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GL: Chapter 302

Can’t Be Erased 19

It was a battle without suspense.

Once the six main gods came in person, the entire continent was boiling. All races and nations responded to call to exterminate the evil god.

Everyone agreed that evil would fall because the six gods represented the pinnacle of the world.

Once they appeared, there was nothing that couldn’t be overcome!

It wasn’t just them. Even the six main gods felt there was no suspense.

They all came in order to harvest the beliefs of the people they sheltered, so as to not be robbed of the limelight by the other gods.

No one ever thought of the possibility of losing.

How could it be possible? This group of ugly people were just ants who could be crushed by the gods moving their fingers.

They thought so but in fact, Xie Xi’s side thought the same.

There was no suspense about the battle with the six gods.

The six star signs had the different space shield so it was impossible to lose to anyone.

Xie Xi’s only concern was N.

N had a strong pharmacist ability. He was a powerful backup for the six main gods and it was unknown what strange tricks he had.

Yan Zhe and the others couldn’t go to meet with N. After all, they were ‘captured’ and could only stay in the dungeon to try and lure N to save them.

Xie Xi thought this and stayed outside the dungeon.

The six star signs went to fight. Xie Xi tried not to let himself think too much but his heart was divided into several parts. He wondered if Scorpio and Libra’s bodies had completely recovered, remembered that Sagittarius hadn’t eaten enough and wondered if Pisces’ mental state could cope with Poseidon’s attacks. Of course, he was also worried about Capricorn. His temperament was steady and calm but his combat power was slightly worse. It was unknown if something would happen…

Xie Xi suppressed the urge to go out and see. He believed they were prepared to do their best and nothing would happen.

He couldn’t walk away. He had to hold N. This was the most important thing.

Only by making N give up the mission would the danger be completely eliminated. Otherwise, there would still be dangers even if the six main gods fell.

Xie Xi suppressed his thoughts and examined the surroundings.

Would N come to save Yan Zhe’s group? It was highly probable. After all, General QIn’s combat power wasn’t small and Yan Zhe was the god milk who could save anyone. The odds of winning would increase with their presence.

Xie Xi held his breath and almost integrated into the darkness. Not a single sound could escape his ears.

Now he was by himself and had to depend on his own strength to guard Jiang Xie!

Just then, something shook in front of him.

Yan Zhe’s voice was heard in his ears at the same time. “N found us. Be careful!”

Xie Xi destroyed the communicator and completely hide himself in the darkness.

For a strong person on the same level as Jiang Xie, Xie Xi could never take this opponent lightly.

There were many magical items in Central and he couldn’t measure N.

The communicator in his ear might’ve exposed his whereabouts. He wanted to calm down and use all his spirit to capture the person who could come to him at any time!

Suddenly, Xie Xi felt a pulling sensation.

This familiar feeling scared him.

He would experience such a pull every time he left the quasi-world…

What was going on? He was leaving the quasi-world?

Had the souls killed the six main gods and completed the protection mission? Impossible! It was impossible to resolve the hidden dangers just by killing the six main gods!

Then… N didn’t come here and went directly to attack the souls? Xie Xi’s back was cold and he strove to stabilize his chaotic heart. If the souls died, if Jiang Xie, if…

His vision was dark.

Xie Xi was standing in a void space when he opened his eyes again. It was dark and isolated from everything. This wasn’t the temple, the small world or Central.

Where was this place? The first thing that came to Xie Xi’s mind was the white space. Jiang Xie had used it several times in order to wake up Xie Xi. This obviously wasn’t the white space. It was…

“Are you a player?” An ordinary voice rang out behind him.

He didn’t know why but Xie Xi, who was so nervous that his back was wet, miraculously calmed down.

This was N.

Xie Xi didn’t know the location of this place but he was at ease once he knew that N was with him. N didn’t go to attack the souls and Jiang Xie was fine.

This information was like giving the sea god’s power to Xie Xi, allowing him to stabilize the violent wind and waves.

Xie Xi turned and saw a man who almost integrated with the darkness. He wore a black cloak and only a pair of eyes was revealed. It was a pair of plain eyes like his voice. It was plain with no character, letting people easily forget him.

Xie Xi stared for a while. He thought this was N’s disguise and N had deliberately concealed his original appearance.

“I am,” Xie Xi answered the question. It wasn’t necessary to hide this.

N stood far ahead and seemed to be separated from Xie Xi by a star river.

He paused for a long time but it seemed to be just a moment before his unwavering voice rang out again. “Why are you in this world?”

Xie Xi summoned the god’s wisdom and sketch pen and stood motionless.

The two items were suspended in front of him but N seemed unaware, making Xie Xi sigh with relief.

He could use the god’s wisdom and there would be no problem with self-protection  He would win as long as he could protect himself.

Xie Xi stared at him. “Do you have to erase the world?”

N’s eyes moved slightly. “Answer my question.”

Xie Xi wasn’t afraid as he stared at N and questioned. “Do you have to kill the six fallen star signs?”

N watched Xie Xi. “Who are you?”

They both asked each other questions and didn’t answer the other person’s questions.

In fact, this method of inquiry could also find out some things.

For example, N realized something. “Are you guarding this world?”

There was little doubt in his tone, showing he clearly understood.

After all, in the eyes of god level players, those who entered a world being erased were either teammates or competitors, nothing else.

The meaning of these words was clearly to determine the mission objective.

Xie Xi replied, “I’m going to repair it.”

He didn’t mention Jiang Xie, say this was Jiang Xie’s quasi-world or mention that the six star signs were Jiang Xie.

However, this answer tripped all of N’s nerves. He cried out almost immediately, “You are IE!”

Xie Xi was stunned for a moment. Oh, he remembered… After repairing the Collapsed God, he redesigned the quasi-world with Jiang Xie.

The system wanted to publish the designer’s name so he gave himself a code name. Jiang Xie was X and he was IE, together it was XIE. Xie Xi thought of the IE browser and inexplicably felt a bit of amusement.

Yet N could so quickly guess it was him. This was worthy of being a famous god player in Central.

As for the repair mission, the Central Government didn’t make it public and Xie Xi’s occupation also wasn’t public.

N was really wise to guess so much from a few short words.

Xie Xi answered, “Yes, I am.”

N paused for a long time and when he spoke again, his voice slightly trembled. “Why can you design a SSS-grade quasi-world?”

The Collapsed God was repaired and redesigned to become a SSS-grade quasi-world.

Xie Xi didn’t open his mouth and just looked at N.

N immediately understood his meaning and declared, “I can give up the erasure task.”

Hearing this sentence, Xie Xi released his clenched fists. It was easier than expected but this was also expected. Abandoning this mission was a small loss for N. As compensation, he could get important information from Xie Xi and this was very cost-effective.

Xie Xi explained, “After the repair, the quasi-world can be redesigned.”

There was a certain risk saying this. After all, the designers of the SSS-grade world were he and Jiang Xie. Perhaps N could infer the designer of this world…

Xie Xi really didn’t want to expose Jiang Xie since he was always afraid that N would hurt Jiang Xie.

N instantly exclaimed, “This is X’s quasi-world!”

Xie Xi was tense and ready to fight.

Fortunately, N wanted to surpass Jiang Xie but there were no ideas of killing him. N just muttered, “No wonder it is so complete.”

This was something Xie Xi was inexperienced in. He hadn’t been to other collapsed quasi-worlds and didn’t know what those worlds were like. He only thought there were thousands of collapsed worlds and countless possibilities apart from Jiang Xie.

In fact, only a handful of people could design such a complete quasi-world. In particular, this quasi-world was collapsing yet the system was still perfect.

N glanced at Xie Xi and asked, “If you repair the quasi-world and then redesign it, the rating can improve right?”

There was nothing to hide and Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

N paused before seeming to speak with slight difficulty. “Once you are back in Central, can you please do me a favour?”

Xie Xi stared blankly.

“I can help you complete the repair task here. After returning to Central, you can ask me for anything. I only hope that you…”

Xie Xi understood. “You want me to help you repair the quasi-world that you designed?”

N nodded.

Xie Xi explained, “The repair tasks I receive are random and I can’t specify which world to go to.”

In fact, he was designated as the exclusive Repairer of Jiang Xie. However, if this was Jiang Xie’s last collapsed world then he might be able to repair other quasi-worlds.

N replied, “It’s fine. As long as you receive my quasi-world, try to repair it.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He suddenly thought that this Yunge master was a bit miserable. Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking of Yan Zhe’s previous words to him. Both Jiang Xie and N had touched the centre.

Xie Xi hesitated before opening his mouth. “If I meet your quasi-world, I will fix it but I have a question.”

“Say it, I’ll do whatever I can.”

Xie Xi opened his mouth again. “You touched the centre, right?”

N was silent.

Xie Xi continued to ask. This was the best opportunity and he would regret it if he missed it. “Can you tell me what you saw?”

N’s eyes stared at Xie Xi, as if staring into the depths of his soul. “You want to know what X saw.”

At this point, there was nothing to hide. Xie Xi nodded. “Yes, I want to know.”

N still stared at Xie Xi and after a while, he muttered, “X’s luck is so good.”

Xie Xi, “…”


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