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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 9

Xie Xi was speechless for a while. Student Jiang Xie was really good. He could come back after this, he truly was the embodiment of the world’s will!

Jiang Xie told him, “You can rest assured, I won’t be separated from you.”

Before that, he had spoken euphemistically by saying they would go to the Demon World together. After being active all night, now he could speak more straightforwardly.

What could Xie Xi do? He had to watch this show.

Speaking of which, Jiang Xie was still worried about Xie Xi’s health. “Is your body really okay?”

Xie Xi didn’t feel any abnormality at all. “I feel full of strength.” It was worthy of a succubus that fed off s*x, not a normal constitution.

“That’s good.” Jiang Xie was puzzled again. “By the way, which is your adult ceremony so dangerous?”

Xie Xi also wanted to know this. He had done a lot of homework for this assessment, especially his adult ceremony, and checked it carefully.

Other succubi didn’t have such a situation? Why did he need to X when it was his turn?

Of course, this might be the careful machinations of the soul. Still, no matter how the soul’s heart, he had to follow the logic of the world and needed a logical reason.

What exactly was going on?

Xie Xi asked, “Did the Demon World say anything?”

“There were no details. They only said there was danger but didn’t say why.”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything because he was afraid it would likely not be angelic.

Jiang Xie said again, “It doesn’t matter. After the assessment, we will go to the Demon World and inquire together, to ensure there are no hidden dangers in the future.”

This situation was over but he was afraid Xie Xi’s body would have problems in the future.

Xie Xi was unsure and could only nod his head. “Yes.”

The second assessment was scheduled in three days.

Xie Xi patted Jiang Xie’s chest and promised, “I will definitely stay three metres away from you!”

The room was three metres wide. Jiang Xie was on the east side and he was on the west side. He absolutely wouldn’t seduce Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie nodded. “Yes.”

Neither of them thought too much until Jiang Xie received the assessment notice.

The teacher in charge told him, “Xie Xi has been intimate with you and will certainly show mercy. Thus, he won’t be responsible for this assessment.”

Jiang Xie wondered, “What do you mean?”

The teacher explained, “The Demon World specifically arranged an adult succubus to assess you.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie frowned. “It wasn’t like this before.”

“The situation is special and there is no other way. After all, it is very important that the assessment is fair and just. You have saved Xie Xi and he will surely be grateful to you. It is inevitable that he will help you pass the assessment.”

This arrangement was really reasonable. Xie Xi might’ve become an adult but Jiang Xie also had a relationship with him in order to save him. Forget Xie Xi’s gratitude, the ‘freshness’ alone would be much worse.

In fact, the teachers were thinking the opposite…

The teacher said, “Be prepared to carry out the assessment at three in the afternoon.”

The teacher left and Xie Xi’s lips curved downwards in a slightly angry manner.

‘What is this? Gemini, you still want other people to seduce you? You really are a playboy horoscope!’

Xie Xi didn’t expect for vinegar to bubble inside him!

Jiang Xie told him, “I didn’t expect for this to happen.”

Xie Xi listened to him and didn’t fight. “You refuel. I’ll go back.”

He went back to the dormitory while scolding Jiang Xie in his head.

Rationally, he knew this had nothing to do with Jiang Xie. The soul might represent the will of the world but it couldn’t go against logic.

After this happened, the school definitely wouldn’t let Xie Xi assess Jiang Xie. If Jiang Xie wanted to go to the Demon World then another person needed to be arranged.

He understood the reason but when he thought of Jiang Xie and an adult succubus being along in a room for an hour…

Very angry!

Jiang Xie cared a lot about Xie Xi and could detect the small emotional fluctuations, let alone this obvious anger.

He somewhat couldn’t believe it. The little succubus was jealous?

Ecstasy overflowed in his chest and Jiang Xie strode to catch up with Xie Xi, holding the succubus’ hand. “What’s wrong.”

Xie Xi, “…” Get lost!

Jiang Xie hurriedly coaxed him, “Don’t be angry. I won’t be with others.”

Xie Xi didn’t make a sound but his heart wasn’t happy.

Jiang Xie continued, “Really, I don’t want to see anyone else apart from you.”

Xie Xi unexpectedly remembered God Yan’s mantra: Old evil, deceitful ghost…

Jiang Xie felt both sweet and anxious when he saw the silent Jiang Xie. “Believe me, as long as it isn’t you, the difficulty of this assessment is zero.”

This point woke up Xie Xi.

The soul wanted to pass the assessment and go to the Demon World. The soul didn’t want to separate from Xie Xi so a loophole was found.

Changing the person doing the assessment was indeed a loophole. In this regard, Xie Xi still believed in Jiang Xie.

He believed in Jiang Xie but he still felt sour.

Xie Xi looked at the other person. “If you don’t pass the assessment…”

Jiang Xie kissed him on the forehead. “I won’t be separated from you.” It was hard to develop to this point. He must follow to the Demon World and watch the succubus. If the succubus was taken away then he would want to kill.

Xie Xi bit his lip. “You aren’t allowed to kiss others.”

Jiang Xie leaned towards his ears and whispered, “I only kiss you, only look at you, only think of you.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He must’ve been infected or how could he eat such stupid vinegar?

Naturally, Xie Xi didn’t go to the assessment. After all, he wasn’t the ‘invigilator’ so why would he go? Was he crazy?

Xie Xi had a million methods to watch Jiang Xie and the adult succubus but he didn’t look.

There was nothing to look at. His heart might be uncomfortable but he believed in Jiang Xie.

If Jiang Xie couldn’t resist this temptation then he would’ve died 10,000 times already.

An hour later, the assessment was over and there was no doubt that Jiang Xie passed perfectly.

Surprisingly, Xie Xi was called aside by the teacher.

The teacher asked carefully, “Is Jiang Xie’s body okay? That night, you…”

Xie Xi didn’t understand why the teacher was asking this.

The teacher confessed about what happened and Xie Xi was speechless.

At the end of the assessment, the adult succubus came out and found the teachers, declaring with great emphasis, “That child has something wrong with his body. This is a serious illness. You should check him and treat him as soon as possible!”

Jiang Xie was too stable that the adult succubus thought he was someone with no s*xual desires.

The teacher replied, “No, Student Jiang is very normal. The other day…”

The adult succubus spoke firmly. “There is definitely a problem. You should check it. If he doesn’t have a problem then I will pan-fry my heart and hand it to him to eat!”

The teacher asked Xie Xi again, “Is he really okay?”

Xie Xi had no expression. ‘There is a problem. His waist was almost broken!’

Back in the dormitory, Jiang Xie returned and immediately confessed, “He didn’t meet me and I didn’t look at him. It was all monitored and you can go see it.”

Who wanted to see this? Xie Xi said, “The succubus examiner said that you have a physical problem with your body. The teacher specifically asked me to see if you have any problems.”

Jiang Xie didn’t respond.

Xie Xi added, “The succubus examiner also said that if you aren’t ill, he will fry his heart and hand it to you to eat.”

Jiang Xie smiled and hugged Xie Xi. “I probably have something wrong.”

Xie Xi stared at him.

Jiang Xie touched his white neck. “I want to kiss you whenever I see you. Is this an illness?”

Xie Xi, “…” Smelly, shameless person.

Jiang Xie spoke again, “I’m sick and can’t be cured.”

His voice dropped and he kissed Xie Xi. The two people kissed…

No illness!

Adult succubus, come here with the plate of fried heart!!

Finally, the semester was over and Jiang Xie was perfectly qualified to be an exchange student. He could go to the Demon World’s university to continue his studies with Xie Xi.

At the end of the term, the students wanted to send their succubus classmate off.

Throughout the year, they didn’t have many opportunities to talk to Xie Xi and didn’t even see him in the later period. Even so, he was a succubus with unparalleled charm and they cherished the opportunity to send him away.

Xie Xi had no idea about this. The only angel he knew was going to the Demon World with him. The others… it didn’t matter if they got together or not.

Jiang Xie didn’t intend for a gathering. Their classmates’ meditation mantra was very deep but Xie Xi’s charm had doubled since becoming an adult. It would be troublesome if they couldn’t resist temptation.

The students told him, “Master Jiang, please loosen your tie. Xie Xi has been in Heaven for a year and never experienced anything. If he returns to the Demon World like this, won’t his classmates laugh at him?

This worked. Jiang Xie couldn’t help worrying and accepted their suggestion.

Xie Xi wasn’t afraid of being laughed at. Besides, Jiang Xie was going to the Demon World with him. If someone laughed at him then this guy would probably react faster.

But… let’s still have the gathering.

Jiang Xie was worried about Xie Xi and Xie Xi didn’t want him to worry.

This was called a send-off party for Xie Xi but in fact, the students just wanted a glimpse of him. In the beginning, they all said hello to Xie Xi. Later, they played with each other, sang and danced.

Xie Xi stayed for a while before whispering to Jiang Xie. “It is noisy. Shall we go?’

Jiang Xie glanced at him and asked, “Have you had enough?”

Xie Xi nodded.

“Then that’s fine. Let’s go back first.”

The two people got up and left after saying goodbye to their classmates. They went away and the students whispered.

“Master Jiang is in love with the little succubus.”

“It is obvious. Look at that expression. It is love to the bones!”

“Oh, I wonder what it is like to go to the Demon World…”

“There is no comparison with Heaven. Will Jiang Xie manage to hold Jiang Xie?”

“I can see it… Heaven is clean and Xie Xi can hold on. Wait until the Demon World…”

“If I was Jiang Xie, I wouldn’t go to the Demon World. Why pick up a green hat?”

Compared to the students’ worries, Jiang Xie and Xie Xi strolled in the moonlight and the atmosphere was sweet.

Jiang Xie asked, “Is there anything I have to pay attention to in the Demon World?”

Xie Xi only knew several things and replied vaguely, “It’s nothing. Just talk less and watch more.” This was a jack of all trades method and could be used anywhere.

Jiang Xie nodded. “Yes.”

Once they were basically ready, they set off for the Demon World.

It was public exchange student so the transportation fees were reimbursed. Of course, it was equivalent to travelling in economy class.

The journey from First Heaven to the First Domain didn’t sound far but they had to fly for 20 hours.

Thus, Jiang Xie upgraded the plane ticket at his own expense and transferred to business class with Xie Xi.

Business class was much more comfortable. They could lie flat and sleep.

Even so, the two people were tired by the time they reached the First Domain.

They disembarked and the scenery was quite different from First Heaven.

The sky of the Demon World was dark purple. It was grey even during the day and the dark clouds made it look like it was going to rain.

There were demons responsible for reception here and Jiang Xie and Xie Xi didn’t settle down until 6 o’clock.

The demon who received them winked at Xie Xi. “Xiao Xie, come to me at night?”

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