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GL: Chapter 69

Lost Atlantis 40

The five people followed closely and stood still as he watched the sixth prince holding Sein. He couldn’t step forward or say a word.

What could he say?

Sein Hall died for Sirius. They lived and died together. Now Sein was waking up in the sixth prince’s arms. What could the fifth prince do?

After all, he and Sein only knew each other for a few days. He liked Sein, fell in love with him at first sight and even had an incredibly real dream. However, a dream was a dream, no matter how realistic.

Sein wasn’t the dream Sein and wouldn’t choose him.

In the days when the fifth prince heard about Sein’s death and desperately wanted him to live, the fifth prince couldn’t think about it.

Compared to who Sein liked, it was better to know that he was still living in this world.

Even so, everyone was greedy. Sein was back and the fifth prince wanted more, but reality dragged him into the bottomless abyss.

Sein would be with Sirius.

The two people had been separated from a life or death situation and now Sein was back. The sixth prince risked his life to rescue Sein and Sein would surely…

The fifth prince was stunned at the thought of his sweetheart being with his younger brother.

Was there anything crueler than this?

Xie Xi was pained by the sixth prince.

The sixth prince was too miserable. His father didn’t love him and there were too many brothers and sisters to take care of him. He grew up alone and was abandoned by his father. He was so disappointed that he gave up on everything, even his own life, until he met Sein Hall.

A person who illuminated the bottom of the sea for him.

However, this light was fleeting and left a deep shadow on his heart.

How ecstatic would the sixth prince feel now that Sein was resurrected…

Xie Xi didn’t feel pained for long. The orange progress bar that he hadn’t seen for a long time. The original green colour that represented a perfect 16.66…% fell back to the orange 16.65%!

The fifth prince was shaken!

Xie Xi didn’t have to know what the fifth prince was thinking. After all, it became full in the dream but there would be a huge drop in reality. It was just like the second and third princes.

He never thought that the fifth prince would give up just as he came back to life!

In other words, Sein and the sixth prince were locked too deeply and the fifth prince was a rare normal child. It was natural for him to retreat.

Don’t back down!

Xie Xi never thought that one day he would say the slogan of a scum male!

The progress bar was still flashing which should it might keep falling. Xie Xi couldn’t care about the sixth prince and quickly started Plan B.

“Who are you?” Xie Xi’s voice was so weak that it seemed to be carried away by the current.

However, all the people present were sharp and clearly understood.

The sixth prince was startled and released his hands.

Xie Xi’s heart hurt but there was no way… blame it on that pervert X!

“Where am I? I…” Xie Xi frowned before he could finish his words as he made a pained expression.

He died many times in the first world and knew how to imitate pain. After all, he was a person who had been shot in the heart and had his head cut off!

Roast Pork Bun was the first to be fooled and he anxiously rubbed his head against Xie Xi. “What happened to Daddy? Where does it hurt? Are you going to die from the pain?”

Xie Xi, “…” This little idiot!

The fifth prince told the sixth prince, “He just woke up. Don’t scare him.”

The sixth prince was stunned and staggered back with a pale expression.

The fifth prince approached and spoke to Xie Xi in a warm tone, “Shall we go back inside first?”

The ‘equal treatment’ Xie Xi cried out, “Who are you? Where am I? I… who am I?”

The triple questions perfectly set up his amnesia.

‘Who am I?’ The fifth prince was also shocked and he asked softly, “You… don’t remember?”

Xie Xi’s Plan B was more than this. He screamed and grabbed his head in a pained manner.

The fifth prince hurriedly retreated. “Don’t worry. Don’t think about it. We will go inside first.”

The sixth prince picked up Xie Xi, jumped off the roof and entered the room.

The Haiqiu state teacher’s head was full of fog. Haiqiu had resurrected many people but this was the first time such a strange situation was encountered…

The sixth prince put Xie Xi down and grabbed the state teacher’s collar. His face was dark and gloomy. “What is going on?”

The Haiqiu state teacher started shaking fiercely. “I don’t know… e-everything was normal… the person was also resurrected. By all accounts, there shouldn’t be any problems…”

The fifth prince’s voice was cold. “He doesn’t remember anything.”

How could the Haiqiu teacher know what was going on?

He had never seen anyone resurrected outside the array, even if the roof was above the array! He had never seen anyone wearing clothes after being resurrected and had never heard of anyone who couldn’t remember anything…

He even suspected that Sein wasn’t dead and was just hiding somewhere. Then the moment the resurrection started, he swam to the roof to lie down…

Hah, how could that be?

The old state teacher felt crazy. How could there be such a thing? These sharp princes, wouldn’t they knew that their sweetheart was dead?

Of course, the state teacher murmured all of these words inside his heart. He was afraid that he would be slapped to death by the sixth prince if he said anything.

After seeing the prince’s power as he slaughtered the Haiqiu people, the old state teacher was so scared he pissed!

Xie Xi was afraid this unreliable teacher would say something and hurriedly brought the princes’ attention to himself.

It was very simple. He just needed to…

He covered his head and groaned in a pained manner.

It worked very well. The fifth and sixth princes immediately ignored the state teacher.

It was a pity that the closer they came, the more pained Xie Xi felt. His eyes became red and he didn’t know how many tears he shed (in fact, it was good that he couldn’t cry under the water). The bulging joints of his white fingers were obvious and he looked extremely pained.

The fifth and sixth princes were anxious and panicked for a while.

The calmer eldest prince spoke softly, “Don’t irritate him.”

The fifth prince and sixth prince stared at him simultaneously.

The eldest prince told them, “I called Fourth Brother. He will come over in a while and take a look.” Then he had the guards take the Haiqiu state teacher away.

The old state teacher cried out, “Your Highness, I saved your lover. Please don’t kill me, I…”

He ate so many underwater people yet still wanted to live, the Haiqiu state teacher’s IQ really wasn’t high…

Xie Xi shrunk back to a corner of the bed and curled up in a ball.

He didn’t dare take a look or listen to anything. He just covered his ears, closed his eyes and murmured to himself.

The three princes couldn’t get close but they didn’t dare to leave. They could only stand there and wait for the fourth prince to come over.

The fourth prince wasn’t only an environmentalist. He was the best medical academics under the water and was proficient with a variety of difficult and incurable diseases.

Xie Xi’s heart felt strange. They had just talked marriage and now the fourth prince was coming to see him…

Xie Xi was really sick. He had a heart disease!

Not long afterward, the fourth prince arrived and froze when he saw the situation in the room.

Eldest Brother, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother were in the residence of a small guard. What was going on?

The eldest prince’s brow furrowed. “Fourth Brother, go and check what’s wrong with him.”

The fourth prince’s gaze moved to the bed and he saw the frightened merman.

The fourth prince’s heart sank as he almost thought it was his little Jesse.

Then the difference in the fishtails awakened him.

How could it be Jesse? That little fellow was sleeping peacefully.

The fourth prince’s spirit returned and he went over to examine Xie Xi.

Xie Xi knew he wouldn’t be recognized but he still felt very guilty. Fortunately, he was now ‘sick’ and it didn’t matter if he didn’t look at the other person.

The fourth prince brought out some instruments and carefully examined him. “His vital signs are good and there are no problems. It might be a psychological problem. He is a bit afraid of people so it is best to give him time to be alone and calm down.”

Once he spoke, the room sighed with relief apart from the silly cat.

Needless to say, the others could accept it as long as Sein’s health was okay.

Sein died so miserably. It was normal for him to not be in a good state after coming back alive.

Not to mention that Xie Xi also wanted this result. The fourth prince’s words were what he said in his heart. He needed to be alone and he needed to calm down!

The fourth prince was very curious about this situation but the state of his eldest brother and younger brothers weren’t quite right. He didn’t ask anything more and instructed, “You should go back first. He is nervous and in pain while you are here.”

The sixth’s princes eyes looked slightly dim as he asked, “Is he really going to be okay?”

The fourth prince told him, “His body is definitely okay but his psychological state… it isn’t good and will depend on himself.”

The fifth prince’s eyes flashed and he told the sixth prince, “Give him some time, let’s not disturb him.”

Very good! Xie Xi was happy as the fifth prince’s bar became full again. Continue to maintain this.

The sixth prince frowned and wanted to come over again.

The fifth prince lowered his voice. “It is good that he can forget those memories.”

The words were very subtle and the sixth prince was stunned.

It was indeed better if he could forget those things. However, to forget everything else…

The fifth prince spoke again, “It is fine as long as he is healthy. We can talk about other matters slowly. Do you want to see him in such pain?”

The sixth prince closed his eyes. “Okay, let’s go back and let him rest.”

From start to finish, the eldest prince was the furthest away. He just stared at Xie Xi and other people couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

Xie Xi was aware of it but he didn’t want to engage in the past life matters. He might immediately fill up the eldest prince’s good feelings but what about afterward? How could he steady the fifth and sixth princes?

He had to love six people, not one!

It hadn’t been too long and Classmate Xie Xi could already casually pull out slag male quotes!

After sending away the princes, Xie Xi kept acting but there was only one chance to fool the stupid cat.

Roast Pork Bun blinked. “Daddy is acting.”

Xie Xi stared at him blankly. “What else?”

Roast Pork Bun sang his praises. “You are very strong. I really believed it.”

It wasn’t him. It was the kitten that was stupid!

Xie Xi told the kitten, “Go out and help me keep watch. If a prince comes then call me.”

Roast Pork Bun was energetic. “Good!” He flew to act as lookout.

Xie Xi didn’t dare go anywhere and kept acting as a dog on the corner of the bed.

During this time, the sixth prince came and looked at him secretly, followed by the fifth prince and finally the eldest prince.

Maybe they were afraid that Xie Xi would be uncomfortable. The three people didn’t enter and just looked on from outside. They stood there for an hour before leaving.

Early in the morning, Xie Xi pretended to fall asleep while 1,5 and 6 looked in on him again. This time they knew he was sleeping and weren’t willing to wake him up. They left after half an hour.

Xie Xi actually didn’t sleep at all. Once he sent away the three gods, he rolled over and got up.

“Roast Pork Bun, stay here. If there is a situation, hurry and call me!” Fortunately, the identity of these faces were royal guards and their residences weren’t far away. At this range, Roast Pork Bun could barely reach him. Otherwise, Xie Xi would be walking a wire rope and could die at any time!

Xie Xi changed to the second face and went to get Colin’s communicator. Then he changed to the first face and got Jesse’s communicator.

He turned on the communicator and was hit by the incoming information.

Fourth Prince: [Wait for me at noon and we’ll eat together.]

Second Prince: [I have a job in the morning. I will pick you up after I finish and we will eat together.]

Third Prince: [I am at the camp and will come back at noon. I’ll take you to eat delicious food.]

Xie Xi, “…”

Who wanted to have a meal? He already felt full just from looking!


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