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Lost Atlantis 38

All of them didn’t want the throne then the throne would be angry. Wasn’t the setting for the six princes to fight over the throne?

What were all of them doing? Giving up their inheritance for a merman?

Too incompetent!

Xie Xi didn’t want to marry such incompetent people!

Then he looked at the progress bar and stabbed himself. No, he had to. He couldn’t think about whether he wanted it or not…

The third prince’s eyes were bright, there was a bit of nervousness in his heart as he spoke, “Cough… I know it is sudden and you’re probably happy… cough, you might be too happy that it seems like this is a dream. Still, I have to tell you seriously. It isn’t a dream. Colin Hall, I am really proposing to you.”

Xie Xi really hoped this was a dream. He wanted it to be a nightmare he could get rid of!

“Your… Highness…” Xie Xi barely found his voice. “We haven’t known each other for long. You suddenly did this…”

The third prince disagreed. “What does the length of time matter? I like you and you have to be responsible.”

Xie Xi was speechless. He wanted to say that many people liked him!

He hesitated and the third prince’s eyes sank. “You still don’t like me…”

Xie Xi glanced at the progress bar and couldn’t accept it. He hurriedly said, “My heart is the same as Your Highness.”

The third prince was coaxed and smiled happily. “Since we are the same, there is no need to waste time. Life is short, we should seize every minute and second!”

The third prince’s words of love were good to hear, especially after understanding his personality. Every word he spoke was from the heart and his whole future was filled with thoughts of love.

It was impulsive to propose after such a short amount of time but this was the most romantic impulse in the world of love.

In particular, in the face of a lover whose status was lower than himself, such active behaviour would give the other party a sense of security.

The third prince might seem reckless but he was actually thinking wholeheartedly about Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn’t know what to do. On one hand, he felt guilt. On the other hand, he was afraid of overturning the boat. After all, there was the second prince…

The third prince once again spoke sweet words. “In the past few days when you went home, I have missed you every day. Cough, I mean, I have been thinking about you and I every day, yes, it was about us.”

Roast Pork Bun shouted, “Don’t explain. You’re thinking about Daddy!”

Xie Xi pinched his ears. Could this kitten stop talking and die?

The third prince cleared his throat and continued, “The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to waste time. Since you like me, I have to take responsibility. I have to live up to your heart and can’t let you have no name.”

The translation: Don’t waste time. Since I like you, I have to quickly tie you to me. Otherwise, I will cry if you run away.

Xie Xi was so touched that he didn’t dare to move. “Your Highness, I am surprised but also… very, very happy.”

Happy to die!

The third prince was joyful and took Xie Xi’s hand. “Then you are willing to be with me…”

Xie Xi no longer wanted to hear about marriage so he gritted his teeth. “I am willing.”

Roast Pork Bun, “Oh~”

Xie Xi wanted to rub this little kitten until he was bald!

The third prince hugged Xie Xi, directly pulling Xie Xi onto his lap.

Xie Xi, “…” Oh, this strength was really remarkable.

The third prince pulled him down and the prince’s eyes lit up like stars falling to the bottom of the sea. “I will never disappoint you and never betray you. As long as I have all of you, I will give you whatever you want. Colin, I won’t let you regret marrying me. I mean, marry me!”

Xie Xi felt guilty and was too lazy to care about the words.

As expected, after agreeing to marry the prince, the progress bar rose to 16.66…% and turned from bright red to green.

The third prince was done!

Unfortunately, Xie Xi wasn’t happy. He took care of this and now had to get on another boat…

He couldn’t think about it. Think about Roast Pork Bun being bald!

Roast Pork Bun, “???”

“I will go tell Father and then tell everyone about us…” The third prince was worthy of being an active person. He just proposed and wanted to get married the next second.

Since Xie Xi dared to agree, he naturally had a way to deal with this.

He coaxed the third prince, “Don’t worry Your Highness… can we not tell anyone about this for the moment?”

The third prince didn’t understand. “Why?”

Xie Xi pretended to be embarrassed. “You are a prince, I am just an ordinary person. We will surely cause a sensation…”

The third prince told him, “Don’t be afraid. No one would dare to bully you.”

“It is easy to dodge a spear in the open but hard to avoid an arrow fired in the dark.”

It was a reminder to the third prince that while he might have the confidence to take care of Xie Xi, he also had to sacrifice some of his freedom.

“I don’t want to become a rare sight for spectators… not to mention,” Xie Xi continued, “The time we’ve spent together is too short. I hope to spend more time with Your Highness and get to know each other better. If Your Highness regrets this then I…” He bowed his head and looked pitiful.

The third prince’s heart instantly softened and he spoke softly, “How can I regret it? Now that I have said this, I will be responsible to you for the rest of my life.”

Xie Xi whispered, “Then please give me this time Your Highness.”

His cautious appearance made the third prince very distressed. “I will listen to you. I will do whatever you say as long as you don’t cry.”

Xie Xi, “…” Who was crying?!

He managed to convince the third prince and said, “It is late. I should go back.”

The third prince didn’t want to let him go. “What is the hurry? Tonight…”

Xie Xi was embarrassed. “it will be suspicious.”

The third prince felt slightly annoyed. “We are about to get married. Why does it feel like we are having an affair?”

Xie Xi couldn’t answer. After all, the second half of the third prince’s sentences were true.

Fortunately, this face was very deceptive and the third prince had a filter. He thought Xie Xi was angry and replied, “Fine, I will listen to you. Go back and I’ll come find you tomorrow.”

Xie Xi felt guilty but he was already walking this rope and had to endure it. “Your Highness, don’t casually come find me.”

The third prince wasn’t happy. “We can’t meet?”

“It’s strange for you to always show up at the guards’ quarters.” Xie Xi quickly added, “Please let me come to you.”

The third prince raised his eyebrows at the words and smiled. “Okay, think of me and come see me.”

Xie Xi had a toothache. “Yes.”

His cute appearance made the third prince fell full of sweetness. “Don’t go out and then come back.” People who loved each other naturally thought of each other al the time.

Xie Xi didn’t have a toothache. His teeth were almost falling out!

He controlled his heart and stated, “I will send you a message.”

The silly prince was happy again. “Okay, send me a message if you miss me.”

Xie Xi nodded and then fled.

The third prince was handled and Xie Xi went directly to the second prince.

The vertical and horizontal directions were dead ends so he had to gamble!

As soon as he arrived at the second prince’s palace, Xie Xi knew that he wasn’t mistaken.

This ‘shabby’ palace had never looked so much like a palace!

Why would the second prince work so hard to take care of his palace unless something big was happening?

Xie Xi saw the second prince and was stunned.

The second prince was always the most fashionable one. He had silver hair, white skin, delicate facial features and eyes that were slightly curved in a smile. It was estimated that most girls couldn’t resist him.

At this time, he changed into a silver uniform that clung to his body, perfectly outlining his slender figure. He was like an elf prince.

Xie Xi was shocked by his ‘dressing up’, not his appearance.

Wasn’t the second prince asking for marriage? Why did it seem like he was going to get married directly?!

Fortunately, Xie Xi was thinking too much. The second prince just paid attention to the first big event in his life and made it so grand.

Xie Xi bowed to him.

The second prince didn’t get straight to the point like the third prince. He asked carefully about Xie Xi’s return home.

This appearance was really gentle but Xie Xi felt anxious. Hurry up and propose so Xie Xi could rush to the next one! However, the second prince talked a lot and didn’t get to the point for a long time.

Xie Xi’s time was limited and he took the initiative to open his mouth. “Your Highness, you said that you wanted to find me for something. Is it important?”

The second prince’s eyes became hot at these words.

Xie Xi had been proposed to twice today and couldn’t feel any panic or nervousness the third time. He just wanted it done quickly!

The second prince was very cautious for the first time in his life. “I had a dream while you went home these past few days.

Xie Xi, “???”

Why did it feel like he was laying the groundwork for 10,000 words?

Sure enough, the second prince made a decision and said, “I had a dream that you were married to someone else. That person was rude, barbaric and very bad for you. He even drove you out of the house…”

Xie Xi knew about this dream. After all, he personally accompanied the prince in the dream.

Once the groundwork was finally laid, the second prince stared at him affectionately. “I thought about it and feel that this dream is a warning. If I delay any longer, perhaps that tragedy will happen.”

Sorry, you’re too late. Your brother has already made a strong start.

Xie Xi was in a daze and the second prince wasn’t surprised. He took Xie Xi’s hand and whispered, “Perhaps you think this is a bit sudden but I have been thinking seriously. Can you give me a chance? I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Xie Xi, “…” He spoke so much, no wonder why he was a step slower. His brothers proposed marriage as soon as they opened their mouths!

Xie Xi was an expert and had ridden this train three times. He acted very surprised, “Your Highness, you…”

“Do you hate me?”

Xie Xi whispered, “I don’t hate you. Who would hate you?”

The second prince still had confidence and his voice was gentle, “Do you hate that I like you?”

Xie Xi thought it would be better to blush but he couldn’t do it. He just trembled as he replied, “You are joking with me.”

“If there is a lie in my words, let me be struck by lightning.”

Xie Xi hurriedly cried out, “Your Highness, don’t say such a thing!” He was so anxious that the second prince thought this guy really liked him too and felt peace of mind. “No hurry, we have a lot of time. I will slowly let you know that I am serious and really want to be with you.”

“You are a prince, I am just a small guard. We…”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” The second prince was worthy of being brothers with the other two. Their brain circuits were exactly the game. “I won’t inherit the throne and don’t need to worry about what anyone else thinks. Besides, I’m not a little boy who doesn’t understand the world. I can make decisions for my own business.”

This was really true. With the second prince’s power, no one could easily shake his decision as long as it wasn’t too big.

The second prince spoke again, “You don’t have to be afraid. We will take it slowly. No matter what problem I encounter, I will solve it and not let you feel troubled.”

Xie Xi felt it was almost there and gritted his teeth. “I am very happy to hear you say this.”

The second prince’s heart jumped and he asked, “You are willing to accept me?”

Xie Xi glanced at the progress bar and nodded.

Whoosh. The purple progress bar rose to 16.66…% and turned green.

Xie Xi relaxed and fell into the second prince’s arms. Aix-en hugged him and spoke in a tone full of uncontrollable excitement. “This is the happiest moment of my life.”

Unfortunately, that joy would turn to sadness.

Xie Xie Xi continued his routine. “Your Highness, I feel like I am dreaming.”

The second prince’s lips curved. “Rest assured, I will make sure that reality is better than the dream.”

Xie Xi smiled before becoming slightly worried. “There are many people who like you. If they know that I am with you, they will…”

“I will protect you.”

Xie Xi was still worried. “It is very painful to lose a person forever. I am afraid that the people who like you will do irreversible things.

This sentence reminded the second prince of another matter.

He naturally knew that the third prince liked Colin. Knowing the temper of his third brother, wouldn’t Gars be upset after finding out about this?

Little Colin was very timid. What if the third prince did something?

The second prince sobered up and told Xie Xi, “Give me some time. I will handle everything properly so that you have no worries.”

“I will listen to Your Highness.”

“Don’t be afraid.” The third prince’s voice was warm. “I won’t let you be in danger, let alone cause trouble for you.”

He bit the hook on his own but Xie Xi unexpectedly felt guilty.

No, he couldn’t feel guilty! He had to run down this road or he would be dragged down to death! After taking care of the second prince, Xie Xi returned to the fourth prince to accept his proposal.

2,3,5 and 6 were full, leaving only 1 and 4.

Once the fourth prince was full, he would pretend to be the resurrected Sein and take care of the eldest prince.

As long as the eldest prince’s progress was full, he could leave this world. The rest… it had nothing to do with him!

Xie Xi was arriving at the palace of the fourth prince when Roast Pork Bun reminded him, “Daddy, aren’t you changing your face?”

Xie Xi was startled and realized he was wearing the second face.

Fortunately, he had the kitten or he would’ve fallen into a pit.

Sure enough, there were so many people and so many faces…

Xie Xi was really a scum man pedalling N boats. In the end, he pushed himself into such a desperate situation!

He changed faces, steadied his mood and went to see the fourth prince.

The fourth prince saw him coming and looked surprised. “What’s wrong?”

Xie Xi adjusted his emotions and said, “I’ve thought about it.”

The fourth prince had a slight smile on his face. “There’s no hurry.”

“No…” Xie Xi took a deep breath and looked at him. “I can’t wait for tomorrow. I want to tell you right now.”

The fourth prince was stunned and his throat was a bit tight. “You’ve really thought about it?”

Xie Xi solemnly replied, “I’ve thought about it.”

The fourth prince confirmed again, “Do you want to marry me?”

Xie Xi nodded.

Okay… Xie Xi glanced at the progress bar, wanting to see the harvest after his lower limit was broken…

Black 16.61%, white 16.66%.

Xie Xi, “???”

Black was the eldest prince and white was the fourth prince.

Why wasn’t it full? Why didn’t it turn green? He said yes to the proposal.

The fourth prince hugged him and asked, “What type of wedding would you like?”

Xie Xi was stunned. Did he have to actually wed the fourth prince to fill it up?

The question was how could he marry the fourth prince, not let the third and second prince know about each other while pretending to be resurrected to cope with the crazy first, fifth and sixth princes?

Xie Xi finally realized—

What he needed wasn’t the Camouflage skill but the body dividing skill.

Now he couldn’t attend to so many things at the same time!

More chapters coming soon.

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