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Collapsing 12 Boundaries 2

The colour of each light group was different.

The first was the red Aries, the second was the pink Taurus, third was the yellow Gemini, then there was the green Cancer, the gold Leo, the silver-grey Virgo, the brown Libra, the purple Scorpio, the blue Sagittarius, the black Capricorn, the bronze Aquarius and the white Pisces.

In fact, Xie Xi didn’t recognize all the symbols of the 21 zodiacs but he could recognize some. Along with the number 12, it was easy to guess that it was the 12 zodiac constellations.

The so-called 12 boundaries represented the 12 zodiac signs?

Xie Xi was silent for a moment as a thought flashed in his mind: a burning small universe.

…Xie Xi hadn’t seen Saint Seiya but he knew this famous anime and knew there were gold siants who represented the zodiac constellations.

After thinking about it for a while, Xie Xi wasn’t so flustered. Perhaps it was because he was in the garden. It might not be Central’s garden but it still gave him great comfort.

Xie Xi examined the 12 light groups for a long time. He didn’t find any abnormalities and tried to touch the first light group.

The Aries symbol of the red light group flashed. Then Xie Xi felt a warm heat pouring into the palm of his hand. The symbol of the light group disappeared and a young Jiang Xie appeared in the light group. His handsome face had a sunny smile and his clear voce asked, “Is it me?”

Xie Xi was shocked and instantly let go. The heat on his palm disappeared and the reflection was also gone. The light group returned to the red shape with the Aries symbol floating on it.

What did this mean? The light group was Jiang Xie and it was a young Jiang Xie?

Xie Xi thought about it and approached the Aries light group again. He touched it, there was heat and the young Jiang Xie appeared again. He seemed to be looking through a mirror as the youth’s face filled with a unique tenderness. “Is it me?”

This time, Xie Xi didn’t move. He wanted to see if this person would say anything else. However, Jiang Xie didn’t move. He was like a fixed recording who could only say this sentence.

Xie Xi tried to call out, “Jiang Xie?”

The young Aries didn’t say anything, only staring at Jiang Xie in a sunny and warm manner. Xie Xi couldn’t help looking for a while…

Well… it was common to have poor resistance to such a young and enthusiastic lover.

Xie Xi confirmed Jiang Xie wouldn’t respond to himself and moved his hand away. The image disappeared and returned to a red light group.

He wondered in his heart, ‘What if I say yes?’

The teenage Jiang Xie had asked, “Is it me?”

What if Xie Xi answered? He didn’t act lightly and went to the next pink light group.

This was Taurus. Xie Xi raised his hand and after the pink colour faded, Jiang Xie in a suit appeared. His eyes were gentle and his voice low and steady. “Is it me?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Such a serious Jiang Xie was too rare but also quite handsome.

Next was the yellow Gemini.

Xie Xi touched it and the yellow colour faded. A Jiang Xie wearing a hooded sweater and jeans appeared in front of him. Jiang Xie’s hair was messy, his hands were in his pocket and his legs were strong as he asked with bright eyes and a clear voice. “Is it me?”

Xie Xi had also never seen the university student Jiang Xie. His heart skipped a beat and he didn’t say anything.

Seeing this, he vaguely guessed there was a Jiang Xie in every light group. It was hard to say whether it was a soul or the main Jiang Xie but Jiang Xie definitely corresponded with every constellation.

They had different ages and slightly different temperaments.

Xie Xi knew Jiang Xie’s birthday because he would give a good celebration every year in Dream Come True. It was November 30th, which was a Sagittarius.

Xie Xi moved past the other constellations and went straight to the blue Sagittarius.

He raised his hand as usual and after the blue light faded, a smiling Jiang Xie appeared in front of him. The gentle voice was filled with some playfulness. “Is it me?”

Xie Xi’s heart thumped a bit and he muttered, “Playboy.”

Yes… the Sagittarius Jiang Xie gave him the strong feeling of a womanizer, someone who was an old hand at managing clusters of flowers.

Oh, Jiang Xie was an old hand and Xie Xi was the cluster of flowers.

Sagittarius? Xie Xi thought about it and for the sake of insurance, he checked all of them.

The Cancer Jiang Xie felt particularly good, like a gentle brother.

The Leo Jiang Xie was very arrogant, like the X who was always first in the training field.

The Virgo Jiang Xie gave Xie Xi the feeling of the sixth prince, i.e. Houqing. He was quiet and melancholy and seemed like he would disappear whenever Xie Xi blinked.

The Libra Jiang Xie also gave Xie Xi a strong sense of familiarity. Was it the second prince, Nine Tailed Fox? He had the same gorgeous feeling.

Scorpio’s Jiang Xie reminded Xie Xi of Big Jiang in the last room. It was a mature charm but also an elusiveness that couldn’t be figured out by Xie Xi.

Capricorn’s Jiang Xie was somewhat like J, a man who was deeply regretful and suffered through nine reincarnations. However, there was also some of the paranoid Randy, the earliest recovered soul.

There were still two constellations he hadn’t seen and Xie Xi was curious and interested in this strange place.

How to say… it was a bit like a dress up game. The role was the person he loved most but it was interesting to see these different sides of him.

Of course, the premise was if all these Jiang Xie didn’t come out of the light groups. If they all came out…

Hehe, sorry to bother you!

Xie Xi looked at the bronze Aquarius. He didn’t know much about this constellation but he vaguely felt it seemed to be a smart and independent character.

However, these constellation books weren’t accurate and some traits were part of deliberate marketing.

People were complex and changeable. They couldn’t be defined by one or two labels.

Xie Xi was really curious about Jiang Xie’s age in the Aquarius light group.

He placed a hand on it and saw a Jiang Xie who was around 27 years old. I seemed to be winter as he was wearing a wool coat and his handsome face had a gentleness that melted the cold wind. His tone was slightly cool and contained some mystery. “Is it me?”

It was amazing that the same vocal cords could change into so many tones.

Xie Xi smiled and went to see the last Pisces. The moment he touched the light, he knew who this was. It was the artistic fifth prince, Vermilion Bird of the Holy Mountain. In addition, this constellation was very similar to the fifth prince’s temperament.

After seeing all of them, Xie Xi took a few steps back and touched his chin. What did this mean? Did every light group have Jiang Xie’s soul?

Were there really 12 Jiang Xie in Collapsing 12 Boundaries? Excluding the familiar faces, there was at least… six? Six was still barely acceptable. 12 was too terrible!

Xie Xi always felt that this world wasn’t so simple. It had been full of changes everywhere, starting from the information panel. The god’s wisdom could actually create such a garden and he hadn’t met anyone for so long.

This world gave him the feeling that he was the only one present. A chill rushed through his body as he tried not to think about it…

He continued to watch the light group while thinking about Jiang Xie’s question.

‘Is it me?’

What exactly did this mean? Did he need to choose one of the 12 light groups? If he chose, would the other groups disappear? Then what would happen?

Xie Xi glanced at his task: Find the true spirit and repair him.

What was the spirit? How to find the true spirit? Was one of the 12 light groups the true spirit? Xie Xi needed to tell it? How many chances were there? He couldn’t lose after one attempt.

Xie Xi didn’t have any clues. He touched the light groups again and the different Jiang Xie appeared.

Their age and clothing were different. It was probably due to this aspect that their temperament and personalities seemed different. Which one was most like Jiang Xie?

Xie Xi thought about it carefully and found it hard to judge. It was because there wasn’t one who was exactly like Jiang Xie and they all seemed to be Jiang Xie.

His personality was too diverse. The person he showed in Central was only one aspect of his personality. In fact, on the inside…

Look at the souls who had near-contradictory personalities at different times. If there was anything that was unified, it was their self-confidence, obsession, love of face and… Xie Xi.

Did this count as a personality trait? Xie Xi was amused by himself. Let’s just count the important features!

Xie Xi examined them again and finally stared at the first Aries. Jiang Xie might be a Sagittarius but there was no need to choose Sagittarius.

In the 12 constellations, Aries was first and this might be the first world of this collapsed place. Since there was an order, why not try it in order?

Xie Xi once again touched the light group and saw the young Jiang Xie who was as bright as the sun. Jiang Xie looked at Xie Xi and asked, “Is it me?’

Xie Xi stared for a while, finding that Jiang Xie was at most 16 or 17 and he should be a high school student. Well, if he was young then he should be easy to coax.

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

The moment he spoke, the teenager smiled just like the midday sun, dazzling people so they couldn’t look directly.

He said, “Thank you.”

Then there was a huge pull and Xie Xi felt sucked into the light group.

He didn’t resist and let himself be wrapped in this light. There was no feeling of discomfort. Instead, there was an inexplicable peace of mind, as if he felt Jiang Xie’s existence.

It was wonderful and indescribable yet obviously there. Xie Xi opened his eyes and heard heavy panting. What was this sound? It was so hard to hear.

Xie Xi looked up and was startled. What a big tongue, what a big dog! Yes, in front of Xie Xi was a huge dog that looked down at Xie Xi in a condescending manner, as if watching a kitten.

Xie Xi’s first reaction was to wonder if he had shrunk. Had he come to a giant world? The next thing he noticed was his strangeness. How did he have four feet on the ground?

“Meow…” Xie Xi opened his mouth only to let out a pitiful kitten’s meow.

Xie Xi, “???”

Then a pair of big hands appeared and picked him up, causing Xie Xi’s perspective to suddenly be high up.

There was a low scoff from the person holding him and the wild dog turned to run away.

Xie Xi looked up and saw the teenage Jiang Xie.

The teenager was less sunny than he appeared in the light group. He gazed at Xie Xi and asked, “Do you have no home?” This voice was cold and had a feeling of alienation.

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Friends, I have jotted down the descriptions if anyone needs these notes!

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  2. Taurus: Serious JX in a suit, low steady voice, gentle eyes
  3. Gemini: Uni student JX in hoodie, clear & bright eyes
  4. Cancer: Gentle brother JX
  5. Leo: Arrogant JX, similar to Little Jiang from previous arc
  6. Virgo: Quiet & melancholic JX, similar to 6th prince/Houqing
  7. Libra: Gorgeous & sexy JX, similar to 5th prince
  8. Scorpio: Mature & elusive JX, similar to Big Jiang
  9. Sagittarius: Womanizer JX, playful
  10. Capricorn: Regretful JX, similar to Middle Jiang and hints of Randy
  11. Aquarius: Smart and independent, 27 yo, wool coat, handsome gentle face, cool mysterious voice
  12. Pisces: Soul is the artistic 5th prince/Vermillion bird