GL: Chapter 143

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 23

Xie Xi was too cold to hear what Nine Tails was saying. This temperature was truly something that a flower couldn’t withstand.

Fortunately, Nine Tails lifted him up and transmitted a steady stream of heat to him, easing the stiffness of Xie Xi’s body.

Xie Xi finally wasn’t cold but he still had no strength. He couldn’t change back to human form.

Nine Tails whispered to him. “Are you feeling better?”

Xie Xi, “…” Sorry, roses couldn’t speak!

Nine Tails didn’t want him to respond. He just carefully controlled the heat so that he wouldn’t burn the little rose.

In fact, Nine Tails found it difficult to generate heat. His cultivation was in the yin (cold) direction. If he wanted to generate heat, he had to reverse these exercises. This wasn’t easy and was breaking off his own veins.

A few days ago, Nine Tails never imagined that he would do this for a small flower. He didn’t care about offending his brother Houqing and didn’t hesitate to warm up the flower.

As long as he brought the flower back to the palace, someone else would take care of him. However, Nine Tails couldn’t bear to see the small rose uncomfortable for even half a minute.

Why? They just met. Why did Nine Tails care so much? It was like he was stunned and lost his sanity.

Xie Xi wilted in Nine Tails palm and didn’t bother acting. This powerless appearance wasn’t much different from how he felt.

Nine Tails took him back to the palace and found someone to bring him the Warm Pill.

The foxes sent over a jar that contained a lot of Warm Pills. Nine Tails unexpectedly poured them all out and piled them around the rose like a quilt.

Xie Xi, “…”

The fox, “!” How wasteful! This was their thrifty Ancestor Nine Tails!

Nine Tails asked Xie Xi, “Are you still cold?”

Xie Xi moved his lower petals in a way that meant: Take away the Warm Pill. I feel uncomfortable.

Nine Tails smiled and relaxed. “It’s fine as long as you aren’t cold.”

Xie Xi, “…” A flower was really unable to communicate with the fox!

After turning into a flower, Xie Xi didn’t have much concept of time. He always felt it was a moment when a day had actually passed. This was a lack of energy caused by physical weakness and it entered Nine Tails’ eyes.

The small rose had shut himself off. Nine Tails might’ve saved the flower but the flower didn’t want to face reality.

In the past few days, Nine Tails found countless doctors to check on Xie Xi. The doctors told him, “The flower doesn’t have any problem with his body.”

Nine Tails asked, “Then why isn’t he changing back?”

The doctor sighed, “It is he who doesn’t want to change.”

Xie Xi heard this sentence and really wanted to spit out: Quack! He wanted to transform but he had no strength!

Nine Tails felt melancholy and sighed with relief  Then he picked up his spirits and carefully accompanied Xie Xi.

Xie Xi felt this was useful and liked Nine Tails’ intimate care. Of course, Jiang Xie always treated him well but that guy was essentially a naughty monster. It took him only three seconds to lose his seriousness. He was never as careful as Nine Tails.

Xiao Xie thought that the souls were really cuter than the body.

Seven or eight days passed and Nine Tails brought a bunch of jade bottles. He eagerly said, “It took some effort but I’ve obtained them. It is your favourite drink.”

Xie Xi, “…” Should he pretend to be touched?

How could a flower show such complex emotions? It was too difficult!

This jade dew was estimated to not be a simple ingredient. Once a few drops fell on Xie Xi’s petals, he felt the strength of his body doubling and he changed back to a human body.

Nine Tails’ eyes were bright and his voice was slightly nervous. “Do you want to drink some more?”

Xie Xi was touched by this scene. After all, it was all personal. He looked at the jade bottles and frowned lightly, his face pale. “I don’t want to drink.”

Nine Tails was surprised for a moment. Xie Xi turned away, not having the strength to even look at the bottles.

Nine Tails’ heart was bitter as he persuaded Xie Xi, “These are very good for your body. You…”

Xie Xi shook his head and didn’t say anything. Nine Tails ruthlessly asked, “Are you no longer concerned about the world after leaving Houqing?”

Xie Xi’s lips trembled as he heard this name and his eyes darted around, highlighting his desire to escape.

Nine Tails held down his shoulder and stared at him. “He used you as a substitute for other people. He isn’t looking at you. Do you want to give up your life for such a person?”

These sentences brutally opened the rose’s festering scars. It was cruel but it was also a type of detoxification.

Sometimes things that weren’t said were only evaded. After escaping, there would be an even more explosive outburst after a long time passed. It might be very painful now but it was better than breaking to pieces later!

Xie Xi shook his head, face still pale. “Shut up, don’t say it…”

Nine Tails stared at him. “If you want to live a lifetime being deceived, I can send you back.”

Xie Xi suddenly looked up. “No, I don’t want to go back!”

Nine Tails looked distressed. “Forget him. He doesn’t deserve your love.”

Xie Xi substituted himself into the scene and the emotions quickly fell in place. “It would be nice if he doesn’t deserve it. How good would it be…”

Yes, being worthwhile or not had never been used to measure liking a person.

Who wanted to love someone who didn’t love them back? Who wanted their hearts to tilt towards a destined tragedy? Who wanted to entrust their most passionate feelings towards someone who wasn’t worth it?

If this type of emotion could be controlled by reason, how could there be so many infatuated men and women in the world?

Nine Tails heard him say this and his heart was poked like a hornet’s nest. Yes, if the rose didn’t like Houqing then he wouldn’t be haunted by this.

What if he had been deceived by Houqing for the rest of his life? A small rose’s life was short. Wasn’t it good to have a happy life? Why did Nine Tails want to wake him up? He also wasn’t willing to wake up.

Intellectually, he knew what was best but emotionally it was different. Nine Tails did things for such grandiose reasons but it was still for the sake of his own desires. Finally, there was only an endless abyss that they couldn’t escape from.

The two of them didn’t speak again. They were so close but so far apart as they had their own thoughts.

Xie Xi could basically guess the direction of this drama. He couldn’t bear to see Nine Tails sad and pushed the ‘plot’ forward.

“Lord Nine Tails…” Xie Xi whispered.

Nine Tails looked over, silver eyes reflecting all of Xie Xi. “Say it. As long as it is within my power, I will help you.” Even if he wanted to be sent back to Houqing to continue sleeping in the fantasy…

Xie Xi whispered, “I heard you have a spell that can make people forget everything.”

Nine Tails was stunned.

Xie Xi continued. “Can you help me?”

His words filled with despair and helplessness caused Nine Tails’ fox heart to explode.

“Yes.” He endured the bitterness rising in his throat. “I can help you.”

Xie Xi smiled, eyes covered with a thin mist. “Thank you.”

“There is no need for thanks.”

This was the origin of the bewitchment. Houqing mentioning that Xie Xi was enchanted by Nine Tails should be because of this.

Of course, Xie Xi didn’t know if he took the initiative to ask or if Nine Tails couldn’t stand it anymore in the original setting of the souls.

In any case, this wasn’t important. Xie Xi forgot Houqing and fell in love with Nine Tails.

Nine Tails’ enchantment definitely wouldn’t work on the present Xie Xi. In theory, he wasn’t part of the painting and wouldn’t be affected by the spells here.

Still, it was easy for him to adjust his mood. After all, whether it was Houqing or Nine Tails, they were all Jiang Xie and made him feel distressed.

“You woke up.” Xie Xi forgot Houqing and saw Nine Tails smiling softly.

Nine Tails asked, “Little Rose, coming all the way to Nine Tailed Fox Palace, what do you want to do?”

Xie Xi froze.

Nine Tails smiled. “Are you lost and can’t find your way home?”

Xie Xi inwardly called him shameless but a faint blush rose on his face. Thus, XIe Xi fell in love with Nine Tails.

Sadly, Houqing treated Xie Xi as a substitute and now Nine Tails had become Houqing’s substitute.

When NIne Tails used the enchantment, he shifted Xie Xi’s feelings and thoughts about Houqing to himself.

This was tantamount to a quenching thirst for him but also gave relief to Xie Xi.

The enchantment caused a loss of memory but once Xie Xi saw Houqing, he would instantly remember everything. His despair would double and it would be harder to face everything.

It wasn’t the same when the emotions were transferred. Even if Xie Xi saw Houqing again, he wouldn’t think anything. It was because he didn’t forget but changed the person he liked.

This type of enchantment couldn’t be broken by anyone unless Nine Tails was seriously injured.

Nine Tails didn’t want Xie Xi to live in the dream of being deceived by Houqing. He chose to deceive himself and was incredibly sober about what he was facing.

Xie Xi’s love, dependence and attachment to him was under the premise of treating him as post-Houqing.

How ironic. The so-called rational person was vulnerable in the face of such feelings.

Xie Xi and Nine Tails passed a period of time where honey was mixed with oil but this didn’t last long. Houqing had found them.

Houqing arrived and saw Xie Xi and NIne Tails kissing under a cold plum tree.

The silver-haired man was holding the waist of the rose while the rose’s arms were wrapped around his neck as a kiss was accepted. His eyes were full of intimacy and love, as if it was enough if there was only this person in the world of ice and snow.

Houqing shouted, “Nine Tails!”

Nine Tails shifted and protected Xie Xi in his arms. “How dare you have to nerve to come looking for him?”

“You framed me!”

Nine Tails’ expression was blank. “What could I do if you weren’t guilty?”

Houqing‘s veins bulged with rage. “Let him go.”

Nine Tails said, “I like him and only him alone. It isn’t comparable to…”

He didn’t finish his words because Houqing couldn’t bear it anymore and attacked.

Nine Tails moved Xie Xi to the side and moved, the two brothers shattering the ground with their fight.

Xie Xi could see it clearly and vaguely felt that Nine Tails was weaker. After all, their styles were different and the direction wasn’t the same.

Nine Tails’ enchantment was the root of his invincibility but the spell had a drawback. Using it would release the last cast. In other words, if he used an enchantment on Houqing, he would increase his chances of winning but the one on Xie Xi would be released.

Thus, he would never use it.

Houqing was full of hatred and his start was extremely heavy. He completely disregarded life and death. Nine Tails was pushed back and eventually smashed by Houqing who found a flaw.

Nine Tails flew back more than 10 metres and blood flowed from his mouth.

Houqing didn’t intend to let him go, quickly moving forward and grabbing the fox’s neck. “Remove the enchantment.” Nine Tails’ face was white but he sneered, “So what if it is released? He knows everything.”

“Release it!”

Nine Tails chuckled. “No.”

Houqing struck him in the belly. “As long as you are seriously injured, the enchantment will be naturally released.”

They were brothers and knew each other very well. Houqing was also clear about the flaw in Nine Tails’ spell. His so-called previous sentences were just the last feelings between brothers. Since Nine Tails was so stubborn, he would no longer have scruples.

How could Xie Xi see this and not understand? If this continued, Nine Tails would be beaten to death by Houqing. Killing yourself over this type of thing, Jiang Xie was probably the first!

After seeing that Houqing was about to strike again, Xie Xi rushed forward and stood in front of Nine Tails, taking the hit instead.

Time suddenly seemed to freeze and the sky and earth turned upside down as Houqing and Nine Tails let out a heartbreaking scream. “White 99!”

Xie Xi, “…”

This fu*king hit, it hurt!

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“Are you lost and can’t find your way home?”

I read this and make my own dialogue 🙂

“Are you lost, baby boy? Can’t find your way home? Don’t worry, baby boy. I’ll help you but oh! I also don’t know the way, so maybe we could just stay together here 😏”