GL: Chapter 24

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Fairytale Town 8

Xie Xi looked at the boy. “I’m not the one bullying her.”

“You are! You outsiders are all villains!” The boy’s tender face was veiled with anger.

Xie Xi crouched down until he was eye level with the boy. He was calm and gentle, treating the seven or eight year old boy in front of him like an adult instead of a child.

This move caused the little boy to be startled. He was used to looking up at people and now he felt a bit uncomfortable.


How could this man be so good-looking, even better than Sister Yunren.

The boy’s tight nerves subconsciously relaxed.

Xie Xi whispered, “I just arrived here yesterday. I haven’t done anything or hurt anyone.”

The boy was surprised and bit his lips. “Yo uare the same, all the same. At first you were good to us but then did bad things. The village…” He was wronged but refused to shed a tear. “The village became like this because of you!”

Xie Xi was stunned. “What the hell did they do?”

“What did they do?” This was a switch that allowed the boy to vent. He accused the outsiders of their evil deeds using childish words.

“You played with our feelings! You occupied our houses! You took away our food! You even trapped us in this small town so we can never leave!”

Xie Xi expected the previous players to have done a huge disservice to the town but he hadn’t expected it to be like this. Trapping the residents in the small town so they could never leave?

He asked, “Can’t you walk out of this town?”

The boy was made. “If we could leave then we wouldn’t wait here to die!”

The overall situation of the residents in the town was very bad. It wasn’t only physically but their minds were also thinned into a string that could break at any time.

Xie Xi asked, “When did this start?”

“A year ago…” The boy shook with rage. “It started when you outsiders fell from the sky! At first, you put on a hypocritical face by helping us do farm work, building a house and soon… soon…”

The boy glanced at Sun Yunren, tears in his eyes. “Soon you showed your true beastly face! You robbed our home, drove us to work day and night, humiliated and insulted…”

The cruel and dirty things sounded worse in the innocent child’s voice.

Xie Xi frowned, “Thus, you started hunting outsiders.”

The boy’s golden eyes flashed with a fearless brilliance. “Don’t you deserve to die?”

“It won’t solve the problem,” Xie Xi stared at him.

The boy said ruthlessly, “You won’t bother us again as long as we kill all of you!”

Xie Xi said, “I can make it impossible for them to come here but…”

He hadn’t finished the words when he felt the air splitting…

The boy’s eyes widened, full of panic and despair… Xie Xi got up and hugged the boy in his arms, the arrow piercing him in the back.

Song Qi screamed, “Brother Xi!”

Severe pain immediately took over his whole brain and Xie Xi gritted his teeth.

The boy was stunned and looked up at him with astonishment.

Xie Xi endured the severe pain and whispered, “Go quickly, there is danger.”

The boy was pale and his lips trembled. “Why did you do this?”

Xie Xi whispered again, “Go to the rear mountain…”

The boy’s eyes widened.

Xie Xi pushed him hard. “Go!”

The boy stared at the outsider and clenched his fists before pulling Sun Yunren to run away.

Zhong Jin’s voice was slowly heard. “An inferior human, is it worth wasting a life for them?”

Xie Xi’s uniform played a role. The pain faded and the back injury recovered. His forehead was covered in sweat and his face was paler than usual.

“Inferior?” Xie Xi’s voice was hoarse.

Zhong Jin’s sunniness had changed. He still had golden hair but the smile on his face was cruel and arrogant. “You new people can’t always recognize their identities.”

He sprang forward and pressed his hand against the arrow piercing Xie Xi. “If you were inferior then you would be dead right now.”

The wound had recovered but pressing against it caused the sharp pain to come again.

Sweat dripped down the tip of Xie Xi’s nose. “So you humiliate them.”

Zhong Jin smiled. “You misunderstand. I…”

He didn’t finish his words as Xie Xi kicked him and glanced at Song Qi.

Song Qi understood and ran in the opposite direction.

The two of them running together would only lead to both being caught. If they ran separately, at least one of them could get away and find a chance to rescue the other person.

Zhong JIn laughed and didn’t hesitate to pursue Xie Xi.

The small minion Song Qi wasn’t worth mentioning. If Xie Xi wasn’t present then Zhong Jin could use one finger to kill Song Qi.

Xie Xi ran as hard as he could and exhausted all his strength.

He knew he couldn’t run away and that Zhong Jin was playing with him, like a cat chasing a mouse.

Xie Xi still had to run as much as possible in order to buy Song Qi some time!

Zhong Jin was much stronger than they thought. They tied him up like that yet he came so quickly. He must’ve easily broken the rope after the frozen effect ended.

Fortunately they didn’t try to kill him. The effect of the character freeze was too short. Once their fatal immunity was gone, Xie Xi and Song Qi would be the ones to die!

Zhong Jin deliberately forced him into a small alley and Xie Xi knew he couldn’t retreat once he ran in.

Xie Xi’s physical strength was very bad. After all, he stayed in his house all year round and lacked exercise.

There was an item in the mall that strengthened his body but unfortunately, his level was too low to afford it.

After running as hard as he could, he was tired and breathless. His hair was wet with sweat and stuck to his cheeks.

In comparison, Zhong Jin’s breathing wasn’t chaotic and his footsteps were gentle.

Xie Xi’s brain worked quickly as he thought about the cards in his hands.

He still had one life, seven character freezes, a search mirror and the short blade grabbed from Zhong Jin. The search mirror wasn’t very useful. The seven character freezes could only control Zhong Jin for seven minutes…

Who knew how many lives Zhong Jin had?

By the way, there was the summoning skill that could summon X’s body.

Who knew if X was an enemy or a friend? The designer of such a perverted game, how could Xie Xi use common sense with him?

Xie Xi stared at Zhong Jin.

“Your expression is really tempting.” Zhong Jin glanced over Xie Xi’s face like a searchlight as he mocked, “It’s a pity that you are a man.”

Xie Xi suddenly felt sick.

Zhong Jin put away his smile and asked, “Where did you get your body freeze?”

Xie Xi deliberately delayed the time. “I bought it in the mall.”

“You only cleared one world. Where did you get so many silver coins?”

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

Zhong Jin’s eyes flashed. “My luck can’t be so good. I picked the one who cleared the S-grade world at once galnce.”

Sure enough, he was suspicious. Xie Xi wasn’t surprised since the price of the character freeze was too expensive. Somebody who completed low-grade main tasks absolutely couldn’t afford to biuy it.

However, at this point in time, it didn’t matter if it was exposed or not.

Zhong Jin stared at him. “If you are that person, I won’t kill you.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “What are the conditions?”

“Join my organization.”

Xie Xi asked bluntly, “Aren’t you afraid that I will pretend to join and then turn things around?”

Zhong Jin kept maintaining a certain distance from him.

Rather than answering Xie Xi’s question, he abruptly changed the subject. “Do you feel sorry for this town?”

Xie Xi had no expression on his face.

Zhong Jin said, “It is true that this town used to be like a painting. It was a very dreamy and beautiful place. I know better than anyone. After all, I painted it.”

Xie Xi was stunned.

“I was only involved in drawing the town but I’m not its designer.”

Xie Xi understood. “This quasi-world was designed by your organization?”

Zhong Jin nodded. “Yes, we put all our effort into designing it and the zone recognized it as a quasi-world.”

Zone? It was a word Xie Xi was hearing for the first time.

Zhong Jin knew he didn’t understand and patiently explained, “The zone is the will of the central government. A quasi-world will only be opened after it is recognized by the world.”

Xie Xi asked him, “Since this town was designed by you, why do you want to destroy it?”

“Destroy?” Zhong Jin scoffed. “You misunderstood. I didn’t destroy it. I have been protecting it.”

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed.

Zhong Jin continued, “After a quasi-world is opened, the zone will release a variety of tasks and players will enter the world to complete the tasks. Our organization’s ability wasn’t good and the design of this small village is very low. Most of the people who entered the world are newcomers who don’t understand anything. The newcomers did their tasks seriously. Later, they found the residents were simple and ignorant and started…”

A hint of pity filled Zhong Jin’s cold eyes. “My poor children were ruined by them. Shouldn’t I give them a bit of punishment?”

Xie Xi stated, “Then you hunted players.”

Zhong Jin asked, “Shouldn’t those who are persecuted resist?”

“Not all players are guilty.”

Zhong Jin scoffed. “That child said it. They were all good when they first entered.”

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

Zhong Jin said again, “I know you have many doubts about me. I do things that are too extreme but it is for this town…”

Xie Xi looked up. “What about Sun Yunren?”

Zhong Jin’s voice was soft. “She is my dead lover.”

He continued, “It is my fault. I admit it. I designed her after my dead lover because of my selfishness. I love her very much but I also know she isn’t my lover. I’m doomed not to give her a future.” He smiled tragically. “I know you blame me for messing with her but my heart isn’t made of metal. Seeing her like that, I…”

Xie Xi’s brow furrowed.

Zhong Jin added, “I pulled you and Song Qi into this game because I took a fancy to your personalities. I know you won’t do any bad things so I hoped you would enter, not others.”

All doubts seemed to have been explained by Zhong Jin.

Zhong Jin stared at Xie Xi., “Join us. We might not be as big as Yunge but we will treat you well and give you the best resources.”

Xie Xi wavered. “You are really protecting this town.”

“Of course. Why else would I enter the quasi-world again and again? You should know that repeating low-grade tasks won’t give any rewards and it will also be reversed.”

“In that case…” Xie Xi walked up to him with a slight frown.

Zhong Jin smiled at him. “Rest assured, we…”

He hadn’t finished when Xie Xi finally got the opportunity to use character freeze on him.

It was all damn nonsense!

Xie Xi wasn’t a three year old child!

If Zhong Jin was really looking after this small town, it was better to quickly clear the world so that players couldn’t enter. This would also secure a calm and stable life for the residents.

Why did he keep entering? What did it mean to keep killing players? Wasn’t he driving the residents crazy by intensifying the conflict?

Xie Xi used three character freezes before running.

It was a pity that there was no way to stab Zhong Jin!

Zhong Jin was frozen for three minutes. Once it was lifted, his lips curved in a smile. “Really clever. No wonder why he can clear the S-grade quasi-world.”

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