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Can’t Be Erased 16

Sure enough, he didn’t go back to sleep!

Scorpio was really great.

Others didn’t understand it but Xie Xi was clear!

He didn’t argue in front of Xie Xi and avoided Sagittarius’ sharp arrow, leaving honestly.

He seemed to go back to his room but Xie Xi knew that he actually went to find Capricorn.

Aquarius and Pisces had long been unwell and Capricorn really wanted to help them monitor the ‘intruders’, which was mentioned at dinner.

He didn’t say it at the time but how did he think about splitting the task with Sagittarius now?

It must be that Scorpio had gone to find Capricorn!

This was reasonable. Pisces used his illusions and was sleepy. He wasn’t up to the task of surveillance and it needed to be handed over to others. Their master couldn’t worry about this and they had to share it.

Xie Xi thought that Scorpio must’ve said something like this to Capricorn. “I originally wanted to talk to Sagittarius but he is busy with Master tonight. I can only bother you.”

Once this was said, how could Capricorn let Sagittarius be ‘free and easy?’

Scorpio’s trick could be called perfect!

Old Qin was the most honest. Once asked by Nan Yi, he repeated the words that Scorpio told Capricorn.

It was as Xie Xi thought.

The male gods were silent for three seconds before laughing like fools.

Yan Zhe scolded: Is this a fu*king palace drama?

The thing they didn’t know was that with the six princes of Atlantis, there really was a palace fight.

If Scorpio was just like this then the quality of the ‘palace drama’ was really underestimated.

He first arranged for Capricorn to drag Sagittarius away and then arranged a bitter plan for himself to coax Xie Xi to his side in minutes.

His calculations were too slippery.

The intruders who needed to be watched were entrusted to others while he ran outside. Once Xie Xi came to find him, it was the perfect time to be alone.

Scorpio didn’t say a word and arranged things for the other Jiang Xies!

Xie Xi… really wanted to hit him!

All the others were good. Could Scorpio use this bitter play so casually? What if he was really ambushed by N?

The erasure mission was to kill the six fallen star signs but Xie Xi understood that as long as one died, all six would die!

Xie Xi knew this was Scorpio’s small trick but he still had to jump head-on into it.

He observed. “The enemy’s ability can restrain him. Did he go to die?”

Capricorn replied, “Losing is a disgrace. He wants to prove himself so this subordinate can’t stop him.”

Xie Xi believed that Capricorn couldn’t wait for Scorpio to die directly in battle.

Sagittarius also said, “If he doesn’t have any ability then he doesn’t deserve the name of Scorpio.”

The six star signs were new names given to them by Xie Xi, representing glory and trust.

Xie Xi’s white finger moved in the void as he declared, “I am going to find him.”

Sagittarius exclaimed, “I’ll go with you!”

Capricorn was much calmer and didn’t say anything.

Xie Xi’s rebuke only fell on Sagittarius. “What about the intruders of the temple? Do you want to let Capricorn guard them by himself?”

Sagittarius, “…”

The so-called crying child was given sugar to eat. Xie Xi saw Sagittarius’ reluctant expression and red eyes and his heart softened.

He was fierce but Xie Xi could only say warmly, “Stay here and wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Sagittarius wasn’t stupid. How could he not understand? This was all part of Scorpio’s calculations! Unfortunately, it was a winning move in chess and he could only bear the pain of losing.

He told Xie Xi, “I will wait for you, I will always wait for you!”

Xie Xi thought that this guy would become even hungrier waiting for him and became distressed.

“I’ll be back soon.”

He just entered the portal when Xie Xi seemed to hear Sagittarius whispering, “But you won’t belong to me.”

Xie Xi felt heartache and helplessness. He didn’t belong to Sagittarius? They were all his. All his…

He didn’t know why but once these words appeared in his mind, Xie Xi twitched.

It wasn’t the first time he felt this feeling. It was like this every time he touched something. It was as if on a vast sea, he saw a little iceberg exposed.

He stood up but couldn’t imagine how deep and unpredictable the mountain below it was.

What exactly was it?

In Xie Xi’s mind, the prompt that the system gave him when he first entered the 12 Boundaries flashes.

Remember, you don’t believe in things because they are real. It is because you believe in them that they are real.

There is no eternal truth in this world, because what you think is nothing more than a ‘hypothesis.’

The world is hypothetical.

What did this mean?

Why give him such a hint?

Xie Xi recalled the collapsed worlds that he had passed through. He felt the shadow of these sentences everywhere but like a fog, he couldn’t touch the most real place.

“How did you come…” Scorpio’s voice entered Xie Xi’s ear and brought back his wandering nerves.

Xie Xi glanced over at him and sighed with relief.

Fortunately, this guy hadn’t really encountered N.

Xie Xi no longer thought about the other things and gazed at Scorpio. “Who allowed you to act without permission?”

He lowered his voice and Scorpio immediately fell to one knee, purple hair spread out on the ground. “Previously, it was this subordinate’s job and the intruder escaped. In order to make up for my fault, this time I must bring the intruder back to the temple.”

“His ability naturally restrains yours. You rushing out, what is the difference with going to death?”

Scorpio spoke clearly. “Qin Ge is good with heavy weapons and suppresses the flexibility and agility of Aquarius. Zong Xia’s vision is different from ordinary people and he can see through Pisces’ illusions. They are restrained yet they completed the task.”

This was reasonable but the opponent was on a different level!

The master of Yunge was only second to this person’s main body. It wasn’t strange if he was restrained!

Xie Xi explained, “It is their captain who escaped and he is the strongest.”

“I am older than Aquarius and Pisces…”

The unspoken words implied that he was stronger than Pisces and Aquarius but lost.

Xie Xi long had the ambition to ‘destroy his own prestige’ and spoke seriously, “The person who ran away is called N. I suspect that his strength is above mine.”

Scorpio looked up sharply, purple eyes deep. “Impossible, you are the only god.”

Xie Xi was stunned again.

Scorpio exclaimed, “Even the six gods can’t match you, let alone a nobody!”

Xie Xi frowned. “There are countless people outside the mountain.”

“No one can surpass you.”

This was being blindly worshipped by a lover…

Cough, Xie Xi was strangely embarrassed. It was good that no one else was here or his face would be hot.

Xie Xi didn’t hurry back to the temple and asked Scorpio, “Are there any traces of N?”

“He took care of the poison fog I placed on him and it is hard to track him.”

Last time, N made Scorpio lose half his flesh but N probably wasn’t in a much better state.

Then Xie Xi remembered that N was a god level pharmacist and must have many means to resolve Scorpio’s poison.

It was quite a coincidence.

General Qin suppressed Dark Elf Aquarius.

Zong Xia’s vision restrained Sea Demon Pisces.

N’s medicine could resolve Lich Scorpio.

It was a coincidence, a coincidence that was too deliberate.

Xie Xi had experienced too many things and no matter how much he thought, it was never too much.

He had a thought before.

This world was different from any of the quasi-worlds he previously encountered.

It was a quasi-world being erased.

The previous ones were only collapsing and the erasure tasks hadn’t been released yet. This one was indeed being erased.

What did that mean?

It wasn’t only the deterioration of the small world but also the emergence of the players who received the task and represented the will of the Central Government.


Xie Xi had been thinking, ‘Is repairing a quasi-world that is being erased the same as before?’

The will dominating this small world being wiped out wasn’t just the souls.

Look at the abilities of the souls, the abilities of the players who entered and then thinking about Central’s will… was this really a coincidence?

An idea flashed through Xie Xi’s brain.

Xie Xi held Scorpio’s hand and ordered, “Go back to the temple.”

“Please let this subordinate continue…”

“Go back with me. He struck one time and there will certainly be a second time.”

Scorpio insisted. “This subordinate should find out his whereabouts and resolve him in advance.

Xie Xi looked at him. “Why do you think I saved you?”

The sudden question made Scorpio freeze.

Xie Xi looked at the cold face of the lich, his eyes gentle as if to melt the other person.

Scorpio had his eyes lowered and he couldn’t answer.

Xie Xi held the cold hand tightly. “I need you.”

Scorpio glanced at him fiercely, deep purple eyes filled with unabashed eagerness.

Xie Xi kissed the back of his hand. “Don’t let yourself get hurt. I hope your body can be warmer.”

The experiences were summed up…

Scorpio had never been able to drink other people’s blood and Scorpio would certainly have his own sufferings.

A lich was undead, didn’t have a warm body temperature and always looked like cold jade.

He wanted the so-called what was missing. Xie Xi noticed that Scorpio liked hot things.

These words undoubtedly poked at Scorpio’s heart and his voice trembled. “Thank you, my god.”

Xie Xi told him, “Let’s go back.”

Scorpio no longer insisted and returned to the temple with him.

After this, Xie Xi could finally ‘stand alone in a room.’

He did this deliberately since he had something to talk about with his seniors.

There was no one present but Xie Xi still opened a soundproof barrier before using the communication device to contact Yan Zhe and the others.

Xie Xi asked, “God Yan, can you contact N?”

Yan Zhe lowered his voice and asked, “What?”

“I hope you can send a message to him…”

Yan Zhe listened to Xie Xi and hesitated. “This…”

The other big seniors were present and heard Xie Xi’s words. Zong Xia spoke calmly, “N might not necessarily listen to us.”

Nan Yi added, “Yes, Old N has seen Pisces’ illusions. He will think we are all controlled.”

This was the experience of a senior.

Don’t look at the players having a ‘system’ that was superior to the quasi-world. In essence, they were still restricted by the operator.

There had been situations where the player was controlled and used his own system to kill his teammates. Never underestimate any quasi-world. The players of Central were never ‘gods’ above the small world.

Xie Xi said, “Give a suggestion. As long as I don’t let the six star signs go outside, he will attack the temple sooner or later.”

Qin Ge asked, “Won’t you be in danger is he summons the six main gods?”

Xie Xi declared, “I have to be in danger.”

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