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Open World 36

Xie Xi spat out in his heart, ‘It is impossible if he wants to be together’ Who knew how many souls this person still had wandering outside?!

There was only one Xie Xi and ‘hundreds’ of Jiang Xie. How could they be a natural pair?

Wait, who wanted to pair up with him? It wasn’t Bluetooth and Bluetooth!

Xie Xi no longer cared about Jiang Xie in case he forgot things.

Jiang Xie stared hard at the -365. ‘What crazy thing did I do to make the child hate me so much?’

Could it be… well, it couldn’t be too extreme or Xie Xi would’ve already broken their relationship.

It was a pity for Old Jiang. He broke his head thinking about it but didn’t expect it was due to the worlds he designed.

Don’t mention the Quasi-World Protection Law. Even if he didn’t sign this, his amnesiac brain couldn’t imagine that the quasi-worlds he designed would be like that.

After all, his original purpose for designing those worlds was very serious, whether it was getting rid of demons for the people (Love to the Left or Right) or land and sea coexistence and environmental disputes (Lost Atlantis)…

In any case, he didn’t imagine his love scrambled brain would make himself wear a green hat! (TL: Means your significant other cheated on you)

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “Let’s go in and see.”

Xie Xi’s mood was a bit complicated as he was about to open the door. He wanted to complete the task and leave the open world, but he also didn’t want to.

The Jiang Xie in front of him was strange and familiar. What about after they returned to Central?

Xie Xi didn’t like X. It was the designer X who stayed in the rose garden and saw through everything. Xie Xi always felt like there was an inexplicable sense of distance between them. But…

X was Jiang Xie and Jiang Xie was X. They were the same person from beginning to end.

Xie Xi retracted his thoughts and stared a the sun door.

Sure enough, the red door indicated the heat. After pushing the door open a crack, Xie Xi felt the blazing heat.

Jiang Xie moved forward first. “Be careful.” He completely pushed the door open.

Xie Xi’s eyes fell on his hand.

Jiang Xie reassured him. “I’m fine. I have thick skin.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie continued, “My skin is thick but my face is thin.”

Don’t mention Xie Xi, even the group of four had a toothache at the words. They were afraid they wouldn’t be able to handle the word ‘thin-skinned’ later on.

Xie Xi was too lazy to care about this and picked up Jiang Xie’s hand. Sure enough, it was red and blistered. Xie Xi had just discovered that the temperature of the door was becoming hotter and hotter. Jiang Xie had pushed it open and the final temperature must be very high.

Jiang Xie had been enduring it and finally couldn’t hold back. “Or you can blow on it for me.”

Xie Xi glared at him. “Do you think I have a magic breath?”

“It is my magic breath.”

Xie Xi, “……”

The four people silently turned away and cough… they learnt it.

Xie Xi was both distressed and angry. He finally cruelly opened his claws, “It might hurt but this side has no medicine.”

Jiang Xie was afraid that he was worried. “It really doesn’t hurt.”

Xie Xi wouldn’t blow on it in front of people and stared intently inside the door.

The door opened and there was a sea of fire inside. It seemed there was no place for anyone to move. The people who originally wanted to follow silently retreated when they saw this.

They didn’t have to go in. Just looking showed that it was dangerous.

Cao Yan suggested, “I’ll go and see first.” He went in while spraying fire from his mouth.

Zhu Li hurriedly said, “I’ll go with him.” They both had fire related skills that could act as an anti-fire curtain for a bit.

Xie Xi didn’t feel urgent. He waited for the two fire-resistant people to probe a bit before going in.

The next minute, Cao Yan and Zhu Li came out. “The inside is full of fire but fortunately, there is no smoke. We can pass as long as we’re careful.”

There was no water around and no way to wet their clothes. The possibility of ignition was extremely high once entering. Since the inside was full of fire, how could they extinguish the fire? It would be a mess if many people entered.

The people who waited to see really didn’t want to enter this door. They felt it was too dangerous.

Xie Xi might be able to give people arms and legs but it wasn’t useful in this fire. The fire might burn to the point where it couldn’t be repaired.

It was natural to feel cautious. Xie Xi had no opinion on this. He wouldn’t lead others or refuse others. It was like the two doors in the labyrinth. Everyone had the right to choose.

Cao Yan took the initiative. “I will go ahead.” He could resist fire and his arms could be burned casually. He wasn’t afraid of pain.

Zhu Li said, “I’ll be in the rear.” He could fight the fire but his zombie leg was needed to move. If he burned himself, he would just be cumbersome.

Zhuo Liu and Zhuang Yi might not be fire resistant but they were agile and their self-preservation wasn’t weak.

Xie Xi wasn’t weak at all. His beginner qualifications were almost full and he was stronger than most newcomers.

The quarter meant to have him in the middle but Xie Xi shook his head. “My eyesight is better. I will follow behind Cao Yan.” If he went ahead, he could see more clearly and spot any changes.

Zhu Li wanted to argue when Jiang Xie told them, “Don’t you trust in your boss?”

Zhu Li was stunned before his spirit returned. Yes, their boss wasn’t a pure healer. He was a vigorous and decisive frontline warrior with accurate judgment!

Remember the chicken mobilization game where Yun Die tried a sneak attack. The quarter hadn’t reacted but their boss had long held a g*n and didn’t hesitate to shoot the woman. If it wasn’t for their boss, who knows how many times they would’ve died!

Zhu Li scratched his head. “I was confused!”

The lineup was settled. Cao Yan was in front, Xie Xi second, Jiang Xie naturally relied on his wife (not), Zhuo Liu and Zhuang Yi were next and Zhu Li was last.

Other people wanted to follow but they couldn’t control that many people. This was a narrow path. The group would lead the way and the other people could only follow. It couldn’t be helped if they couldn’t keep up.

The entire procession went in. They entered the door and it was all fire. The other people couldn’t see and Cao Yan and Zhu Li couldn’t rely on their fire-resistance to search for the path. It was extremely difficult to find.

Xie Xi played his role and stretched out his five senses to the extreme.

His eyes stared at the fiery red and his ears listened to the sizzling fire. He was extremely focused because he was afraid something would pop out of the fire.

They walked like this for half an hour and everyone was sweaty.

Cao Yan wondered, “How long is this road?”

Xie Xi bowed his head and looked. “Go further.”

They had been marking their way since they set off. If they were walking in a circle, they would see the marks left behind.

Cao Yan knew this and replied, “Okay.”

He stopped after three steps. There was no need for him to speak as Xie Xi had already seen the marks they left behind. It was really a circle…

It seemed they couldn’t just walk straight through this corner.

Cao Yan asked, “What do we do? If we go in a circle then we can’t leave.”

This situation couldn’t last long. Cao Yan and Zhu Li couldn’t withstand this heat, let alone other people.

Xie Xi frowned and thought about it. “Walk a bit longer. I feel like I heard something before.”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. He hadn’t said anything because pretending to be deaf had many benefits. His ears were good but it wasn’t worth fighting.

Besides, his hearing wasn’t in line with the restrictions of the open world. If he solved everything, was there any fun in the game?

It was fortunate that Qin Ge and Yan Zhe weren’t here to hear him or they would surely swear at him. ‘What do you know about having fun in the game?’

The other four were confused. “Was there a sound?”

Xie Xi replied, “I’m not sure either but it was like… the crying of a child.”

Zhuo Liu wondered, “A child crying? How can there be a child in this place?”

Cao Yan called out, “Let’s go! If this is a circle, we will definitely pass by it. Boss, listen carefully.”

They really didn’t hear anything. It was probably because Xie Xi’s hearing qualifications were higher.

The reason why Xie Xi didn’t tell them to stop previously was because he wasn’t sure the sound was a clue. It would’ve been good if they could go outside in one trip.

Now it seemed like the path was circular and he had to rethink things.

He was more focused than before. His whole body was red from the fire but his eyes were always calm.

In fact, Xie Xi was very nervous. Everyone had come in this door because of him. If he couldn’t bring them out then…

He couldn’t think about it. They had to leave! Xie Xi listened intently and after 10 minutes of walking, he whispered, “Stop!”

It was here. Previously it was vague but now that he was listening more clearly, it was definitely a child crying.

Xie Xi asked them, “Do you hear it?”

The quarter shook their head. They couldn’t hear anything over the sound of the fire.

Xie Xi listened for a moment and was quite certain. “It is a young child in the 9 o’clock direction.”

The group looked that way and Zhu Li became startled, “Indeed!”

Now that he looked seriously, he actually could see a red baby in the flames.

He floated in the flames but wasn’t burnt. He just cried fiercely and his voice became louder and louder, allowing everyone to hear it.

Zhu Li said, “I’ll go over and take a look.”

Xie Xi grabbed his clothes. “Can you do it?”

“I won’t die.”

“Don’t worry.” Xie Xi suddenly said. “He seems to have discovered us.”

The little baby discovered that someone was watching him. He cried a bit before tilting his head and looking over.

Miraculously, the flames became smaller the moment he stopped crying. It was originally sky high but now it was the height of a bush.

The group’s eyes brightened. “This child is the key!”

Unfortunately, it only lasted a moment. The child started crying again and the flames became bigger than before.

Zhu Li said again, “I’ll go and check the situation.” It would be easy to get out of here if they could keep the child from crying.

However, there was no need to walk over as the child moved towards them while crying.

The baby was white and tender and wasn’t burned by the fire. The tears that he wept dried instantly and only his pitiful voice could be seen.

After approaching, Zhu Li couldn’t help whispering, “Little baby, don’t cry.”

The baby looked at him and cried even more fiercely!

Zhu Li, “…”

Zhuang Yi looked like a woman and should have a higher affinity with the baby. He tried to make his voice gentle, “Little guy…”

There was no need to look. The baby directly howled and the fire grew wilder!

The narrow trails became narrower and several people were afraid to move.

Zhuo Liu didn’t dare go forward.

The baby cried for a while before the sound became smaller and more wronged. “Mummy, Mummy and Daddy doesn’t want me.”

The crowd was stunned. Who were his Mummy and Daddy?

Then a scene occurred that made people even more stunned. Jiang Xie leaned over and hugged the baby. “Okay, don’t cry.”

Unexpectedly, the baby really didn’t cry. He stared at Jiang Xie and murmured, “Daddy…” Then he couldn’t endure it anymore and howled.

This was a terrible situation!

Flames were emitted from the baby and Zhuo Liu and Zhuang Yi quickly hid in case they were burnt!

Miraculously, Jiang Xie wasn’t burned. His handsome features in the fire were particularly dazzling and his gentle voice was heard, “Your mummy is here. He won’t hug you until you stop crying.”

It actually worked! The baby didn’t cry!

The quartet was horrified and wondered, ‘Which bastard did you make this illegitimate child with?’

Then Jiang Xie held out the child towards Xie Xi and said, “Don’t burn your mother.”

Xie Xi, “???”

He took the baby and stared at him.

The baby stared back for a moment before smiling. “Mummy!”

It was so loud that the people outside the door could probably hear it! At the same time, all the flames were extinguished.

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