GL: Chapter 83

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Open World 8

The zombie girl had blood around her mouth and she chewed it like she was eating something good.

If this was seen by ordinary people, they would probably turn around and vomit.

The players had experienced several worlds but even they found it hard to bear such a bloody sight.

The young woman covered with blood frowned lightly without any fear. She didn’t look at the screaming Peng Chi and slowly wiped the blood on her body with a handkerchief.

Xie Xi felt anxious but knew he couldn’t do anything after seeing the arm being eaten by the zombie girl.

He wasn’t sure if his Beginner Repair skill was effective on Peng Chi but it was certain that it couldn’t be used without the arm.

Peng Chi just lost an arm. It wasn’t fatal but if the blood kept flowing like this then his life would soon be gone.

Lan Lingling finally looked up as she stared at the screaming Peng Chi.

The zombie girl finished eating and was happy. “It tastes good. Thank you for your hospitality. I will help you stop the bleeding.”

She finished speaking and the blood at Peng Chi’s shoulder stopped. Nevertheless, it was clear that the pain was still there.

It was good that the bleeding was stopped since he wouldn’t bleed to death.

Lan Lingling retracted her gaze, regret flashing in her eyes. She wanted Peng Chi to die because she knew that he would retaliate against her if he didn’t.

Xie Xi was by her side and saw it clearly. His chest became cold and he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

“Okay.” The zombie girl continued. “The second round will start? Who will be punished next?”

Peng Chi had barely calmed down. He was covered in blood, his face was sallow and cold while sweat flowed down his forehead. He looked haggard but his eyes were a dark abyss. He wanted to drag everyone into hell with him.

Lan Lingling frowned and straightened her back.

The zombie girl said, “I will start the turntable to see who is the lucky first person.”

The pink roulette turned and the atmosphere was tenser this time.

They still felt a hint of luck before seeing the punishment. Now they knew they were standing on the wooden bridge of hell and desired to live at all costs!

The pink pointer became slower and slower like it was gradually approaching the death bell.

The pointer slowed down and passed Lan Lingling’s area. It came to Xie Xi and showed no signs of stopping. It went straight to Jiang Xie’s area and slowed down like last time. It turned slowly…

Everyone held their breaths. Peng Chi was nervous enough to die. If the first person was him then he would be finished. These people would definitely sacrifice face. Once he accepted another punishment, he… he…

Peng Chi stared at the turntable, wanting to hit it and lift it! The pointer stopped and stayed motionless.

Peng Chi was stunned. Once he saw that it was far from his own area, he was relieved and collapsed.

Jiang Xie stated, “It’s me.”

Compared to his calm, Xie Xi was very nervous.

The first round was a real demonstration that gave everyone an idea. The first person was in danger and more likely to be punished than anyone else.

The punishment was so cruel. Xie Xi…

The zombie girl looked at Jiang Xie and smiled happily. “Handsome people taste the best. I’m looking forward to it.”

Jiang Xie laughed. “Thank you for the compliment.”

The zombie girl’s good mood increased. “You are funny. I like to eat interesting people the best.”

Xie Xi, “…” Too naughty!

Jiang Xie didn’t care and just watched Xie Xi.

The zombie girl understood him. “Okay, let’s start the second round. Handsome man, quickly confess!”

Jiang Xie didn’t disappoint her and told Xie Xi, “I love you.”

Xie Xi had been worried but he didn’t feel good when looking at this old guy. “Shameless!”

Perhaps Jiang Xie’s calm mood infected Xie Xi and his tense heart calmed down. In fact, Jiang Xie was quite magical. He always gave Xie Xi an unreliable feeling but he also felt inexplicably reliable. It seemed that nothing terrible would happen as long as he was there.

Well… Xie Xi took it back. This was just a delusion!

The second round began. Xie Xi said I love you to Lan Lingling and she rejected him.

According to the last round, she should turn to the suited man and say I love you but she didn’t. Instead, she told Xie Xi, “Shameless.”

Xie Xi quickly returned it with, “I love you.”

It took only a second for Xie Xi to understand Lan Lingling’s intentions.

She deliberately reversed the order in order to catch Peng Chi off guard. He would be immersed in the pain of his severed arm and make a mistake. Then he would once again be punished!

The even more frightening thing was that she calculated that Xie Xi wouldn’t reverse it.

It was because if Xie Xi reversed it, he would be the first one saying something four times!

This was the first lap. Xie Xi first said I love you to Lan Lingling and she returned it with shameless. The two people evened out and only said it once.

Then Lan Lingling said shameless to Xie Xi and Xie Xi returned it with I love you. The two of them were once again even as they said it twice. Lan Lingling also said it first and Xie Xi was safe.

If Xie Xi reversed it again in order to save Peng Chi, he would say I love you to Lan Lingling and she would respond with Xie Xi. They both said it three times but Xie Xi would become first.

At this time, Lan Lingling would give up on Xie Xi to go to the suited man. As long as the suited man kept the order, it would reach Xie Xi. Xie Xi must first reply shameless to Jiang Xie. If he wanted to avoid Lan Lingling, he would speak to Jiang Xie once again but this meant speaking to Jiang Xie three times…

After that, no matter what the order, Xie Xi would be the one to speak four times first unless someone else made a mistake!

The even more ridiculous thing was that if Xie Xi made such a complicated reversal to save Peng Chi, in Peng Chi’s current state, it was likely that he would still make a mistake first and Lan Lingling’s desire would come true!

Xie Xi felt cold as he told Jiang Xie, “Shameless.”

Jiang Xie’s voice was full of relief. “I love you.”

Xie Xi looked up at Jiang Xie but Jiang Xie didn’t pause as he said to Peng Chi, “Shameless.”

Peng Chi, “…”

There were many thoughts but this actually happened very quickly. One person took only two seconds and it reached Peng Chi in eight seconds.

He was tortured by his arm and his nerves had collapsed to the extreme due to the turntable. Now it was hard to catch his breath and Lan Lingling’s sudden reversal made him panic.

Peng Chi was stunned after hearing Jiang Xie’s shameless and stuttered, “I…I…”

“Hey!” The zombie girl was happy. You made another mistake. I love you, I love you, how can you not say it?”

Peng Chi was horrified. “No… I… no…”

The zombie girl stated, “You must follow the rules when playing the game. If you lose then you will be punished.”

She finished speaking and Peng Chi’s leg was cut off.

The scream made the scalp numb and Peng Chi almost fainted.

The zombie girl stopped the bleeding for him. “You still have to play the game even if you faint. If you can’t speak then you have to accept the punishment!”

These words made Peng Chi bit his lip and swallow down his screams.

He lost an arm and a leg while the pain was consuming his physical and mental strength. He was already almost at his limit!

He stared at Lan Lingling and the desire to survive and his hatred paralyzed his nerves, making him strong.

The third round began and this time it pointed to Xie Xi. Xie Xi became the first person.

Xie Xi stared at Jiang Xie in a stunned manner. “I love you.”

Jiang Xie was very distressed but he knew better than anyone that this game wasn’t difficult. In a higher rated world, the punishment wouldn’t be as simple as losing an arm. The real survival was not dying and ordinary people couldn’t imagine it.

Xie Xi had to continue to grow.

This time Lan Lingling didn’t reverse the order. She knew that Peng Chi was prepared and if she rushed to reverse it, she might fall into the trap.

The second lap ended. If there was no chance, Xie Xi would be the one punished.

Lan Lingling said I love you to Xie Xi for the third time and Xie Xi replied with shameless. He would soon speak to Jiang Xie and say the fourth I love you…

Suddenly, the zombie girl opened her mouth. “Pause~ There is another reward!”

Xie Xi’s heart was in his throat. He guessed there would be a card but he hadn’t expected it to appear at the last moment!

The zombie girl told them, “It is a pity. The most beautiful person must taste good. Unfortunately, I can’t eat it.”

Xie Xi, “…”

The zombie girl spoke again, “Not necessarily. Let’s look at the reward first!”

The pink turntable popped up with a black card on it. The zombie girl fiddled with it and it started to spin. The pointed slowed down as it came to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was nervous. If this card appeared in front of him, he would have a great chance to save himself. If it stopped in front of Jiang Xie, he believed that Jiang Xie wouldn’t abandon him. However, if it stopped in front of others…

Xie Xi stared without blinking as he thought of the worst.

He had a fatal injury immunity and could probably hold on until the end of the game, but what about the next game? If the first project was this difficult, what about the next two? Not to mention, there was still the underground labyrinth!

Xie Xi wasn’t naive enough to think that his main task had nothing to do with the underground labyrinth.

If he couldn’t manage even the first project then what would happen?

The pointer stopped in front of Peng Chi.

Lan Lingling’s pupils shrunk and she looked somewhat nervous.

The zombie girl instructed, “Use your other hand to pick up the card and read the contents. Remember not to read it wrong or you will receive punishment.”

Peng Chi’s face was cold as he endured the pain and took the card. His voice was hoarse and gasping, like a dying person’s unwilling roar.

“Exchange Card, specify two people to change seats. The card can be discarded and it is invalid after this round.”

He finished reading the contents of the card and his hateful eyes were fixed on Lan Lingling.

Lan Lingling’s face instantly drained of blood and his lips quivered. “No… I… I didn’t mean to….”

Peng Chi’s pale lips curved as he revealed a comforting and crazy smile. “I will use the Exchange Card.”

The zombie girl asked, “Who will you specify to change seats?”

Did she still need to ask? Everyone could guess.

Peng Chi cried out, “I designate Lan Lingling and Xie Xi to change seats!”

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Lan Lingling’s face instantly drained of blood and his her lips quivered. “No… I… I didn’t mean to….”

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