GL: Chapter 32

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Lost Atlantis 3

He wanted to kill the designer.

Xie Xi shivered with anger. He knew that X’s soul was in this game and even suspected that the sixth prince was the soul, but he never imagined that all three princes were X’s soul!

He wouldn’t  admit it but after summoning X’s puppet body, it was really easy to tell.

These people were similar to X in some details. It was logical that they were brothers.

Xie Xi had a bad feeling. Perhaps the fourth prince was Cousin Greenton…

It didn’t matter since his heart would’ve waver.

The third prince saw Xie Xi and his lips curved with interest. “A newcomer?”

He walked up and raised Xie Xi’s chin.

Xie Xi, “…” This arrogant show-off!

The third prince was born exactly the same as Gars but didn’t have the weakness of the little maid. His military attire was in stark contrast to his delicate facial features, bringing out a trace of arrogance and wickedness. “Your name?”

Xie Xi didn’t want to say his name. He even wanted to kick Gars!

The second prince smiled from the sidelines, is voice melodious and charming. “Third Brother is trying to rob me again.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, the third prince glanced at him and released Xie Xi. “Oh, Second Brother wants him?”

The second prince had clearly only just arrived and he hadn’t even said a word to Xie Xi. “Yes, I found him to my taste and was about to ask his wish when Third Brother came.”

He was lying through his teeth! The second prince was good at acting.

Xie Xi didn’t want to provoke these crazy people at all. He emptied his eyes and tried to reduce his sense of existence.

The second prince didn’t intend to let him go. He stared at Xie Xi, his eyebrows making him look like he was smiling. “Do you want to come with me?”

The eyes of the third prince stared at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi, “!”

At this moment, Xiao Xi remembered the terror of being shot with an arrow.

What should he do?

He didn’t want to provoke anyone but if he didn’t answer, was he going to die? He had no save points and couldn’t read the file.

This was a crisis on the level of life and death. The silent eldest prince finally opened his mouth, “What are you doing to a new person?” He looked at the third and second prince. The word ‘stop’ was in his black eyes.

The third prince raised his eyebrow, closed his mouth and strode into the chamber.

The second prince was still smiling as he said, “Little mermaid, my palace will be open for you at any time.”

He whispered it in Xie Xi’s ears, his beautiful voice and ambiguous words would make any ordinary mermaid blush.

As for Xie Xi… it took tremendous effort not to stab him to death!

In any case, these three crazy people were sent away. As they were leaving, the second prince asked casually, “Fourth Brother isn’t coming?”

The eldest prince also whispered, “The fourth prince’s body isn’t comfortable?”

A shrimp soldier replied with trepidation. “He said he had a headache and asked for three days sick leave.”

The eldest prince told his mermaid bodyguard, “Take a look at the fourth prince in the afternoon.”

The mermaid bodyguard bowed. “Yes.”

The second prince casually told him, “Big Brother really has the demeanor of an elder brother.”

The rest of the words couldn’t be heard. Xie Xi only felt the waves between the three princes and felt like tearing them apart.

Not only did the fourth prince not come, the fifth and sixth princes were also absent.

Xie Xi stood all day but there was no shadow of his mission goal. His desire to escape the palace was also stimulated by these three abnormal people.

After seeing more people coming and going, Xie Xi understood the setting of the underwater kingdom.

Ordinary residents were in the form of a mermaid. Only the royal family could turn their fish tail into two legs. This was a symbol of power. The earlier it was changed into legs, the better the prince’s qualifications were.

For example, the eldest prince, the second prince and the third prince changed to legs when they were three years old. The fourth prince was weak and sick, not succeeding until he was seven years old. The fifth and sixth princes were four and five years respectively. They were slower than the first three princes but still the pride of the sky.

You know, the princes and princesses of the previous generation did it in their teens or even adulthood.

Apart from the eight adult children, one of the four youngest sons of the king turned his tail into legs at the age of six.

The standards of this royal family were very high. All of them were excellent, which was making it hard for the king.

Xie Xi was about to end his shift when the third prince exited the hall of official business. His brow was furrowed and the terrible expression on his face was difficult to hid. The guards behind him didn’t dare say a word.

He strode out, his clothes swaying with the stream of water and showing the owner’s anger.

Xie Xi was nervous and wanted to turn into one of the inconspicuous small shells at the bottom of the sea.

However, the third prince saw him instantly.

He stopped abruptly and came towards Xie Xi with a calm face. He was half a head taller than Xie Xi and his shoulders were wider. In his military uniform, he looked like a sheathed sword, long and sharp.

“Your name.” His voice was as cold as a sharp blade.

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed. “Sein Hall.”

The third prince stared at him. “Are you going to Aix-en’s palace?”

Aix-en was the second prince… Xie Xi was full of pain. Not only were their appearances the same, even their names were the same. In the end, was it the soul that was too lazy or X who was too lazy?

He didn’t say anything and this seemed to irritate the third prince. Gars had been temperamental when he was a maid and now that he became a military prince, he was even worse. He held Xie Xi’s cheek and whispered, “Speak.”

Xie Xi’s eyelashes trembled and he barely opened his mouth. “Third Prince, the guard of the royal family won’t go anywhere.”

The third prince’s deep eyes stared at him. “Come to me, I will give you a better future.” The third prince was the best at fighting and he had a high voice in the military. If a small guard like Xie Xi could enter his camp, the future was immeasurable.

Xie Xi lowered his eyes and whispered, “Thank you for Your Highness’ care. This servant is only a guard of the royal family.”

It was a very clear rejection.

Xie Xi didn’t want to deal with this abnormal person at all. He just wanted to see the sixth prince, collect his love and leave quickly!

The third prince wasn’t angry at all. He smiled and his anger was obviously reduced. He released Xie Xi and said, “Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Xie Xi looked respectful while he was inwardly thinking of death.

Once the third prince was gone, the second prince also came out. He smiled but there was no trace of temperature in his eyes.

Xie Xi had to wait for him to leave before swapping with the next shift.

The second prince stood in front of him and said warmly, “Open your mouth.”

Xie Xi was startled.

The second prince took out a small fruit. It was the size of the little finger and was crystal clear. It obviously looked delicious.

Xie Xi, “…”

The second prince stripped off the transparent outer skin and placed it against Xie Xi’s mouth. “It is very sweet.”

Xie Xi didn’t want to eat it. He was afraid it was poison!

The second prince’s eyes narrowed. “If you don’t eat, I won’t leave today.”

Xie Xi was even more afraid of this psychopath and opened his mouth.

The little fruit was sweeter than he expected. It was difficult to describe but it was certainly delicious.

The second prince’s eyes curved. “Isn’t it delicious?”

Xie Xi, “…”

“Go to my palace and you can eat it every day!”

Eat your sister!

Xie Xi told him, “Your Highness, please don’t make fun of your subordinate.”

“I’m not kidding.” The prince laughed. “I am sincerely inviting you.”

He was really a ghost. This slag fish didn’t even ask for his name.

Xie Xi was silent.

The second prince knew he was being aggressive and his voice was gentle. “There’s no hurry. I will wait for you.”

Xie Xi, “…” Who wanted this ghost to wait?

The second prince left and Xie Xi hurriedly went off duty. The eldest prince looked normal but Xie Xi was afraid to underestimate him considering the housekeeper Randy.

In the Love to the Left or Right game, the housekeeper Randy also looked very normal at first and Xie Xi trusted him. The result? He cut off Xie Xi’s head and was more murderous than anyone else!

On the first day, Xie Xi was favoured by two princes. The guards working with him stayed far away from him and looked at him with strange eyes.

Xie Xi pretended innocence and immediately went to find Captain Thomas to apply for a change in position.

Thomas also knew about what happened in the day. He asked with a sigh, “Do you want the night shift?”

Xie Xi hurriedly replied, “Yes!”

The seabed also had day and night, which was artificially controlled. After all, mermaids also needed rest.

The next day, Xie Xi changed to the night shift.

The first night was quiet, the next night was safe until the third day…

Thomas found him, “Sein, can you help me run an errand?”

XIe Xi had always been in his care and couldn’t refuse. “Captain, please say it.”

“Please send this medicine to the fourth prince’s palace. He has been sick for a while and His Majesty is worried.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Okay.”

He had no interest in the fourth prince but unfortunately, the sixth prince never appeared. He couldn’t get close to the sixth prince and could only take it one step at a time.

The entire royal complex covered an extremely large area. The old king and his twelve children lived here. However, they each had their own palace which were far apart.

Xie Xie Xi went to the palace of the fourth prince. He thought he just needed to put the medicine down and it would be finished. He never expected the shrimp soldier to say, “Please stay. His Highness wants to personally thank you.”

Xie Xi didn’t want to see the fourth prince but unfortunately, he couldn’t refuse.

He was guided by the shrimp soldier through a corridor and past a coral grove towards a very secluded place.

There was a harp present and as Xie Xi walked through the crystal curtain, he saw a dreamlike scene.

Numerous bubbles stimulated fireworks on the horizon. As the harp’s beautiful string sounds were heard, they sometimes scattered. The colours were radiant and they were like clouds in water. In this quiet place, a beautiful wonderland danced.

Xie Xi stared. Once the music stopped, the bubbles slowly dispersed and a man in white looked at him quietly.

This man had long hair and his clothes were loose. It was only tied a bit at the waist, causing his chest to be exposed. He didn’t care and instead looked lazy and s*xy.

Xie Xi recognized this face.

He looked so similar to X!

Was this the fourth prince?

There was a light cough and Xie Xi discovered there was another person present. He was dressed in long black clothes that were very neat. He looked 60~70% similar to the harp player but he was more rigid. His clothes were tied up to his chin. His lip colour was very light and seemed somewhat morbid, but his eyes contained endless power.

“A small guard coming here to give medicine, it must be really hard.” The man in black stood up. He was tall and thin. Looking closely, he wasn’t any thinner than the man next to him. It was because his body was too straight that he seemed like a cold and lonely mountain pine.

Xie Xi understood that this should be the fourth prince. He bowed and said, “This subordinate was just obeying orders.”

The fourth prince walked down, his pace slow but not weak. Instead, there was a type of easy flow to it. “How should I call you?”

Xie Xi replied, “My name is Sein Hall.”

“You are a Hall.”

The fourth prince glanced at the lazy, harp player. “Old Five, you have always been close to the Hall family. Do you know each other?”

It turned out to be fifth prince.

The fifth prince’s voice was low, like the bass of a piano. “Look up at me.”

Xie Xi looked up before his pupils shrank.

A small line appeared in the lower right corner of his vision. [Task Progress: 1%.]

What was going on? Why did it suddenly go up? Was the sixth prince here?

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5 years ago

Thanks fpr translating~ And the harem has regrouped~ ╮(╯▽╰)╭. BTW, the task says to get the sixth Prince’s love, but could it mean to just take something he loves instead of making him fall in love?

4 years ago

I was actually jokingly thinking that it might be all that trash (kinda like Ariel who loves collecting junk lmao)

Tobe Strongborn
Tobe Strongborn
2 years ago

I have the same guess from the beginning. After all this game world was design by X. Would Designer X really create an easy game to clear? He was a neuropath, beware! HAHA

5 years ago

It really drives me crazy having to imagine so many characters without detailed descriptions, at least tell us their hair and eye color! (;Д;)

So far, we only know:
1- First Prince: black hair and black clothes (and I guess blue eyes since Randy had those).
2- Second Prince: long silver hair, white clothes and smiling eyebrowns (?)(and again I guess red eyes like the vampire).
3- Third Prince: delicate face, red military uniform, short hair, big and deep eyes.
4- Fourth Prince: neat long black clothes, pale lips and eyes who show endless power(?).
5- Fifth Prince: long hair, loose white clothes, se*y and lazy.
6- Protagonist: beautiful(?), mermaid(?).

Please tell me I’m not the only one suffering because of this! (T▽T)

Thanks for the chapter! 🌸

Jeongipoom Deer
Jeongipoom Deer
5 years ago
Reply to  Sakuya-hime

Ha ha, no, you’re not alone. I jot down character name and descriptions for novels since I read so many and get them confused, but my notes for this novel are slow to come together. For instance, all I had for 1st Prince prior to today was : looks like Randy. I think the author likes to string us along to keep the mysteries playing out.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sakuya-hime

It’s great that you can even imagine them, I’m jealous. I’m really lacking in that area, character physical descriptions don’t really mean much to me because I can’t visualise them. I tend to remember them by their personalities.

4 years ago
Reply to  RoyalSoukoku

I think of them like a person famous I like , example Ray was blond with bangs and hair tail to me 😋, the vampire was long hair white (like a lot of Ml). Only personality but with that I can imagen the problem is when I think someone in the novel after put the author different in the film 😅😂😭

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Ahhhhh, a harem of beautiful men~

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Could it be the 6th prince is the fourth prince?! 🤯
Though its a stupid idea of me hahaha

4 years ago

Or… Maybe the task means,, to collect LOVE FROM ALL THE PRINCE. FROM FIRST TO SIXTH

4 years ago
Reply to  Suwaa

Then Xie Xi would really murder hubby X if he was forced to make a harem. 😂

Kim Kayana
Kim Kayana
2 years ago
Reply to  Suwaa

It’s what I understand at firsts and this our MC make me confused

Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
4 years ago

OMG, lol, MC has a harem full of ML’s. It’s really ‘love left or(and) right’.

2 years ago

…the shamelessness of designing an otome game where the only option is yourself…

2 years ago

Wait… the fifth prince that looks exactly like God X is the sixth prince?…

Ana D.
Ana D.
2 years ago


1 year ago

Okay let’s see what the kicker is, my bets are that the ‘fifth prince’ considers himself to be the sixth prince because he had an older bro that died and no one really talks about them. That OR the real six is in love with five and we’re here to steal five because x has a really fun sense of humour lol or or ooooor Mc is the real sixth prince and we just need to get ourselves a lover lol also the fastest ways I can think of to remove a million tons is to either find a way to float and return some shipwrecks or to influence the human government, maybe sink an anti environmental politician lol