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Can’t Be Erased End

If it wasn’t that N’s tone was too sincere, Xie Xi would think he was satirizing Jiang Xie…

After all, Jiang Xie’s luck was well known. His face was so dark that no one could match it.

Of course, there were Yan Zhe and the others who saw X’s path. They knew how he reached all the way to his present point.

Xie Xi waited for N’s next words because he thought N would tell him.

N carefully examined Xie Xi for a while before stating, “I’m unsure about what X saw and can only explain my own.”

“Thank you very much.”

N’s eyes flashed as he seemed to be remembering something. “It was an indescribable experience. Even now, I can’t fully understand it…”

He spoke slowly and Xie Xi listened with some fascination.

The so-called touching the centre didn’t really touch anything. For a moment, the player’s consciousness became the central consciousness. They went from a single individual to an omnipotent existence.

He saw thousands of worlds with one glance. He saw every mountain, tree, grass and even the small ants hiding in the grass and countless tiny microorganisms.

The infinite perspective was infinitely fine. The space that couldn’t be measured seemed to have only one point.

With just a glance, he saw the past and future of countless people and things in the world.

It felt like life was being born in their eyes.

N spoke, “It was an indescribable shock. It is difficult to understand without experiencing it.”

Xie Xi nodded. “It is really hard to understand.”

Infinity and one point, the past and future, the various contradictory affairs mixed together and human thoughts that were beyond understanding and couldn’t be imagined.

Xie Xi asked again, “What did you realize to make you start designing quasi-worlds?”

N smiled and replied, “I can help you guess what X was thinking.”

Xie Xi was startled.

N continued, “In that look, it was possible to skip time and space to see the future. Such as…i if you are lucky, you can see the birth of a person who fits your soul. This person will fill in your vacant soul and become your belief in living, making your dull life brilliant.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened and he felt that things were more incomprehensible.

N stated, “If I’m not mistaken, X must’ve seen you.”

Xie Xi couldn’t say a word. He didn’t know how to understand these words. He suddenly wanted to see Jiang Xie and ask him.

N then said, “Designing the quasi-worlds at all cost isn’t only for the continuation of Central. it is because only by going forward can you get out of the island.”

Then N repeated his previous words. “X is lucky.”

He saw the dawn in ‘the future’ and fought hard to move forward, waiting for this man to finally arrive.

Xie Xi’s senses couldn’t return for a long time and N told him, “My skill is time-sensitive. We will soon return to the quasi-world.”

Xie Xi didn’t ask him what this place was and he didn’t care to ask.

He could imagine that it was similar to Jiang Xie’s white space.

Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi to the white space to protect him. N used this space to restrain the enemy.

The heavy Xie Xi once again stood in the black and gold grounds of the temple.

N still looked the same as he told Xie Xi, “I have given up the erasure task. I will see you in Central.”

Xie Xi saw his figure disappearing and his senses only returned after a while. “Thank you…”

N told him, “Hopefully, you’ll fix the quasi-world that I’ve designed.”

“Yes, I will take seriously every world I repair.”

N disappeared and left the quasi-world.

At this time, Yan Zhe’s group hurried over. “How was it? Did you get hurt?”

As he asked, Yan Zhe’s hand was covered with the unique light of his magic.

Xie Xi’s lips curved. “I’m fine, I have no injuries.”

Yan Zhe was relieved.

Then Nan Yi exclaimed, “N gave up the task!”

They were a team and could see the news. The other four were stunned as they glanced at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi had nothing to hide and told the ins and outs. Of course, he didn’t mention the touching the centre.

He wasn’t clear about this thing and rather than being vague, it was better to wait until the time when they touched it themselves.

Listening to the entire story, Nan Yi muttered, “If I had designed so many failed worlds, I wouldn’t offend the person who could repair them and raise the rating.”

It wasn’t just not being able to afford to offend the person, the repairer was directly an ancestor!

Yan Zhe glanced at Xie Xi. He didn’t open his mouth but Xie Xi understood. He gently nodded and Yan Zhe relaxed when he also understood.

“In that case…” Yan Zhe said, “We’ll quickly give up the task.”

If they gave up, they would leave this quasi-world. Gong Rui and Nan Yi showed regret since they obviously hadn’t seen enough. They wanted to keep watching Old Jiang tear himself up.

Yan Zhe yelled at them. “Go, oversized light bulbs!”

Xie Xi bowed deeply to them. “Seniors, thank you.”

Looking at him like this, Nan Yi was strangely embarrassed. He scratched the back of his head and said, “We didn’t do anything.” They just watched the hilarious video while watching melons.”

Xie Xi told them, “The fact that you entered this world is the greatest help.”

This was true. If it wasn’t for Yan Zhe’s group entering the world that was going to be erased, Xie Xi would never be so relaxed.

They came here for the sake of Jiang Xie. Xie Xi understood this and felt grateful.

Yan Zhe opened his mouth. “Well, Old Jiang might be that type of person but he really fought for us.”

The feelings were mutually beneficially. If Jiang Xie hadn’t treated them with all his heart then they wouldn’t trust him so much.

Xie Xi’s chest was hot and he really longed for Jiang Xie, this bad but gentle man.

Yan Zhe’s group disappeared in front of him and Xie Xi strode out of the temple.

It was sunny outside. The battle was over and there was no blood on the open field. There wasn’t even a trace left of the  main gods.

The others had long since fled, leaving only the six star signs standing there.

Xie Xi saw the black-winged Capricorn and the adult Libra in giant dragon form. He saw the eye-catching and handsome red-haired Sagittarius, the nimble Aquarius, Pisces with his long hair to the ground and Scorpio with his huge scythe behind him.

All six of them were watching him. They were different people but at this moment, they all had the same line of sight. They were all happy and contented because they had protected their god.

Xie Xi’s nose was sour and his eyes were hot as he said, “It was hard on you.”

Xie Xi left the quasi-world and woke up again in the rose garden.

He looked at the 12 Jiang Xies in the garden and was startled…

It wasn’t over yet? He thought he would go straight back to Central.

Then the man closest to him moved.

Xie Xi just wanted to turn around when the person behind him hugged him, cool lips against his neck. “Master, I am hungry.”

He deliberately used Sagittarius’ tone but Xie Xi was clear about the identity. “If you’re hungry then starve!”

Jiang Xie’s eyes were full of laughter as he stated, “Cruel child.”

Xie Xi looked up and his eyes suddenly filled with tears. He tightly held onto Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie asked him, “What happened?”

Xie Xi didn’t know what to say. There was so much stuff in his chest that he couldn’t tell what was going on.

Jiang Xie had the memories of six star signs and could guess.

He asked, “Did Yan Zhe have a big mouth again?”

Xie Xi was silent.

Jiang Xie sighed. “What did you and Old N talk about?”

Xie Xi released him and seriously asked, “What did you see when you touched the centre?”

These things were so long ago that Jiang Xie had almost forgotten. What did he see…

As N stated, he saw countless things but also seemed to see only one point. There were thousands of worlds but in the end, there was only a small person. The man who took him off the island.

Jiang Xie sighed. “…I saw you.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “I don’t understand.”

Jiang Xie leaned down towards him and asked, “Do you understand time?”

Xie Xi didn’t know how to answer. He said he understood but he didn’t understand.

Jiang Xie told him that time was created by humanity. Whether it existed or not was undetermined.

Xie Xi didn’t make a sound and Jiang Xie added, “The passage of time is when we become old, sick and die.”

He continued, “Of course, you can also interpret it as the state of heat flowing.”

For example, a piece of paper was ignited, turned into ashes and could no longer be changed back to paper. Time passed for a person from young to old until they finally died.

How could time be defined at Central? Players didn’t become older and paper that turned into ashes could change back to paper.

The reference for time was lost. Xie Xi could understand this but he didn’t understand.

Jiang Xie smiled and continued, “The moment I touched the centre, I saw the future.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “What does that mean?”

Did Jiang Xie know everything that happened so far?

Jiang Xie knew what he was thinking and comforted him. “My future had countless possibilities and I saw countless endings. I finally decided on a new one.”

Xie Xi understood a bit. “Your saying… your future…” Many of them didn’t have him.

He couldn’t say this.

Jiang Xie kissed the tip of his nose. “You are the one I desire most.”

He would pay any price for this.

Xie Xi couldn’t recover for a long time.

Jiang Xie embraced him, “Don’t think too much. Time doesn’t exist and the future is now.”

Jiang Xie touched the centre and saw countless things, giving up countless things.

He saw what the future held. What did it matter where he was standing or where he was in time? He only wanted what he wanted, a future with Xie Xi.

No. In fact, there was no future because every moment was now.

As long as he stepped on this point, there was nothing to fear, even if there was infinite emptiness around him.

Xie Xi understood a bit. “You gave up on the known future and chose the most difficult path?”

“I finally met you.”

Jiang Xie’s luck was very poor and he often wandered on the edge of life and death because he avoided the established future, avoided the way ahead and embarked on the most thorny road to the complete unknown.

It was because at the end of the road was a beautiful rose garden where the future he most desired was standing.

It was now—embracing Xie Xi.

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