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Open World 27

On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Xie and Xie Xi kept watch together. At 11 o’clock, Xie Xi was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

Jiang Xie leaned Xie Xi’s head against his shoulder. “Go to sleep.” The little head was nodding off like a sleepy bug.

The two people had expressed their feelings but Xie Xi still hadn’t adapted to such an intimate move. He sat up straight and exclaimed, “I’m not sleepy!”

Jiang Xie held his hand. “Then wait a bit longer. It is almost midnight.”

If he slept now, it would be hard for him to wake up in an hour.

Xie Xi stared at their hands and asked curiously, “Why is your hand so hot?”

Jiang Xie replied seriously, “You are by my side so I’m hot everywhere.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Jiang Xie got no response and he had no more scruples as he completely exposed his nature, “There is a place that feels the hottest. Do you want to try it?”

As he spoke, he picked up Xie Xi’s hand and moved it to himself…

His words were too evocative and he was moving towards his lower body. Xie Xi’s eyes widened, thinking this person was going to…

Jiang Xie straightened and placed the hand on his chest. “It is the hottest here.”

This was the location of his heart.

Xie Xi blushed and shouted, “Teacher!”

Jiang Xie faked innocence. “What? These words of love sound good.” Xie Xi pulled back, not wanting to care about him anymore.

Jiang Xie asked with a smile, “What are you thinking in that little head of yours?”

What was he thinking? He… Xie Xi was so angry that he moved to the side and away from this person.

Jiang Xie immediately moved and leaned against him. Xie Xi moved and Jiang Xie once again followed. Xie Xi moved again…

Jiang Xie hugged him and said, “Okay, try to move again.” He directly picked up the other person and placed Xie Xi on his lap.

Xie Xi, “!”

Jiang Xie was a real rogue. “Don’t move or you really will feel something hot.’

Xie Xi’s face was bright red. He didn’t go anywhere but he was angry enough to think about domestic violence!

After all of this, Xie Xi was no longer sleepy. The New Year’s bell rang and the two people watched the screen together.

The new year had arrived. This year, they were no longer alone.

Jiang Xie lightly pecked Xie Xi on the lips. “Happy New Year.”

Xie Xi also whispered, “Happy New Year.”

The two people stared at each other and saw themselves in the other person’s eyes.

It was amazing. They could feel so happy and satisfied after seeing themselves in the eyes of another person.

Jiang Xie kissed him and Xie Xi hugged his neck, clumsily but seriously kissing back.

The bells echoed in their ears and the blessings on the TV seemed to cheer for them, cheering that the people who had grown up alone finally met each other.

The two of them separated and Jiang Xie suggested, “Sleep in my room tonight.”

Xie Xi’s back was tight. Jiang Xie buried himself in the other person’s neck and took a deep breath. “I won’t do anything. I just want to hold you like this.”

In fact… it didn’t matter if he did something… Xie Xi nodded and whispered, “Okay.”

He also wanted to hold Jiang Xie like this and be together through the night. It was something Xie Xi had never thought before.

Jiang Xie’s heart was sweet and he couldn’t help saying, “Don’t be too obedient.”

Xie Xi was startled.

Jiang Xie held his waist. “Or I will keep pushing.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

The other person’s hands were in his clothes! Teacher Jiang had the heart of a thief but he had no courage. He held the person tightly all night but didn’t dare to move for real.

He cherished a person too much and was always cautious. He was afraid that Xie Xi wouldn’t like it, afraid that Xie Xi wouldn’t adapt, afraid of the person’s pain—

He had too many scruples, more than the person involved!

In fact, Xie Xi also felt itchy. The two people whose hearts were connected felt this closeness wasn’t enough.

Xie Xi liked Jiang Xie, he liked this person so much that his heart was full. He wouldn’t refuse if Jiang Xie did something right now. Liking a person would give great courage but would also make you as timid as a mouse.

On the first, the tired people stayed at home and didn’t have to go visit relatives.

Xie Xi received a message from Xie Su, a simple ‘Happy New Year.’ Xie Xi glanced at it and deleted it.

Five years ago, Xie Su had invited him to celebrate the new year with her. After Xie Xi refused, she never mentioned it again.

Later she made phone calls and these became text messages. Xie Xi felt that after a few years, Xie Su would no longer send even these text messages.

In fact, Xie Xi had a good understanding of Xie Su’s feelings. She was his mother but also the one who most wanted him to disappear.

The present Xie Xi might not need her care but he was still a burden on her heart. If he wasn’t there, Xie Su would just feel relieved.

Xie Xi often wondered if he was biologically related to Xie Su. How could there be such a mother in this world? A mother who gave birth to a child but didn’t want to care for him.

In the blink of an eye, the winter vacation was over and Jiang Xie and Xie Xi had to return to school.

Jiang Xie, this teacher was still ‘tired’ and held Xie Xi’s waist in bed. “I don’t want to go out.”

He wanted to be like this for the rest of his life. Xie Xi no longer felt awe towards him. “How can there be a teacher like you?!”

“How can I have a student like you?”

Xie Xi raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong with me?”

Old Teacher Jiang had no self-respect. “Good student, you haven’t kissed me. Your old father is almost starved of oxygen and will die.”

Xie Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he hit Jiang Xie’s head. “Get up!”

Jiang Xie leaned up and pressed against him. “Just give me a kiss.”

Xie Xi pushed his head away. “You haven’t brushed your teeth. Go away!”

“You are so sweet that I don’t mind.”

Xie Xi snapped in a non-angry manner, “I hate it!” Jiang Xie headed to the bathroom with a messy hairstyle, quietly muttering, “You hate me…”

Xie Xi stared at him through the mirror.

Jiang Xie took it out of context. “You think I am old, you think I am 10 years older than you…”

Xie Xi turned his head and stared at him. Jiang Xie squinted in a pitiful manner.

Xie Xi thought, ‘You aren’t 10 years older than me, it’s more like you’re 10 years younger!’

He turned his head to gargle, put down his toothbrush and pulled down the other person to block his lips.

Jiang Xie’s eyes were full of laughter. It wasn’t a deep kiss but he was satisfied. “Good, I feel that I am 10 years younger and can love you for 100 years!”

Xie Xi was amused by him. “Who wants to love you for 100 years?”

“Child, you’re a bit greedy. Do you want to love me for 200 years?”

He thought that Xie Xi would ignore him. Unexpectedly, Xie Xi whispered, “We will be together as long as we live.”

100 years or 200 years was good… he didn’t want to be separated from this person until the end of his life.

Jiang Xie was stunned by this sudden tide of sweet sentiment and almost couldn’t bear it!

School started but the two people’s days were still fluttering. Xie Xi strictly prohibited this naughty monster from doing anything in school.

Teacher Jiang sighed, “Am I such a person?” Then he caught Xie Xi in his office and kissed him.

Xie Xi wondered, “Teacher, you’re not one of those people?”

This man had no shame. “I’m someone who loves you to your bones.”

Xie Xi, “!!!”  What about your face?

It was noisy but there was nothing out of the ordinary. Teacher Jiang was an elite in front of other people while completely maintaining a high and noble flower attitude in front of his female students, an abstinent and dignified man who shouldn’t be desecrated.

Xie Xi had never seen such a high! And! Noble! Flower!

One month after the start of school, Xie Xi vaguely felt that Jiang Xie was busy with something.

However, Jiang Xie didn’t mention it and he didn’t ask. Xie Xi was a bit perturbed. He didn’t care what outsiders thought but if this relationship was revealed, the one most affected was Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi himself didn’t matter. He just didn’t want Jiang Xie to be hurt. Jiang Xie had his own career and own ideals. He couldn’t be ruined because of Xie Xi.

Nevertheless, Xie Xi could never leave Jiang Xie. He wouldn’t leave even if there was a knife in front of him. The last thing he could do was let go of a person who deeply loved him. That wasn’t love, it was the deadliest betrayal!

Xie Xi knew Jiang Xie too well, just like Jiang Xie understood him. They were lonely, equally as lonely as each other and had enough of a life alone.

It was hard to meet but they were like two puzzle pieces fitting together. If they were separated then they would both be incomplete.

Xie Xi wanted to have no scruples and be open with Jiang Xie. He had to dissolve their current student relationship as soon as possible.

He had to work hard, finished his studies early and walk hand in hand with Jiang Xie in the bright sunlight!

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Mighty Chocobo
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