GL: Chapter 70

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Lost Atlantis 41

Xie Xi truly had a flexible head. Previously, he wouldn’t have believed that he could find so many excuses.


He was only 19 years old but he had gone through many things in life.

Xie Xi replied to the second and third princes: [I’m sorry Your Highness. I just left in order to… tell my family about us.] He didn’t miss out on the smiley face.

The typical copy and paste made the two princes happy.

The second prince spoke softly: [Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I would’ve taken you there.]

The third prince was awkward: [What is there to say? Will they still disagree?] The question mark caused guilt and tension.

Xie Xi hurriedly replied: [Your Highness is so busy that I didn’t want to bother you. Besides, this type of thing is better to say alone.] Xie Xi confirmed it several times before sending it. The different content wasn’t good and he was especially afraid he would send it to the wrong person.

After making sure it was correct, he replied to the third prince: [Is your Highness joking with me? It is regarding marriage so I naturally have to talk to my family.]

The tone and mood were in place. Send!

The two people were probably staring at the communicators because they replied particularly quickly. Second Prince: [Tell me in advance when you come back. I will pick you up.]

Third Prince: [Would I joke around about this type of thing? Hrmm, I’ll pick you up when you come back.]

Xie Xi thought, ‘Don’t pick me up. I will be frightened to death!’

He replied: [This isn’t a trivial matter and I’m afraid they won’t accept it. I have to find a chance to tell them well. Your Highness, please don’t come over. They are ordinary people and will be afraid.]

Something similar sent to the second prince.

This was reasonable. If he didn’t say too much, he would be able to drag it out for two or three days.

Xie Xi also thought about directly letting Colin die to lock the progress of the second and third prince. In any case, he had Roast Pork Bun’s pain immunity and dying once was nothing.

Then he thought about it and the risk was enormous. The situation of the second and third princes was very different from the fifth and sixth princes.

At the beginning, Sein didn’t promise anything. After his death, the two of them filled up the progress on their own. In their hearts, Sein was the white moonlight who couldn’t be erased. The more they missed him, the more stable the progress.

This wasn’t the same with the second and third princes. Colin had promised to marry them.

If he died, what would happen? They would find out each other’s business and realize that Colin stepped out with both of them at the same time.

Then was the dead Colin still worth loving? The fantasy in their hearts would be shattered and the progress bar would directly fall.

Thus, Colin couldn’t die. He had to live well and stabilize these two people!

Xie Xi might feel tired and wanted to die but it should soon be over. Xie Xi looked at the progress bar and felt there was only the last step left. He would leave the world or fall down and die at their hands.

His fighting spirit was high and his blood surged at the feeling of a showdown with a big boss. It was just that there were many bosses and the fighting mode was a bit strange…

He took care of the second and third princes and was free to reply to the fourth prince.

[Your Highness, what do you want to eat?]

[You can decide. What do you want to eat?]

Xie Xi couldn’t leave the guards’ quarters so he proposed, “I have always been treated by Your Highness. Can I act as the host this time?]

Fourth Prince: [Never mind, we don’t need to clarify matters like that.]

Xie Xi didn’t agree. [Even if we get married, I can’t just accept Your Highness’ kindness.]

This was very heartfelt and the fourth prince felt sweet. [Then it is up to you. Where do you want to eat?]

Xie Xi quickly replied: [I can’t afford to go to the places Your Highness often frequents. I am also afraid that Your Highness won’t be used to it. It is better to wrong you and have you come over here to eat.]

The fourth prince directly opened a video call. “Go to your place to eat?”

Xie Xi smiled. “Yes, try my cooking.”

The fourth prince’s grey eyes flashed. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Xie Xi was relieved that he didn’t need to leave the guard’s quarters.

The range of Roast Pork Bun’s surveillance was only so large. If he went out to eat, which prince would see that Sein wasn’t there?

Xie Xi prepared a meal. He had just cut a few dishes when the fourth prince sent him a message. [Jesse, we should go out to eat.]

Xie Xi didn’t understand his sudden change in mind. [Why, what’s wrong?]

Fourth Prince: [There might be someone else coming along. It will be too troublesome for you.]

Xie Xi was stunned and silently prayed that it wasn’t a prince, please don’t be a prince.

As if hearing his prayers, the fourth prince replied: [I met my second brother and third brother. They both want to see you.]

Xie Xi, “……………………”

The fourth prince told him: [You don’t have to be nervous. They are very good and in private, my third brother’s temper isn’t so violent.]

Xie Xi naturally knew that the third prince might have a tiger’s claws but he was easy to coax.

The problem was… he didn’t want to see them! His Camouflage wasn’t exposed but Xie Xi didn’t want to take any risks. The second prince and third prince had already eaten his cooking. What if it was exposed?

The fourth prince said again, “Then let’s go out to eat. I will come to your place next time, okay?”

Xie Xi couldn’t go! He couldn’t leave the guard’s quarters even if he died! Sure enough, did he have to find a way to push back this lunch?

For what reason? He didn’t have a reason!

Xie Xi gritted his teeth. [I have already cooked the dishes. Isn’t it a waste if we don’t eat them?]

The fourth prince was stunned.

Xie Xi said: [If the second prince and third prince don’t want to come, shall we invite them another day?]

Then he added: [Is it rude of me?]

[No.] The fourth prince smiled. [They will all be family members in the future. I will ask them. If they want to go, they will bring some wine with them. If not, we will eat alone.]

Xie Xi continued to pray: Don’t come, don’t come, please don’t come.

Sure enough, his prayed went the opposite way! The second and third princes were shameless enough to come for a meal!

The fourth prince introduced him to the second and third princes. “Jesse Hall, my fiance.”

Roast Pork Bun meowed and exclaimed, “You are also their fiance!”

Xie Xi’s smile became stiffer. The good thing was that he was a small guard. It was normal to be ‘stiff’ when seeing so many princes.

The second prince was polite and gently handed over a gift. The third prince also brought a gift but he didn’t act according to common sense. He opened his mouth and almost gave Xie Xi a heart attack. “Do you know Colin Hall?”

The gaze of the second prince whizzed over.

Xie Xi’s palms were sweating as he remained steady with amazing perseverance. He asked doubtfully, “Colin? I seem to have heard that name but I’ve never met him.”

“Oh.” The third prince stated, “You have the same last name and your appearance… well, I thought you were relatives.”

Xie Xi hurriedly said, “Hall is a common surname and I won’t necessarily know everyone.” It was like the old kings. Who knew how many people in China were related to them?

The fourth prince was puzzled. “Who is Colin Hall?”

The third prince’s mouth curved and Xie Xi’s heart froze. Fortunately, he was still wary of the second prince and changed his words. “A small guard. It is nothing.”

The second prince also smiled as he thought about how the small guard was his fiance and Third Brother didn’t know. Then he felt pity and couldn’t bear to scold the third prince as usual. He said, “Let’s go and taste the craft of our sister-in-law.”

Xie Xi’s tail shook and he nearly fell to the ground.

The fourth prince supported him and scolded the second prince, “Second Brother, don’t say this. He is shy.”

The second prince smiled gently. “He will be our family member in the future. There is no need to act as an outsider.”

Xie Xi smiled and didn’t dare look at him.

He knew that these two people would come and worked hard on the food. He used every effort to make the knife skills different from before under the premise that he couldn’t humiliate the fourth prince while not letting the second and third princes discover that he was Colin.

His hard work paid off and Comrade Xie Xi continued to save himself!

During the meal, the two princes asked how the fourth prince and Xie Xi met.

The fourth prince had a good relationship with his two brothers and told them. They nodded with relief and sent their own blessings.

The fourth prince was quite surprised. Normally Second and Third Brother bickered when together and it wouldn’t be strange if they drew swords against each other. How were they so pleasant today?

Xie Xi vaguely guessed that the two people were feeling complacent!

The second prince felt that he was going to marry Colin and felt pity for his stupid brother.

The third prince felt that he was about to marry Colin and decided to forgive his incompetent brother.

Xie Xi didn’t dare pray. He was afraid that Colin Hall would be killed by his own poisonous milk!

Halfway through the meal, the fourth prince spoke about what happened today. “You know, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother captured the Haiqiu state teacher and used him to resurrect a person.”

The second prince wondered, “Is it the small guard?”

The third prince sneered. “Messing around.”

Xie Xi silently spat in his heart, ‘What right do you have to say that other people are messing around?’

The fourth prince opened his mouth. “The rare thing is that Oldest Brother is also involved. Big Brother also likes that person.”

The two princes were stunned. “Big Brother… likes someone?”

“Yes.” The fourth prince explained, “One of the conditions of resurrection is the blood of three people who love the person deeply. Big Brother’s blood successfully launched the array.”

Fortunately, Roast Pork Bun was acting as lookout or he would definitely say, “Your blood will also activate it.”

The second prince’s eyes were full of surprise. “Impossible, even if Big Brother doesn’t have the emotional problem, will he rush to grab the person that Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother like?” The third prince sneered. “What a disgrace. Three princes going after a small bodyguard.”

Xie Xi, “…” You are also going after one.

The fourth prince added, “The child seems to be stimulated and won’t see anyone. I’m not very clear about the specific situation.”

The second prince said, “We can’t help these personal matters. We can only watch their fate.”

“Yes.” The fourth prince’s hand covered the back of Xie Xi’s hand. “Yes, watch fate.”

The second and third princes needed in a synchronized manner. Yes, it was fate that allowed him to be with Colin.

Xie Xi felt very complicated after hearing this. If they knew the truth, it was estimated that ten lives wouldn’t be enough!

The end of lunch approached and Xie Xi let out a breath as he thought he had escaped.

Who knew that there was a problem with Roast Pork Bun?

The kitten yelled, “Daddy, Daddy! The eldest prince came. He is four or five metres away from entering the room!”

Xie Xi, “!”

The kitten hurriedly cried, “I have been watching serious but he suddenly appeared. It seems that he hid his breath and I couldn’t feel him.”

Xie Xi expected a surprise attack from 1, 5 and 6 but he didn’t expect the eldest prince to hid his breath and get so close.

What should he do? Four or five metres away, even if he rushed over now, it would be too late!

The fourth prince noticed his strangeness. “What happened?”

Xie Xi told him in an embarrassed manner, “Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom.”

The fourth prince smiled and said, “Go ahead.”

Xie Xi used his fastest speed to swim to the bathroom. Roast Pork Bun was still screaming, “He is almost here and is going to open the door.”

It was too late… it was definitely too late…

The eldest prince would find he wasn’t there and would…

It was going to be a big deal! Xie Xi took a deep breath and summoned X’s body.

“Can you move in an instant?”

Jiang Xie was afraid there was an accident and felt anxious. Unfortunately, he had to pretend to have facial paralysis. “Yes.”

Xie Xi ordered him, “Take me to the elf.”

Jiang Xie picked him up and instantly appeared in Sein’s bedroom. Xie Xi didn’t think too much and lay down to sleep. He took the puppet. “Hide yourself.”

Then the door pushed open and the eldest prince entered. Xie Xi didn’t bother to look at X and hurriedly closed his eyes.

Jiang Xie left the room and told something to the kitten.

Roast Pork Bun wanted to talk but Jiang Xie covered his small mouth. “Don’t let him hear.”

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