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GL: Chapter 185

Collapsed God 19

How could Jiang Xie forget such a sweet life, such a contented dying moment?

Xie Xi’s last sentence was a beautiful spell that bound Jiang Xie. He kept his promise and didn’t forget this person for nine reincarnations. Unfortunately, Xie Xi forgot him.

If it wasn’t like this, Jiang Xie wouldn’t be so desperate. Jiang Xie had been together with this person for 200 years and saw a flower open in the bright moonlight. How could he be willing to have only a moment?

He remembered Xie Xi, remembered the time they spent together and their last promise. He woke up from the reincarnation, got a new life and came back to look for Xie Xi. Then he saw a strange, purer and rational Xie Xi who had no emotional fluctuations.

At this moment, Jiang Xie seemed like a man who won millions only to find he lost the lottery ticket when he went to receive the prize.

A huge feeling of loss and reluctance filled him.

How could Jiang Xie give up? Thanks to his intermittent memory, he went to find Xie Xi countless times. The last time, he was completely disappointed when he saw Xie Xi with others.

The beauty of the past was more and more like a dream and even Xie Xi’s last gaze full of love made him feel upset.

Perhaps that period was just his fantasy and the most wanted promise he got before his death actually didn’t happen.

Xie Xi’s eyes never filled with tears, Xie Xi never said he wanted to be with Xie Xi or to forget him.

From beginning to end, he had deceived himself. It was impossible for a rational to fall in love with others.

They were like fire and ice. The result of a constant demand was to either the melting of the ice or the flames being extinguished. It was impossible to co-exist.

The disheartened Jiang Xie thought everything was a dream and chose to self-destruct. He couldn’t forget or wake up so it was better to sleep forever.

After reading these memories, Xie Xi sat down for a while before recovering.

If in the former quasi-worlds, the souls created their own dog blood production because of their hobbies and exclusive will, the souls in this collapsed world were too painful.

They decided they had been abandoned and wrote helpless, desperate scripts that headed for self-destruction.

This world-weariness and complex thoughts existed deep in their bones.

The souls would magnify some of the emotions of the master. In extreme circumstances, they made choices that the master would make.

For example, in a world destined to be erased, they chose self-destruction. In the vicious cycle of Central, Jiang Xie also made this choice…

What was the difference between splitting apart many souls to design a new world and drinking to quench thirst?

Xie Xi stopped his thoughts and went to find J.

Through the glass window, Xie Xi saw the man sleeping on the snowy white platform.

He was dressed in white and his body was covered, with only his face exposed. It was a young and handsome face, with slender eyebrows and a tall nose. His thin lips might be light in colour but it had a good shape and it was easy to imagine how dazzling he would be when smiling.

This person was very familiar to Xie Xi but some facial features were strange. It was probably strange because Xie Xi had never seen such a gaunt Jiang Xie. His face was pale and bloodless, his expression calm but lifeless. He unloaded all his hard shells, revealing a fragility that had been buried deeply.

The greatest design in the Central. X had been through countless experiences. He silently sacrificed himself to save Central. No matter how powerful, he was still a flesh and blood man.

Xie Xi’s eyes were hot but he was a rational person. Thus, he sighed and calmed down his mood.

Xie Xi stated, “I will go and see him.”

The director of the reincarnation centre naturally opened the door, cutting off the sleeping supply.

The seamless glass door opened and Xie Xi walked in alone. “Wait for me outside.”

All the people following him stopped.

Xie Xi entered, pressed on the dashboard and the transparent glass became a white wall, cutting off the monitoring and sound system. In this not-so narrow space, only he and Xie Xi were left.

Jiang Xie slowly woke up from his slumber. He opened his eyes and revealed dark eyes.

How could Xie Xi not feel distressed? He tried to control his tone and whispered to this person.

Jiang Xie turned his head and his pupils shrunk the moment he saw Xie Xi. Xie Xi took his hand. Jiang Xie’s pale lips slightly quivered. “Xiao Xie…”

Xie Xi told him, “Sorry, I looked at your memories.”

The tone instantly extinguished the flames that rose in Jiang Xie. He pulled his hand away and sat up. “Mr. President, what can I do for you?” There were stiffness, alienation and strangeness.

Xie Xi bluntly explained about the collapse of the universe, the discovery of the pole, the unknown creator and the rare SSS-grade physique.

After listening quietly, Jiang Xie mocked, “The Creator?” The government has reached the point of believing such ridiculous things!”

In the last round, Xie Xi was the vice president of the United States and he was the president in this round. Jiang Xie deeply hated the entire cold government and always felt that it swallowed up Xie Xi.

Xie Xi said, “We won’t do anything without certainty.”

Jiang Xie stated, “Yes, you are calm and rational. How can you feel emotional?”

Xie Xi requested softly, “Can you help me?”

Jiang Xie stared at him coldly. “Since you read my memories, why not pretend to coax me to work for you?”

Jiang Xie’s words were right. Xie Xi could pretend that he remembered the previous things, continue pretending to be Jiang Xie’s lover and continuing their relationship.

Don’t talk about finding the Creator. Jiang Xie would even be willing to dig out his heart for Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

Jiang Xie’s smile was extremely ugly. “Yes, how can a rational play a trick like that? A rational can’t pretend to be emotional!”

The nine cycles made Jiang Xie’s disappointment rise to the extreme. The deeper the sweetness of the past, the more loathing he felt when he returned to reality.

Xie Xi looked down. “I’m sorry.”

His apology brought a more turbulent despair to Jiang Xie and he closed his eyes. “Mr. President, please go back. I want to self-destruct and I’m not suitable for such an important task.”

Xie Xi didn’t speak or leave, he just stood here. Jiang Xie closed his eyes like Xie Xi didn’t exist. After a while, Xie Xi slowly opened his mouth. “Feelings are life for emotional people.”

Jiang Xie made a sarcastic laugh.

Xie Xi continued, “It is a deadly virus for rational people.”

Jiang Xie opened his eyes and gazed deeply at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi kept speaking. “The reincarnation centre is like a giant cleaner. Emotional and rational people will be treated separately when going in.”

Jiang Xie ‘s voice was cold. “Do you mean that I remember everything because I’m emotional? Don’t joke around. The United States has many emotional people. Why don’t they remember their lover of the last round?”

Xie Xi replied, “Because they didn’t love the person as much as you do.”

Jiang Xie was stunned.

Xie Xi told him, “The highest judgment of the reincarnation centre is to protect the citizens’ right to exist.”

Jiang Xie sat up again, staring at the other person with a frown.

Xie Xi told the truth. “If you were deprived of your memories of him, you would die rather than live. Thus, the reincarnation centre preserved them.”

Jiang Xie didn’t deny it.

Xie Xi continued, “If he wasn’t deprived of his memories of you, he would die rather than live. Thus, the reincarnation centre stripped them from him.”

Jiang Xie scoffed. “Mr. President really wants to find reasons for yourself.”

Xie Xi was quiet before he spoke the key point like a rational. “Do you want to see my memories?”

Jiang Xie’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean?”

“The last memories of my first round.”

“You have forgotten!”

Xie Xi explained, “I have indeed forgotten them but due to my identity, the reincarnation center classified and preserved them.” Xie Xi was the Chief Justice of the United States in his first round. Due to the special nature of his profession, the United States extracted his memories for archival storage.

The tenure of the Chief Justice was more important than the president.

They were an important code in themselves, the beacon of law in the United States and precious experience for the United States. The United States didn’t want to lose such precious wealth when memories could be extracted and stored in today’s society.

This was an act that was agreed on by the cabinet and the agreement of the judge would be sought on the day they were appointed.

The Chief Justices were all rational and they signed the consent clause, willingly contributing their privacy to the United States.

Ordinary people didn’t know about this but as the president of the United States, Xie Xi had to know.

He didn’t check before because he didn’t know he was involved with a soul in a ‘previous life’. Now that he knew, he had to go and see.

Xie Xi was sure that he would see himself falling in love with Jiang Xie.

It was because everything was the subjective thought of the souls. The soul created such a memory for himself, indicating he believed that Xie Xi loved him at the end.

Thus, Xie Xi must’ve loved him. Everything that didn’t exist wasn’t the fantasy of the maker.

Jiang Xie’s lips thinned and he was silent.

Xie Xi told him, “Look and maybe you will know why I forgot you.”

How could Jiang Xie not look? This was the knot in his heart and now the answer was near.

The two of them went to see Xie Xi’s memories stored in the reincarnation centre. In order to save time, Xie Xi only watched the section after Jiang Xie entered reincarnation.

Entering reincarnation didn’t mean a new life would begin immediately. In general, there would be an interval of several years and the criteria for this time was the current life.

For example, if a round only lasted 20 years then the waiting time might be four or five months. If a person lived for more than 200 years, the waiting time might be as long as 40 or 50 months. This was nearly five years.

Xie Xi was five years younger than Jiang Xie and it was impossible for him to meet Jiang Xie before Xie Xi entered reincarnation.

These five years contained unimaginable pain for Xie Xi.

After more than 200 years of being together, Xie Xi woke up to see an empty bed and was alone for a long time.

Once he finally got out of bed, he saw the empty opposite seat when having breakfast and couldn’t swallow.

While working in the study, he saw the easel and paint on the other side and simply couldn’t concentrate.

The more terrible thing was at night. The lonely old man guarded the darkness, curled up on the bed and making subtle sobs of grief in his sleep.

A rational never retired. It was impossible for them to put down their work until the moment before reincarnation. Retirement wasn’t a pleasure but torture.

However, Xie Xi had to retire. He couldn’t work anymore and he couldn’t live alone. Once his lover left, he knew what love was.

This wasn’t a good thing for Xie Xi. He dragged his elderly body and lived alone in pain and remorse for three years.

Love was a double-edged sword. It could bring people infinite hope but also give them endless pain.

On his deathbed, Jiang Xie embraced hope because of Xie Xi’s love but Xie Xi suffered unprecedented pain because of this love.

They were different. One looked forward to a new life while the other remembered the past.

The reincarnation centre judged that Jiang Xie forgotten Xie Xi would make him lose his desire for life, while Xie Xi needed to forget Jiang Xie in order to regain his desire for life.

After watching this experience, Jiang Xie was shocked.

Xie Xi’s heart also screamed with pain but unfortunately, he had to hold back. QAQ.

Jiang Xie stared straight at the dark screen, his brain full of loneliness and helplessly. He loved and ached for the person he had been guarding for more than 200 years.

Xie Xi sighed silently and opened his mouth. “I’m sorry, I have forgotten everything.”

Jiang Xie couldn’t speak. He no longer doubted Xie Xi’s love for him and wondered if everything was a dream!

Xie Xi kept speaking. “I’m not sure if I can feel those emotions again…”

Yes. He must be capable of it.

Jiang Xie stared at him. Xie Xi avoided his gaze and bluntly said, “Unfortunately, there isn’t much time right now. If we can survive the collapse of the universe then perhaps…”

Jiang Xie had regained his fighting spirit. “What do I need to do?” He gave 200 years in the first round and would continue protecting this person in this round. No matter how long it took, he wouldn’t leave Xie Xi alone!

Xie Xi took this soul back to the presidential palace.

On the way back, Xie Xi considered things and explained, “There are two SSS-grade people staying at the presidential palace.”

Jiang Xie replied, “I know. Four people are needed, right?”

He already knew the general plan, especially that four people were needed to communicate with the Creator.

Xie Xi listened to his unconcerned tone and thought silently, ‘Um… you know? Perhaps you don’t quite know…’


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