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GL: Chapter 68

Lost Atlantis 39

Xie Xi was silent and the fourth prince called out his name. “Jessie?”

For a moment, Xie Xi didn’t know who he was calling… oh, this was the name of his first face!

He stabilized his emotions. “I hope it can be simple.”

It was best to be simple and not inform anyone. He could get the license and then fill up the progress!

Obviously, this was wishful thinking. Xie Xi stared at the lack of 0.006…% progress and wanted to manually paint the white a green colour!

How good was green? Fourth prince, you are so environmentally friendly. Why not turn yourself green?

The fourth prince was in a good mood. “I also want it to be simple. I won’t ask too many people or engage in cumbersome rituals. I will only celebrate with our families.”

Xie Xi thought about the fourth prince’s family.

The eldest brother had a ‘previous life’ debt, the second brother promised to spend the rest of his life with Xie Xi, the third brother also asked to marry him, the fifth and sixth brothers were wistfully waiting for him.

Xie Xi wanted to say, ‘There is no need to ask the family. Just us is enough! Let’s hurry and get married!’

These unseemly words, how could he say them…

The fourth prince was still thinking, “We can go to the Muguang District for the feast and find Xinren to be a flower girl?” Muguang District was the shallow area inhabited by ordinary merpeople and was previously polluted by the land people. Xinren was the little mermaid Xie Xi had previously saved.

If Xie Xi hadn’t stepped on six boats, he would really think this picture was very warm.

The two of them shared a common ideal. After meeting, they saved countless merpeople and resolved the hidden danger of the sea.

Once they returned to Muguang, they would receive the most sincere blessings and these blessings would make their marriage beautiful.

It was great, on the premise that Xie Xi wasn’t a scum male.

Xie Xi really wasn’t a scum! He just agreed to three proposals in a matter of hours… just…

His heart was a mess and it was inevitable that Xie Xi would act a bit perfunctory. Fortunately, the fourth prince was in a good mood and didn’t think much. What could he think about? Who would think that such an angelic merman would be his eldest sister-in-law, second sister-in-law, third sister-in-law, plus add another two for his younger siblings.

The fourth prince could never imagine this, even if his brain hole was bigger than the sea!

The worried Xie Xi thought of a new plan. Couldn’t he use Dreaming to satisfy the fourth prince’s desire to marry and fill up the progress?

If the timing was good, he could still pretend to be the resurrected Sein, take care of the eldest prince and then complete the task!

He just needed to wait for the fourth prince to sleep!

After two hours, Xie Xi asked, “Your Highness, aren’t you resting yet?”

The fourth prince asked him, “Are you tired?”

Xie Xi was tired. His heart was more tired than his body. “I’m somewhat sleepy.”

“Then go to sleep.”

Xie Xi glanced at the fourth prince. “Aren’t you going to sleep?”

The fourth prince dealt him a serious blow. “I have some side effects from the use of the medicine. My rest is chaotic and I often don’t sleep for seven or eight days. Then I will sleep for three or four days straight.”

Xie Xi, “…”

The fourth prince added, “You haven’t used it a lot so there will be no side effects.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Seven or eight days without sleep? Was he joking?

The fourth prince thought Xie Xi was worried about him and patiently explained, “Don’t worry, I won’t use the medicine anymore. I will stop for a while and transfer a few months of work to someone else.” The implication was that after they got married, they would ride into the sunset and return…

After a few months? Sorry, in 15 days, your husband’s face will change. The first face could only be used for half a month!

The fourth prince wouldn’t sleep for seven or eight days…

Xie Xi couldn’t even wait 10 hours, let alone so many days!

The fourth prince was uncertain and he didn’t dare drag out the eldest prince.

In 24 hours, Sein must life or the great prince’s progress would reduce.

What about after he was resurrected? Even if he could fill the progress of the eldest prince, how could he stabilize the fifth and sixth princes? Not to mention 2 and 3…

Xie Xi rubbed the kitten while worrying and Roast Pork Bun whined, “Daddy, pick a good day and marry all of them at the same time.”

Xie Xi, “…”

This little cat didn’t know how to worry!

Then Xie Xi blamed himself. It was his fault. He didn’t act correctly and raised a bad child.

No, it was all X’s fault. He was the culprit!

Xie Xi gritted his teeth as he thought of X.

The fourth prince didn’t sleep and Xie Xi didn’t dare waste any more time here.

The fourth prince told him, “You are sleepy. Just sleep here.”

“I wouldn’t dare before Now…” Xie Xi looked embarrassed. “I will go back!”

The fourth prince didn’t force him and let him go.

The Dreaming plan fell through. Xie Xi had to think of plan B!

He took a deep breath and went to Sein’s room.

He was bound to be resurrected. The rest was acting!

Xie Xi told the kitten. “Go help me keep watch. Pay attention to the expression of the state teacher. The moment he looks scared and starts shivering, hurry and call me.”

Roast Pork Bun didn’t understand and asked, “Why do you want me to watch the state teacher?”

“If the resurrection doesn’t succeed, he will be killed on the spot. Thus, once he looks scared, it is the time when I should come back to life but nothing is happening.”

The state teacher said 24 hours but this vague timing wasn’t easy to grasp. The state teacher was the best way to judge.

Roast Pork Bun cried out, “Daddy is so clever!”

Xie Xi showed a tired and bitter smile while Roast Pork Bun added another knife, “No wonder why so many people love you.”

Xie Xi threw the kitten away.

“Ah, ah~” Roast Pork Bun fell on his favourite sixth prince’s head.

The kitten didn’t belong to this world and the sixth prince couldn’t feel him at all.

Roast Pork Bun admired the sixth prince’s beautiful eyes before starting to observe carefully.

Xie Xi’s thoughts were correct. Nearly 20 hours later, the state teacher started to shrink back. His eyes drifted around, his face was ugly and his forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

The third princes present were all amazing. Despite giving so much blood, they stayed awake for 20 hours and their eyes were still sharp. They quickly saw the state teacher’s unusual state.

The eldest prince asked, “What is it? Is there a problem?”

The state teacher glanced at the sixth prince and was scared to death. “No, no problem. Everything is right. The array started successfully. I will surely, surely bring him back to life.”

The sixth prince’s eyes narrowed. “Why are you panicking?”

Sweat dripped down the state teacher’s forehead. ‘It might be that not enough time has passed. Wait, wait a while and he should, should…” He couldn’t say anything else. By all accounts, the person should’ve appeared. Why wasn’t there the slightest reaction?

The fifth prince stared at him. “You better be honest and don’t lie.”

The state teacher shook even more, his webbed hands waving. “There are no mistakes. The conditions are fulfilled. As long as he is really dead…”

The fifth prince couldn’t listen anymore and grabbed him by the collar. “Is he…”

The state teacher frantically shook his head. “No, I don’t mean that. I mean, he will definitely come back!”

The eldest prince was calmer. “Will he appear in the centre of this array after resurrecting?”

“By, by all accounts… It is also possible that he is nearby…” In fact, the state teacher didn’t know. By all accounts, this person should’ve come back to life already!

The eldest prince declared, “I’ll go out and look.”

Xie Xi, who had just swam to the roof to be on ‘standby’ was startled and hurriedly lay flat.

He knew that he couldn’t rush in or teleport to the centre of the array. He could only retreat to the top and lay above the array…

Then… he was still resurrected so don’t think about it too much!

The roof of the seabed was different from the land. The fish could easily come and go and it was no different from the ground. Thus, Xie Xi couldn’t lie there ahead of time.

The eldest prince reached this height and saw the ‘unconscious’ Xie Xi.

Ink-coloured hair and white skin that was more beautiful than a pearl at the bottom of the ocean.

Sein Hall.

The eldest prince was shocked and the emotions he couldn’t hold back surged up, turning his thoughts into a mess.

This was Sein Hall.

His Sein Hall.

His loss of control caused the surrounding waters to shake. The fifth and sixth prince came out and saw the unconscious person. Both of them were stunned and it was the sixth prince who recovered first. He stepped forward and hugged Xie Xi, ecstasy in his choked voice. “Sein, Sein, Sein…”

He couldn’t stay anything other than this person’s name.

The first ray of light he saw that had been brutally taken from him…

The light was back.



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