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Equivalent Exchange

The open world gave Xie Xi life… ah, it was the courage to fight. He just got off six boats. If he had to climb onto another N boats, he would really collapse.

However, the open world wasn’t easy. Jiang Xie saw that Xie Xi was interested and told him a bit about it.

There was no limit to the number of players in the open world and all players could apply to enter, but not everyone could go in.

Submitting an application didn’t mean a 100% approval.

For example, Jiang Xie’s application would be ignored by the Central Government. He was too strong and a bug. They wouldn’t let him in.

For example, a newcomer who hadn’t opened the qualifications system was too weak and wouldn’t be allowed to enter.

Those who had an opportunity to enter were generally beginner and intermediate players who had gone through at least three worlds.

Senior players might also apply successfully but they had more options and in most cases, they wouldn’t enter the open world.

Xie Xi sighed with relief. “I should be able to apply successfully.”

He would probably be part of the most vulnerable group of he entered but Xie Xi didn’t care. Compared to 23456, he felt that everyone else was super lovely.

Oh, apart from X in front of him.

At this time, Jiang Xie sent a team application. Xie Xi glanced at him. “Hmm?”

Jiang Xie said, “The open world is dangerous for the current you. I will accompany you to enter.”

Xie Xi considered it and accepted. He couldn’t offend Jiang Xie. After all, it was expected that he would have to appease the crazy souls in the next world.

Xie Xi had a general understanding of Jiang Xie’s words.

The quasi-worlds that weren’t cleared were fixed. Like the pause button was pressed, they were sealed in the Central World.

Once someone searched for a related task, the quasi-world would start moving.

Players completed the task and left the quasi-world. The next players would enter and this repeated until a player refreshed a clearance task.

Complete the clearance task and the quasi-world would become separated from the Central World. All traces of the players would be wiped out and it would become a real world, independent of the place they didn’t know about.

This was like the Lost Atlantis that Xie Xi just experienced.

Before he entered, the quasi-world was still. The moment Xie Xi entered, everything started working and the souls woke up. They started to test the world as if they received their own script.

Xie Xi cleared the world and the test was successful. Lost Atlantis erased all traces of Xie Xi and became a real world. As for what would happen afterward, it had nothing to do with Xie Xi. The souls left along with him. If Xie Xi didn’t have anything to fear, he would be glad that the princes didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of that terrible scene.

However, there was X’s next quasi-world! As long as the souls didn’t return to Jiang Xie, they would be involved with the design of other quasi-worlds.

Jiang Xie said that the souls would be affected if the obsession was too deep and they would even think about their ‘past life.’

Xie Xi was afraid of this. 23456 hadn’t come back and if they were involved in the Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas quasi-world then…

Second Prince: Oh, not only did you promise to marry my third and fourth brothers, but you also played with my three other brothers, you slag fish.

Third Prince: Oh, not only did you promise to marry my second and fourth brothers, but you also bewitched my three other brothers. You are dead.

Fourth Prince: I was about to get married at the peak of my life. As a result, my fiance and brothers had an affair and he blew himself up on the spot…

Fifth Prince: I thought I fell in love with a pure white flower. Unexpectedly…

Sixth Prince: Have you been lying to me from beginning to end?

If they brought this obsession into Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas, how could he still see this quasi-world?

Xie Xi thought that he could face five super bosses who were level 999 at the beginning of the world!

Therefore, Xie Xi had to bring Jiang Xie with him. Such a bleak life, they should face it together :).

Jiang Xie was very self-aware. He knew that the closer he got, the more this little guy would run away. Thus, he said, “You are the only person who can enter my quasi-world. I must protect you well.”

This was reasonable and there were no confusion emotional shackles. Xie Xi released some of his wariness and asked, “Will your application pass if we team up?”

Of course, he couldn’t pass. Jiang Xie told him, “I have a way to enter but I need you to cooperate.”

Xie Xi still attached great importance to it. After all, if he was successful then the method would also be successful in the next world. Then he could drag Jiang Xie to experience the beautiful quasi-world of his design.

“What do you need me to do?” Xie Xi was psychologically prepared.

Jiang Xie said, “You don’t have to do anything. However, after entering the open world, I might lose something. You must not help me find this thing.”

Xie Xi was startled. “Lose something?”

Jiang Xie didn’t intend to hide it from him. “My friend has a skill called Equivalent Exchange. As long as I am willing, he can cast it on me. I can use it to gain access to a quasi-world but it will randomly take away one thing from me.”

Xie Xi frowned. “This is too risky.”

Randomly paying a price, who knew what would be taken away? He might hate X but he didn’t want anything to happen to him.

Jiang Xie’s heart warmed. This child was so cute. The goodwill might be negative but he wasn’t willing to hurt people.

“It isn’t that serious.” Jiang Xie told him, The so-called Equivalent Exchange is focused on equivalence. The right to enter a quasi-world isn’t a big deal. Nothing too important will be taken away.”

Xie Xi didn’t approve. “It is still something of yours.”

“I have many things.”

Xie Xi was very alert. “What if it isn’t something outside your body?”

Jiang Xie felt appreciation and continued, “That’s why I hope you don’t help me find this thing.”

Xie Xi didn’t quite understand but his eyes soon brightened. “What do you mean by waiting for the quasi-world? Can you gain back the lost thing?”

Jiang Xie laughed. “I can take advantage of the time difference. This garden’s time is set to be relatively static. As long as the caster uses the skill here, we will go to the quasi-world and no time will pass when we come back. The skill can be reversed in three seconds and nothing will be taken away.”

This was the best plan that Jiang Xie came up with after helping Qin Ge test the skill many times.

Xie Xi sighed with relief. “That’s fine.”

It didn’t matter what was lost since it would be regained as soon as they left the quasi-world. This wasn’t a big problem. After all, they always returned to the Central World.

Then Xie Xi had a thought. “It won’t take away your life…”

“No, the price won’t be so high.” Jiang Xie would try to compress his strength and gain a distance from the open world. The prince paid wouldn’t be too great.

Xie Xi thought this was right. It was just entering a quasi-world so paying with his life would be too exaggerated.


Xie Xi wasn’t afraid of X dying. He just didn’t want it to be from this type of thing. It would be nice if X was killed by Xie Xi or his own souls.

Everything was said and the team was assembled. Jiang Xie was inclined to help Xie Xi with the qualifications system and then help him buy an apartment full of roses in the Central World…

Then Xie Xi smiled. “If there is nothing else, I will go back first to check the open world.”

Jiang Xie replied, “Good.”

He couldn’t be greedy. He worked hard to raise it to -388 and didn’t want to see it fall to -444 again.

Xie Xi left and returned to the water curtain.

He still had some expectations in his heart. If he left the open world, would he be able to get rid of X’s quasi-world? The possibility was very low but people couldn’t live without dreams!

Xie Xi was inspired and started to study the newly opened qualifications system.

After completing three main tasks, the qualifications system would open and Xie Xi could finally improve himself!

He clicked on the word ‘qualifications’ and a subpage popped up on the water curtain.

The first column was the collector’s specialization, the second column was the explorer’s specialization and the third column was the recorder’s specialization.

Then there were countless small branches.

Xie Xi was dazzled by the sight but he could generally see it. The current occupation choice was the most cost-effective. If he wanted to choose the specialization of other occupations, it was best to change jobs first or he would have to pay nearly three times as many gold coins.

However, his occupation hadn’t reached the senior level. After changing jobs, he would lose all his current experience.

Xie Xi cleared three worlds. The rating of the second world might be low but because he cleared the world, the experience given wasn’t low.

He was a beginner collector and he had 60 out of 100 points.

Love to the Left or Right contributed 20 points of experience, Fairytale Town contributed 10 points and the remaining 30 points were given by Lost Atlantis. It was enough to see the gap between worlds.

Ordinary players would gain three or four experience points from completing a D-grade mission. Xie Xi gained 10 points because he cleared the quasi-world.

The reason why Song Qi spent a lot of coins to refresh the side task was because of the final reward and the experience value.

Doing an F-grade main task only gave a maximum of one or two experience points. Gaining 100 points was simply something that would never happen for a long time.

That’s why players in front of the water curtain were so envious when someone cleared an S-grade quasi-world.

One task was worth dozens of tasks!

Although it might be harder by dozens of times…

Xie Xi thought about his own experience then the 60 points of experience. He couldn’t change jobs or he would waste all this hard-earned experience value!

The good thing was that the collector’s specialty was quite suitable for him.

Collectors received bonus vision, insight, smell and load-bearing capacity. He could even extend the items bar later on.

At this time, the benefits of gold could be seen. The things in the mall were still calculated using silver coins while the qualifications started at 10 gold coins. This was equivalent to 1,000 silver coins. If it was compared to the rewards of F-grade worlds, people would probably want to cough up blood.

Xie Xi was different. He easily bought the existing qualifications for a beginner collector.

He still had money so he spent a luxurious 600 coins on making his body as ‘light as a swallow.’

The qualification of a beginner collector had the effect of running faster. Xie Xi thought of his own experience and felt an urgent need for longer legs and arms.

He bought everything of interest and had more than 2,000 gold coins left.

If other players knew this, they would probably be so envious that they bled!

Are you kidding?

How many of them filled up the experience, passed the beginner’s assessment, was promoted to an intermediate player only to still have a beginner’s qualification?


No money!

Can’t afford any more qualifications!

After saving the qualifications, Xie Xi felt a warm current pouring through his body. It felt like he was washed from inside and out. His eyes widened, his body relaxed and it seemed like his legs could easily run a marathon.

It was kind of fun.

Xie Xi bit his lips as he felt satisfied that everything wasn’t in vain.

Feedback was given to Jiang Xie as several green +1 rose.

In order to form a team into the open world, Xie Xi headed to the garden again. This time, the white roses had become a sky blue like surging waves.

Xie Xi thought, ‘No wonder why the fourth prince likes roses. It is because X, the main body, also likes them.’

Xie Xi met Jiang Xie’s friend, a tall and cold man called Qin Ge.

Jiang Xie introduced them and Xie Xi noticed that Qin Ge’s ears were pointed unlike humans.

However, this was X’s friend and in line with the basic principles of similar things gathering together…

Xie Xi stayed away.

He passed the Central World application so it was easy to enter the open world.

He had just landed and didn’t have a chance to look at the task panel when he found Jiang Xie standing beside him.

Xie Xi was curious about what had been taken away…

The man with different coloured eyes frowned slightly and looked at him in a condescending manner. “Who are you?”

Xie Xi, “……………………”

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