out that Scorpio was hit by N.

Nan Yi opened his mouth. “The six fallen star signs are very powerful. Old Qin and Zong Xia are being pursued very badly.”

They were a team and could communicate with each other.

Xie Xi asked, “What are the races of the two star signs chasing General Qin and Mr Zong?”

Nan Yi answered, “Old Qin’s side seemed to be a dark elf. He is very abnormal and has the elf’s powerful magic ability and exaggerated agility. If Old Qin didn’t have thick skin, he would be dead!”

Yan Zhe added, “Zong Xia’s opponent is every stranger. I heard that he is a long extinct sea demon and uses illusions after illusions. If Zong Xia wasn’t promoted to a god viewer, he would’ve long been caught and brought back.

A god viewer was also a sacred occupation in Central. It wasn’t as rare as a godly healer but it was still rare.

A dark elf and a sea demon…

In the end, which one was Aquarius and which one was Pisces?

Based on the name, Pisces was more like the sea demon? However, Aquarius also had an association with water and might be a water species.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry since he knew the basic situation of the last two Jiang Xies.

Yan Zhe asked Xie Xi, “What is going on here? Have you also sneaked into this castle?

Nan Yu cried out, “I heard there is an evil god living in the castle and his power is about the six fallen star signs. He is an all-rounder and Old Jiang isn’t a match for him!”

Xie Xi, “…”

The truth was that he was the legendary evil god.

Yan Zhe asked again, “What is the situation outside? Are you injured and need my healing?”

Xie Xi confessed. “In fact… I’m the master here.”

His words dropped and the gods in the dungeon were stunned. They understood each word but they looked like they didn’t understand.

Xie Xi faced the three people and could only continue to rip off the bandage. “I am the evil god you mentioned. As for Jiang Xie,” he glanced at Nan Yi and continued. “He is the one who caught you.”

There was nothing wrong with this. Jiang Xie was the six star signs. Not only was he the people who caught them, but he was also the ones still chasing…

The three people were shocked for a long time before Nan Yi swore, “That old animal. He tricked me!”

Yan Zhe frowned. “The winged person is Jiang Xie?” Why did he feel strange?

Xie Xi hastily explained, “He is integrated into the soul and has no memory of Central.”

Nan Yi wondered, “He has full-level mental strength yet he lost his memory?”

Losing memories was very common when entering quasi-worlds. Thus, Central had a special ability to enhance mental strength. Generally, the mental pollution of the quasi-world would be isolated.

Mental power was a talent that senior players could open and was extremely difficult to repair. Gold coins and mission points were needed.

Xie Xi knew some of this so he understood why Nan Yi was so surprised.

He explained, “There isn’t much relationship with the mind. The soul itself is him. Integration with the soul doesn’t mean his mind is polluted because the soul belongs to him.”

This explanation was well understood.

Mental power was to prevent interference in a small world but if it was their own soul, how could it interfere?

Nan Yi also understood and became more comfortable. It wasn’t because he was pitted by Jiang Xie—he was used to being pitted—but because he lost nothing.

After all, this was Old Jiang. Losing to a person he never won against was nothing to be depressed about!

Yan Zhe was still frowning. “Our mission is to kill the six fallen star signs. This seems to include Jiang Xie?”

Xie Xi whispered, “It isn’t including…?”

Yan Zhe sighed with relief. “Then the winged person isn’t one of the six star signs?”

Nan Yi rushed forward. “Then it’s easy. Let Old Jiang go kill the six of them!”

Xie Xi completely told the truth. “The winged person is Capricorn and he is one of the six star signs. My previous words mean that it isn’t just including. All the targets you want to kill are Jiang Xie.”

The three people, “???”

Gong Rui, who was too lazy to speak, couldn’t help blinking. “What do you mean?”

“The six fallen star signs are all Jiang Xie’s souls.”

Yan Zhe, Nan Yi and Gong Rui, “……….”

Yan Zhe muttered, “They are all Jiang Xie?”

Nan Yi also said, “No wonder why Old Qin and Zong Xia are being chased so badly.”

Gong Rui analyzed the true matter. “Then the erasure task is to kill Jiang Xie’s souls?”

Xie Xi sighed. “I don’t know much. I might’ve come in later than you.”

It was because he came in when the erasure mission was released. Central time and the quasi-world time was relatively static and was equivalent to when God Yan received the task and entered the world.

At the time, they hadn’t thought too much. Old Jiang was enough to make them lost quickly. It would be six times faster with six Old Jiangs. The thought made their scalps numb.

Yan Zhe asked again, “What is the progress of repairing the quasi-world? Do you need us to help?”

Xie Xi thought, ‘My progress is like Schrodinger’s cat. One minute it is 100% and the next minute it is 0%. If I don’t open the lid then I won’t know the result.’

Nan Yi also asked, “You are the evil god. Is your mission to conquer the mainland? I can do this! Let me go out and I’ll help you handle the winged species!” He never forgot the big wings. Although the wings of the winged species were white but hair dye was invented for a reason. He could artificially dye the wings black and also become a cool tyrant!

Xie Xi smiled reluctantly. “It isn’t conquering the mainland…”

Yan Zhe reassured him. “It doesn’t matter. No matter the task, we will help you.”

After all, Litel Rose had less experience. They hadn’t experienced anything positive but after swimming through a river of knives, what hadn’t they seen?

Xie Xi received Yan Zhe’s heart but unfortunately, the task was only for him. The others could only watch the fun.

Xie Xi confessed, “Based on my previous experience, as long as the souls are appeased, I can take them away from this quasi-world and the repair is successful.”

Yan Zhe wondered, “It is so simple?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Nan Yi asked, “How do you appease him? Is it to make him happy?”

Xie Xi replied, “Almost…”

The lazy Gong Rui was a sharp player. He coldly spoke, “Is it necessary for you to fall in love with him so he can be happy?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Nan Yi exclaimed, “That’s better. The two of you already…”

Yan Zhe found the main point. “There are six Jiang Xies…”

Xie Xi stared at Yan Zhe, his eyes showing hardship.

Nan Yi also reacted. “Fu*k! Six Old Jiang’s must fall in love with you?”


Gong Rui finally sat up straight, his entire body filled with energy. “What are we waiting for? Hurry up and… do the repair task.”

Nan Yi and Yan Zhe stared at their teammate with amazement.

If the lazy god Gong Rui could be so diligent then the Central Government was afraid that a major disaster was imminent.

Just then, Capricorn’s low voice was heard from outside. “Master, Aquarius and Pisces have returned.”

Hearing this voice say master and then thinking that it was Old Jiang, the three people in the prison suddenly felt strange, as if they were hearing a strange play.

Nan Yi couldn’t help glancing at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was normally only ashamed at ‘home’ and now it was thrown in front of a friend. Um…

Go back and commit domestic violence!

His heart was embarrassed but his face had long been used to it. He still acted like the evil god.

He removed the sound barrier and asked, “Have they caught the people?”

Capricorn replied, “Fortunately, you weren’t insulted.”

In this way, Old Qin and Zong Xia were also captured.

Xie Xi was afraid that Jiang Xie would accidentally put his friends to death and immediately ordered, Bring them over.”

Capricorn bowed.

Xie Xi told Yan Zhe, “I have to temporarily wrong you and have you stay here. I will find a way to steady them and then use a reasonable excuse to release you.”

Gong Rui said, “If we become your believers then it will give you an excuse.”

Nan Yi added, “yes, we are five people. One person can watch each Jiang Xie…”

Xie Xi’s mouth twitched. “I will look for a chance to try it.”

It would indeed be easier with helpers but…

He thought of Jiang Xie. Xie Xi, who hadn’t yet begun to lose his face, felt a bit hot.

Xie Xi lowered the enchantment on the dungeon and saw the last two Jiang Xies.

The first one to appear was the dark elf. He was dressed well with long black hair tied behind his head. His ears were pointed and an ink-coloured earring hung from his left ear like a flower.

He was tall and handsome, bronze eyes staring at people with a deep suffocation.

Then from the darkness emerged the only surviving sea demon.

His slightly dark blue hair hung to the ground, like the deep and cold sea bottom, making his skin whiter.

Once the blue eyes fell on Xie Xi, they filled with a demonic charm.

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