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Open World 14

Zhuo Liu didn’t have a good response. “Is this why you stole my arm? Crook!”

Cao Yan was smug. “Hehehe.”

There was so-called sad music and a zombie rushed over, biting him on the arm.

Cao Yan was furious. “My beloved armmm!” He slashed his knife and cut the zombie.

If the zombies had brains, their fury would probably soar into the sky. How could they not be angry? How could they not feel hatred? Chickens were riding on them and it was so hard to bite something, only for the taste to be awful enough to vomit. They didn’t even have time to do this before they were cut into two!

Well… the zombies were working hard.

Cao Yan didn’t abandon anything as long as it was easy to use. The most important thing was whether it looked good.

Zhuang Yi looked at two female zombie legs on the ground and couldn’t make up his mind.

Xie Xi was speechless. “You still haven’t changed?”

“Changing legs is changing legs. Still, look at these two legs. The first one’s calf looks good. It is slender and well-balanced with no damage. The second one is coordinate and healthy like a living leg.”

Xie Xi was silent. “Ham?”

Zhuang Yi explained, “It is a living leg.”

Xie Xi, “……..” He really couldn’t understand the world of the half zombies!

Then Zhu Li came over and asked mysteriously, “Boss, can we install two?”

Xie Xi looked at his intact leg. “You don’t want your original leg?”

Zhu Li quickly shook his head and replied earnestly, “I mean, two on one side.”

Xie Xi didn’t respond. Zhu Li added, “If it is possible, it is better to have three on one side. A six legs dance is absolutely…”

What six legs dancing? Was he trying to scare the zombies to life? Xie Xi was ruthless. “No!”

Zhu Li felt regret. “I guess there is no way.”

Cao Yan interjected, “It won’t work. If you want six legs then you need to have six hip joints.”

Zhu Li wondered, “Should I add six hip joints first?”

“No, the hip joints also need support. You would need six waists.”

Zhu Li muttered, “That isn’t good. It is too inconvenient.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

He couldn’t tell if the people in the car or the zombies under the car were the monsters!

Jiang Xie smiled at him. “Everyone rest. The second round will soon arrive.”

Everyone could see the counter and the huge gap made them very relaxed. The other side had no chance of reversing it.

Xie Xi could understand why they cut the zombies so fiercely.

Before they were injured, these four people were weak. They were very confident in their ability but the I love you VS shameless game was too pitted. They had bad luck and lost an arm or leg.

Finally, they came across the Yun Die team. This group had information on the chicken mobilization game and directly sentenced the four disabled people to death. The tiger Zhu Li lost his fighting spirit and became lost to the extreme.

After getting on the car, Xie Xi gave them new hope. It was hope similar to gaining a cheat in an online game. Their arms and legs could be changed casually, adding countless possibilities to the battle.

They were originally distressed about using their arms to block since it might be broken. They were originally afraid of kicking with their legs since it might be hugged. Now how could they be afraid? It was worthwhile to change to a zombie leg. How many zombies were there…

From desperation to good times, from hell to heaven, it was no wonder why they killed zombies like crazy.

The score that shot up wildly showed their repressed reluctance and resentment.

They couldn’t see the expressions on the faces of the first car players but they could imagine how colourful the expressions were when they saw the score.

The more they thought about it, the more energetic they became and the more they slashed at the zombies!

This lasted until Jiang Xie stopped them. The arms and legs could be changed casually and it was quite fun, but they didn’t only kill zombies with these arms and legs. Their physical exertion wasn’t small.

They vented their grievances and opened the score. The other side couldn’t catch up anymore so they should rest.

The next round was a hard battle. At the end of the day, the first car wasn’t their real enemy in this game.

The first car didn’t know the situation over here. They thought it was as they guessed and the man could no longer hold it anymore. The second car was on the verge of being wiped out.

Zhou Wuwei sneered. “How strong is one person? This is a collaborative game.”

Yun Die sighed with regret. “It is a pity.”

“There is nothing to feel sorry for.” Zhou Wuwei told her. “This type of mindless rascal, it is useless for him to possess such strength.”

“He must have personal talent to be able to do this. I’m sad that such a person is ruined.”

Someone immediately flattered her, “You are too kind.”

“Yes, your heart is so soft that you are caring about a person who hurt us.”

The man without a hand got goosebumps as he stood in a corner. Kind and soft? He didn’t know the meaning of these words anymore.

At the end of the first round, the second car won with an undisputed advantage.

An announcement was heard in the cars. “You worked hard to drive away the chickens. These chickens are annoying but there are even more annoying big guys. Please be prepared. The cars will be upgraded. After upgrading, please continue to defeat the annoying chickens!”

There was a sound and their broken car instantly updated.

“Oh my god, it’s a g*n!”

“A g*n!”

“I also have three grenades!”

Xie Xi saw that he had…

Jiang Xie was next to him and smiled at the sight. “Very good.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Why do I have a bulletproof vest?”

The other four were unanimous. “To protect us…”

Xie Xi turned around and the half zombies changed their words. “Boss sits in the centre!”

Nanny or boss… Xie Xi couldn’t tell which word was more annoying!

The car upgrades should be assigned according to the previous battle. It wasn’t based on how many zombies were killed but the ‘class positioning.’

For example, the tiger Zhu Li got artillery, which was very similar to his previous style.

The screaming Cao Yan got a submachine g*n which had a very energetic outburst.

Zhuo Liu got a grenade, which was in line with his combat style.

Zhuang Yi cared about beauty. “This electric whip is very exciting!” There were sparks around him.

Xie Xi looked at his long legs and realized, ‘Is this a female soldier?’

Poor Xie Xi had been ‘hiding’ in the corner and treated as a protected object. Thus, he actually received a bulletproof vest!

Xie Xi wasn’t satisfied. He could also fight and unleash a bombardment! However, the half zombies didn’t let him shoot. His previous hands were to give them arms and legs. How could he touch such things? In fact, compared with g*ns, Xie Xi didn’t want to touch these zombie limbs!

The car entered the venue for the second round. The zombies and chickens disappeared and they stopped in an empty hall. The calm after the excessive excitement always made people somewhat uncomfortable.

Everyone watched intently, on guard for any monsters that would suddenly appear.

A chicken scream was heard, followed by even more chickens. There was a whoosh and chickens with colourful crowns poured out. This time they were running on their own feet instead of riding zombies.

What was this situation? Everyone was a little stunned. This didn’t last long. In three or four seconds, thousands of chickens gathered together and became a big rooster with a height of five or six metres!

The big rooster was like a hill. The sound that emerged from it was so loud that it seemed to deafen people!

“Fu*k!” Zhu Li grabbed his head due to the pain. Cao Yan wasn’t much better as he covered his ears.

Xie Xi turned to look at Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie’s hands were tightly pressed against Xie Xi’s ears to help him block it. Xie Xi’s ears were hot but his mouth said, “I have my own hands.” He could cover his ears without Jiang Xie doing it.

Jiang Xie was embarrassed. “My hands aren’t good. Their reaction speed is too fast and my brain couldn’t control them.”

Xie Xi, “…”

At this time, the rooster’s scream stopped and Jiang Xie lowered his hands. “Hit it!”

Zhu Li couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed his weapon and fired wildly towards the rooster.

The sharp-eyed Xie Xi saw something red coming from Jiang Xie’s ears…

He froze as he recalled that Jiang Xie had god level qualifications. The highest the qualifications, the more developed the five senses and the sharper the sensations. The impact of the rooster’s scream on Jiang Xie must be far greater than any of the other people present.

After all, his hearing was definitely the best so that scream…

Xie Xi wanted to say something but Jiang Xie had already rushed out.

Jiang Xie had really reacted more instinctively than rationally. He judged the chicken’s scream using his own standards and was afraid that Xie Xi would become deaf. Thus, he first covered Xie Xi’s ears. In fact, Xie Xi’s current hearing level meant he would have a headache at most and there were be no real damage. Meanwhile, Jiang Xie’s eardrums almost shattered.

The four half zombies weren’t weak and combined with their weapons, the rooster couldn’t do anything.

Xie Xi stayed in the car. His eyes were fixed to Jiang Xie and he couldn’t help looking at this person’s ears.

It wasn’t clear from this distance but there didn’t seem to be anything different in Jiang Xie’s demeanour. It was like the trace of blood was only his illusion. “Back!”

Jiang Xie suddenly called out and the other four responded quickly. They moved back and returned to the car.

Then they saw that the dying rooster suddenly stood up and was full of blood again!

What was going on?

The group of four couldn’t believe it and released a crazy bombardment. The rooster was beaten again but the next moment it was completely healed. The incredible thing was that its combat power had become stronger and its speed increased by one gear. It actually managed to peck at Cao Yan’s arm.

Cao Yan yelled, “My favourite arm!”

Xie Xi, who had been observing the battle, almost cried out, ‘What favourite arm? How many favourite arms have been changed by you?’

Due to the ‘injury’, the four men retreated back to the car. Xie Xi changed someone’s ‘favourite’ arm while saying, “Don’t mess around. The ammunition is limited and it will be troublesome if you use it all up.”

Zhuo Liu muttered, “This big rooster isn’t quite right.”

Zhu Li added, “I also think the legs are too strong.” HIs focus was the legs!

Zhuang Yi thought about it. “There seemed to be six lights flashing in the back. Did you see it?”

He mentioned it and other people cried out, “Yes!”

Xie Xi had also seen it. “It was as if something rushed into its body.”

Cao Yan’s brain hole opened. “Is it a chicken?”

Xie Xi was stunned. This was really possible since the big rooster was originally made from countless chickens. Once it consumed too many chickens and was about to fall to the ground, new chickens were added? Was that how it recovered quickly?”

Xie Xi had long wondered about something.

Why did Yun Die value six people so much? It required six people to start? Then just casually fill up the numbers. Wasn’t it better to start gaining points early?

The first round of zombies was cruel but it wasn’t to the point where six people had to deal with it. Sure enough, the demands for six people was for the later rounds.

Xie Xi said, “I remember the light points. We will stand in one direction!”

The four half zombies were shocked. “Boss, you can’t get out of the car!” What a joke! They couldn’t let their nurse encounter unexpected accidents!

Xie Xi was speechless. These bastards were treating him as a weak chicken! No… the half zombies: it is more like a small auxiliary.

Xie Xi took the lead to jump off first. “Don’t be careless about the enemy or you might die.”

The half zombies immediately followed. Their eyes were fixed on Xie Xi lest something happen to him.

Xie Xi didn’t want to give them any more arms and legs! Jiang Xie followed with a smile and Xie Xi couldn’t help glancing at his ears. Jiang Xie was startled.

Xie Xi opened his mouth to speak but the big rooster started to go crazy. Just kill the chicken first!

Their guess was right. Once the big rooster was hit, new chickens would rush to replenish the energy. The place where the six people stood happened to block the path of the chickens. The chickens ran fast but they had zero fighting power which was why they previously needed to ride the zombies.

Once they blocked the chicken’s way, the big rooster couldn’t withstand the g*nfire and the battle was over!

Zhu Li went up to look at it. “The chicken legs are still intact!”

Cao Yan cursed him. “What do you want to do? You can’t even let go of chicken legs?”

Zhu Li asked him, “Don’t you want to try chicken wings?”

Cao Yan, “…”

“Boss!” Cao Yan asked, “Can you add chicken wings?”

Xie Xi stumbled and sent them away. “Get lost!”

They were psychopaths! The disabled didn’t die and they were talking around the big rooster.

Xie Xi couldn’t listen anymore and went to Jiang Xie’s side. Jiang Xie smiled at him.

Xie Xi asked softly, “Do your ears hurt?”

Jiang Xie’s smile deepened. “Slightly.”

Xie Xi’s expression tightened. “Your eardrums hurt?” He couldn’t fix this type of injury.

Jiang Xie was able to hold back his curved lips and the -365 goodwill couldn’t stop him. He whispered, “It’s nothing… it won’t hurt anymore if you blow on it.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened.

Old Jiang was unstoppable. “Or perhaps a kiss?”

Xie Xi’s mind returned. His ears were hot but his voice was like autumn wind sweeping leaves. “It seems that I was worrying for nothing. Master is old and already losing your hearing. The rooster’s scream was nothing!”

His heart was pierced. Compared to Xie Xi, Jiang Xie who lived a long time was really… a bit old! Jiang Xie was dissatisfied and grabbed the person’s wrist, pulling him over. “Am I really your master?”

Xie Xi, “!”

Jiang Xie stared at him with burning eyes. “I’m really not secretly in love with you?”

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