GL: Chapter 246

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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 5

Xie Xi’s past was only a short 19 years and he encountered Jiang Xie the moment he entered Central. Apart from Fairy Tale Town, all the other quasi-worlds were either made by Jiang Xie or he entered with Jiang Xie.

However, Jiang Xie wasn’t the same. His 20 years of life in his original world compared to his experience in Central was like the childhood of an old man. It might be necessary but it was only the tip of the iceberg in his long life.

Jiang Xie’s past wasn’t only his original world but Central and the countless quasi-worlds he travelled through.

Jiang Xie might not know Yan Zhe in his original world but he might’ve met Yan Zhe in a quasi-world.

The present Yan Zhe was probably the first time Jiang Xie met Yan Zhe.

Being able to enter Central meant being abandoned by the world and willingly abandoning the world.

He could imagine that everyone had an unspeakable past but once Xie Xi saw the cold silver-haired elf in front of him, he found it really hard to equate with the optimistic and funny person from Central

Xie Xi soon became relieved again.

It wasn’t just Yan Zhe. Wasn’t Jiang Xie the same?

How was the bloody and violent young man in front of him similar to the confident and shameless Designer X of Central?

Xie Xi felt a lot when he saw the scene in front of him and then his playful and angry scolding in Central.

Time and experience settled the pain and hardships, polishing them into strong people while eliminating countless weaknesses.

Xie Xi was really lucky to have encountered Jiang Xie after entering Central.

He might’ve cursed life while being pitted by Jiang Xie’s quasi-worlds but compared to other people, the things he encountered were what he most desired.

He was said to repair the quasi-worlds and help Jiang Xie recover his souls but in fact, Xie Xi was exploring what he wanted.

He saved Jiang Xie while saving himself.

The road he took was really lucky compared to other people.

As Xie Xi was stunned, Jiang Xie had found the key to the cage and opened the cage that imprisoned Yan Zhe.

The iron door was pushed open but Yan Zhe didn’t move. He looked straight at Jiang Xie, his beautiful eyes as still as a deep pool.

It was an expression that showed he didn’t trust anyone and no longer expected anything.

It was hard to imagine what Yan Zhe had gone through.

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything. He just opened the cage and gave Yan Zhe freedom. Everything else had nothing to do with him.

He wasn’t interested in Yan Zhe’s blood and wasn’t obliged to take care of a stranger.

Xie Xi was a bit anxious when he saw that these two people’s paths had no intention of intersecting.

Don’t ignore the god, this was your first good friend!

Xie Xi moved his little hairball body with the heart of an old father.

Jiang Xie intended to clean up inside. He was probably afraid the hairball would become nauseous and whispered, “Wait for me here and don’t run around.”

Xie Xi wanted to help him and his first friend establish a good relationship and pecked Jiang Xie’s palm.

Jiang Xie told him, “Don’t be afraid, that person won’t hurt you.”

“That’s not what I mean!”

Unfortunately, it was the same as when he was a cat. He couldn’t be understood.

Jiang Xie thought the bird didn’t want to leave him and said, “The inside is too stinky. I’ll clean it up soon.”

Xie Xi thought about it and stayed in this person’s arms.

God Yan could wait. He didn’t want Jiang Xie to face the corpses on his own.

Jiang Xie spoke easily to coax the little hairball but once he smelt the heavy bloody smell, he couldn’t help feeling nauseous.

This child might be strong but he was an ordinary teenager. How could he have experienced such a scene before?

Previously it was life and death but now that he looked again, he only felt cold.

Xie Xi felt the tremor in Jiang’s body and tried to rub against him.

The soft feathers touched the skin, bringing a slight warmth to Jiang Xie and relaxing his nerves.

No matter how bad the reality, at least he wasn’t alone.

Jiang Xie held his breath and moved the bodies to the garbage truck. Then he poured water on the ground and tried to clean up the blood as much as possible.

It was impossible to clean it thoroughly but it was better than nothing.

In fact, Xie Xi understood Jiang Xie’s mood.

He was forcing himself to face these things, reminding himself of this disgusting scene.

This world was different. He had killed people, killed five people.

Since he grew up in a society governed by laws, Jiang Xie had to get rid of this weakness by encountering it head-on.

In order to live, he must become strong enough.

Perhaps Jiang Xie has also faced this cruel fact when he first arrived at Central and received his first task.

He came out again but Yan Zhe still hadn’t moved.

He leaned against the cage like a beautiful and empty shell. Even if he saw the dawn of freedom, he didn’t have the strength to take a step forward.

Jiang Xie stared at him before going to the bathroom. He placed Xie Xi on the high shower and took off his clothes.

He needed a bath. Even if he couldn’t get rid of the blood on his hands, he had to at least keep his body clean.

Xie Xi was too small and could squat steadily in place. He said, “Yan Zhe has lost too much blood. He will die at this rate.”

Unfortunately, Jiang Xie didn’t understand and said, “The sound of water is too loud. You can sing against for me later.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘Who is singing to you?’

He was very baffled. How did Jiang Xie become friends with Yan Zhe?

A life without life and a world-weary indifference, how did they establish diplomatic relations?

Fortunately, this wasn’t really the past. If it was true, Xie Xi suspected that these cynical people wouldn’t become friends!

It was also lucky that Jiang Xie was cold but he could still see clearly.

Who would want to say in a cage? In all likelihood, Yan Zhe was too weak to move.

Jiang Xie cooked extra porridge and placed it in front of Yan Zhe.

Xie Xi didn’t see Yan Zhe eating because Jiang Xie took him back to the kitchen and gave him peeled pumpkin seeds to eat.

This was one of Xie Xi’s favourite foods, while the others were watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, crushed pistachios and walnuts.

The original owner of the farm was estimated to be obsessed with nuts and he had an abundance in storage. Jiang Xie arranged them in different categories, reasonably organized the weights and fed them to Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie questioned while feeding him, “You used to mostly eat insects. Why don’t you eat them now?”

Xie Xi almost spat out the pumpkin seeds in his mouth. “Don’t say something so disgusting!”

Jiang Xie fed him the grains and smiled. “A bird is disgusted with his own food?”

He actually understood something from this chirping.

Xie Xi didn’t eat the pumpkin seeds but bit this person’s fingertips.

Jiang Xie didn’t feel any pain and only a slight itch. “Okay, I won’t say anything. You can eat whatever you want as long as you aren’t hungry.”

The two people here were full and once they came out, the bowl in front of Yan Zhe was empty.

Sure enough, Yan Zhe was so hungry that he ran out of strength.

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything and just took away the bowl.

Xie Xi thought, ‘Shouldn’t you ask if this person has eaten enough?’

However, the present Yan Zhe really couldn’t eat too much. Jiang Xie’s porridge was good for him. If he ate anymore then something would happen.

Jiang Xie tidied up the bowls and cutlery and came out with Xie Xi. They saw that Yan Zhe had already left the cage, the pale, silver-haired elf leaning weakly against the outside while gasping.

It was clear that he hated the iron cage so much he used what little strength he had left to come out.

Jiang Xie entered the house, found the bedding and took it out.

It was late and Yan Zhe couldn’t walk. If he lay frozen on the ground all night then they would probably be taking away his corpse tomorrow.

As Jiang Xie bent over to lay down the bedding, Xie Xi emerged from the collar of his shirt and officially met with the future Milk God.

Yan Zhe didn’t give any thanks for the bedding. His face was cold and his eyes were empty.

Then he saw the white hairball that emerged from the collar of the strange teenager.

Yan Zhe was stunned.

Xie Xi was grateful to him. Jiang Xie had overcome all types of deaths thanks to God Yan so Xie Xi was friendly to him.

“Hello.” Chirp!

Yan Zhe’s eyes slightly widened.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xie frowned and took back the hairball.

The silent Yan Zhe finally opened his mouth. “That…”

Jiang Xie put down the bedding and turned away.

Xie Xi cried out, “Young man, you really won’t have any friends!”

After a series of twists, Xie Xi jumped out and looked at Yan Zhe from Jiang Xie’s head.

Yan Zhe had to look up to see Xie Xi. He saw the bird and a glimmer of light shone in his empty eyes.

Xie Xi blinked.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xie turned. The moment he turned, Xie Xi facing Yan Zhe was forced to turn his head. He had to hold on tightly with his claws to not fall off.

Xie Xi quickly turned around again but unfortunately, Jiang Xie’s big hand stretched out of him, covering him and then closing over him.

Xie Xi in the darkness started to chirp.

Jiang Xie coaxed him, “Go back to the house to sleep.”

Xie Xi was really small and was so round because of his hair. In fact, his actual body was a few sizes smaller.

He arched and looked out from Jiang Xie’s fingers at Yan Zhe. Jiang Xie didn’t dare use force and could only let him out.

Yan Zhe looked straight into the bird’s eyes. “Good… cute…”

Xie Xi, “…”

‘God Yan, you have such a feminine heart!’

Who knew that he would be a cuteness slave. Thus, Xie Xi became the bridge of communication between these two people who hated the world.

Jiang Xie finally opened his mouth to speak to Yan Zhe. “He is called Little Chirp.”

Yan Zhe’s voice was weak but his spirit was obviously much better. “I’ve never seen such a round bird.”

Jiang Xie explained, “He is a silver-necked long-tailed tit.”

Yan Zhe was surprised. “A tit is so small?”

“This species is very small. He is an adult.”

Xie Xi probed his brain and felt that he had discovered a truth.

Central’s strongest milk god and the strongest designer became friends because they shared the ‘feminine heart!’

If this was released, how many fans would be disillusioned?

Under Xie Xi’s efforts, nobody planned to be friends but the atmosphere had eased.

Perhaps it was because Xie Xi was staring at Yan Zhe but Jiang Xie touched his head and asked, “Is your curiosity so big?” He turned the hairball’s head to let him look.

Xie Xi had just turned to look when he felt a power surging in his body.

This was…

He was going to become bigger!

Xie Xi was afraid of crushing Jiang Xie and hurriedly cried out, “Let go!”

After three loud sounds, the hairball pressed his owner under his body.

Jiang Xie, “…”

Yan Zhe, “!!!”

Xie Xi was also surprised. What was the rule behind getting bigger and smaller? He wanted to control his change!

Fortunately, Xie Xi was hairy. He seemed to be pressing down on Jiang Xie but it was just a pile of hair. Jiang Xie felt like he was covered with a bed of goose down and was very warm.

Xie Xi didn’t dare move. He was afraid of flapping his wings in the other person’s face if he moved his feet.

The lucky thing was that Jiang Xie stood up by himself…

Yan Zhe stared at the huge hairball in front of him and there was none of the lifeless appearances of the past. The light in his eyes could simply illuminate the universe. A big hairball… huge cuteness!

Jiang Xie patted Xie Xi’s fluffy self and wondered, “How did you become big?”

Xie Xi, “…” He also wanted to know.

Jiang Xie tried to appease him. “Don’t be afraid, it’s fine. Are you hungrier after becoming bigger?” He cared more about the body of Little Chirp?

Xie Xi was really a big hungry. The pumpkin seeds he ate were too few and weren’t proportional to his current body shape.

At this time, Yan Zhe’s spirit finally returned. He was more energetic and had enough strength to speak. “Little Chirp was originally a transformed beast?”

Jiang Xie stared at him. “He suddenly became bigger after the disaster.”

It seemed there were changes to beasts. Jiang Xie wanted to learn more about this.

Yan Zhe apparently knew more. “Did you help him acknowledge you as his master?”

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