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Collapsed God 20

Comrade Jiang Xie cheered up and was full of fighting spirit. He couldn’t wait to save the universe now!

Xie Xi thought carefully and wanted to explain about Big Jiang and Little Jiang in the presidential palace. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find an appropriate way to describe it.

What to say…

One was his ‘ex-husband’ and soon after the divorce, Xie Xi managed to coax him back. The other was his ‘new love’ fished out of prison and everyone called this person a child bride…

Forget everybody else. Xie Xi wanted to give himself a shot and end this slag life!

Jiang Xie was motivated and was very concerned about the collapse of the universe. He asked, “What are the identities of the other two SSS-grade people? Can you give me an introduction in advance?”

Xie Xi’s brain went around in 300 laps as he brainstormed and thought of the right words.

Jiang Xie asked another question. “Are they rational?”

Well… they were both emotional pretending to be rational. Unfortunately, Xie Xi couldn’t get rid of his rational cover and had to nod. “Yes.”

Jiang Xie obviously sighed with relief.

In terms of feelings, emotional people had a natural advantage. There was no need to fear any rational, apart from the one he fell in love with. A rational couldn’t be a love enemy.

Xie Xi once again silently thought, ‘It might be too early to sigh with relief…’

Jiang Xie wondered again, “Are they government officials?”

Xie Xi considered it before shaking his head. “No.” Big Jiang was the former president and was now retired. Little Jiang was the rebel leader and at odds with the government.

Jiang Xie was even more assured. If they weren’t colleagues then they were likely to be strangers to Xie Xi.

An unfamiliar rational and rational had a relationship pure enough to make water feel inferior.

Xie Xi wanted to give this person a vaccination in advance so that he wouldn’t be stimulated. However, the vaccination needle couldn’t be stuck. Xie Xi watched Jiang Xie and swallowed down the two tubes of tranquilizer.

Don’t be so peaceful! There were many possible disasters in the presidential palace and be alert!

Xie Xi couldn’t let Jiang Xie take this lightly and planned to give him a hard shot. “…There is someone you should know.”

J looked indifferent. “Is it Jiang Xie? He is so old, can he still do the task?”

Xie Xi, “…” In this world, Jiang Xie was the name for Big Jiang and he was only 44 years old in this round.

Jiang Xie calling himself old, Xie Xi really wanted to record it!

J asked, “Can’t you find anyone else?”

Xie Xi shook his head. “An SSS-grade physique is very hard to find.”

J’s demeanour was quite relaxed. “It doesn’t matter. I know that there are no feelings between you, not to mention you have long broken up.” Yes, J had also confessed to Xie Xi in this round and how could he not understand Xie Xi’s emotional situation?”

J thought there was nothing wrong. Originally, two rationals being together and then splitting apart would have no emotional entanglements.

Big Jiang had concealed his gender very well. At present, no one apart from Xie Xi knew that the former president was an emotional person. Thus, J in front of him didn’t know. As long as the enemy was rational then they weren’t a rival.

The biggest reason why J had been disheartened by Xie Xi finding a partner was because he questioned his memory. He wondered if Xie Xi in the first round actually hadn’t loved him.

Now that he saw Xie Xi’s last memories, he was full of heartache and expectations. How could he care about a breakup with a rational person?

Don’t say that Xie Xi had no feelings for this person. It was estimated that the former president also had no feelings for Xie Xi.

J was very reassured.

Xie Xi, “…” How did the needle become a placebo? Was this right? He didn’t have time to introduce Little Jiang when they arrived at the presidential palace.

An emotional person was entering so the reception of the presidential palace’s staff was very cautious. They feared inciting an emotional person, especially since this was a big painter who probably had more sensitive nerves. They had to be careful no matter what.

Xie Xi asked Li Su, “Are Mr. Jiang and X present?”

Li Su quickly replied, “Mr. Jiang went to the research institute and Young Master X followed.

Xie Xi heard these two people weren’t home and felt relieved. At the same time, he couldn’t help raising his tone. “They are together?”

“Wang Feng is accompanying them so there should be no danger.” Secretary Li thought that Xie Xi was worried about the safety of these two important people.

How could Xie Xi worry about outsiders hurting them? He was only worried that they would fight among themselves! Well, an outsider was with them so the prideful Jiang Xies shouldn’t fight…

Xie Xi remembered how he told Big Jiang that they would talk when he got back.

…Tallk about what?

Talk about the fact that Xie Xi brought back a true love? Mother universe, he was sorry! President Xie was ashamed!

Xie Xi relaxed a lot after entering the presidential palace. “I’ll have someone arrange a room for you.”


Xie Xi had to separate the three people, the further apart the better. It was between to have one on each floor and then to the north, east, west and south… Oh, there were three people so there was no need for the north. In short, they must clearly be separated!

Jiang Xie walked upstairs and smiled when he saw the paintings on the wall. He said, “Many of these words were created by me when I was by your side.”

Xie Xi had seen the memories and naturally knew the name of the great painter J. Master Van Cero whose words had been famous for hundreds of years was Jiang Xie. Many of his paintings hung in the presidential palace.

In fact, these paintings had nothing to do with Xie Xi. After all, he had only been staying here for a few years and they were more the collection of other presidents.

After all, Van Cero was a famous master. His words were hard to find and the presidential palace was the most prestigious place in the United States. It was worth having these paintings.

Unfortunately, Jiang Xie saw them and had another taste. Jiang Xie glanced at Xie Xi and asked, “Do you like these paintings?”

How could Xie Xi dare say he didn’t like them?!

“I like…”

Jiang Xie was very excited. “Once the task is over, I’ll take you to Rose Planet for a holiday.”

Xie Xi could only say, “I hope our mission succeeds.”

Then they would go back to Central and forget about Rose Planet! He could see the roses in his garden!

Xie Xi accompanied Jiang Xie to visit the presidential palace and set up the room. Then he had a hunch that the other two would come back and suggested reasonably, “I see that you are tired. You must not have a good rest these days? Go to sleep for a while. Once your body is ready, we can complete the task as soon as possible.”

Jiang Xie wanted to say with Xie Xi but he considered the gradual follo-up and had to nod. “Okay, I will go to sleep.”

“I’ll call you when it is dinner.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “Yes.”

He sent away the Middle Jiang and it wasn’t long before he saw that Big Jiang and Little Jiang had come back. He hurried downstairs, wanting to use this opportunity to psychologically prepare them…

As a result, he hadn’t approached but his high physical fitness and excellent hearing meant he heard the dialogue between the two people.

Big Jiang spoke casually, “For an emotional, pretending to be rational is the stupidest behaviour.”

This phrase broke through the disguised gender and Little Jiang frowned. Big Jiang was worthy of being an old hand and his words were full of thorns. “It is even stupider to pretend to sleepwalk.”

Little Jiang fired back, “I didn’t pretend.”

Big Jiang sneered. “You have have to beat around the bush. Directly tell him that you want to sleep with him. Rational people don’t care about these things.”

Xie Xi, “…” It made a lot of sense but Big Jiang was too bad!

Little Jiang’s skin was thin and his voice was awkward. “I don’t…”

“You dont?” Big Jiang stared at him. “Why? Do you want to fall in love with him?”

Little Jiang was stunned. Xie Xi thought he would flinch but unexpectedly, Little Jiang actually admitted it. “Yes.”

Big Jiang mocked this child. “He is a rational.”

Little Jiang was fearless. “So what?”

Big Jiang gazed at him deeply. “Have you seen the movie called Disguise?”

Little Jiang had been in the army all year-round and how could he have free time to see this?

Big Jiang explained, “This movie is an adaptation of my experience with him. Go and see it.”

Little Jiang’s eyebrows twisted. “How can there be anything good about your experience?”

“It is because like you, I am a stupid emotional.” Big Jiang’s voice was low.

Little Jiang’s pupils shrunk. Big Jiang patted him on the shoulder. “Go and watch it. Then you will understand this is a road you can’t return from.”

Little Jiang was sent to see the movie. Xie Xi considered it a bit before coming out.

Big Jiang was calm when he saw Xie Xi. “Have you found the person?”

He had recovered from the chaos from when he discovered Xie Xi leaving Little Jiang’s room and the calm appearance of the former president was restored.

Xie Xi guiltily replied, “I found him.”

Jiang Xie didn’t ask anything else. “What do you want to eat at night?”

“I have arranged a menu and let them do it.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “I have nothing to do and will make you something delicious.”

Xie Xi thought for a while and finally found a point of entry. “Have you seen the memories of my first round?”

Jiang Xie had been president and by all accounts…

He replied, “No, the president’s authority is also limited. Apart from the current Chief Justice, other people don’t have the right to view it.”

Xie Xi was able to see it because it was his own memory.

Jiang Xie was extremely careful and he asked, “What? You went to see your first round memories?” Jiang Xie wasn’t worried. Xie Xi had always been rational and a rational’s memories were boring. Seeing them was meaningless.

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Jiang Xie was still in the mood to comfort him. “Don’t think too much. The past has passed and you should cherish the present.”

Xie Xi felt even more guilty. The two people were too confident. Once they looked back…

The image was so confident that Xie Xi felt his brain couldn’t work, despite it adapting to the speed of light.

Big Jiang and Xie Xi had many common topics. They talked about the United States and the collapse of the universe.

By the time dinner was ready, Little Jiang came back after watching the movie. He saw Big Jiang and Xie Xi sitting together and his face was very unsightly.

Xie Xi greeted him. “Where have you been?”

Little Jiang stared at Big Jiang before his eyes slowly fell on Xie Xi’s body.

“I’m an emotional.”

Young people weren’t the same. He didn’t beat around the bush when speaking. Xie Xi couldn’t guess the beginning or the end and was completely stunned.

Big Jiang didn’t raise his head and kept stirring the black tea.

Little Jiang walked over and repeated, “I’m an emotional.”

Xie Xi nodded stiffly. “Oh.”

Little Jiang’s tone was extremely serious. “I don’t sleepwalk. I do want to kiss you but it isn’t out of desire. I… I like you.”

The loud sound wasn’t the teacup falling but came from the stairs. Xie Xi turned his head and wasn’t surprised when he saw J.

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