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Collapsing 11 Boundaries 11

This was unexpected for Xie Xi. He only wanted to stimulate Taurus. He didn’t expect to stimulate Jiang Xie to emerge!

There were two conditions for triggering the white space. One was Xie Xi suffering from a fatal mental condition or Jiang Xie feeling that Xie Xi had a tendency to self destruct.

This time it was because of the latter.

Jiang Xie and Taurus were in a state of fusion so Taurus’ emotions were Jiang Xie’s emotions. The white space couldn’t distinguish between the main person and the soul piece. It only felt Jiang Xie’s huge fear and anxiety. It decided that Xie Xi had the tendency to self destruct and started it.

Jiang Xie explained and Xie Xi felt chagrin and anxious. “I didn’t expect…” He knew Jiang Xie’s heart knot wouldn’t open without pretending to be tired of the world but he didn’t expect this person to become half dead!

He couldn’t forget Jiang Xie’s miserable appearance the last time the white space was opened.

Jiang Xie smiled. “It’s fine. If I can recover 12 souls in one breath then I won’t need Ah Zhe.”

His credibility in this area was already -999 and Xie Xi didn’t believe him. “This white space can only be triggered once in a quasi-world?”

Jiang Xie looked up at the sky.

Xie Xi was made. “Can’t you cherish yourself?” If it was triggered many times, Jiang Xie wouldn’t be able to withstand it even if he recovered 120 souls!

Jiang Xie hugged hi and coaxed, “I cherish myself.”

“Doing all these dangerous things, can you call this cherishing yourself?”

Jiang Xie’s voice was soft. “What should I do if you are in danger?”

The white space was triggered. Jiang Xie might be in danger but if it wasn’t triggered and Xie Xi had an accident, there wouldn’t be any significance in Jiang Xie’s life.

Xie Xi’s heart trembled and his anger disappeared, leaving only softness and pain. He turned and hugged the other person. “If you are in danger, how can I live alone?”

Jiang Xie was euphemistically but Xie Xi directly stated it.

Jiang Xie was afraid Xie Xi would have an accident and didn’t hesitate to open the white space.

Yet if Jiang Xie was in danger and left Xie Xi alone, Xie Xi didn’t know how he would continue to live.

In his lone life, what was the meaning of existence if he didn’t have this person?

Jiang Xie’s heart shook and it was sunny and bright, like the dark clouds in the sky had been blown away. His lips curved in a smile. “I was thinking wrongly. I will protect myself in the future.” He would protect himself to protect Xie Xi.

The mistake caused Xie Xi to finally untie Jiang Xie’s heart lock.

The timid lock on Jiang Xie’s heart was undone and he understood how to cherish himself.

They were now two people. No matter who was lost, it would be fatal to the other person.

Jiang Xie loved Xie Xi, thus he had to love the Jiang Xie that Xie Xi loved.

Xie Xi saw there wasn’t much time left and didn’t want to see Jiang Xie in the white space again. He organized his emotions and communicated regarding the quasi-world.

He asked, “Is the small world of Aries your past?”

Jiang Xie replied, “It has been so long that I don’t remember my past clearly.”

Xie Xi was surprised. “It is like this…” The memories had indeed occurred too long ago and Jiang Xie had gone through too many words. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say he had gone through a few lives.

Jiang Xie said, “Still, it was quite similar. My parents died early and I was rejected due to these strange eyes…” Then he laughed again. “My luck, as you know, has always been bad.” He was unlucky whether or not he went to Central. It was only after he met Xie Xi that he was freed from it.

“There is nothing good or bad about luck.” It wasn’t bad for Xie Xi to meet such a strong Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie didn’t want him to worry and distracted him by changing the topic. “I did have a sister called Jiang Hong.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “Then the Taurus small world is also your past?”

Jiang Xie rubbed the tip of his nose. “Not at all. I didn’t meet you when I was 17 years old.”

Xie Xi was slightly itchy due to Jiang Xie’s actions but he was afraid that there wasn’t enough time. He continued speaking, “Then Jiang Hong in reality…”

Jiang Hong’s voice was soft. “She died of illness when I was 15 years old.”

Xie Xi’s heart was tugged.

Jiang Xie explained, “I can’t remember the details. My sister didn’t suffer any blows at the time. She was just sick and couldn’t stand the endless pain. She begged for euthanasia.”

Xie Xi couldn’t imagine how the 15 year old Jiang Xie faced those times.

Jiang Xie said, “These small worlds are mixed with some of my memories. It is normal. My designs of the quasi-worlds are filled with my emotions and I placed my souls in them. This is to inadvertently satisfy my unfulfilled wishes.”

For example, to let his sister live.

Xie Xi’s heart hurt as he questioned, “When did you enter the Central Government?”

Those who went to Central were people who had been abandoned by their original world and gave up on their original world. The 15 year old Jiang Xie had no close relatives. Did he…

Jiang Xie replied, “I really can’t remember but it should be very early. Look at my young and handsome face. It is the original goods and there is no reprocessing.” There were drugs for rejuvenation in Central. If those who came to the Central were too old, they could save themselves and rejuvenate themselves by doing tasks.

Xie Xi, “…”

This person didn’t forget to be shameless!

The time was coming near and the two people had communicated almost everything.

Jiang Xie didn’t want Xie Xi to frown and teased him, “I have a cat specialized essence. Once we return to Central, I’ll send it to you.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie spoke seriously, “You should also choose a specialized essence. It will increase all qualifications by a certain percentage. The cat essence might only be purple grade but it can be stacked. You can take it first and later there is the gold…”

He hadn’t finished his words when Xie Xi exclaimed, “Roll!”

Was there anything he didn’t understand? This person had the memories from the Aries world and was planning something naughty. Forget the cat essence. Xie Xi wanted a lion essence to bite this bastard to death.

Jiang Xie ‘rolled over’ and gave Xie Xi a lingering kiss.

The two men left the white space while kissing.

Back in reality, Xie Xi silently opened his eyes and saw Taurus sleeping beside him.

Xie Xi smiled, closed his eyes, found a comfortable position and fell asleep. There were no dreams and when he woke up, the sky wasn’t bright yet.

Xie Xi rubbed his eyes and heard Jiang Xie’s voice. “Wake up, I’m taking you to a place.”

“Hmm?” He was in a daze and for a moment, he forgot where he was.

He was only reminded when he saw the hidden worries in Jiang Xie’s eyes. Yes… this was Taurus’ world where he was world-weary!

Xie Xi spoke with no strength. “Where are we going?”

“Xiling Mountain.”

Xie Xi was surprised. “What are we going to do?”

“Climb the mountain and watch the sunrise.”

Xie Xi instantly wanted to die. “So early in the morning…” Climbing the mountain to watch the sunset at 5 or 6 in the morning, he would really be tired of the world!

It was unknown what Taurus was up to but he was as stubborn as an old cow. “Hurry up or we will miss it.”

Xie Xi silently refused.

Jiang Xie gave the killing blow. “If you are obedient in these three months, I will return Chengyu to you.”


“I have never lied to you.” He never lied to Xie Xi but Xie Xi deceived him.

Xie Xi had no interest in Chengyu but Jiang Xie was taking the initiative to give him ‘psychological treatment’ for his world-weariness and he had to cooperate.

After all, his aim was to use this to help Jiang Xie release his heart knot…

It was just that he didn’t expect the treatment to be so tiring!

“What do you count as obedient?” Xie Xi sat up and struggled to ask.

Jiang Xie replied, “I want you to accompany me for activities.”

Xie Xi’s mouth twitched. “Does that include climbing the mountain at five in the morning to see the sunrise?”


Yes, your sister!

Xie Xi turned over and wrapped himself up like a silkworm cocoon.

Jiang Xie questioned, “Didn’t you say you could do anything for Chengyu?”

Xie Xi hatefully thought, ‘I am doing everything for you!’

Jiang Xie added, “It seems you are no longer interested in Chengyu. Then…”

Xie Xi opened the quilt and looked at the other person with messy hair.

Jiang Xie’s voice was filled with some warmth. “Are you going?”

Xie Xi gritted his teeth. “…I’m going.”

In fact, climbing the mountain didn’t matter. Xie Xi wasn’t afraid of anything since his physique meant he could climb three mountains without gasping. However, the time was too early? Wasn’t this meant for sleeping? Why go hiking?

Xiling Mountain was a scenic spot on the outskirts of D City. It was known as the first mountain on the sea. Once someone climbed to the peak, they could see the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky.

Xie Xi had no interest in the scenery. His body was covered in the cold air of someone who just woke up.

Fortunately, this sentiment was in line with the world-weariness of Xie Xi.

It was early but there were many people who wanted to see the sunrise on this mountain.

Xie Xi wasn’t tired when climbing the mountain but he was very happy.

Jiang Xie was worried and afraid that Xie Xi’s body couldn’t stand it, so he walked very slowly.

In fact, this Xiling Mountain wasn’t very high and most of it was a flat path. It was very suitable for the ‘skinny’ Xie Xi to hike.

The higher he went, the fresher the air became and the more Xie Xi lost his anger.

Jiang Xie saw the beads of sweat on Xie Xi’s forehead and asked, “Are you tired?”

Xie Xi’s sweat was all fake and aiming for sympathy. “I’m not tired.” His mouth was more tightly closed.

Jiang Xie reached out a hand. “This part is a bit steep. I will help you.”

Xie Xi happily grabbed this hand.

Jiang Xie carefully protecting him and climbed more than a dozen steps together.

Xie Xi was so tired that he gasped.

Jiang Xie took a bottle of water out of the backpack and gave it to him. “Would you like to drink?”

Xie Xi took a few big mouthfuls. Jiang Xie’s eyes flashed and he asked, “Are you hungry?”

Xie Xi noticed his expression… Walking for so long was to make him eat?

In fact, there was no need to go to so much trouble. Xie Xi wanted to eat salted duck eggs with porridge and crab dumplings from the moment he woke up.

He was hungry just having such a thought.

The benefit to climbing the mountain was that Xie Xi could justifiably say, “A bit.”

Jiang Xie’s eyes were bright. “I brought some food. Come this way.”

Xie Xi’s heart was warm. “Yes.”

Jiang Xie led him to a space with nobody and opened the backpack under the green pines.

He took out a mat and laid out two, three, four…

Xie Xi’s eyes were big. “So much.”

“It’s nothing.” Then Jiang Xie pulled out two more dishes.

Xie Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry when he saw the seven or eight insulation boxes. Taurus was trying too hard to make him eat.

The even more surprising thing was that the insulation boxes contained hot rice porridge, exquisite dumplings and salty duck eggs cut into pieces…

The things he wanted to eat had been fully prepared by Jiang Xie. What was this called? A heart connection?

Xie Xi couldn’t help laughing.

The two people washed their hands with warm water from the thermos pot and Jiang Xie said, “Eat.”

Xie Xi picked up a small dumpling and the delicious taste of crab filled his mouth.

He had never eaten such delicious crab dumpling. It was as if his heart was filled.

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